• 05:53 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Miner Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 18: Molekin Mine

Elements required for 100% completion: Tech

Access Tunnel Vin

If you're using an Earth Skylander you don't actually need to pick up the Pickaxe, you can smash through the large rocks simply be attacking them. Everyone else should pick up that Pickaxe and start smashing your way through the rocks ahead. There's a load of Flame Imps standing next to the first of the trapped Molekin Miners, these guys run up to you and instantly deal a small bit of damage. They'll keep doing that until you kill them, being small that should be fast.

To the left of the first miner is a line of rocks going into the wall, smash through them. Head up the slope and smash through one more rock to get to a small room with a button in it. Stand on that button and a large fan in another part of the level will temporarily stop working. You've got just one minute to get there, but you can of course always run back and restart the timer. Go back to the tracks and continue onwards where you'll see a Rock Walker, they have the same name but a different attack. Instead of a short range vomit they fire out a ball of fire that rolls along the ground. Smash through the rocks on the right-hand side of the track, behind there you'll find the second miner.

Follow the corridor in here to the right, through some barrels, past a Tech Gate, and then finally to the large fan and the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure which you can only pick up if the fan is still turned off. Go back to that Tech gate once you've got it.

The Secret Claim

Smash through the rocks at the start and you'll reach a block and cannon puzzle. The general idea here is to move the cannon and the blocks so that you can fire at the large purple crystals.

First push the cannon to the right-hand end of its tracks. Push the far block all the way to the left. Then push the two blocks on either side of the cross formation towards the tracks. Push the central one to the left once, then push the right-hand one near the tracks back into position and then to the right. Push the central one back into position, the left one forwards and the near one left twice. Push the left one back towards the tracks and the central one left once. Now move the cannon into the middle of the tracks and fire it at the first crystal.

Push the blocks either side of the smashed crystal outwards so that the two remaining crystals are exposed. Push the cannon once to the right and fire. Now move the top left block all the way to the right, the central one right once, then the left one back away from the tracks. Move the cannon into position one gap away from the left edge where you just moved that block from. Push the central block towards the tracks and then finally the left block into the middle. Fire.

Now all that remains is to push that last block out of the way and claim your Present, a Miner Hat Miner Hat.

Head back out the way you came and across a wooden bridge section.

The Underground Lake

Kill the trio of Rock Walkers and the Flame Imps before heading down the slope in the middle of the bridge. A much simpler version of the Tech gate's puzzle, push the block left and then away from the tracks to allow you to push the cannon to the opposite end. Fire it and walk up the slope to rescue the third miner.

There's a Lava King up next, he'll fire a few Flame Imps out of his head at you and also has an attack firing flames out of his hands. It's quite a powerful attack so don't stick too close to him.

In the middle of the rocks to the right of the tracks here is a trapped machine that'll do massive damage to you. Stay away while it's pounding on the ground or you'll quickly find yourself a Skylander down. Smash through the rest of the rocks to find the fourth miner to the right and the fifth over near some crystals on the left. You'll also find the Story Scroll Story Scroll with him.

Go back to the tracks and you'll come across Diggs and a locked door. To the left of that are some more rocks to destroy. In amongst the next lot is another of those sleeping machines, it'll wake up and drill through the rocks to get at you. To the right of those rocks is the sixth miner, to the left a further passageway.

If you go down the corridor behind the set of rocks on the right-hand side in that passageway you'll not only find Cynder's "Haunted Ally" Soul Gem Soul Gem in the middle of the water, but a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest up a bounce pad to the left. There's also a rock to smash in here a little further south, and behind that another Treasure Chest Treasure Chest!

Go back to the passageway and continue left where a thief will steal a key, you'll need this key if you want to finish off the Collections objective. Chase it down and then free the miner on the left, don't free him before otherwise you'll be teleported back to the locked door and have to come back for the key.

Inside the locked door is a bomb, you can use this to destroy the large purple Tzo Crystals that you couldn't see a cannon for. There's some just outside to test it on. The ones you want to blow up though are further behind them down a passageway to the right.

The Crystal Grove

It's another block and cannon puzzle. But first you can grab the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest to the left.

Destroy the near three crystals with the near cannon, leave it at the left end. Push the block up from the left crystal in towards the rest of the blocks, this'll give you a clear sight for blowing up the crystal above it. Next push the right-hand equivalent down once and then left, now push the right cannon up three times to destroy the next crystal. Push the block blocking your way into the middle and then the cannon up two more times and blow up another crystal.

From the gap where that crystal was you can now push that last block down once and do the same with the cannon, blow up that crystal behind it. Circle around the entire area and push the block in the way of the last crystal into the centre, fire the bottom cannon.

Now push the left block on the top track down once, circle back around and push the right one up off the tracks too. This will give you access to the cannon to push it to the left end and fire at the crystal blocking the Soul Gem Soul Gem. Flameslinger's "Super Volley Shot" is yours.

And that's pretty much the entire level done. Return to the locked gate and push Diggs along towards the start of the level. You might find you missed a rock or two so smash them with the pickaxe if needs be.


Straight off to Lava Lakes Railway with you.

#30 Cutiepietorres 13:08:35 19/01/2013
#29 Spygiltrig4356 22:50:15 02/09/2012
Um wrong level srry
#28 Spygiltrig4356 21:01:49 02/09/2012
I swear on my life that those undead minion are total jerks! I mean smilie is ok but :ghostroaser: is level 2 annoying and smilie is ultimately annoying
#27 gijoe620 21:59:14 17/08/2012
I let the Magma Guy spawn like 30 or so critters and it worked for me. Now I have to figure out the Empire of Ice and Dragon's Peak enemy goals and then I will be complete.
#26 gijoe620 14:16:56 17/08/2012
I am still having trouble getting the enemy goal and I have seen people on here posting to let the magma guy do all of his spawns. Will try that next and see what happens.
#25 Spygiltrig4356 06:36:40 14/06/2012
Mr-McChicken22 u say Dino-rang twice.
#24 voodood90 00:39:38 01/06/2012
I couldn't find chest in the lake behind the rocks you need a bomb for before. Thank you Dark52! smiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmilie
#23 camoisbeast 00:50:11 15/05/2012
in this and the next level you get SO much money!!
You get more money in the next level though (Lava Lakes Railway)
#22 azz01 08:15:04 06/05/2012
I can't seem to get the legendary treasure can someone help me
#21 voodood90 02:04:40 29/04/2012
smilie cant destroy tzo crystals.
#20 MaleforSxC 19:43:42 22/04/2012
smilie and smilie can destroy the Tzo Crystals and all Earth can destroy the rocks. smilie can as well.
#19 eggbot 19:05:24 05/04/2012
the cannon froze and would fire but not move
#18 eggbot 18:54:42 05/04/2012
same here
#17 Flameslinger9 14:34:31 04/04/2012
I just quickly beat the level.I'm gonna go back and get all the other stuff.
#16 Flameslinger9 16:40:51 02/04/2012
Thanks guys it really helped
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