Ancient Woods

Spooky Woods

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Investigate the pollution of the forest
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 180
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Life / Undead
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Sneak / Dig
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 3
  1. Stone Hat
  2. Flower Fairy Hat
  3. Flower Garland
  4. Puma Hat
Stone Hat Flower Fairy Hat Flower Garland Puma Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Straight on over the wooden bridges and into the woods, a couple of trolls wielding wrenches will start attacking you. They're much like the sword fighting robots from the previous level so keep moving to avoid taking a hit. Just beyond them is a fork in the path, take the right to get to a Dig Swap Zone.

Dig SWAP Zone

Here you'll be using the Dig Swap Power to dig under water for some reason. Because your dig duration is limited you'll need to stop to refill the bar, your first destination is the enclosed square on the right side past the fence. Dig your way over there and kill the two enemies, collect the spade to quickly refill the power bar. If for the next dig you go ahead to the right you'll find [Chest 1/3], next go directly to the left to a larger area with a tree monster called a Bark Demon. These have two types of attack, a melee swipe and a slightly more ranged root attack where they slam their branches into the ground and causes roots to pop up directly in line with them. Avoid that and keep attacking until it dies, once it does you can collect its key and dig over to the locked gate at the top end.

Jump up the small green platforms past a couple of enemies and you'll reach a section with a large moving saw blade. Dig your way underneath it to get past and get into a fight with another Bark Demon. This one's not got a key but it is needed to be defeated to open up the Monster Gate. After that there's another pair of saws to go under, this time try to make sure you line up with the saws as you go under so that you can make it out the other end safely. After that it's just a few more green platforms with a couple of enemies before you reach Stone Hat [Hat 1/4 - Stone Hat].

Take the left path now and jump off the wooden pier into the Monster Gated area below. First up are some little bugs, these are similar to Chompies in that they can be taken out in one hit. There'll be some more of those Greasemonkey trolls and a Bark Demon before the gate opens. Watch out for the water around the edge as it'll damage you.

Jump up the platforms as the ones down low are actually just beneath the surface of the water so you'll take damage if you try to use them. Kill the troll at the top and jump down to the left. To the left of the next bridge is a giant ribcage, jump over it to the Undead Gate.

Undead Challenge

Walk forwards over the platforms that appear and jump past a bug and over onto a larger brick platform. Kill the bug on there and head to the far end, there's a series of round platforms with statues inbetween, the statues firing out purple lightning every few seconds, time your jump (you may need to make it a run and double jump to get enough distance) just after they pause. On the right side of the next brick section is [Chest 2/3], smash it and continue along to the left past a couple of trolls and onto a bounce pad. This final platform has a Bark Demon, two ranged robots and a present with Flower Fairy Hat [Hat 2/4 - Flower Fairy Hat], you'll need to defeat the enemies to open up the teleporter out of here.

Jump over the gap onto a small green platform and then over again to a larger section, watch out for the green water on this green platform, it covers the middle and the right so follow the edge around to the left to get to the platforms on the other side. As you go up the slope after the jump there's a lone robot firing at you from a platform on the left, keep on going towards the bend and take the path off to the right down towards a set of tree trunk platforms. Jump up those to find [Chest 3/3] and a bounce pad back to the path.

Continue along to the left and then over the blueish green claw-like platforms, these sink down (but don't disappear) if you stand on them so you'll have to quickly jump up and down on them to be high enough to get onto the next platforms. After a grassy platform with a single bug on it there's another with a few more enemies on and up on the right side is the Life Gate.

Life Challenge

Immediately there's another [Chest 4/3] that you can get, go forwards over the pink flower and onto the giant leaves, these are bouncy and will make you jump higher. Go up to the top and kill a couple of pairs of trolls. That'll open up the Monster Gate and allow you to jump over to Flower Garland [Hat 3/4 - Flower Garland].

Go left and over the decrepid looking tree roots to a larger grassy platform. Kill the ranged robot at the far end and jump along the small platforms to the right towards another spare [Chest 5/3], and another bounce pad to get back that short distance. If you jump up where the robot was standing and onto the platform behind it you can reach yet another [Chest 6/3] on a platform in the distance if you run and double jump over to it. Drop down to the right once you've jumped back and kill the last robot there.

