Chapter 14: Fantasm Forest


Wooden DalmatianWooden DalmatianWooden DalmatianWooden DalmatianWooden DalmatianWooden Dalmatian
Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure Chest
Blast Zone Soul GemFreeze Blade Soul GemScratch Soul Gem
Legendary TreasureLegendary TreasureLegendary Treasure
Flower Garland
Bonus Mission Map
Winged Sapphire
Story Scroll

Verdant Lands (Magic)

Go forwards and then to the right over a small set of wooden platforms towards a fence that's burning with a purple flame. Don't get too close but note where it is, go left over the stone bridge to meet Sprucie. He'll go over and stand next to a fire hose, follow the hose to the left over a bridge to find another type of Chompy, the Chompy Boomblossom. These little guys throw themselves at you and then explode, you don't even need to damage them.

Interact and then open the fire hydrant at the end of the hose to start filling up water balloons. If you go over to where Sprucie was you'll be able to pick up a water balloon, you can throw these at the purple fires to put them out. One that is optional is the fire over by the hydrant, if you take the balloon over there and douse the fire you'll find a fishing pole that you can use. The only reward for fishing the fish successfully is a few coins though.

Take another water balloon back towards the first fire that you saw over the stone bridge and jump down onto a moving platform behind it, jump to the right onto a small grassy platform and then over a couple more to reach Blast Zone Soul Gem [Soul Gem 1/3 - Blast Zone]. Don't worry about putting out the small fires here, there's really no reason to. Instead go back up and use another water balloon to clear the first just to the right of it.

Troll Toll Bridge (Magic)

Cross over the stone bridge and jump up the wooden platforms on the right and then go left past a small fire to a trio of Cadet Crushers. Another one will join in from the broken up bridge, once they're all defeated cross over that bridge and defeat another pair of Crushers as well as some Chompies too. Up on the right side at the end is a hydrant that you can turn to put out the fire blocking the path.

Jump down the ledge next to Nolan following the coins, if you stay on this first platform down you can jump to the left onto a floating green platform to a second one with Wooden Dalmatian [Wooden Dalmatian 1/6] on it. Jump back to the right and continue further down towards some more fires.

Attack the Crushers and Chompies down here before passing by the large fire and smashing through a fence.

Fantasm Beach (Life)

At the bottom of the ramp to the right is a Teleport Swap Zone.

Ethereal Transfer (Teleport)

Not much different this time, just loads of fire platforms and blocking platforms to get in your way. The reward is Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 1/3 - Topiary of Doom].

Go up the ramp behind the pump and follow the hose into the cave.

Stoneyard Cave (Life)

Keep following the hose to the back of the cave where a bunch of enemies will attack, including an Undead Spell Punk. These raise up undead Cadet Crushers to fight you, the Crushers don't give any experience for defeating them (but do count towards the Enemy Goal) so it's not worthwhile to let the Spell Punk keep sending them at you, instead attack the Spell Punk and ignore the Crushers as they'll vanish with the Spell Punk. It's not totally harmless by itself as they will sometimes fire out a skull at you that does some damage. Once it's gone go over to the hydrant and switch the water on.

On your way back out you'll be ambushed by another Undead Spell Punk as well as two living Crushers that aren't tied to it. Defeat them and go back out to the pump. Take a water balloon and run as fast as you can to the left back along the wooden bridge towards the fire underneath the broken bridge, you should just be able to make it to where the prompt comes up to throw it, behind the fence is Wooden Dalmatian [Wooden Dalmatian 2/6].

Take another water balloon but this time throw it at the burning fence next to the cave entrance. Carefully go up the slope behind it and watch the fire breathing device as it pumps up and breathes out fire, run past it just as the fire stops to be safest. Jump along a series of platforms to get up to the top of a small hill before dropping down off the edge to the right, if you carry on a little further right you'll find Wooden Dalmatian [Wooden Dalmatian 3/6], go back a little and then forwards to continue.

