The Golden Arcade

Story Goals Collections Dares
Find a way inside
Find the Brain
Treasure Chests3
Legendary Selfie Frame1
Soul Gems3
Troll Radio1
Battle Gong
No Lives Lost
Defeat Enemies30
Find All Areas13
Bad Bouncer Service Bot Spear Smasher Doomlander

The entrance to the level is two bridges south of the Card Shack, to the left of the well.

1/13 - Private Entrance

Walk forwards to see some rats getting thrown out. Ring the doorbell on the right side to start a fight with the Bad Bouncer. He'll charge towards you and fall over before standing up and firing out of both hands, you can jump over the line of bullets as it moves towards the center. Don't worry too much if the rats don't survive the fight.

Once you've defeated him go up the steps that open up to get into the turret. Here you have to shoot the targets on the seven balloons, but you'll also want to shoot the four Trigger Happy dancers on the sign at the back, if you smash both sides and then hit the middle once the sign will fall over. After the seven there'll be one more balloon to shoot down.

Follow Trigger Happy down the stairs and go across to the sign you knocked over.

2/13 - Behind the Sign

Treasure Chest 1/3 Treasure Chest 1/3
If you shot the sign over during the turret section you can reach the Treasure Chest here.

Now go inside the arcade.

3/13 - Golden Arcade

Treasure Chest 2/3 Treasure Chest 2/3
Immediately to your left.

Walk forwards and talk to Sal and then again to start playing a game of [Creation Clash] against the Creation Clasher robot, he's only really got one good Skystone so shouldn't be too much more difficult than Baron von Shellshock was. And you do get an [Imaginite Chest] for winning.

Troll Radio Troll Radio
Behind Sal is a Troll Radio that gives you Fiesta Music and Orchestra Effects.

The Mabu next to Sal, Short Fuse, has a game you can play called "Sprocket's Tanktics". In this completely optional minigame you drive a tank around a battlefield attempting to destroy three enemy bases before they can destroy yours. The bases are in the top left corner, the top right corner, and the bottom right corner of the area, you'll have to shoot through barbed wire to get them as well as shoot enemy tanks that are trying to destroy your tank. If your tank explodes Sprocket will get out and bash the nearest tank a few times before you reappear at your base in a new tank ready to get back out there and carry on. I don't know whether there's a limit to the number of levels you can reach (I managed to get to stage 21 before the enemy tanks had just too much health) but each time you go up a level the enemy tanks get a little bit more health so it takes a little bit longer to destroy them. If you manage to beat the highscore you get an [Imaginite Chest] which, on your first go, will be "The Wrenchinator".

Anyway, go up the slope to the right once you're done with that.

4/13 - Noob Testing

To Sal's left is an [Imaginite Chest] that triggers a Snail Challenge. There's also a safe that you can open for some coins if you rotate the middle to face the marked rune three times.

Egg Rescue Egg Rescue
And to the right is an Egg Rescue machine.

Hop up the steps and activate the turret to start a target shooting minigame, while you're shooting the ducks turn the turret to the left and shoot a target in a pile of giant gold coins to open up an area. Finish shooting the ducks then the left side of the platforms to spin them down.

After lowering them both go to the left into the doorway you created.

5/13 - Leaky Gold Pile

Legendary Selfie Frame - Smasher Legendary Selfie Frame - Smasher
Provided you shot open the door during the turret sequence you can just hop over the gap and get the Legendary Selfie Frame in here.

6/13 - Winner's Circle

Go up the platforms you lowered to meet up with Sal again next to a [Selfie Spot], a one-armed bandit chest with some coins in, and the start of a [Grind Challenge].

7/13 - Plushy Plaza

On your left when you land is a pad for an item you haven't unlocked yet, come back later on in the game once you have to get an area for the all areas total, otherwise skip to area 9 "Defective Vaults" which is in a room below, off the side to the right.

8/13 - Plushie Spillover

There's not much but a [Selfie Spot] over here but you'll still need to visit if you want to get the all areas checkmark. Return in the cable car.

