Chapter 8: Twisty Tunnels


Rubber DuckiesRubber DuckiesRubber DuckiesRubber DuckiesRubber Duckies
Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure Chest
Rip Tide Soul GemWash Buckler Soul GemFire Kraken Soul Gem
Legendary TreasureLegendary Treasure
Peacock HatTricorn Hat
Bonus Mission Map
Winged Sapphire
Story Scroll

Mythic Mesa (Tech)

Straight on off the ship and across a tentacle bridge to meet a Cadet Crusher. Basically just a Troll version of the basic Greeble, it'll run up to you and smash its hammer down in front of it. It leaves a bit of purple fire for a brief moment but that's really just to tell you not to walk into the hammer when it's still on the ground, the fire by itself won't damage you but the hammer will even if you miss the initial smash.

Go down the tentacle after defeating them to get to a Fire Geargolem and a few more Crushers along with a load of Chompies. Once you've taken all of them down go over to the left side of the area where Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 1/5] is hiding on the stone circle. Now go talk to Sharpfin to get dropped down to the next bit.

Perilous Plateau (Tech)

Go to your right and off the edge of the tentacle to a ledge below, smash through the piled up boxes and you'll find Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 2/5]. Go back up the steps and talk to Baron Sharpfin over near the Sneak Swap Zone.

Sunken Sand Base (Sneak)

A sidescrolling version of the sneak zone this time, the cameras are lighting up the wall instead of the floor but it's the same thing really. Go right past the first camera and onto a moving platform, if you want the bonus gem continue to the right when the lift is in the lower position, the gem is past another couple of lasers. Ride the lift up and go left over a laser and then past a camera and open up the door.

Drop down the gap to the left and keep going to the bottom, go right past a camera and onto some more moving platforms, if you want the second bonus gem then let the second one take you to the top where you can go left and drop down to it. Continue to the right where there's another door to turn open.

Go all the way to the right and wait above the camera, watching out for the two lasers guarding the hole. Wait for the camera to move to the left before dropping down and then quickly further down to the right, if you want the bonus gem keep pushing to the right so that you land on the ledge there, the gem is just past the camera that's on the right. Drop down and go left up another moving platform left past another camera and then ride the moving platforms up to the right and then up onto a smaller moving platform. Go left through the camera and then down to the end button. The reward it will give is Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 1/2 - Moltenskin Scale].

Up the slope next to it is Story Scroll [Story Scroll].

Sharpfin will hint towards the spade sticking out of the ground, pick it up with the interact button and then follow the dashed line towards an X that marks the spot. Dig up the spot to get a few coins but not much else, follow the path again and keep digging up the spots until you get to the last one with a key. Use it on the gate to the left.

And another new enemy, this one's a Boom Boss. These fire barrels of explosives at you, even if they miss on the first bounce you still need to avoid them as they'll soon explode. On the left side is an Air Gate.

High in the Sky (Air)

Fairly simple one this, just avoid the mines as the platform you're on moves through the sky. At the end is Bonus Mission Map [Bonus Mission Map 1/1 - Magic Cells]. In the Wii version this actually gives you the Peacock Hat, the Bonus Mission Map is found where the Water Gate would be.

On the right side of the area where you just fought the Boom Bosses jump up the first stepped platforms and then smash through the boxes piled up on the right, go down through the gap and along the path to the left following it around to Rubber Duckies [Rubber Duckies 1/5]. Go back up and jump onto the platform that's moving vertically.

Up top there's a monster gate to get through before you can reach the crystal. Take out the two Crushers to bring in a pair of Bosses while taking out the Geargolem too. Once that's clear go through the gate and approach the crystal.

Crystal Crashing (Tech)

Go up the pink platform and left onto a section with a rotating electrified arm, you can either jump over it to avoid getting shocked or follow it around and just walk to the next ramp. The next one looks like it has two ways to go but the left one is actually just a way back from the platform above it, so go straight across and then take the left path on the third rotating arm to go up the series of platforms and reach Rubber Duckies [Rubber Duckies 2/5].

Now make your way back to the third arm and continue up the platforms to the right, this'll take you to a pair of arms that you need to get through, just walk through following the direction of the arms and you should be okay. When you get to the wires spin each of the screws out of place to destroy and exit the crystal.

Jump down off the rotating tentacles to the right where you'll find a spade to pick up, use it to dig up the area where it indicates and you'll find Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 3/5]. Now use the bounce pad at the left end to get back up and cross over those tentacles properly.