The Missile Mauler has a rocket attack that changes direction once so you'll have to move out of the way once it's done that rather than immediately (unless you're really close in which case you'll have to dodge twice as it'll come back towards you). There are also a few Crushers that'll attack, and once you take out the Mauler a second Mauler will appear slightly further up on the left. Be careful of the barrels around here as they'll damage you if you're right next to them when they explode.

On the left is a pump to clear out the fire and on the right side is a Tech Gate (not on Wii version).

HammerHead Factory (Tech)

Just like the previous teleporting tech zone you pick up the little white sphere and throw it where you want to teleport, in this first case that's over by the massive teleporting sphere ahead. Once you're inside take the ball from the post and throw it towards the bridge ahead, grab another ball from the left and then go right avoiding the green glowing spike that pops out out the wall.

Throw the ball over to a platform with a green spike coming out of the ground, once you get there try not to bump into that spike as you jump up to the right to grab the next ball. Throw that over to a much larger gear platform with another spike in the middle, at the top of its movement jump off the left side and along some platforms. Grab another ball and throw it far in the distance to the right by a large turning gear, get another ball from the right and throw it through the turning gear when there's a gap to do so.

Destroy the enemy shooting at you before grabbing the teleport ball on the right and throwing it onto the gear moving up and down. On the left is another ball to throw through a turning gear at the top of the platform's movement. And that's the last one, use the giant teleporter to get back out and receive Flower Garland [Hat 1/1 - Flower Garland] (in the Wii version you instead find this just sitting on the ground a bit further on).

If you haven't cleared it yet turn on the fire hydrant to get rid of the fire and open up the path.

Jet Fire Pass (Life)

Make your way past another two of the fire blasters then up to a couple of Missile Maulers and an Undead Spell Punk. With all of those defeated you'll have a brief chat with Willowbark who'll ask you to jump into his ship, ignore him for a moment instead going to the right side of the area past a couple of small fires to a wooden platform sticking off the edge above the Tech zone with Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 1/5] on it. With that out of the way jump onto the ship.

(In the Wii version there is no ship, grab the Present with the Flower Garland hat from the missing Tech Gate and go into the cave to be taken to where the ship would have taken you, Wildfire Wilds.)

You can put out the little fires along the way to the first burning ship but again they count for nothing. As you get to the first ship start putting out each of the four fires along its side by aiming at them and holding down the fire button. The ship will then move on to the next burning ship, between them you'll also be able to shoot down some crates to get a few extra coins. The second one has five fires and the third ship has eight, look all over the ship right the way to the top of the sails. With those done you'll dock.

Wildfire Wilds (Fire)

Go forwards along the path, take the right one as you get to a fork and you'll reach a Spark Lock chest, "Help Me Help You" (it's just a plain Treasure Chest on the Wii). Switch to Bolt and move left to hit the green button, switch back to Shock and go left along the moving platforms and then over to the red button. That'll move the red platform so that you can switch to Bolt and use it to get across and down to the purple button. Have Shock press the red button again to bring the platform back and then use it himself to reach his blue lightning bolt. Switch to Bolt and go and stand on the lowered purple platform, switch back to Shock to press the purple button and raise Bolt up. Now get Bolt to grab the green lightning bolt and then jump down so that you can meet up with Shock and open Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 2/5].

Go up the left path avoiding the rolling barrels and go right at the top, now follow a row of barrels down to the right towards a wooden bridge. Just to the left of the bridge is a small path to go along next to the water, jump over the platforms to reach Story Scroll [Story Scroll]. Reverse your path and go over the bridge.

WaterWay Retreat (Fire)

Time to meet the Evilized Screecher. This flying enemy swoops down and drags a line of damage along behind it, jump over the line and then wait for the owl to hit a wall and be briefly knocked out. After freeing the first Screecher another two will start attacking, get rid of them to be attacked by a couple of Crushers and then a Mauler up on the ledge at the back. Jump up onto the ledge to take it out and grab Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 3/5] up there behind him.

