Chapter 4: Rampant Ruins


Grave Monkey TotemGrave Monkey TotemGrave Monkey TotemGrave Monkey TotemGrave Monkey Totem
Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure Chest
Roller Brawl Soul GemStar Strike Soul Gem
Legendary TreasureLegendary Treasure
Boonie HatSawblade Hat
Bonus Mission Map
Winged Sapphire
Story Scroll

Iron Tomb Trail (Air)

Down the slope to an Ent called Willowbark who'll introduce the level a bit, directly ahead you can use the Seeker Scope (not in Wii version) for a bit of extra treasure but only bother if you're able to get into a dual Magic and Fire gate. The treasure is straight ahead with the robotic enemy that looks to be holding a cannon.

A little further down the slope to the right and you'll meet a new Chompy Rustbud. They're pretty much just the same as the Chompies you've been fighting before, they don't do anything any different. At the bend if you go behind the tombstones you'll see a floating green Grave Monkey Totem [Grave Monkey Totem 1/5] on the tree stump. Carry on down to the left over some spike traps to another enemy, the Arkeyan Barrelbot. This enemy is similar to the Greeble Blunderbuss from previous levels, it'll stand still and fire a shot along the ground towards you occasionally. Not much different really.

To the right is a dual Magic and Fire Gate that you may have spotted through the Seeker Scope.

Mystic Flame Rotunda (Fire)

Go up the stepped platforms jumping over the volcano bursts when they stop flaming, there's a bit of treasure off the side at the top and a bounce pad to get back up. Watch out for the Barrelbot that's firing at you the whole time in here from the platform in the middle. The next bit of platforming involves some platforms moving from side to side, just watch for when they start moving to adjust your jump.

Round the corner is a larger moving platform, it should time just right with the fire bursts so you don't get hit. Go up the steps and over one more pair of flames to reach the oversized Barrelbot. Kill it to reveal the present hidden within and claim your Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 1/2 - The Monkey's Paw]. This is also where the Seeker Scope bonus treasure is found. Use the teleporter next to you to get back to the start of the zone and leave.

The stone bridge you're about to cross will collapse after you so make sure you've done everything you want to in this section as you can't go back.

Gibbon Antechamber (Life)

On the left straight away there's a path off to a chest with a Spark Lock on it, "Slide and Shuffle" (on the Wii this is just a chest, no puzzle). Shock is initially stuck so switch to Bolt and go down to the pink platform to ride it around to the pink button at the top, that'll reset them into their original position. Step on the moving arrow square to be pushed down onto the green button. With Shock free switch back to him and go press the orange button. Switch back to Bolt and cross over the lowered platform to get back to the start, go over to the green lightning bolt to pick it up. Move into position next to the orange button and then switch back to Shock and ride the pink platforms around to stand on the lowered orange platform. Use Bolt to press the orange button (you may need to have Shock press the green button again to lower the platforms) to raise Shock up to be able to reach the blue lightning bolt. Grab it and if you need to go and drop onto the green button again to free Bolt. Now either go down over the orange platform with Shock or just have Bolt ride the pink platforms around. That's Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 1/5].

Go back out to the main path and across the wooden bridge to an area with a nice friendly looking bat floating about. Time for the Evilized Sugarbat debut! These act a whole lot like the Evilized Boghogs, they charge towards you and bash themselves into a wall when they miss. They'll be stunned for a few seconds so that's your time to attack. At first it's just one by itself but once that one's defeated a pair of them will appear and take you on at the same time.

Go through the monster gate once they've all been saved to speak to Willowbark once again. Drop down into the next section to fight another load of Sugarbats. Once again it'll start you out with a single Sugarbat to fight before throwing in a few Chompies and then the remaining three Sugarbats (including a larger one but it's not really any different to the others).

Orangutan Tower

Immediately to the right as you leave the Sugarbat arena is a Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 2/5] before you head up the slope towards a Climb Swap Zone.