Smash through the plushies to the right of Sal and hug the near wall, drop off the edge through a gap in the barrier to enter a room below.

9/13 - Defective Vaults

Treasure Chest 3/3 Treasure Chest 3/3
In the middle of the defective safes.

There are loads of different broken safes in here, you can open all of them if you try hard enough, a couple with the exploding from outside.

Bounce back up.

Bazooker Shrine Bazooker Shrine
To the right of the Creation Clash game.

Play a game of [Creation Clash] with Loose Cannon, this one's also mandatory as winning will not only get you an [Imaginite Chest] but it will also raise a block that's required to leave the area.

Once it has popped up push the block to the right then back to join another two blocks that you'll also need to push into the electricity behind them. They'll form a fruit machine and spew out some free XP and coins as well as opening the door.

Soul Gem 1/3 - Pain-Yatta Soul Gem 1/3 - Pain-Yatta
Go through the door and immediately drop off the right on top of the three blocks you just pushed.

10/13 - Awesome Player Tier

Back through the door push the blocks up here into position to form another fruit machine that will lower a gate on the left (you can also jump into the water towards the screen to get an XP ball then go down the waterfall and back up again). Pick up the explosive barrel and run it down the left path past a [Selfie Spot] and drop it next to the purple crystals at the end.

That'll explode and give you access to a button. Jump up and down on it a few times to get to the higher level, there are a couple of those purple spear enemies guarding a lever that you can pull to raise up a shortcut ramp.

Soul Gem 2/3 - Smasher Soul Gem 2/3 - Smasher
Grab another explosive barrel and carry it across the fruit machine blocks, take it to the right of where Sal is waiting to blow up another set of purple crystals that are caging the Soul Gem.

Go and get another explosive barrel and this time take it to the purple crystals past Sal (next to an XP ball), they're caging another button for you to jump up and down on. Go down the slide.

11/13 - Challenge Pit

Soul Gem 3/3 - Chain Reaction Soul Gem 3/3 - Chain Reaction
Before you approach the middle go to the right and smash a pile of plushies.

Approach the arcade machine and then fend off the waves of enemies that appear (mostly purple spear guys with a single Bad Bouncer).

After the battle use the arcade machine. There's an Achievement/Trophy here, "King of Cake", if you get over 4000 points, you can do that quite easily by bouncing on all the sweets and hitting the balloons to send them flying.

12/13 - Candy Kaos Land of Doom

As you move to the right you'll begin the Smasher Doomlander fight. His first attack stage is to walk towards you and slam his hammer down in a well telegraphed move. Jump past him to avoid taking damage.

The second part adds in a combo attack that requires a bit faster reflexes to avoid if you're right up next to him when he starts. You can just jump over him same as before and he'll keep swinging away in the other direction.

The third stage adds flying Spell Punks to the mix, you'll either want to shoot them down or have to keep a constant eye on the fireballs they send your way.

The set rewards are: Smasher Secret Technique "Berserker", Catchphrase Start "The Password Is", Catchphrase End "Techno", "Doomlander Smasher Arm Guards", Smasher Weapon "Doomenstein Club", and "Doomlander Smasher Shoulder Armor".

Battle Gong Battle Gong
After exiting the Dommlander fight the Battle Gong will have appeared. The fight features 36 enemies made up of the little drone things, the pink spear throwers, and a Bad Bouncer.

Once you're done with that jump up and down on the button in the middle of the arena.

13/13 - The Vault

While grinding along the rail you've got to jump to smash seven locks along the way. If you miss one you can just go round again and again until you get them all and finish the level.

Repeatable Imaginite Chests

  1. Beat the highscore in Sprocket's Tanktics (10100)
  2. Snail Challenge before Noob Testing turret
  3. Grind Challenge
  4. Doomlander (x3)
  5. Gong Battle

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Loctation 18
Next location: //
#2 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 23:59:49 14/12/2016
Yes, it is the dragon wings.
#1 LordOfKaos 21:27:52 14/12/2016
Is the item to get to the 8th Area the Dragon Wings? It's really bugging me how I can't get the All Areas for this chapter

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