New to Skylanders Trap Team are the decorative items known as Trinkets. These adorn your Skylander or trapped Villain like hats but they have no bonus attributes.

Trinkets are found in areas of the Skylanders Academy, for sale in Auric's store or as a reward for reaching specific Portal Master Ranks.

T-Bone's Lucky Tie T-Bone's Lucky Tie Portal Master Rank 26
Batterson's Bubble Batterson's Bubble Portal Master Rank 04
Dark Water Daisy Dark Water Daisy Portal Master Rank 20
Vote for Cyclops Vote for Cyclops Auric (Ch02)
Ramses' Dragon Horn Ramses' Dragon Horn Portal Master Rank 16
Iris' Iris Iris' Iris Courtyard Tower (Ch02)
Kuckoo Kazoo Kuckoo Kazoo Portal Master Rank 31
Ramses' Rune Ramses' Rune Portal Master Rank 12
Ullysses Uniclops Ullysses Uniclops Auric (Ch09)
Billy Bison Billy Bison The Archives (Ch09) - Grand Library bookcase
Stealth Elf's Gift Stealth Elf's Gift The Reading Room (Ch09) - Mini Library Area
Lizard Lilly Lizard Lilly Auric (Ch02)
Pirate Pinwheel Pirate Pinwheel Academy Defense Tower (Ch07)
Bubble Blower Bubble Blower Auric (Ch02)
Medal of Heroism Medal of Heroism Auric (Ch02)
Blobber's Medal of Courage Blobber's Medal of Courage Auric (Ch04)
Medal of Valiance Medal of Valiance Auric (Ch13)
Medal of Gallantry Medal of Gallantry Auric (Ch04)
Medal of Mettle Medal of Mettle Auric (Ch09)
Winged Medal of Bravery Winged Medal of Bravery Auric (Ch09)
Seadog Seashell Seadog Seashell Portal Master Rank 23
Snuckles' Sunflower Snuckles' Sunflower Auric (Ch04)
Teddy Cyclops Teddy Cyclops Portal Master Rank 07
Goo Factory Gear Goo Factory Gear Auric (Ch04)
Elemental Opal Elemental Opal Auric (Ch09)
Elemental Radiant Elemental Radiant Portal Master Rank 33
Elemental Diamond Elemental Diamond Persephone's Treehouse (Ch01)
Cyclops Spinner Cyclops Spinner Portal Master Rank 38
Wilikin Windmill Wilikin Windmill Crystal Caverns (Ch15) Requires Legendary Treasure from Ch15
Time Town Ticker Time Town Ticker Portal Master Rank 35
Big Bow of Boom Big Bow of Boom The Great Chimney (Ch02) Fireplace next to Auric
Mabu's Medallion Mabu's Medallion Portal Master Rank 29
Spyro's Shield Spyro's Shield Observatory (Ch13) Requires Legendary Treasure from Ch13

#6 NinThumpEye 00:58:38 12/04/2015
These are cool but the positions on some of the skylanders do not fit.
#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 14:46:19 16/11/2014
After the next chapter, or if you've completed the story you can back out to the main menu and just load the academy again.
#4 TheShadowDragon 04:50:41 16/11/2014
How long will it take after we an reenter one of the mazes containing coins?
#3 skymaster284 02:35:12 08/11/2014
you can do that?!

legendary treasures plz
#2 TheShadowDragon 03:21:21 03/11/2014
I usually put Batterson's Bubble on any of my female Skylanders except for Stealth Elf. I even give it to Dreamcatcher.
#1 warnado745 01:47:55 03/11/2014
I think these things are cool!

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