Guardian Gangway (Tech)

Take out the two Crushers and the Boss at the back before smashing through the crates behind them. Head to the right as the Fire Viper starts trying to attack you, just keep out of the red circle and you'll be okay. Smash through some more crates to get to some revolving tentacles. Again you'll want to drop off them to the side to get to a section below, go along to the far end, past some Chompies, to a glowing cave.

Sandy Cavern (Tech)

At the back of the cave you'll see a chest locked by monsters, they'll quickly appear to fight you. That's about four Crushers before a few Bosses join in. A Geargolem will also soon join along with the usual waves of Chompies. Once they're all finally gone you can open up Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 4/5]. You get out the same way you came in.

Go up the rising platform to get back to the revolving tentacles and make your way through another pile of crates to an area with three circular pools of sand. Jump into the one to the right.

Sandstone Secret (Tech)

You'll be falling down, move to collect the coins and, as long as you went down the right-hand pool, at the bottom is Rip Tide Soul Gem [Soul Gem 1/3 - Rip Tide]. Go down to the left past a Giant chest and down to a mushroom that you can use to bounce back up to the surface.

Go into the cave.

Arid Cave (Fire)

The Air Spellpunk arrives, these speed up nearby enemies so that they can move and attack faster. So yeah, the Spellpunk should be a priority when it's around. When it's by itself it will also fire out tornadoes at you so be careful of those.

Go through the monster gate and bounce up on the pad to get near to the exit, don't go through the exit yet though, go to the left down to Rubber Duckies [Rubber Duckies 3/5]. Now you can leave.

Out above the pools of sand now, bounce up to the path above.

Hazardous Highway (Fire)

Go right along the path to have the Fire Viper appear and introduce some fiery mines. Before jumping up the little ledge to those mines go through the gap in the fence and backwards to the left where Wash Buckler Soul Gem [Soul Gem 2/3 - Wash Buckler] is located. Go back up the slope and onto the fire mine area being careful of the initial ones swirling around.

Go over a purple tentacle carefully avoiding the mines circling around it to get to a Boom Boss and then the second crystal.

Energetic Evilizer (Fire)

The arms in here are pretty much the same except that aside from the first one they all have three arms on them instead of two. Go through the first two and then up to a pair right next to each other, there's a third just after but there's a little gap between to pause. Keep on following these up to the wire, do not pull the wire just yet! Instead carry on further up the platforms to reach Rubber Duckies [Rubber Duckies 4/5], the arms in the way are a lot quicker at spinning so you'll have to jump over these ones a fair bit. Return to the wire to pull it out and destroy the crystal.

Speak to Sharpfin to be dropped down once again, watch out for the mines around the edge as you're falling. Checkpoint!

Underground Lake (Fire)

There's a Power Pod on the left and a Dual Undead and Earth Gate to your right.

Undead Uprising (Undead)

Go through the doorway and into the proper part of the zone. After talking with Mako pick up the dynamite and throw it at the hole with the beam of light coming out of it, the undead looking Crushers will vanish when you do that successfully (or you can just fight them like normal).

A second swirling vortex will open up over to the left, grab the dynamite again and close it back up. And a third a little further away requiring you to get the same dynamite and run quickly to throw it in before the timer runs out. Several more holes will suddenly open it, just ignore the Crushers as you throw dynamite at each of the remaining holes to finish the zone. Pick up the present to find Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 2/2 - Crystal Fire Heart].

Take the path left to meet the Air Geargolem. These jump up into the air and then slam down onto the ground where you are (or rather, were). They don't do damage when in the air but do try to pull you towards them, the damage done is just all around them when they hit the ground so they're fairly harmless as long as you move out of their way when they fly up. It's just one of them now, go up the stepped platforms at the back.

Walk over the rotating tentacles avoiding the mines, no point in going off the side this time. Go over to the bounce pad on the right and then cross left over some more tentacles while avoiding the circling mines. Go up the lift and then right over another tentacle and up a bounce pad. Just before you go into the door at the left end up here smash the crates to reveal a bounce pad. Go right along the tentacles avoiding all the incoming mines and you'll be able to get Fire Kraken Soul Gem [Soul Gem 3/3 - Fire Kraken]. Jump back down and go through the door.

Serene Walkway (Fire)

There's a Spin Swap Zone on the right.

Warped Sands (Spin)

The added feature this time is a giant fan circling the platform, it'll push you around if you're directly in the gust of wind. Luckily there's no mines this time so the only thing you need to be careful of is falling off the edge so watch out with your Super Spins. The reward for this zone is a Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire].

