• 17:34 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Pirate Hat Pirate Doo Rag
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 24: Pirate Seas

Elements required for 100% completion: Life

Simply place your Pirate Ship onto the Portal of Power whilst in the Ruins and a new ship will arrive down at the docks.

The Docks

Walk backwards down the dock it immediately pick up the level's Story Scroll Story Scroll. Go onto land and to the right, there's a small group of red Chompies that'll attack, these are pretty much the same as the green ones. Once you destroy the Chompy Pod they're coming from you'll be able to advance through a monster gate, this will take you to an open area with a new type of enemy, the Seadog Skipper.

Shipwright's Square

The Seadog Skippers are much the same as many other enemies, they'll turn towards you and start their firing animation, this gives you plenty of time to move out of the way of the cannonball. Once you've killed them and the Chompies talk to he pirate standing behind the small blue table.

Fangs will introduce you to the sport of Pirate Cards, all you have to do is find matching pairs. The Anchor Deck is only six cards so it shouldn't take too long to beat but they give you 55 seconds anyway. The Ship Master that you free will tell you where you can find Mayor LeGrand, up at the top of the hill.

Before you go there though go behind the area that the cage is on and towards a Life Gate, there's a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest right next to it.

Pirate Training Grounds

If only you had a key. Go around the circular walled area and up onto a small raised platform with two glowing buttons on it. You might as well just stand on both of them, this will raise up the blocks on the left and right, drop down and push the moveable block left once, then down twice. Walk around and then up the steps again to use the blocks as a bridge to another button which you should now stand on.

Jump back down and push the block up twice and right three times, then push it down twice. Again go back around and press the button up on the platform there. Push the block in-between the newly raised pair to go north. Bounce up twice and walk forwards.

Use the bounce pad in the middle of the spikes to bounce up to the right, keep bouncing along until you get to the end where there's a bomb. There's also a button here you might want to press, it's not 100% necessary but if you fall off in a bit you might find it a bit easier getting back. Anyway bounce up to the bomb and grab it, now bounce back along to the left hopefully with just enough time to throw the bomb at the wall. Grab the key and step into the teleporter.

Now it's a simple case of going up to the Present and collecting your Pirate Hat Pirate Hat.

Return to where you played Pirate Cards and go down to the south keeping to the left, you should pass by a Present on the right, you'll have to wait a bit before reaching that. Right before the next monster gate is a lone Seadog Pirate, these guys simply attack with a sword in a jabbing motion.

Through the gate and you'll meet a Captain K9, a large enemy that smacks the ground with an anchor. Once you've killed him and the rest of his gang behind him proceed towards the far left where you'll spot a turret sitting there. Hop in. Shoot the ship enough and you'll be thrown out to pick up the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure.

If you walk up the curved steps of the building right next to the turret you'll find Terrafin's Soul Gem Soul Gem for the "Surface Feeder" ability.

Fountain Square

Follow the path along until you reach a fountain in the middle, head south of that to a bounce pad. Use the bounce pad to jump all the way back across to the Present and Treasure Chest Treasure Chest you passed by earlier. The Pirate Doo Rag Pirate Doo Rag is yours. Return to the fountain and continue on along the path, kill the ambush of enemies that are standing near an empty table.

Go up the slope on the left.

Mayor's Office

There's a whole host of enemies up here including a Life Spell Punk to heal them up a bit. Once you've killed them all go talk to the pirate standing next to a table. Bandit's Cannon Deck ups the game by having nine cards on the table. How you do match nine cards into pairs? Well one of them is a Wild Card which when flipped will take both of the other card you flip off the table. Leaving you with a nice even number left to complete in 1 minute. The game will also introduce cards that extend your time limit, they'll simply say +8 or some other number and that amount of seconds will be added onto your time when you match the pair.

Once you've beaten that go back down the slope to the table you saw earlier, it's now occupied by a pirate named Chance who has a Pirate Curse Deck. The Pirate Curse Deck has twelve cards in it, including a brand new pair the Pirate Curse. If you match the Pirate Curse the entire deck will shuffle around causing you to lose track of the position of cards you've previously turned over. Because of that and due to the fact that it doesn't even count as one of the pairs needed for completion, try and save them for last.

