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The Magic Crafters Homeworld

Treasure 300 Gems | Dragons 3 Dragons | Eggs 2 Eggs

'Dragons of this Family spend their time making magic artefacts used by all the Dragons throughoutthe rest of the worlds. They are shy around other creatures and like to be alone. They can be very happy in their remote mountaintops, ice cliffs and caves, studying their craft in peace.'

As soon as you get into the corridor, you meet up with a thief. Chase him down, he's generally quite easy to catch. And a bit to the right of where he was first standing, you'll see some crazy looking Gnorcs wearing metal armour and holding a large stick. Charge these down.

Dragon #33/80 - Cosmos
Location - In a small room filled with Gnorcs
Colour - Green

Out of this room, you'll find several green wizard Gnorcs who will, when you get close to them, suddenly make the ground pop upwards and take them out of your reach. The way to deal with this, apart from to get there faster, is to use the spinning chest things next to them. Stand facing the wizards, with the spinning chest inbetween you and him, and flame it several times. The spinning bit will fly off and kill the wizard.

Just up the path is a thief which you will need to cut off and flame/charge. It shouldn't take too long to get him if you've gotten the experience of catching previous thieves.

Dragon #34/80 - Zantor
Location - At the top of a super-charge ramp
Colour - Orange

I agree. Try it. Charge down the slope and straight into the wizards and other Gnorcs down there, continue charging through the tunnel and out to the right, then straight into an unbreakable chest, which will then break. Head back into the tunnel you just came out of to collect any gems you missed.

Dragon #35/80 - Boldar
Location - In front of the Crystal Flight portal
Colour - Yellow

Back out there again, watch out for the things that those green Wizards move, and also for what the other type of Green Wizard shoots out of its hands. Collect all the gems around here and go up to the top. Walk round the edge to the chest, then jump into the tower in the middle of the pond to collect a key. Head all the way back to the top of the super-charge ramp and glide off to the right and round the corner into a small cave in the rock. Here is a locked chest which the key will open.

That should be all for this homeworld, so head over to Alpine Ridge (located in the first part with the green wizards in, just off to the left of the entrance) and get started!

Alpine Ridge

Treasure 500 Gems | Dragons 4 Dragons | Eggs 1 Egg

Straight away you'll notice a very large orange creature. This can only be flamed and likes to walk towards you, slow and easy to get rid of. There are also those strange Gnorcs from the homeworld again. You should also be aware of the green wizards again. They move stuff around again so quickly take care of them. Also, the butterfly givers in this level are some kind of goat-like creature.

Dragon #36/80 - Zane
Location - Just after the moving stairs
Colour - Green

Hmm, well head to the left from here and jump up onto some shelves. Then glide down to the large blue wizards wandering around to the right. As usual with big things, you can only flame these. They also act slightly like the green wizards you saw towards the end of the home world, i.e. shooting things at you. And their shots cannot be charged down without injury.

Get up to the top of the steps here and after flaming the wizards, glide down to the right and flame the large orange beast, then go to the left and through the doorway there. Make sure to start flying at a time when as you approach the barrier, the wizard lowers it. It's no good starting as soon as he lowers it as that is too late.

Same kinda timing is used when the next wizards is raising and lowering his platform.

Dragon #37/80 - Eldrid
Location - Right after a wizard who raises and lowers his platform
Colour - Green

Carry on along the level until you get to the dragon.

Dragon #38/80 - Zander
Location - Right next to the Return Home vortex
Colour - Blue

Now, head a bit to the right and onto a jutting out bit which points towards an open cave in the middle of the area. And glide down to it.

Dragon #39/80 - Kelvin
Location - In the cave
Colour - Green

In here is a thief, chase him around the pathway until you catch up with him and get that egg back. Once you've done all that, head to the entrance again, and glide over to the platform with the fireworks on. Flame it and head on to the next, flame that and go onto the next one. Then flame that, and head back to the previous one. Collect all the gems to complete this level.