And on the left is a Water Gate. In the Wii version the Water Gate does not exist but is instead just a present which is actually the Bonus Mission Map that is found in the Air Gate in other versions.

Bounce Fountain (Water)

Go up to the waterfall and jump onto the large moving bounce pad, keep on bouncing and avoiding the mines without touching the floor to get the two landsharks free. Reward is Peacock Hat [Hat 1/2 - Peacock Hat]. On the Wii version this hat is actually found in the Air Gate.

Go up the tentacle path and at the top immediately go left and jump over a suspended stone block to reach Rubber Duckies [Rubber Duckies 5/5]. Now go to the right onto Sharpfin's ship to talk to him to begin a turret mini-game.

Shoot down the ships that fly past. Because this is more about survival by the time you get to the second and third stages you'll want to make sure to try not to let any missiles hit you, they should be your main focus with hitting the ships themselves just behind.

Floating Foray (Magic)

As you get off the ship take the right path which leads to a Bounce Swap Zone.

Parched Heights (Bounce)

New gimmick this time is moving platforms, and fire. Bounce on them several times while you wait for it to reach a position where you can jump to the next platform. And watch out when they move over the flames, the rest of the time the flames shouldn't cause too much hassle. Reward for reaching the third balloon is Tricorn Hat [Hat 2/2 - Tricorn Hat].

Careful of the mines as you walk back towards the ship to take the left path. There's an Air Spell Punk ahead helping the Crusher and the others. Take them all out to cross over another tentacle and see the Fire Viper again. Destroy the Air Geargolem and his Air Spell Punk friend that makes him a lot more dangerous. Take the left path here through a load of mines while also avoiding the Fire Viper's attack to get Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 5/5].

Get back to the right and then go forwards up the tentacle towards the last crystal, there's a Boom Boss in the middle to slow you down a little getting there but other than the mines that's it.

Catalytic Crystal (Magic)

The double arms in here are tall so you can't jump over them, you'll have to follow them around now, the triple ones are still low enough to jump over though. Once you make it to the end pull out the two wires to complete the level.

Chapter 9: Serpent's Peak

Straight into a boss fight. Despite what Sharpfin says you don't need to wait for him to do anything, the catapults are already loaded. Go to each of them and fire them once at the Fire Viper, you just need to avoid the red circles where the fireballs he's firing at you hit. After getting both plungers attached to him the Fire Viper's head will come close enough that you can start attacking the purple crystals on it.

Stay out of the green goop and make your way to one of the catapults to fire it again, then hide in the shadow behind one of the two massive tentacles that pops up to avoid getting hit by the Fire Viper's fire breath. Run over to the other catapult and fire that one again too. Now attack the crystals on his head again.

The third phase begins with the Fire Viper adding some mines that you'll need to avoid. Do the same as usual, fire the two catapults and then attack his head. The fourth brings back the fire breath again so hide behind another tentacle while he does that. After you've smashed the last of the crystals on his head we head inside.

Avoid the purple fire bursts coming out of the sides as you fall down and get into a fight with a trio of Fire Geargolems. Once they're defeated go to the back and smash that final crystal to defeat the boss.


Go over to the Trophy Room near the Power Pod and jump up the brown mushrooms on the left side to get to where Tessa and Wheellock are. They've got a turret for you to play with if you want, you don't actually have to have a go. The general idea in there is to only hit the lava rocks and crates and not the mines that fly by after the first round, so make sure to be careful when firing rather than just holding the shoot button the whole time as hitting a mine is an instant fail. Once you're done with the turret go talk to Sharpfin to get going to Boney Islands.

#7 Skylander3112 10:43:03 20/10/2014
Isn't smilie Soul Gem supposed to be here?
#6 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 10:53:11 29/04/2014
If it's not up the top to the right after using the hidden bounce pad then perhaps you've already got it and are missing a different one.

You may just need to purchase the prerequisite abilities first if it's that it's still locked at the upgrade pod.
#5 bugy427 02:22:49 29/04/2014
i cant find the fire kraken soul gem in that spot
#4 Glumshanks 05:32:53 06/02/2014
Good level, lots to do, needed more tunnels ..... (*_*)
#3 spyrothe111 17:16:49 26/01/2014
This is my favorite level in the game. smilie
#2 NinThumpEye 08:13:40 10/11/2013
The terrasquid looks so derp
#1 TheShadowDragon 02:56:10 07/11/2013
Twisty Tunnels sounds like there are tornadoes inside them, but there aren't.

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