Robot Ramparts (Climb)

The main difference in this Climb Zone compared to the previous one is that there are now platforms moving from side to side which makes it a bit more difficult to work out exactly which of the falling objects are going to hit it, if you're a fair distance away from it then lining yourself up with it won't really do you much good. In the second part of the zone you'll begin to be targetted by a rocket, this will make standing still waiting for a clear moment that little bit more difficult. It's kind of relentless and you can only lose it once it's locked into position, using the boost while it's still moving won't help very much.

Your reward is Bonus Mission Map [Bonus Mission Map 1/1 - Fishy Fishing].

There's a block puzzle ahead, first push the right block forwards and then the left block to the left into a little dip. Push the back left block off the edge and then the remaining block to the left and then over the block you pushed off to form a little bridge across to the spike trap. Jump over the spikes and talk to Forest next to them to learn of the devious gate. To make it work you just need to time your interaction with it so that the purple hand that's swinging around on the door is lined up with the purple dot on the left side, you need to get it quite accurate and there's a little bit of a delay so try to press it just before it gets there rather than exactly when it does.

The ramp behind the gate requires you to wait for the first set of spikes to go down before rushing up it to get to the top before they catch up with you. Go into the circular area for a fight.

Another new robot enemy, the Arkeyan Rip-rotor. These are a new form of enemy, they'll jump into the air and start spinning causing an electric bolt to be fired beneath them, keep out of their way while they're doing that as it's kinda damaging and they're invulnerable while doing it. They will then become tired and collapse onto the floor for a few seconds before starting up again, that is your moment to strike! After defeating the first one another two will appear, and then after those you'll get another two and a couple of Barrelbots as well.

Once you've managed to defeat them all go to the right side of the area and look for a thin piece of wall to walk up, this is the top of the "devious gate" where Grave Monkey Totem [Grave Monkey Totem 2/5] is found. Go back along it and through the monster gate you just opened.

Simian Temple (Fire)

Take the left path now into a Sugarbat enclosure. There are four bats in here to take care of, try to just avoid them all at first and then take pot shots when you can. After each one gets saved a few Chompies will appear but not very many so shouldn't be an issue unless you don't notice them. Once all four are gone the monster gate will open to let you reach the Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 3/5] behind it.

Turn around and go down the right path this time, at the bottom you'll meet an Arkeyan Slamshock (in the Wii version there's only a Power Pod here, no enemies). Yep, pretty much the same as the Greeble Ironclads, they've got a shield on them until they try to attack you, what's different about them is their attack. Instead of a close melee attack they will stop a much further distance away and fire an electric ball out in front of them, this means if you're a melee attacker you've got to quickly get in close otherwise they'll just put their shields up again before you can even do any damage. The simplest way of getting close is to circle around them, they'll end up firing behind you so you can stop and immediately attack them while they're recovering. With two of them it's a little more difficult to circle around them but get them close together and it's fairly safe.

With the two Slamshocks out of the way you're free to go to the right where there's a Speed Swap Zone waiting.

Frenetic Fog (Speed)

The main new issue in here is that it's very foggy, you won't be able to see too far ahead so be prepared for quickly changing lanes. The first two bonus gems are in the air after the food refills but the last is in the middle of the final section on the right side between some of those spiked pillars.

The reward for finishing in time is Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 2/2 - Major Award Monkey].

On the left side of the devious door is a drop down to Grave Monkey Totem [Grave Monkey Totem 3/5], jump back up and solve the door, this time it's a yellow marker going around, hit the button at the right time to open it and reveal another Slamshock behind it.

Checkpoint! There's a Power Pod here for you to upgrade but that's about it, go down the slope.

Simian Throne Room (Fire)

On the right is an Earth Gate.

Gibbon's Garden (Earth)

A block puzzle ahead. Push the first block forwards once and then wait for the spikes to drop so you can push it into place to the left once. You can move the other two if you want but you should be able to use them as they are to get up onto the upper section at the back. Little tricky bit now, you need to press the switch on the spikes at the right time to get the yellow dot in the devious door to unlock, it should be timed to be correct every two revolutions but you have to be quick getting to the switch and pressing it.

