• 07:39 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Top Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 9: Stonetown

Elements required for 100% completion: Life

Mushroom Ridge

Over to the left next to the first door is a crowd of Chompies and a Chompy Pod. Behind them there's a purple bomb icon on the ground but no bomb in sight, for now hit the switches to either side of the door and move through it.

Old Cyclops Fort

Walk down the steps and kill the Cyclops Chopper that attacks, on your left ahead is the bomb you were looking for. Grab it and take it back to the wall you just passed, you'll need a fast Skylander to get there in time though. Beyond the wall is simple a slope up to the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure. You can simply drop down from here and get back to the main part of the level.

As you approach another door with two teleporters to either side you'll be attacked by four Cyclops Choppers and a Squiddler. Teleport with the left teleporter up to the top of the mini tower on the left and hit the switch up there, jump off the side and use the right teleporter to hit the right switch. Drop down and go through that door.

Blue Water Swamp

Before you step onto the wooden platform go off to the right along the edge of the water (or over it) and go back around the side of the fortress where you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

The first island is full of barrels full of Chompies, kill them all and walk up the stone slope up to the top of a short tower to get the Story Scroll Story Scroll. Go back down and onto the next bit of wooden platform, kill another Cyclops Chopper and then push the three turtles to form a bridge to the next part.

There is an island off to your left here that you need to cross some water to get to, if you smash the little pirate hut on there you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. The teleporter on here just takes you back up to the place where you found the Story Scroll so don't bother using it.

Walk further onto the land and you'll be introduced to the Rock Walker. This guy will attack by running up next to you and vomiting out a stream of lava. Step out of the way to avoid standing in it for too long. Go up the stone bridge to his right, you should find a key at the end. This will spawn in a few Chompies that will walk up the slope and a pair of Rock Walkers.

Along the next wooden section beyond and the Earth Spell Punk will make its first appearance. This type of Spell Punk helps out your enemies by providing them with some extra armour, not all that game-changing, especially when it's just a load of Chompies like it is now. Approaching the big gate will cause a mass of Chompies to explode out of the barrels. And as with all Spell Punks it's harmless by itself.

Before you go through the gate, smash the pirate hut to the left of the stone area and you'll find Lightning Rod's "Zapper Field Deluxe" Soul Gem Soul Gem.

New Fortress

On the other side of the locked door is a pair of Cyclops Choppers, go to their right once you kill them. Another block pushing problem now. Push the one on the right forwards and then the one to your left once. Now in the middle of the three push it out and then out again. Move into the gap and push the two blocks into alignment with that second block under the coins. Now push the last remaining block along so that you can get past it and push it back into place again. Walk up and over the blocks to reach a key.

Drop down and continue to the left of where the Choppers were. To the left of the three lock door is the second key, go to the right and make your way up to the third key. Unfortunately one of those thieves will appear and take it, chase him down to get it back. To corner him just double back down the steps and he will stop underneath where the key was originally.

Step back out into the light and smash down a stone barrier at the bottom of the steps. Kill the Chompies and the Rock Walkers that attack before advancing down the path to another pair of Rock Walkers and their Earth Spell Punk. There's also a Squiddler up on a platform and a purple bomb icon against the wall.

To get the bomb will require a bit of block pushing, first kill the Rock Walker next to them though. On the ground level there's two blocks next to each other, push the nearest one to the right into a path to get to the bomb and the far one forward into the two block gap there. Go up the slope and push the block here into the second of that two block gap, cross the blocks and then push the fourth block down over the first block to complete the bridge to the bomb. Take that bomb to go collect a Soul Gem Soul Gem, Bash's "Triceratops Honor Guard" to be precise.

Go back up the block slopes and move the far right one into the gap to its left, pretty straightforward pushing the next block down and then the one after to the right. Push through the next block and walk around the wooden platform to reposition it to allow you to cross over it shortly.

Town Outskirts

Just before you enter the outskirts you'll want to kill a couple of Rock Walkers and an Earth Spell Punk. Go over the bridge and, instead of following the Stone Golem, head to the left through a Life Gate.

