A list of all of the figures for Skylanders Trap Team and their card stats known so far.

Trap Masters

Gearshift Jawbreaker
Gearshift ElementTech Jawbreaker ElementTech
Power130 Power50
Armor130 Armor200
Agility130 Agility60
Luck130 Luck90
Legendary Jawbreaker Lob Star
Legendary Jawbreaker ElementTech Lob Star ElementWater
Power230 Power100
Armor100 Armor80
Agility120 Agility200
Luck150 Luck140
Winterfest Lob-Star Snap Shot
Winterfest Lob-Star ElementWater Snap Shot ElementWater
Power110 Power100
Armor90 Armor100
Agility240 Agility180
Luck180 Luck120
Dark Snap Shot Wildfire
Dark Snap Shot ElementWater Wildfire ElementFire
Power130 Power130
Armor130 Armor200
Agility220 Agility100
Luck120 Luck80
Dark Wildfire Ka-Boom
Dark Wildfire ElementFire Kaboom ElementFire
Power150 Power240
Armor240 Armor50
Agility120 Agility90
Luck100 Luck160
Krypt King Nitro Krypt King
Krypt King ElementUndead Nitro Krypt King ElementUndead
Power180 Power210
Armor180 Armor210
Agility100 Agility120
Luck50 Luck60
Short Cut Bushwhack
Short Cut ElementUndead Bushwhack ElementLife
Power240 Power220
Armor80 Armor70
Agility240 Agility180
Luck0 Luck50
Legendary Bushwhack Tuff Luck
Legendary Bushwhack ElementLife Tuff Luck ElementLife
Power250 Power90
Armor90 Armor100
Agility230 Agility100
Luck70 Luck250
Blastermind Enigma
Blastermind ElementMagic Enigma ElementMagic
Power170 Power80
Armor60 Armor160
Agility160 Agility240
Luck150 Luck80
Gusto Thunderbolt
Gusto ElementAir Thunderbolt ElementAir
Power130 Power140
Armor130 Armor250
Agility80 Agility100
Luck170 Luck70
Wallop Head Rush
Wallop ElementEarth Head Rush ElementEarth
Power190 Power110
Armor140 Armor220
Agility100 Agility110
Luck80 Luck80
Nitro Head Rush Knight Light
Nitro Head Rush ElementEarth Knight Light ElementLight
Power150 Power250
Armor250 Armor100
Agility150 Agility100
Luck90 Luck100
Knight Mare
Knight Mare ElementDark

New Core

Chopper Tread Head
Chopper ElementTech Tread Head ElementTech
Power125 Power50
Armor50 Armor50
Agility125 Agility170
Luck50 Luck90
Echo Flip Wreck
Echo ElementWater Flip Wreck ElementWater
Power50 Power80
Armor200 Armor190
Agility60 Agility50
Luck90 Luck60
Torch Trail Blazer
Torch ElementFire Trail Blazer ElementFire
Power130 Power100
Armor70 Armor100
Agility110 Agility140
Luck40 Luck40
Bat Spin Funny Bone
Bat Spin ElementUndead Funny Bone ElementUndead
Power200 Power70
Armor60 Armor100
Agility80 Agility160
Luck40 Luck30
Food Fight Dark Food Fight
Food Fight ElementLife Dark Food Fight ElementLife
Power60 Power70
Armor60 Armor70
Agility80 Agility100
Luck140 Luck180
High Five Cobra Cadabra
High Five ElementLife Cobra Cadabra ElementMagic
Power170 Power60
Armor20 Armor120
Agility170 Agility70
Luck20 Luck130
King Cobra Cadabra Deja Vu
King Cobra Cadabra ElementMagic Deja Vu ElementMagic
Power? Power100
Armor? Armor40
Agility? Agility50
Luck? Luck170
Legendary Deja Vu Blades
Legendary Deja Vu ElementMagic Blades ElementAir
Power120 Power50
Armor50 Armor120
Agility60 Agility120
Luck200 Luck60
Legendary Blades Fling Kong
Legendary Blades ElementAir Fling Kong ElementAir
Power60 Power60
Armor160 Armor30
Agility130 Agility200
Luck70 Luck110
Fist Bump Rocky Roll
Fist Bump ElementEarth Rocky Roll ElementEarth
Power80 Power100
Armor180 Armor100
Agility50 Agility100
Luck50 Luck100
Spotlight Blackout
Spotlight ElementLight Blackout ElementDark
Power70 Power130
Armor120 Armor70
Agility60 Agility150
Luck130 Luck30