Coconut Islands

Crossover the drawbridge and go left towards a couple of Seadog Skippers and a couple of Chompy Pods. Guarding the bridge on the right is yet another pirate, this one, going by the name of Woof, has the Mermaid Deck. Fifteen cards this time, that means there's a Wild Card in there along with the Pirate Curse cards. There's also a Peekyboo pair, if you get them both the game will show you each card in the entire deck one by one. Very useful but obviously it can be tough remembering them all from that showing if there are a lot left on the board.

Cross the bridge and destroy the Chompy Pod, and before you know it you'll be playing another deck. Doggerts' deck is the Lookout Deck, there's nothing new this time just more cards. Eighteen of them to be precise.

There's a whole line of enemies up ahead, smash your way through them and then, if you've got a Skylander that can go over water, cross the water on the left and go north under a grassy bridge where you'll find the level's final Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Return to land and walk up the slopes, kill the enemies up there and cross that same grassy bridge going left.

Dreadbeard has a game for you. Pirate Cards! The Skull Deck is made of 21 cards and you get two minutes to beat it.

Circle the island firing at the towers and the ships, every two towers you destroy a new cannon will appear and start firing at you up to three. There's not much you need to worry about, it's only if you're sitting still for too long that you're likely to actually get anywhere near being destroyed. Remember that you can immediately turn around and go back if you miss fully destroying a tower, no need to circle the entire thing again.

Once you've finished off the towers and the ships you'll have to play one last game of Pirate Cards with Dreadbeard. The Poop Deck Deck. There are 24 cards in this one and you're given 2:10 to finish it. With only 10 pairs needed there are two Wild Cards in there as well as the Pirate Curse pair. You've also got a new card, the Remove Curse card, if you match them the Pirate Curse cards will be removed from the table.

You can return to the Pirate Seas either by visiting the ship in the docks or the normal Chapter Select method.

#15 MaleforSxC 16:44:41 22/04/2012
I have no adventure packs yet. This is a really cool one but I want to get the other ones first because I want those Skylanders more. I don't know what the level is like but I want smilie , smilie , smilie & smilie
#14 ghostfury 17:46:07 16/04/2012
this is not one of the best levels darklight crypt is better
#13 flame44836 07:33:17 14/04/2012
i did it with 11 level 1 skylanders-spyro,trigger happy,gill grunt,bash,sonic boom,zap,hex,dinorang,prism break, cynder,terrafin
#11 Master Skylands 19:59:22 24/03/2012
Its really quite easy and I did it around Falling forest level
#10 Sisqo4ever 16:54:20 20/03/2012
Cool level but a really easy one
#9 slpfw0802 03:41:09 19/03/2012
this is the best adventure pack because of terrafin and the actual stage!
#8 Mr-McChicken22 23:51:26 30/01/2012
Pirate seas is AWESOME!
#7 whc2k 16:13:45 28/01/2012
Meh, it seems like every level has a life or air requirement. smilie
#6 pHATE 19:49:12 26/01/2012
I just got it a couple of hours ago. I can't wait to get home to play it. It seem like I've been scouring my city looking for any Skylander. I thought I was going to have to go to the black market and sell a pair of twins or something.
#5 legendaryboy 19:22:44 22/01/2012
i just got this pack yesterday its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! smilie
#4 SuperSpyro700 19:35:06 01/01/2012
I'm getting this on my 18th birthday! smilie
#3 zapthedragon 23:28:06 19/12/2011
#2 chriscross99 18:45:11 19/12/2011
I am getting this pack for Christmas and I am really excited! I need a life skylander though. The pirate hat is much better than the free bee doo rag so I really need stealth elf.

TERRAFIN (smilie) Yay!!!!!
#1 DarkSkyX 21:05:27 08/12/2011
I will get this adventure pak and i will do 100% complete thanks to you smilie
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