Wayward Town

Step off the wooden bridge to the left now and drop down a couple of spots, cross a bridge and you'll reach a bounce pad. Bounce up to a Chompy Pod and a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest behind it. Drop down to the right into a town scene.

Bounce up on the north-east side of the fountain and then up again to a bomb. From there drop back down and start blowing up the houses, the one you want is south-east of the fountain. Underneath that house you'll find another bounce pad that will take you back up to the bomb icon. Go collect a bomb again and use this to reach it and the Present behind there and pick up your brand new Top Hat "Top Hat". If you missed or were too slow you can just jump straight back down to the left and start over, you don't need to go all the way back through the other path.

Head back to the main part of the level and go over the bridge to the boss fight.

Rumbling Ravine

The first part of the fight with the Stone Golem involves him throwing large boulders. These bounce around the area, the game does give you a bit of help with the exact path shown on the ground, dodge these to avoid getting hurt, some characters can also smash them. The large stationary rock in the centre of the area is useful for long ranged characters to hide behind, close range melee attackers will need to get close to the Golem but the boulders should get thrown over you - just watch out for his ground punch.

After you've gotten the Stone Golem a fair amount down, I'd say a quarter, the second stage will begin. This involves him throwing a large number of smaller boulders from the sky, you can see where they land by the giant red crosses on the ground. This first part just needs you to keep mobile in order to avoid them. During this stage the Stone Golem becomes invulnerable with a swirling shield around him.

After a few of those he'll get back to throwing the large boulders again. If you don't kill him quickly enough he'll repeat the same throwing sequence.

Again down another quarter to half health triggers the next airborne show. They will again try to hit you so keep moving, the last one is a larger barrage of them.

The final stage will begin with a more set pattern of rock drops. It'll centre on you but if you stand still until the third wave you'll be fine, then another larger grouping will drop. The trick in this next part of the boulder roll is to move out of its way and let it rebound back into the Stone Golem. Stand next to the centre stone on the side closest to the Golem, you should avoid getting hit by the boulder there. Once he's stunned you can attack him and finish him off (or repeat the process until you do so).


Just before leaving for Treetop Terrace with Arbo you can find one new thing in the hub world. If you attack the rock where Arbo just came out of you can find a Winged Sapphire. Subsequent attacks on the rock will give you a little bit of money.

#15 Spygiltrig4356 06:19:36 14/06/2012
Chocolate cake... Droolllllllllll
#14 Prismbreak56 22:30:52 08/06/2012
I was bash almost the whole level.
#13 Prismbreak56 22:29:21 08/06/2012
One of the easiest levels ever.
#12 Magellan2 01:12:08 24/05/2012
it took me 10 minuets to get out of the life gate area! ON MY SECOND TRY! smilie i'm such a noob!
#11 Spygiltrig4356 22:34:15 07/05/2012
Yawn... Piece of cake. That golem didn't stand a chance
#10 Flameslinger264 22:29:20 28/04/2012
My favorite enemy was the stone enemy at the very end of this level!!!!!!!!!!!
#9 Rierom 00:25:20 22/04/2012
Have all the stuff just having trouble getting through it in under the time
#8 jackbos 03:16:48 14/04/2012
If you have a location peice use it on him and its a 1 hit ko
#7 BashTheMash77 16:38:19 10/04/2012
to beat the stone golem get smilie upgrade his tail swipe and get the tail path then use the tail swipe on it like 2 times and TA DAA! defeated golem! worked for me!
#6 Stealth Elf 32 00:38:58 02/04/2012
I have 2 chests and the last one wont show up. I have Wii. Something may be wrong with it because I went to a FIRE gate with smilie
#5 Stealth Elf 32 23:13:01 29/02/2012
what is the clock for, 3ds the hektore or completion star
#4 azz01 17:53:01 05/02/2012
i hate no t having a life skylander smilie
#3 skylander fan 00:51:43 26/01/2012
okay i just needed tofind the last treasure
#2 legendaryboy 19:17:17 22/01/2012
the stone golem looks weird smilie
#1 Deebish70 13:17:16 15/01/2012
Thank you so much this helped a lot!
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