Go through the door and up the slope, push the far block to the left off the edge and then the other block left, then up and then over the first one. Go up to the spikes and wait for them to drop before pushing the left block forwards off the edge, get around the other block and push it where the last block was and then over it. Use it to get up to the top layer and then make your way along the spikes to the left as fast as you can.

At the end go over some final spikes (they're really quick to pop out again) to reach the present with Boonie Hat [Hat 1/2 - Boonie Hat]. To get out of the area jump left over the spikes down to the first block puzzle section, the exit should be to the left.

Before you head down the steps stand on the right side of them and jump to a small block sticking out of the wall, from there to another and then up to the top of a pillar where Grave Monkey Totem [Grave Monkey Totem 4/5] is. Jump down to fight a couple of Slamshocks and a Rip-rotor. After you've wiped them out a trio of Barrelbots and another Slamshock will attack, try to take out the Barrelbots one at a time as you ignore the Slamshock. The door that you can now try to open is just the same as the ones before but with two things spinning around. Luckily that doesn't make much of a difference aside from needing to get the right colour lined up there's no time limit or simultaneous unlocking needed.

Guardian's Lookout (Earth)

Smush the Chompies and then take either the left or right path down, I'd say the right path is a little easier to get over the spikes safely. Once at the bottom go towards the screen into the area between the two paths, on the right is Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 4/5]. Go back through the gap and then continue forwards to a brief cutscene.

Try to avoid the rockets that are being fired at you and go over the crumbling bridge to a Chompy ambush. Kill the Chompies and then get to the block puzzle, push both sides forwards once and then the middle one to the left, push the other middle one backwards once and then the two sides out, push the first middle block forwards once and then left off the edge to make it useful to stand on, jump onto it and then jump onto the last remaining block with Grave Monkey Totem [Grave Monkey Totem 5/5] on top of it.

Go up the spike slope switching to the other side as they drop down each time. To your left at the end is a Water Gate.

Hidden Temple (Water)

Use the little button thing on the first platform to lower one on your left, jump onto that and off to the left to press another button to raise it up again. Jump back onto it and up towards Stone Block. Push him back towards the wall, then to the left and then to the right twice. The bounce pad that appears will take you up to the present Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire].

Directly ahead of you is a Bounce Swap Zone.

Lonely Springs (Bounce)

Main thing to note in here is that the brown cracked looking platforms will disintegrate after one jump on them so watch out for that. The reward for finishing is Sawblade Hat [Hat 2/2 - Sawblade Hat].

Go to the right once you've done those, there's a Giant chest that you can open if you like.

Western Watch (Earth)

Jump over the fallen pillars to get to a very basic block puzzle, push it towards the gate twice and then left once. The thing is that as soon as you push it the area will get attacked, the friendly Sugarbat has become Evilized and there's a couple of Barrelbots too, you'll need to push the block into place to reach the one on the ledge. Once you've killed them all open the devious door via the switch up on the ledge.

As you go through the door immediately go down to the left where there's a bounce pad, it'll let you get up onto the robot foot and grab Roller Brawl Soul Gem [Soul Gem 1/2 - Roller Brawl]. Jump down and talk to Willowbark again. Walk over to the purple switch next to the light beam and press it when the rotating stonework has its gap lined up so the beam can shine through.

Magic circle time!

Monkey Monk's Path (Undead)

Once you land go backwards to the right to find the Story Scroll [Story Scroll], then go attack that Slamshock, Barrelbot and Rip-rotor that your landing missed. As you go along the spikes to the left make sure to go into the gaps, you can even go around the back to skip some spikes. At the left end of the spikes jump up onto the stepped bit of the backing to go to the right and grab the Star Strike Soul Gem [Soul Gem 2/2 - Star Strike].

Go back to the left and take out the Barrelbot on the floot before pushing the block forwards one space and then left into the dip. Watch out for the high up Barrelbots as you do this, try to push right after you've dodged a shot. Jump up onto the block and take out the left Barrelbot by pushing the block it's standing on off the edge. Push the other block over it and off down to the ground too. You can also press the button up here to line up the first half of the devious door if you like.

