• 06:29 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Lil Devil
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 19: Lava Lakes Railway

Elements required for 100% completion: Fire

The Molekin Mines

Stepping forward you'll be introduced to a Fire Spell Punk who runs around blowing up things. It'll spawn in a barrel and then run off before lighting a fuse that will go back and detonate the explosives in the barrel. Stay away from that barrel, it hurts if you are close by at detonation time.

First off it'll blow up the wooden fence and allow a load of Fire Imps through, once you've killed them and it unless you're an Earth Skylander you should follow the tracks down to the left off the main track to pick up a pickaxe. Go back and onwards through where that fence was, at the bend there's some rocks to break in the wall on the right. You may also need to kill a couple of Rock Walkers as you do so.

Follow the path up to the lever above the tracks and then jump down to the train to move a bit further along. No need to backtrack by the way, you only really went just past the curve.

There's another Fire Spell Punk at the turntable as well as a Lava King spewing out more Imps. Once you've killed them smash through the rocks to the left of the track and you'll find a cannon. No need to reposition it, simple fire it. Twice. Go up to the lever and pass by into a room behind it with a Soul Gem Soul Gem, Eruptor's "Mega Magma Balls" in it. Then pull that lever and jump back into the train again.

You gotta back up a little this time, kill the three Rock Walkers and then go down the path off to the left of the track. You'll find a bomb in there, along with a Fire Spell Punk, but if you continue upwards you'll also find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Take the bomb and throw it at the Tzo Crystals next to the train, there's a Lava King right behind there. Ignore the lever and go to the right, you should follow a passageway up to a fork in the path where you'll go up into a room with a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest and the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure inside. The other path goes to where you will have already been if you fired the cannon twice. Go back and pull the lever.

The Crystal Grottos

Pick up the Story Scroll Story Scroll from where you start this section and then walk left down to the first set of blocks. Watch out here, you'll miss out on the Treasure Chest if you push the blocks without thinking. All you need to do really is to push the near side block down twice and once to the left, then go back to the tracks and use the line of blocks to get to the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Drop off to the right and push the two northern blocks to the left straight off into the gap. Push the third block left once and then up three times so that it falls into the gap directly under the tracks. There are two blocks on the left now, push the left one into the hole then leave the other for the moment. Walk through to the other side of the tracks, push the block on the right to the right three times. To the right of them is another block, push this left twice and then down once to fit it into the tracks. Go back through the gap to the left and push the remaining block up once, left once and then up.

Go up onto the tracks yourself and walk down them to the next section of blocks.

Push the first two blocks directly in line with the tracks, the one down to the left of them into the gap, the one up to the left of that on top of it and then up into the remaining gap in line with the previous two. Of the two remaining on the ground to the left push the right one down twice and then to the right into the hole. The other should be pushed to the right twice before being push up three times to line it up. Walk up the curve of the tracks to the left and push the block off to finish it up.

Lava Lagoon

There's another of those pesky Fire Spell Punks ahead, if you leave it be it'll kill a Rock Walker at the bottom for you. If not then just kill it yourself. One the island after that is a Lava King, to the right a smaller island with several Rock Walkers on. You'll need to kill them and the one on an island south to open up the monster gate. You'll also find a Fire gate.

Fiery Depths

Walk down over the tiny bit of lava gap onto a wooden platform where you can board a moving rock platform. This will take you a short distance to a platform with a bounce pad to its south. If you want some gems you can take that route but it'll just lead you back to the start again. For the real prize go north along the moving platforms with bounce pads on them. The trickiest part is right at the end with the ones moving side to side, you just need to try and stay on the last one until it's in position so that you can jump up to the Present for your new Lil Devil "Lil Devil" hat.

If you fall off just walk back to the beginning and start again, although you might like to explore the lava for some gems while you're there.

Kill the two Lava Kings to pass beyond the monster gate here. To the right is another Lava King that'll need killing to get through the very last monster gate.

The Fire Source

Flameslinger is your first minion to fight, he attacks using a bow. First he'll charge up an explosive arrow to fire towards you, it may not even reach the entire distance but stay away from the trail that it leaves. Then three quick arrows that definitely will, just move out of the way. If you're up close stay out of the fire trail that he makes as he runs away from you.