Through the monster gate on the right side is a Dual Undead and Life Gate.

Gusters Grave (Life)

Elder Root wants you to go rescue his friend, follow him across the bridge and then go left towards the first key. Take out the undead Crusher that appears and pickup the key. Going back to the middle you'll be ambushed by some enemies, take the two Maulers out to open the monster gate on the right side and pick up the second key from between another couple of undead Crushers. Go to Elder Root and open the gate he's standing by.

Take out the Life Spell Punk first to stop if from healing the enemies you're attacking and then the Undead one to stop more enemies from appearing. Once those two are dead you just need to kill the two Maulers at the back to complete the area. The present at the back contains Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 2/3 - The Brass Tap].

Now take the left monster gate past a few fire blasters and into a cave.

'Notso Lost' Lost Cavern (Fire)

Jump down the platforms and attack the Undead Spell Punk over by the pump while watching out for the Missile Mauler firing rockets at you. Follow the hose to the hydrant in the distance and turn it on. Take a water balloon over the water and throw it at the first fire, then go back and grab a second water balloon to throw at the second fire behind it. Behind that second fire is Wooden Dalmatian [Wooden Dalmatian 4/6]. Jump to the right past a fire blaster and past the exit out of the cave, instead keep on going right over a wooden platform to Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 4/5]. Now you can exit the cave.

Fantasm Village (Earth)

Go up the slope that the barrels are rolling down, jump over them to avoid getting hurt (or if you've got a rapid long range attack you can just shoot them out of the way) to the top and stop at the fire, don't go into the open area just yet. On the right side are some steps in the grass to jump up, if you go a little past the barrel dispenser there's a hydrant to turn on. That'll get rid of the fire blockage and allow you to reach Wooden Dalmatian [Wooden Dalmatian 5/6] (this is the last one in Wii version).

Now go through the area with the little stone wall around it. A Tech Geargolem will appear (you may have actually met one earlier in the level) and start firing rapidly at you, move out of the way and attack it like any other Geargolem, circling around it while attacking. Watch out for the Chompies and Crushers that are also attacking as they can be quite dangerous.

With them all dead you can go through the monster gate at the back. Jump over the platforms to reach a Rocket Swap Zone.

Fire Flighter (Rocket)

As you might expect the fires lining the route are a little dangerous to get close to, so weave your way through them and make your way to the end to collect Bonus Mission Map [Bonus Mission Map 1/1 - Chompy Sauce].

Just before speaking to Willowbark again you can go to the side of the house to open up a Giant chest. Jump on the ship again and start putting out fires. Your priority is to stay alive so take out the trolls as quickly as you can, remember that you can move the target quicker when you're not firing water. With the three Missile Maulers down put out the fires on the rest of the buildings to move to the next section. The second part of the village is much the same but watch out down to the left as there's another Mauler just off screen there.

Once you land jump down towards the Power Pod and the Checkpoint! Go into the large open area.

Birchberg (Undead)

Follow the hose into the cellar doorway at the far side of the town.

Birchberg Reservoir (Undead)

Immediately you'll be faced with a Tech Geargolem to destroy, circle around it attacking until it collapses into a puddle of experience. Keep following the hose towards the back of the cave over the wooden platforms. After turning the hydrant on exit the cave via either exit and go up the right side following the hose back towards the pump, down to the right of it is Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 5/5].

Take a water balloon into the doorway that the hose goes into (on the Wii this is all outside) and throw it at the fire on the ramp on the left side of where the Geargolem was. Behind the fence is Wooden Dalmatian [Wooden Dalmatian 6/6] (there are only five dalmatians in the Wii version, this one doesn't exist). Go back outside again, watch out for the exploding Chompies, and throw another water balloon at the fire on the left side of the village that's blocking the exit.