At the far end of the platform you can see several moving platforms, jump on the nearest one when it moves close and ride it across to a second platform. Again sit there waiting for it to meet up with the third and then finally off the other end. There's a few enemies and a Sneak Swap Zone on the right.

Sneak SWAP Zone

Your Sneak Power this time is not actually for sneaking, instead you use it near a spike trap to see green footprints showing you where it is safe to walk. Approach the set of dots on the floor and enable your Sneak Power, the footprints should show going from the top right corner to the bottom left corner, follow them to get safely across. If you go up now and to the right use the Sneak Power again near the red flowers to see some footprints going directly through the middle of a set of spike doors, this leads to [Chest 7/3]. Turn around and go back towards the first spike trap and go left past the trolls to another trap.

The Sneak Power will this time lead you from the bottom right to top left, be careful as you go around the corner as there's another spike door on the right wall so keep to the left. The next spike trap has a bit more of a windy path through it starting on the left side going down and then up again off to the right where there's a key. Go back across the spikes the same way you came in and then take the path to the right past a troll to a locked gate. At the end on the exit teleporter is Puma Hat [Hat 4/4 - Puma Hat].

Get to the other end of the platform and jump up the giant mushrooms to the top of the tree trunk where you'll need to fight a few bugs and one last Bark Demon. Head inside to finish the level.

Toadstool Terrace

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Rescue the Fairy Queen, Persephone
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 250
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Water / Air
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Speed / Spin
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 7
  1. Elf Hat
  2. Tree Branch
  3. Carrot Hat
  4. Four Winds Hat
  5. Awesome Hat
Elf Hat Tree Branch Carrot Hat Four Winds Hat Awesome Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Jump onto the large red mushroom and then onto the blue one before jumping onto the grassy platform beyond. Kill a single bug and then jump up the mushrooms on the left side, at the top is a troll and [Chest 1/7] to bash. Jump back down and head towards the end of the grassy platform, don't jump up the mushrooms though, instead keep going along the right side and jump down off the end to the brown platform below. Bounce on the little purple mushroom to get up onto a blue mushroom with Elf Hat [Hat 1/5 - Elf Hat]. Jump back off and onto the green, spotted mushroom that also bounces you, this one takes you back up to the path.

Go up the large mushrooms at the end and defeat the two ranged robots by the Monster Gate so you can head inside. Kill the two trolls in here before going up the slope on the left and out the door at the top. Another Monster Gate section, kill the bugs, trolls and robots that appear to open it up. Just past the bridge is a Bark Demon and the Water Gate on the left.

Water Challenge

Jump over the flowers to get to the edge of a short bit of river, jump along the small platforms floating in it to cross over (the cracked ones collapse) to get up onto some more cracked platforms floating in the air. Go over them to get to a fight with a Bark Demon and a Root Runner, the Root Runner just sits there firing attacks at you so shouldn't be too much trouble to avoid taking damage. Smash the present to get Tree Branch [Hat 2/5 - Tree Branch] and jump up to the teleporter.

Jump onto one of the pink flowers that's moving by and sit there for a while, wait for it to get close to a platform on the left side with [Chest 2/7] on it. No need to go to the central platform, just jump back onto a pink flower and ride it to the opposite side to where you started. Go up the grassy ramps past a robot and a few bugs to get to a purple bouncy mushroom against the far wall, jump on it and use the bulky mushrooms poking out of the wall to get up.

To the right now is a large red mushroom just off the side with [Chest 3/7], with that jump back and onto the spotty bouncy mushrooms that'll bounce you up to the top. On the right is the Air Gate.

Air Challenge

Go into the teleporter and then across to the first platform, wait for the leaves to settle on the floor and then jump on one. Wait on it until the wind takes it up and near the top of a pillar, jump over to that and across to another set of leaves to ride up to some platforms on the left corner. Go up them to the present with Carrot Hat [Hat 3/5 - Carrot Hat] and the exit.

And on the left side is the Spin Swap Zone.

