• 12:03 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Rocket Hair
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 17: Creepy Citadel

Elements required for 100% completion: Air

Skeleton Gate

Just to the right is the Story Scroll Story Scroll. Head up the slope and you'll be attacked by a Bone 'n' Arrow as well as a couple of Spider Spitters, kill them off and then walk down the path to the right where you'll find a light puzzle. First step onto the round stone button on the left side, then push the prism next to it to the right once and then forward twice. Finally rotate the south prism four times so that it's pointing north.

Beyond the gate that opens is another prism, rotate it just once so that it points to another set across the way. If you wander towards the screen down the smashed up flooring you'll find a teleporter next to the water, this will take you to a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Use the teleporter to get back and then the teleporter there to get across to a platform with an Air gate on it.

Tomb of Stones

Run straight along the spike trap and then left and at the end there's a moveable block. Push it south twice to get past. Go around it and stand on a switch in the middle of a spike trap at the bottom. This will lower two rows of blocks to the right, so go right and into the next segment.

Here go north past the bomb and push the right-hand block north, step on the button underneath. This will lower the block on the left. Go through the gap carrying a bomb and throw it at the wall at the end there. Push the block behind it north and stand on the button. This will again lower some blocks, these ones are to the south allowing you quicker access to the bombable wall you'll have passed by earlier.

Go back and get another bomb and blow that wall up. Bounce to the right and walk north to press another button there. Drop down and use the bounce pad that it revealed to get the Present, Rocket Hair Rocket Hair (or Rocker Hair as it should be). Go back to the bomb again and press the button to the right, this will raise up the block on the left. Make your way back to the start and walk through the first spike traps again, go up the ramp, bounce to the right and walk to the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest that's on the blocks above the bomb.

If you're having trouble getting out of the bomb room then try it the other way, press the button to lower the left block, circle around and push the block north of the button south past the button and press it again. You should then be able to go up the ramp as you did before.

Anyway, press the button in the top right corner, this will lower two of the blocks. Press the button where the south one was. Now push the left prism two spaces right, then press the bottom button again. Push that prism down once and right once. Now just pull the lever on the left twice. Teleport off the platform.

Main Gate

As you approach the locked gate you'll be introduced to a new enemy, the Shadow Knight. These suits of armor stand around in groups, the trick being that only some of them are actually enemies, the rest are empty. Gotta be ready for the ones that actually attack. Their attack is to slam their sword into the ground which creates a blast wave, this is quite a dangerous attack and will do a lot of damage.

There's an odd whirlpool to the right that skips part of the level, the only point is to speed up going through the level as it allows you to skip doing the lock puzzle, this actually means that if you did it on your first go through you can finish the level without getting the Enter the Castle chapter progress marked. So don't take it. Solve the puzzle on the door instead.

Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right

Behind the door is a load of swinging axes, time your walk through to avoid them. After that is a pair of axes that thrust inwards, move beyond and you'll see some suits of armor against the wall ahead. Neither is an enemy, walk into the next room and destroy the two Spider Spitters. Across the other side of the circular pool is a pair of the skeleton archers and a single Shadow Knight. Once you've killed them head up the curved slope.

Slightly further along you'll see a stone circle rotating as two axes swing over it, run past careful not to get pulled off course. The next room will contain a selection of Spider Spitters and a Gargantula sitting near a monster gate. Kill them all to progress.

Go right and down where you'll find another Shadow Knight and a pair of Bone 'n' Arrows standing near another monster gate. Go through there and head north. A gate will close behind you now.

Box Goblin Swamp

A bit of a maze here. First stand on the button at the front. Then stand on the right-hand button that appears. This will allow you access to a block on the far right that you have to push onto the large square button that just appeared. Go back to the start and push the button to the north that has appeared, this will allow you to exit the maze.

There's a Gargantula standing by a monster gate, there's also another further north that you'll need to kill to actually open up that gate, it's standing next to a Soul Gem Soul Gem, Whirlwind's "Healing Rainbow".

The Gallery

Go up the bridge and into another gauntlet of axes. Wait for them to swing out of the way before moving. Wind up to the top and into a room with a couple of Moon Widows running about, they'll be irritating thanks to the two Shadow Knights that also just happen to be there. Move on down the hallway past a load of suits of armor, two of which spring to life as you get near.

You can leave the trio of messaging Moon Widows alone, you only need to kill the archer by the monster gate. Head up the ramp and kill a pair of archers there, if you go down to the left you'll find the last Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Continue on along the red carpet past another series of axes, kill the two Shadow Knights standing at the end.

The Grand Ballroom

Step on the button next to the large block area, this will cause a line of blocks to your right to lower. It's not exactly a straight shot though as there are axes moving about in there, go through and stand on the button at the end there. Reverse and go down through the beam of light, then up to the right where there's another button. This then lowers some more blocks back where you just were, so go back through the light and up past the previous button, ideally keeping the blocks lowered.

Stand on the button in-between the axes and quickly go north, there's another button to the right under some axes to press. Continue right to the edge of the area. Go south and press the button there, this'll reorganise some blocks along that last path. Go back in past the axes and press the northern button on the left. Go through to the northern edge and then left down to the button back past some axes. Press the button down to the right and stop. Do not press that last button yet.

Go back through the axes to the northern edge and walk along to the right corner, then south all the way to the bottom where there's a new button to press. This lowers the blocks in the top left corner and allows you access to the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure. Once you've got it you can go directly south and stand on that last button to finish off the room.

Past a couple of diamond forming Moon Widows is a trio of Shadow Knights and a single archer. Step into the light.