High Caves

Treasure 500 Gems | Dragons 3 Dragons | Eggs 2 Eggs

Entrance to here is at the top of the super-charge ramp.

Head to the left and work your way up to the top of a spiral ramp by killing all the large blue wizards and the tornado witches. Avoid the twisters they send out at set intervals.

Dragon #40/80 - Cyrus
Location - At the top of the spiral
Colour - Yellow

That's 40 of 80 Dragons now. You should also have 8 of the 12 dragon eggs by now as well as around 3850 gems. This gives a nice total of 42%, mostly due to the lack of gems.

Glide off to the left, timing it so that you land perfectly on the moving platforms, make your way across and into a room on the other side. As soon as you grab all the gems in here, walk out of the window at the other end and drop down onto a ledge. Make your way to the right and over to a dragon.

Dragon #41/80 - Ajax
Location - Just off from that ledge thing
Colour - Grey

Meh, make your way across here further, and over a bridge to get some fireworks gems. Then jump off the bridge to the caves in the wall. Go for the end one, then once you've got the gems in there, jump over to the other. Chase down the thief in here, and then, once you've got all the gems, fall out of the entrance. Some fairies will pick you up and take you to the top of a super-charge ramp.

Use it to jump into the caves and platform on the other side of the gap.

Dragon #42/80 - Cedric
Location - Next to the Return Home vortex
Colour - Orange

Indeed, well use the charge to get to the green area to the right where you'll find a thief. As the thief is on the other side of a very thin edged pond, use the spinny chest things to hit him with.

Head back to the top of the ramp and charge down it again. This time go to the left and go through the caves here, hitting the giant metal spiders as you go. Head through to the right (it doesn't matter if you are actually super-charging or not) and kill the wizards to get through. Go out of the window at the end one and let the fairy kiss you. This will give you a super-flame which is temporary. This flame allows you to destroy the metal spiders with your breath rather than the complicated super-charge. Once you collect the gems from the ground, this level is completed.

Wizard Peak

Treasure 500 Gems | Dragons 3 Dragons | Eggs 2 Eggs

The entrance to this level is right at the top of the end area, just after the wizard that moves a wall to push you into some water. And near the place where you found a key.

Head straight into the room in front of you, taking out all the Gnorcs. Some snow might suddenly start spinning around in front of you then turn into a large white Gnorc with a club. These are controlled by the large blue wizards on the high up platforms. There are also several of the green lightning wizards wandering around too. Carry on through here until you get to the dragon.

Dragon #43/80 - Jarvis
Location - Right at the top of a super-charge ramp
Colour - Orange

Then, head all the way back to where you started the level. Jump over to the platform on the left (or right, depending on the way you look at it) and go along the path and up the whirlwind after the jump. Go along here right to the very end, past where it looks like you should go next. Now glide down and to the left in order to land on one of those blue wizard platforms. Now head all the way back through the big place again and back to the start. Head all the way back up through the whirlwind, and this time, go right and onto another shelf.

Follow this round until you reach a point where you can see gems on a lower shelf. Jump down to these, and follow it along, then at the end of the short path, jump over to the second of the blue wizard shelves. Now head all the way back to the dragon again.

When super-charging, you can charge down the large blue wizards that await you, as well as those spinny things. Go down the ramps whilst super-charging and take out all the other large blue wizards as well, also charge straight through the unbreakable chest as well.

Dragon #44/80 - Hexus
Location - Just before a large set of platforms going up
Colour - Yellow

Make your way right to the top of this pathway and take out the large blue wizard up there. Although, halfway up is a thief which you will need to jump over some water to catch.

Dragon #45/80 - Lucas
Location - Right next to the Return Home vortex
Colour - Brown

Now come the tricky bits. Head all the way back up to the top of the super-charge ramps (next to the dragon) and charge down and follow it all the way down another (you will now be glowing orange) and up a third ramp. You will need to jump right at the point where the ramp dips down in order to get the right sort of height for reaching the platform. Walk round the back of it to find a thief. He doesn't move at all though, so just flame him to claim the last dragon egg of the game. Glide back to the normal place and then waltz all the way back to the top of the super-charge ramps again.