The first part of the fire spell is fairly simple, just keep moving and stay out of the yellow crosses.

Next up is an Evil Phoenix Dragon, Sunburn. He'll teleport around until he gets near to you where he'll then fire a beam of flames out, this will tire him for a few seconds giving you a chance to attack. Try not to move too quickly away from the teleport marker otherwise it'll just keep teleporting around.

This second part is a lot stronger, make a mistake and expect to pay the price. Out of the centre will spawn four glowing balls, this will leave behind a trail of fire that really hurts, move so they don't get you. It'll repeat with a similar pattern, to avoid simply walk in a circle that takes up about a quarter of the area- first to the left and then to the right, you should walk around the fiery blasts with ease. After those two a direct line of them swing around the entire arena. After that two sets that'll swing round in opposite directions. For those two these you can just stand right at the bottom and avoid all damage, but get ready to move as the next one will go there. For the next one again stand at the bottom and then for the very last swirling pattern move up and right as they come past.

Evil Eruptor is last up. He'll fire three quick blasts out of his fists at you and then create a pool of lava around himself, that'll only hurt the Skylanders up close. He'll then rest for a bit before starting again. Try not to get hit by the blasts and then if you're ranged attack as soon as he's done with them. If you're melee you'll have to wait for the lava to subside before going in during his break.

No third spell this time, straight into the triple fight. Go straight for Flameslinger first, his attacks are likely to be the ones that'll hit you if you're going for the others. Then get Eruptor and finally Sunburn who shouldn't have been much of a problem if you were moving a lot. All through this you'll also be avoiding the fire spells from before, simple stuff really. If you survive them for long enough they'll just stop and leave you to your minion killing.


There's nothing new to do here, talk to the Weapon Master and head straight to Quicksilver Vault.

#15 Spygiltrig4356 20:14:35 18/08/2012
I used Sunburn against minion-burn
#14 poporun 01:59:20 28/06/2012
sun burn is so annoying to defeat beause he just keeps moving really fast and just shoots you with his fire and on the ps3 version when we were walking into the boss arena our skylanders couldn't move into the battle and flamesligher was already starting to kill us
#13 bubble403 18:10:57 08/06/2012
instead of dogeing the fir balls that spawn from the center go to the bottom right corner and they will miss you entirely smilie
#12 sonic boom1 17:10:01 03/06/2012
on the wii version the third chest is in the fire gate instead of next to the legendary treasure. also, on the wii version the legendary treasure is blocked by a wall and requires a bomb
#11 azz01 21:33:43 08/05/2012
You can also break does tzos with whirlwind
#10 voodood90 13:58:22 07/05/2012
it is dumb how the minions attacks do more damage than skylanders
#9 MaleforSxC 17:52:10 22/04/2012
Sos for the 2x comment. I really think they had a really dumb design for the Lil Devil hat. It is like a knights helmet with horns but it just sits on top of their heads. It should go over their faces. They made the hat really dum!
#8 MaleforSxC 17:48:49 22/04/2012
Prism Break is the only Skylander able to break the Tzo crystals. All Earth can break the rocks. So can Drill Seargent.
#7 warnado745 00:21:29 19/04/2012
I think you can use any earth skylander to destroy the tzos or rocks but i'm not sure
#6 jackbos 00:33:13 15/04/2012
I used smilie to break the tzos
#5 BashTheMash77 16:24:19 10/04/2012
when i battled kaos in this level, the minion who was hardest was smilie his arrows were annoying
#4 Titancrasher01 02:54:11 30/03/2012
This level gets you so much money. While playing as one skylander throughout the level and smashing every breakable object and killing every enemy I get between 1000-2000 money each time.
#3 ducky 23:53:26 22/03/2012
I finally got eruptor so i could get the Lil' Devil hat and it makes people fast!!!
#2 madizy22 18:55:32 14/01/2012
yep its the console difference
#1 trigger 20:33:33 05/01/2012
Hi, just did this level and found the one of the treasure chests not with the Legendary Treasure but in Lava Lakes. Don't know if they changed this up or if its different on different consoles. I use the Wii.
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