The Undead Gateway

The first minion that Kaos sends out is an evil version of Ghost Roaster. His attack pattern is to turn into a skull and rush at you from across the arena. Keep dodging out of the way and he'll pause for a bit before carrying on. Attacking him may be tricky for melee Skylanders but as long as you watch where he is at long range will defeat him without a scratch.

New magic spell time. This spell consists of a series of light beams that form across the arena, they start off white to allow you to get out of their way and then turn red - meaning painful. The first one will aim directly for you so move out of the way, second is a series of diagonal lines that you need to stand between. Then some horizontal ones going halfway across, stand in-between a pair to either side. And then some diagonal cross hatching, stand in a square and you'll be fine. Lastly is a pattern similar to the first one, they'll go straight for you so keeping move to the side slowly and you should be able to avoid them, go too fast and you'll just trap yourself.

Second minion is Chop Chop, he moves towards you with his shield up and then swings for you in a spin. Step out of the way as he approaches you to avoid the attack, then attack his back as he recovers. This is a fairly difficult minion as his shield is really effective and he moves fast. Just keep attacking when you can and stay out of his way.

The first wave of the spell creates a cross that focuses in on the bottom edge so move north or to the sides immediately or you'll get trapped. After that it's a set of squares over the arena, then three lines revolving around the edge, you can stand in the middle to avoid them but it's not all that useful for the next part. After that a massive star shaped pattern focusing on the middle, stick to the edge and walk around to keep up with it. Then a simple line pattern and finally the same as the last attack before, just move slowly to the furthest side from you.

Third minion is Hex. She has a powerful set of attacks, first she'll fire a blast of purple light at you three times, then she'll raise a bone shield in front of her and cast a larger spell. This will create four purple lights that will crash down where you're standing, keep moving to avoid them. And repeat. Your best time to attack is when she puts up the shield, either run around the other side or smash your way through. Don't stick around too long, those four blasts are incoming.

More magic. Some tiny lines around the edges, then a set of randomish lines that should be easy to avoid. You'll just keep getting a few of those until the next stage.

All three minions. The advice above for these three still holds, you've just got them all to deal with at once. Hex will probably be the easiest to get rid of, her attacks are fairly annoying to avoid with the other two so take her down first. Ghost Roaster's speed will mean he gets irritating to keep avoiding, smack him one. And finally that irritating Chop Chop. You'll have to contend with some more of the magic spell if you take a while, you're likely to have to make a choice between walking through a red beam or getting mowed down by a minion - take the beam.


The last of the barriers will lower allowing you access to the train tracks at last. Before we go solve the train problem there's a few new things to do, there's a Winged Sapphire where the fence was on the left. The elemental totem has again refilled, quite a lot in there this time. The prison down by the docks has again got more gems inside.

Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left

Grab the oil can and make your way along to the bomb, pick it up and take it up the tracks and blow up the cave near the train (not the place they showed you first). Behind there is another Winged Sapphire. Go grab another bomb and bring it up to the train again, this time aim for the little crater in the middle of the circular bit of the track. It won't be very clear but you can now jump down that hole to find another Winged Sapphire.

Leave the cave and walk back up to the train again, use the oil can on it to find the ninth Winged Sapphire. Unfortunately the tenth is still unavailable so you can now go buy your upgrades if you like.

Once you're happy go down and grab another bomb and throw it at the cave at the end of the tracks. We're off to Molekin Mine.

#30 Prismbreak56 22:35:58 08/06/2012
I mean epiccamoshell.
#29 Prismbreak56 22:33:57 08/06/2012
I meant beat it . And besides you know probably know what i meant. epiccamoshel.
#28 epiccamoshell 20:13:31 06/06/2012
your brother ate the level? it says it only took my brother to eat this twice.
#27 Prismbreak56 22:01:55 04/06/2012
Actually, he's 7. sorry
#26 Prismbreak56 22:00:26 04/06/2012
This level is not that hard. It only took my brother 2 times to eat this............ and he's 6!!!!
#25 Prismbreak56 21:54:46 04/06/2012
Okay, I take back about what I said about the Bone "N" Arrows. It appears that when I'm Eruptor or Bash, they are very easy to kill.
#24 Prismbreak56 18:56:54 03/06/2012
I JUST SAID THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#23 epiccamoshell 16:15:11 02/06/2012
they are easy to kill!
#22 Prismbreak56 21:51:51 01/06/2012
I hate the skeleton guys with the bow and arrows. Even though they are easy to kill, because when they start shooting the arrow rapidly, my skylander dies
#21 epiccamoshell 23:52:59 29/05/2012
the whirl pool sends you to box goblin swamp. You completely skip the main gate!
#20 epiccamoshell 23:49:57 29/05/2012
you can skip half of the level. Be smilie , smilie , smilie , or smilie and go to the right of the lockpuzzle. there should be a whirlpool. swim in it and you get sent to an area in the middle of the level.
#19 skylandsmaster 16:14:02 29/05/2012
i beat this barely with a level ten fully upgraded tail path BASH!!!
#18 hexthebeast45 15:46:42 20/05/2012
i just use hex for this boss battle. havent lost with her once. plus its quite easy for her to kill 'em
#17 remo12601 21:06:28 09/05/2012
spyro did a lot
#16 voodood90 15:39:01 06/05/2012
I would never have beat this if it wasn't for a glitch in my wii. When I skipped the cutscene at the beginning it took me right to the boss fight. All my sky- landers died at the normal part of the level.
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