This time, instead of going straight when you reach the bottom of the second ramp, head to the right and then through an opening to the right again. Again you need to press X at the right moment in order to gain enough height. Next, head over to the smaller platforms on the left. These should give you the last gems of the level, so leave the level now.

Crystal Flight

Treasure 300 Gems

Head just inside the building below and you should find the portal just on your right.

From the start, head right and attack the planes coming at you, flame as many as possible, and then, once you've got them all, if you're near the rings go through them all. If not, then just start on whatever is closest. Follow them along until you complete them, then go onto the next and then finally with the last set. It shouldn't be too difficult if you start with the planes. Try if possible to go through the rings after the planes as that makes the journey so much easier.


Treasure 400 Gems | Dragons 1 Dragon

The final level of the Magic Crafters. The portal is down by the balloonist.

This level is basically a walk-through as there is little to challenge you. All you need to worry about are those green lightning wizards. Right near the end of the pathway, you'll see a twister kind of thing. This is Blowhard, the boss of the Magic Crafters. Just flame him once and he'll move on.


Follow him into the room he just opened and time your jumps in here so that you don't get knocked into the water.

Dragon #46/80 - Altair
Location - In between the two areas with green druids
Colour - Orange

Just outside here, you'll find Blowhard again. Flame him and he'll fly off for a second time. And follow him to flame him once more. He's dead, you should have all the gems, so jump into the Return Home vortex.

Tuco the BalloonistTuco the Balloonist

That's all for the Magic Crafters. Let's move on now to the Beast Makers which houses one of the hardest levels in the game. To get there, walk on over to Tuco the Balloonist. He'll take you to the Beast Makers world.

#38 Gengar Guy 18:14:46 13/08/2017
Altair is probably one of my favorite dragons in the whole game.
#37 GillGrunt4Ever 20:35:24 11/07/2015
Location 11
Next is

Actually there is no comments section there.
Here is the real next location:
#36 XSpyrashX 23:33:58 29/03/2015
Wizard Peak complete! Bring in the dancing lobsters! smilie
#35 PopFizzMagic 13:21:05 17/03/2015
In the first time you flame him, there is that sparky thing, get on it and its another path that is a lot easier to deafeat him.
#34 willspyro 21:55:50 21/10/2014
#33 SigmundSeal 05:21:02 14/07/2013
Isn't Cyrus supposed to look like Cosmos, & isn't Ajax green.
#32 miniquiny999 00:33:34 11/02/2013
Quote: dark52

There should be spaces
#31 cynder fan47 21:28:49 31/12/2012
i'm on this woud right now.
#30 cynder fan47 23:24:41 29/12/2012
i need tip's for crystal flight.if you have any pm me.
#29 Shimmer 08:48:12 27/05/2012
@Brokensoul Try supercharging it smilie
#28 Brokensoul 01:25:53 16/12/2011
When I was younger, I used to be so scared of those giant spiders in High Caves smilie!!! I still don't know how to get that fist one (at the very begining of the level). Do you have to just run really fast with the superfalme and kill it? I tried doing that but Spyro isn't fast enough... smilie '
#27 awesomespyros10 20:19:03 23/11/2011
Speaking of Zane, that's my middle name!
#26 miniquiny999 19:00:55 07/07/2011
zane is yellow
#25 Purple 23:02:25 10/03/2011
where is the secret platform in alpine ridge? and why does it lead to spyro 2?????? and i know a cool walkthrough on youtube by ashasaur. and for spyro five I did a walkthrough by BBSPYRO100
#24 adjam91 18:13:10 30/09/2010
Wizard peak is my favourite. Its really fun to super charge those wizards. They're just standing there asking for it
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