Push the block on the ground forwards twice and then to the right three times so it dips down ready for you to jump onto it. Kill the last of the Barrelbots and unlock the devious door with the switch up here.

Eastern Watch (Undead)

Go through the door and head towards a monster gate, the enemies will appear as you get close. All you need to take out are the two Rip-rotors on the ground, the two Barrelbots can be taken care of once the monster gate has opened. However, go to the right as you go through the door and double back over some spikes to reach the last Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 5/5]. Return to the fight and attack the two Barrelbots before destroying their Slamshock pals.

A few Rip-rotors will teleport in for you to kill before the monster gates blocking the two switches will drop. Once it's a bit more peaceful (still got those rockets though!) hit the yellow one first to line up the rotating stone followed by the purple one to finish off the level.

Chapter 5: Jungle Rumble

Not back to Woodburrow this time, instead we're in a boss fight with Evil Glumshanks. Those spikes on the edge are the main thing to note, stand near to one while Glumshanks trains his lights on you, as they turn red jump out of the way of his tank that'll come charging at you. If you were positioned correctly he'll smash into the spikes and be vulnerable to attack. Keep on repeating this tactic until you get a cutscene showing some of the spikes disappearing.

This time he'll start by firing off a few rockets into the air, move out of the way and then get into position to lure him into some spikes again. Same procedure as before but he'll fire off some rockets at the start of each recovery and the spikes will switch which ones are open and which ones are closed.

Once the spikes change formation to just one open spike he'll also bring in some enemies to help attack you. The Arkeyan Knuckledusters that he brings in are very short range shots but have a wide burst. You can use Glumshanks to attack the enemies as his tank will damage them if he runs through them, try not to lure him into the spikes before you've got rid of the Knuckledusters as they'll still try to attack you during his downtime making it more difficult to get the full damage in, he'll then respawn another load of them when he does get back up.


With that boss defeated you return to Woodburrow for a break. New to Woodburrow this time is the Message of the Day, it's on the signpost next to Rufus, you need to read it to activate the bonus that it gives (the bonus changes depending on the day of the week and your console needs to be online in order to be able to read the signpost). Snagglescale has opened up the Arenas, you can do some solo arenas but there are also co-op arenas that need two players. No need to actually do an Arena, just exit and head off to talk to Tessa to go to Iron Jaw Gulch.

#11 mark879 05:38:39 10/01/2014
Love Rampant Ruins. My two favourite chapters are Rampant Ruins and Iron Jaw Gulch. Just don't like the Boss Battle, but that's actually a different chapter, right?
#10 spyrogirl10 20:26:59 06/01/2014
best level in the game.
#9 Jeramia 23:25:46 03/01/2014
Thank you dark52
#8 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 18:03:42 03/01/2014
The signpost will only function if you are signed into the online service for your console. It gives you a small boost depending on which day of the week it is.

The rainbow only appears at a specific time of day (3pm to 6pm).
#7 Jeramia 16:44:40 03/01/2014
So I am working on completing nightmare mode and I saw that there is a sign post next to Rufus but mine dose not have anything on it. Also mY son is playing his own save file and he has a rainbow over by the practice dummies but I don't. He said he dose not know how it go there. Any help with these two questions?
#6 Glumshanks 01:05:11 27/12/2013
I'm not going back to washing Kaos's dirty socks .... (*_*)
#5 Joemckinsey456 14:13:21 26/11/2013
Can I 3 star this stage?? as of now and also were is chapter 5 walkthrough
#4 HudsonDaOne 17:30:42 03/11/2013
Thx dark. Really needed it for this level.
#3 Rattle Blade 11:52:22 03/11/2013
Sorry for 2x post, but meant v.
#2 Rattle Blade 11:51:44 03/11/2013
^ I play nightmare and I'm on boney islands.
#1 mario7604 06:45:08 03/11/2013
Takes so long for Evil Glumshanks to die on Hard mode. T_T

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