• 03:48 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Viking Helmet Pan Hat Anvil Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 1: Shattered Island

Elements required for 100% completion: WaterMagicTech

Fractured Vista

At Hugo's prompt, put your first Skylander on the Portal of Power to begin. Any of them will do. Head right across the wooden bridge to Fractured Vista.

Here you'll find your very first barrel to smash, inside it you'll have a chance find coins that are used to upgrade your Skylander later on. These vary from simple coins to gems and other various items, all worth various amounts of coins.

Keep on going to the right over a smaller wooden bridge and Eon will tell you to break through some obstacles, notably the large wooden fence blocking your progress. Depending on your Skylander you'll have different ways to smash it, but pressing the Primary Attack button a few times next to it should suffice.

Once you've either smashed it completely or just made a hole continue onwards where Snuckles will give you an overview of the situation ahead. He'll suggest using the cannon up ahead, nice idea. On the ground next to the blockade you'll see a purple glowing icon of a cannon, this should help you identify future potential destruction. Walk over to the cannon and press the Action button when you see the prompt above it.

One shot will destroy the barrier but if you're looking for the Legendary Treasure for Shattered Island then fire the cannon a second time to blow up a building a bit further on.

Old Town

Walk through the gap you just created and you'll be told of the power of Keys by Rizzo. Simply walk into the golden floating key on the left to pick it up. It'll follow your Skylander overhead, approach the lock on the gate and you'll be prompted to perform an action. Depending on your system this will either be a movement with the Wii remote or a movement with the right analog stick.

Market Curve

A Mabu will wander off as you approach him, instead of following him go to the right and walk into a large brown Treasure Chest Treasure Chest with three padlocks on it. It'll prompt you to perform another action to shake it open, inside you'll find a whole load of coins. Each level has three of these hidden in them and if you're trying for full completion you're going to want to find all three.

Now walk towards the cannon ahead and fire it into the blockage. Before grabbing the key behind there you can pick up the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure on the right, provided you fired the first cannon twice that is. Anyway, grab the key and head down to that Mabu and open the gate.

Turtle Gully

Nort will explain the problem; there's a turtle blocking the bridge. Luckily your Skylanders are strong enough to simply push it out of the way, just walk up to it and keep walking in the direction of the arrow that appears on its shell. Push it again to move it completely out of the way.

Follow the string of coins down a small drop to the right (big enough that you can't get back up so make sure you're done in town) and you'll come across a pair of turtles blocking the path. Push the first one to the left and then the other all the way across the bridge.

After being introduced to Flynn if you've got a Magic Skylander (eg Spyro) then push the turtle right to the wall and then left off the side (ignore the bounce pads for the moment). Walk over the turtle and down the path to a gate with a large purple star in the middle, this signifies that you require a Magic element Skylander to get through, luckily the starter pack comes with one. As you step forwards a bridge will form, note that once it's formed you can switch out to any Skylander you like and it will remain.

Turtle Hideout

The area you'll find yourself in has another turtle puzzle in it. Push the nearest turtle to the left, then the turtle on the right forwards two spaces. You can either walk around them or push the remaining two turtles where the arrows indicate they can be moved it. Either way walk into the large Present on the other side and start shaking it open. Inside you'll find your very first hat, the Viking Helmet Viking Helmet. Equip it if you want to. You can change your hat at any time by opening up the Skylander Info Menu.

Turn around and walk up the ramp to a glowing purple icon, collect this Soul Gem Soul Gem to unlock the ability to purchase Chop Chop's "Cursed Bone Brambler" power. You can also watch a short preview of the character, it doesn't matter at this point whether you own him or not.

Once you've got both the Soul Gem and the Hat walk back along the magic bridge and back up towards the spot where Flynn told you to use some bounce pads. Stepping onto these will propel your Skylander up onto the ledge above, from there go right onto another pad. Here you'll find the first Story Scroll Story Scroll of the game, these provide a bit of background information to certain things in the game but have no other practical usage.

Move on to the left and use the bounce pad to cross the small gap to another bounce pad that will take you all the way up to Flynn.

Chompie Pit

If you've got a Skylander that can cross water (eg Gill Grunt) you can grab yourself the second Treasure Chest Treasure Chest over to the left. Approach the Monster gate with Blobbers on the other side, he'll tell you all about the Monster gate and how to open it you need to get rid of all the nearby monsters. In this case we're fighting Chompies, little green monsters that'll try to bite you. Use your Primary Attack to quickly get rid of the first wave. In total you'll need to kill 15 Chompies before the gate will open.

Once it has done Blobbers will introduce you to the elemental gates, on the left a water gate, on the right a tech gate. You can just ignore them and follow Blobbers up the main path but we'll go into both of them.