Spin SWAP Zone

This Spin Zone has you using your Spin Power to raise flowers up while you're standing on them. First you'll have to defeat a couple of Bark Demons, after that go and jump onto the spinning pink flower and use your Spin Power. This will cause it to quickly rise upwards, wait until it gets to the top and move off to the left. Stop spinning and jump up to the top where there's another brief fight, try using your Spin to pull them all towards you. Go right onto another flower to Spin upwards, keep spinning as you transfer to a second one (while spinning on the flowers your spin is infinite) and then a third before going up some mushrooms to the very top. Don't go into the teleporter just yet, instead go around it to get [Chest 4/7]. Present with Four Winds Hat [Hat 4/5 - Four Winds Hat] should be here.

Straight down the middle now go past the two holes and jump up the left side of the hollowed out tree trunk to a grassy area. Jump up onto the platform on the left and kill the robot up there before jumping up the mushrooms to get [Chest 5/7]. Get back to the main path and carry on along the tree trunk to a pair of trolls and the Speed Swap Zone.

Speed SWAP Zone

Speed both speeds up your movement and slows down moving obstacles and enemies so you can quickly get around them. Use your speed to get past the first two saws and over the yellow chevrons on the ground, that'll refill your speed bar. Keep on going past the saws and jumping over the gaps making sure to go over the yellow arrows to keep your speed going. At the end defeat a few bugs and trolls before moving on. The next bit has some mines to avoid too, the first set of chevrons is along the left side behind the saw so try that way. After jumping the last row of mines there's another battle to fight with a Bark Demon and some trolls. With those defeated just jump up the platforms past [Chest 6/7] on your way to a final speed section. This one's less wide and has saws coming out of the ground to avoid. If you do run out of speed just try jumping to counteract the backwards motion of the conveyor. At the end is a final pair of Bark Demons to defeat before you can get Awesome Hat [Hat 5/5 - Awesome Hat] and exit.

Jump onto the orange mushrooms but take the left path up to [Chest 7/7] on a platform to the left. If you go towards the mushroom door ahead and instead drop off to the right you can find a spare [Chest 8/7] if you've missed one. To get back up jump up the mushrooms and onto the little bouncy one. Go inside to find a lock puzzle with Moneybones' head on it. Approach it and press Y.

This is very similar to the puzzles you may have seen in the previous console games. To complete it you need to get the Imp to fall out, you do that by rotating the puzzle with the L and R buttons. They're fairly simple in this game though so it shouldn't be too challenging. The solution here is Rx2, Lx3.

Pick up the key and go up the slope to the locked gate. Outside jump over to the Bark Demon and defeat him. If you're still missing a chest jump down to the left onto a blue mushroom below where [Chest 9/7] is, the bouncy mushroom will take you straight back up. That's the last of the chests though, if you're still missing one you're out of luck. Keep going along the large mushrooms over to a Monster Gate. There's a few bugs, a Bark Demon and some robots to defeat before you can go through it.

And finally cross the bridge to reach Persephone. Pick up one of the bombs and throw it at her cage to finish the level.

Fountain Springs

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Investigate the Fuel Machine
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Magic / Earth
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Teleport / Climb
  • Check Mark Destroy 3 Mana-Pumps - 3
  1. Gloop Hat
  2. Safari Hat
  3. Showtime Hat
  4. Eyefro
Gloop Hat Safari Hat Showtime Hat Eyefro
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Forwards over the turtle shell platforms, they'll sink into the water after standing on them so keep moving. Go up the platforms (cracked ones will of course fall) to the top of the waterfall where you'll find a couple of trolls to attack and the first [Mana-Pump 1/3] to destroy by the water, it's the furnace looking thing with a pipe coming out of it into the water. On the right is the Teleport Swap Zone.

Teleport SWAP Zone

What the game forgets to tell you is how to move when teleporting. You need to hold down B to go up and let go of it to move down. Activate your teleport power and start making your way up through the basic maze, you need to go through the swirling things to refill the power bar to get all the way up. There's a break halfway through with a Bark Demon and a Chest (no requirement to smash them in this level though) before another teleporting section. Hit Gloop Hat [Hat 1/4 - Gloop Hat] and leave.

Jump over the stepping stone and make your way around to the left until you see some floating pink flower platforms off the side, jump up them and head on over to the Magic Gate.