Mini Skylanders

Drobit Trigger Snappy
Drobit ElementTech Trigger Snappy ElementTech
Power50 Power60
Armor70 Armor20
Agility130 Agility110
Luck100 Luck160
Gill Runt Thumpling
Gill Runt ElementWater Thumpling ElementWater
Power105 Power90
Armor80 Armor90
Agility40 Agility100
Luck95 Luck100
Small Fry Weeruptor
Small Fry ElementFire Weeruptor ElementFire
Power90 Power100
Armor90 Armor80
Agility130 Agility100
Luck70 Luck100
Eggsellent Weeruptor Eye-Small
Eggsellent Weeruptor ElementFire Eye-Small ElementUndead
Power120 Power60
Armor80 Armor60
Agility100 Agility100
Luck150 Luck130
Hijinx Barkley
Hijinx ElementUndead Barkley ElementLife
Power60 Power100
Armor70 Armor110
Agility110 Agility100
Luck110 Luck90
Gnarly Barkley Whisper Elf
Gnarly Barkley ElementLife Whisper Elf ElementLife
Power? Power50
Armor? Armor30
Agility? Agility200
Luck? Luck120
Mini-Jini Spry
Mini-Jini ElementMagic Spry ElementMagic
Power40 Power70
Armor50 Armor60
Agility130 Agility120
Luck130 Luck100
Breeze Pet-Vac
Breeze ElementAir Pet-Vac ElementAir
Power50 Power80
Armor30 Armor80
Agility140 Agility110
Luck180 Luck130
Power Punch Pet-Vac Bop
Power Punch Pet-Vac ElementAir Bop ElementEarth
Power80 Power70
Armor80 Armor80
Agility160 Agility100
Luck130 Luck100
Terrabite ElementEarth

Returning Core

Tidal Wave Gill Grunt Hog Wild Fryno
Tidal Wave Gill Grunt ElementWater Hog Wild Fryno ElementFire
Power120 Power130
Armor80 Armor150
Agility40 Agility50
Luck110 Luck50
Sure Shot Shroomboom Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz
Sure Shot Shroomboom ElementLife Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz ElementMagic
Power60 Power40
Armor120 Armor50
Agility50 Agility130
Luck120 Luck130
Love Potion Pop Fizz Full Blast Jet-Vac
Love Potion Pop Fizz ElementMagic Full Blast Jet-Vac ElementAir
Power100 Power90
Armor90 Armor80
Agility60 Agility90
Luck200 Luck100

Eon's Elite

Elite Trigger Happy Elite Gill Grunt
Elite Trigger Happy ElementTech Elite Gill Grunt ElementWater
Power320 Power500
Armor100 Armor400
Agility130 Agility120
Luck500 Luck180
Elite Eruptor Elite Chop Chop
Elite Eruptor ElementFire Elite Chop Chop ElementUndead
Power500 Power240
Armor350 Armor500
Agility100 Agility160
Luck150 Luck100
Elite Stealth Elf Elite Spyro
Elite Stealth Elf ElementLife Elite Spyro ElementMagic
Power300 Power200
Armor300 Armor180
Agility500 Agility500
Luck100 Luck120
Elite Whirlwind Elite Terrafin
Elite Whirlwind ElementAir Elite Terrafin ElementEarth
Power450 Power400
Armor100 Armor500
Agility100 Agility100
Luck450 Luck100