Whirlpool Falls

Use a water Skylander, like Gill Grunt, to go through the gate and into the centre of the whirlpool, this will teleport you up on top of the nearby waterfall. Note that unlike the magic bridge you will always need a water Skylander (or Skylander capable of crossing water) to use the whirlpool but you can switch back as soon as you're through.

From there use the bounce pad to jump up onto the next ledge (note that you can smash things like the hay cart for coins as well as barrels and the many other items you'll find lying around). On the right is a second bounce pad that will take you directly to the Present and your new Pan Hat Pan Hat.

Drop back down and follow the coins back to the elemental gates.

Floating Mills

Much like the earlier magic gate a bridge will form on the other side when you approach with a Tech Skylander like Trigger Happy. Cross that bridge to reach a small challenge with rotating blades. Wait for the blade to pass you by before walking to the right and following a second rotating blade around in a circle. The Present is then right there with its Anvil Hat Anvil Hat inside.

To get back to the path you're going to have to go through the rotating blade obstacles again.

Follow Blobbers up the slopes.

Ancient Landmark

First take care of the Chompies littering the area, then push the turtle to the left twice so that it fills in the gap. Walk up the slope over the turtle and fire the cannon into the blockage on the other side of the area. This will reveal the key for the gate down below.

Use the bounce pad to cross over to the other side, before you grab the key first collect the treasure from the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest on the right. Then pick up the key and jump down to open the gate for the Royal Family.

The game will give you a report on how completely you finished the level, if you've followed the walkthrough so far you should have everything ticked off, except probably the "Cleared in under XX:XX" one. You will need to run straight through a level to get that one ignoring all side things like the elemental gates. Once you've achieved a tick on this it will stay ticked so future goes through do not need to reaccomplish everything on there. You can go back at any time by selecting Chapter Select from the Pause Menu.


There's not all that much you can do here right now, there's a few places to gather a few coins and a totem that you can use a Magic, a Water, and a Tech Skylander on to get a few more gems from. Just talk to Flynn to get to Perilous Pastures and continue with the adventure.

#45 SkylandersGamer 17:58:55 29/08/2013
It's the first level
#44 Chairman 08:45:31 10/08/2013
this level is way to easy
#43 MonkeyChic 15:08:56 08/02/2013
and i forgot to correct smilie
#42 MonkeyChic 15:08:25 08/02/2013
i meant smilie smilie smilie for the wrong ones oops smilie
#41 MonkeyChic 15:06:40 08/02/2013
I recently bought Skylanders. I have smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie :dino-rang: smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie :warnardo: smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie :wham-shell: smilie :sundurn: and smilie smilie
#40 J03y oI2 22:39:25 10/01/2013
The lady behind the fountain where the first treasure chest is , if you talk to her listen to her voice then hit her a few times and she says "Ow." just like Cally's voice. lol glitch smilie I found this out with smilie. Try it it really works!!
#39 J03y oI2 17:31:41 10/01/2013
To write emotins you need to do :Spyro: but with no capitals or :TriggerHappy: dont use spaces or capitals watch smilie smilie smilie hope I helped some people.

P.S. If anyone knows how to put legendary skylanders pics please tell? cause it isn't :legendaryspyro:
#38 cynder fan47 12:48:06 22/12/2012
i used spyro to get the time.
#37 Skylander Man 11:59:35 14/10/2012
No capitals or spaces like this smilie. There are different ones look!


smilie smilie
#36 Ignitor320 01:02:58 05/10/2012
I have 28 skylanders, I have :Gill Grunt:, :Spyro:,:Trigger Happy:,:Wrecking Ball:,smilieouble Trouble:,:Voodood:,smilierism Break:,:Terrafin:,smilieino-Rang:,:Slam-Bam:,:Ignitor:,:Sunburn:,:Flameslinger:,:Eruptor:,smilierobot:,smilierill Seargent:,:Boomer:,:Chop Chop:,:Hex:,:Cynder:,:Lightning Rod:,:Sonic Boom:,:Whirlwind:,:Warnado:,:Stump Smash:,:Zook:,:Stealth Elf:, and last but not least:Camo:
#35 Ignitor320 00:23:05 05/10/2012
How do you post the pictures of the Skylanders?
#34 Ignitor320 00:05:27 04/10/2012
Oh my god how could this level get any easier?
#33 skylandsmaster 19:31:27 09/08/2012
i used bash to get the time
#32 Skylanders8 14:55:22 30/07/2012
The legendary treasure is when you fire the cannon and then unlock the gate then go back to the cannon and fire it a second time.
#31 jomkon 11:32:19 30/07/2012
how do you do skylander emoticons?
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