Magic Challenge

As you walk forwards you'll notice platforms appearing, just keep walking straight to the first big platform where some bugs will appear. After them follow the platforms going forwards and then left, then forwards and to the right before it goes straight to the next big platform with a Chest on it. Defeat the Bark Demon that appears and take the right path.

Go down at the first intersection, then left at the next. That should take you to a solid looking platform with a button you stand on. Retrace your steps down at the first and left at the second. Now take the left path, up at the first intersection and then down at the second, you'll reach another button to stand on. Get back to the big platform again and now go forwards over the two purple bridges you activated and you'll find Safari Hat [Hat 2/4 - Safari Hat] and the exit.

Wait a moment for the parade of platforms to get closer and then use them to cross the water, go down the flowers to a Monster Gate. Destroy the bugs, the ranged trolls and the Bark Demon to progress. Now up the flowers and then up the grassy platforms on this side of the water using a rock to start. Follow the pipe up to [Mana-Pump 2/3] past a Bark Demon. Jump back down and cross over the water using the stepping stones and get onto the large pink flower. Wait as it transports you up towards a few enemies and the Earth Gate.

Earth Challenge

Step onto the hanging platform and let it take you over to the next platform. After killing the troll it's time to smash some rocks with your attacks. The one on the right has a Chest inside it and the one on the left has the key. Through the gate onto another hanging platform to ride. And there you go, Showtime Hat [Hat 3/4 - Showtime Hat]. What a challenge!

If you want to get Chests for the coins you can go left over the blue tilting flower platforms and onto a platform in the water to find another Chest (you might have seen it when you smashed the second Mana-Pump). Otherwise go right over some other blue tilting flower platforms to some enemies and the Climb Swap Zone.

Climb SWAP Zone

Climb Zones don't need to use the Climb Power, instead you're just automatically climbing up the wall. Avoid the steam jets coming from the pipes and watch out for the attacks from the Root Runners. Not much of a maze really, just keep on going up and you'll eventually reach Eyefro [Hat 4/4 - Eyefro] to get out.

Jump up to the next ledge and then up a couple of flowers to a Bark Demon. To get another Chest take the platforms leading off to the right, there's a teleporter to bring you back too. Go up the left platforms all the way to the top where you'll see [Mana-Pump 3/3] in the middle of the Monster Gate area. You've got a few bugs, ranged trolls and Bark Demons to defeat before you can get to the bounce pad behind the gate.

Jump over the flowers and continue up the rocky platforms and up the conveyor belts onto the drill platform. Go around the side and finally up to the top to finish the level.

The Fuel Machine

Story MissionChallenges
  • Check Mark Free the fairies
  • Check Mark Take no damage from missiles
  • Check Mark Elemental Match - Life
  • Check Mark SWAP Force Match - Spin
  • Check Mark Don't Eat Food
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Time for a boss level. First pick up the bomb that Persephone gives you and throw it at any of the cages (if you miss she'll get you another one) which will bring Count Moneybones out to fight. Walk to the side to avoid his sawblade attack and then start attacking him, if you're using melee attacks you'll want to circle around him to avoid his steam punch as well as more sawblades, if you're ranged then attack until he gets close and then move out of the way before attacking again. After a bit he'll jump away to recharge, time to bomb a second Fairy cage (if you miss you have to refight him). Defeat the enemies that he sends out (a few bugs and trolls) and he'll jump back in.

This second stage adds a rocket firing sequence where he stands still and fires a load of rockets up into the air, avoid the red crosses to be safe. Again keep on attacking him until he jumps off to recharge, bomb another cage and then defeat some more enemies. Not anything different in his third stage of attack, same as the second one. After bombing the last Fairy cage you'll get attacked by a few more enemies, there's a Bark Demon in there this time. And now for one final round with Moneybones, he's maybe a little faster moving but repeat just as before to finish it.

When you're back in Boom Town go and talk to the mole who looks and sounds a lot like Diggs but is apparently called the Prospector. He's over near the entrance gate. Persephone has created a place for herself next to the Portal of Power, if you go to her there's a present on the ground with Rain Hat [Hat - Rain Hat] inside. When you're done with them talk to Flynn to go to the next level.


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