Tech Angel Tech Flying Helmet Tech Hand
Tech Angel Tech Flying Helmet Tech Hand
Tech Scepter Tech Tiki Tech Handstand
Tech Scepter Tech Tiki
Water Angel Water Axe Water Flying Helmet
Water Angel Water Axe Water Flying Helmet
Water Jughead Water Log Holder Water Tiki
Water Jughead Water Log Holder Water Tiki
Water Jughead
Fire Scepter Fire Torch
Fire Scepter Fire Torch
Fire Totem Fire Yawn Fire Screamer
Fire Totem Fire Yawn Fire Screamer
Fire Captain's Hat Undead Axe Undead Hand
Undead Axe Undead Hand
Undead Orb Undead Skull Undead Snake
Undead Orb Undead Skull Undead Snake
Undead Captain's Hat Legendary
Undead Orb
Undead Skull
Life Hammer Life Snake Life Sword
Life Hammer Life Snake Life Sword
Life Torch Life Toucan Life Yawn
Life Torch Life Toucan Life Yawn
Magic Axe Magic Logholder Magic Rocket
Magic Axe Magic Logholder Magic Rocket
Magic Skull Magic Totem Magic Hourglass
Magic Skull Magic Totem Magic Hourglass
Air Jughead Air Snake Air Sword
Air Jughead Air Snake Air Sword
Air Toucan Air Screamer Air Hourglass
Air Toucan Air Screamer Air Hourglass
Earth Hammer Earth Orb Earth Totem
Earth Hammer Earth Orb Earth Totem
Earth Toucan Earth Hourglass Earth Handstand
Earth Toucan Earth Hourglass
Earth Handstand
Kaos Trap Ultimate Kaos Trap
Easter Earth Handstand Kaos Trap Ultimate Kaos Trap
Light Hawk Light Rocket Light Yawn
Light Hawk Light Rocket Light Yawn
Dark Spider Dark Sword Dark Handstand
Dark Spider Dark Sword

Magic Items

Mirror of Mystery Rocket Ram Tiki Speaky
Mirror of Mystery Rocket Ram Tiki Speaky
Nightmare Express Hand of Fate Piggy Bank
Nightmare Express Hand of Fate Piggy Bank
Hand of Fate
Sunscraper Spire Midnight Museum
Legendary Hand of Fate Sunscraper Spire Midnight Museum

#60 GhostRoaster617 05:25:56 13/11/2014
I noticed that he said Blackout is light even though he's supposed to be dark. Not to be a burden to dark, but this is a noticeable error.
#59 dragons50SH 04:55:50 07/11/2014
VVVVV Joemckinsey456, the ?? are for the Light and Dark villains and Doom Raiders, like Tae Kwon Crow, Eye Scream, Eye Five, and others smilie
#58 LegendaryDan 22:13:11 31/10/2014
Blue= Wave 1
Red= Wave 2
Grey= Unreleased/Unknown
#57 truegamer64 19:57:48 21/10/2014
I think it is
Blue- Released
Red- Rare (Because of Legendary Deja Vu and Wave 2)
Gray- Unreleased

Dark you have small fry as unreleased you need to change that.
#56 warnado745 00:45:39 19/10/2014
V I believe it is Blue: Already released Red: In most recent wave Gray: Not yet released
#55 rew618 15:11:58 17/10/2014
are the different color headings for the different waves
#54 TheShadowDragon 16:53:20 11/10/2014
Remember when I said that I will get all the Traps? I changed my mind and decided to get the ones I like most of all like the Water Flying Helmet, Undead Orb, Magic Skull, etc. Don't wanna go overboard with the Traps since there aren't many villains I like to play as, but I still want to trap them and complete their quests.
#53 wildbreaker 20:22:25 07/10/2014
guys i just noticed something smilie and smilie have the same stats
#52 rew618 23:39:23 04/10/2014
how is nitro krypt king slower than the normal one
#51 Joemckinsey456 17:12:25 28/09/2014
Whats the difference between the silver and gold hand??? I am getting the legendary stage but was wondering whats the difference is?? Is it going to be like the cannon on giants?? Also i wondering if the other sidekick beside barkley will be in in own pack because i am getting him with the 3ds version. Also the ?? on the top right are the moon and sun right?? and the ?? with kaos and then ?? near the villains.
#50 midnightmagic34 01:59:30 28/09/2014
Why it always so quiet here?
#49 Ummah 14:50:37 20/09/2014
Idk I thought it meant problem

But then again in the first game there is a legendary treasure called enigma pig. I didn't think problem pig was right, so maybe it's mysterious pig! And enigma made it!

Lol speculations
#48 midnightmagic34 14:25:48 20/09/2014
V Enigma means mysterious, where do you get your definitions?
#47 Ummah 13:29:46 19/09/2014
Enigma means problem.
#46 Warmagus 23:37:18 18/09/2014
GigaCamo Yeah, but did you see his power level, he beats everyone else save for Bushwhack, Short Cut and KaBoom.
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