Behind there is a set of enemies including two Evilized Screechers that'll fly towards you so get ready to jump over their attacks. After getting rid of them and the Crusher go to the left side of the area and stand on the wooden platform so that you can jump to another wooden platform floating just off the side. Go up the platforms (the jump's high but you can make it) and past a fire blaster to reach Freeze Blade Soul Gem [Soul Gem 2/3 - Freeze Blade].

Jump down and at the back is an Undead Gate.

Shadow Path (Undead)

A kinda cool looking side-scrolling section now, keep going right over the gaps and past the enemies before going down a large platform and beginning to go left. Watch out for the glowing spikes coming out of the ground and then after a tilting platform out of the ceiling as well. The present is at the end by the giant skull, it's a Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire].

If you haven't already turn on the hydrant by the Undead Gate to clear the fire on the right side so you can go through. Jump over and move around the barrels rolling down the hill as you get to the top you'll find a Sneak Swap Zone to the left over a stone bridge.

Fire Fortress (Sneak)

The unique feature in this one is the platforms that only appear as you get close. That generally means you're unsure about exactly where you're going to be headed. Go down the slope to the left and the first few platforms will appear, if you want the bonus gem then continue on the platforms a bit further than the lasers and go to the right. That'll lead you around through some lasers until you reach the gem. Return to the first part and go left over the lasers, through a camera and off to the door.

Head to the right along the camera track and at the far end go along the three lasers, using the platform in the middle to pause if you want. Cross directly over the four lasers and then over the last two towards the door handle, just before you get to it if you want the bonus gem go off along the platforms that appear towards it. Open up the door and return to the camera track to go through it.

Go down the track and off the right corner of the lasers, if you want the bonus gem then keep going left as you pass by the button. It's at the end of another camera track. Go push the button with Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 3/3 - Glowy Mushroom] as the reward.

Go straight on over the platforms, avoiding the fire blasters and then into a fight with a Screecher, an Undead Spell Punk and a Mauler all attacking you. Turn on the hydrant on the left side and then follow the hose along over a past another fire blaster on the right. Take the water balloon and throw it at the fire blocking the path at the left end.

Forest Path (Water)

Over the bridge and down the platforms to get over to that Missile Mauler that's firing at you. Once you've got rid of him go left past a fire blaster and through a set of rolling barrels, if you go to the left through another fire blaster partway up the hill you can get Scratch Soul Gem [Soul Gem 3/3 - Scratch] from some platforms off to the left behind three fire blasters all in a line. They all go off at the same time so you'll want to hustle through there quickly.

Get back to the barrel rolling hill and continue up it.

Ancient Dig Site (Water)

There's a couple of Tech Geargolems on either side as well as a Mauler sitting in the middle to defeat, a few Crushers and Chompies will rush in to help once you've taken down some of them. With the last Crusher defeated go turn the hydrant on the left side on to clear the path up to the last ride in the ship of the level.

Once again take out the two Missile Maulers standing next to the Ancient Tree Spirit before clearing up the remaining fires. Now use the water to blast the missiles being fired at you out of the air and then again to get rid of the waves of enemy ships that start appearing. After a little Kaos will appear and start firing rockets again, keep knocking them out of the air until he turns his ship around, then fire the water at the purple fires of his engines.

More waves of enemies to take down before Kaos returns again, this time there'll still be waves of enemies behind him as he attacks so make sure not to miss any of the missiles even while attacking his engines again. He'll keep coming back in until you've put out all of the fires on his ship and finished the level.


Still nothing new to do here, talk to Sharpfin to go to Kaos' Fortress.

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This is my new favorite level in the whole franchise so far. Sorry Arkyon Armory and Autogyro Adventure.
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ugh this sneak zone in this level cheeses me off im always getting detected when im invisible i cant be leave the put lazers in the last section whilst wateing for the next move no wonder im always detected thoese stupid lazere sfloors put me off
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Another fun level, Awesome Volcano Booom (*_*)
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Thanks for da walkthroughs Dark52 they are really helping me out with SSF
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Only five more chapters to go, if you actually count Tower of Time and Sheep Wreck Islands as such.

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