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Welcome to my Walkthrough to the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders: Swap Force.

The walkthrough itself tries not assume you have any specific Skylanders and will mention when you need a certain element or ability to complete a task. To play the game you will need at least two Skylanders to load in with the infra-red portal otherwise it will not let you continue beyond the very start.

To fully complete the game you need at least one Skylander of each of the eight elements and one Swappable Skylander of each of the eight movement abilities (the two can of course overlap so you can complete it with just eight specifically chosen Swappers). A Giant Skylander is not necessary to complete any part of Swap Force but they can be used instead of bombs in specific areas.


MoveCircle Pad/Dpad
Primary AttackY
Secondary AttackX
Swap PowerL
Use Magic ItemR
Switch SkylanderTouch Screen


When you kill an enemy you gain a small amount of experience in the form of small glowing dots. You also get bonus experience at the end of a level based on how many coins you've collected and whether you're matching the daily elemental bonus (+25% for one element or +50% for both).


Upgrades are automatically given to your Skylander when it levels up. At the end of a level the game will notify you that you've gained access to a new power but you'll also get a notification during play, if you press A when it appears you can go straight to the description.


In each platforming level you can find a few hats, for the first time in the 3DS games these do affect your stats. You'll find them inside the presents that are hidden throughout the levels.

Elemental Gates

In each exploration level you will find a pair of elemental gates, these are entirely optional and by skipping them you do not hinder progress through the story. To open an elemental gate simply stand near to it with a Skylander of the corresponding element, once inside any Skylander of any element can be used.

Swap Zones

In each exploration level you will also find one or two Swap Zones, these are again entirely optional for progressing through a level. If you have a Skylander with the matching Swap Ability then they can go into the Swap Zone, you can only switch characters in the zone if the character you swap to also has that ability.


Each level has five goals, four of which are possible to do on your first time through. When you have completed the level once you can go through again to complete the time challenge.

The tasks vary from level to level and include collecting coins, smashing chests, and completing Swap and Elemental areas. You get a different set of tasks in the smaller boss fight levels such as not being hit by a hazard and not eating any food.

There are three stars to earn in each level, the first you will gain from the story mission when you complete the level. The second is for the time trial run through on your subsequent trips through the level (you can choose not to do the time trial) and the third is for completing all four of the other challenges.

Adventure Packs and Magic Items

Two new Adventure Packs were released with Skylanders: Swap Force. These come with a Skylander, a Location Piece and two Magic Items. The Location Pieces unlock a level and can be used in multiple games.

The Location Piece when placed on the Portal of Power will unlock a brand new exploration level. Unlike the consoles this item has no further use in the 3DS game.

The Magic Items do not unlock anything but instead temporarily provide your Skylanders with something special. You can only have one Magic Item active at any point and they cost thirty coins to use.

The main thing is to remember to actually use them. To load them into the game simply put them on the Portal of Power and use the Portal in Boom Town as if you were swapping out your Skylander.

Tower of Time

The Tower of Time unlocks Tower of Time which is found next to the Skylands Museum. It has no further use in the 3DS game.

The Battle Hammer follows you around and attacks nearby enemies doing 24 damage each hit, this lasts for about thirty seconds.

The Sky Diamond causes defeated enemies to drop coins. Each enemy drops a gem worth 5 coins so you need to kill around four or more enemies to make it profitable (the value doubles in a coin rush).

Sheep Wreck Island

Sheep Wreck Island unlocks the Sheep Wreck Island level which is found next to the Skylands Museum. It has no further use in the 3DS game.

The Platinum Sheep summons a sheep to help your Skylander in battle, it runs around for about thirty seconds dealing 40 damage on each hit.

The Groove Machine puts nearby enemies to sleep, the effect lasts for about twenty seconds before they wake up again.

Old Adventure Packs

The four Adventure Packs released with Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure no longer unlock levels in Swap Force but do now have a use as Magic Items. Their accompanying Magic Items can still be used as before.

Pirate Seas fires cannon balls at nearby enemies for twenty seconds. Works better if the enemies are standing still.

The Hidden Treasure when activated will temporarily cause coins to be attracted towards you. It costs thirty coins to use and only lasts about fifteen seconds so not a very useful item.

The Ghost Swords make your Skylander's attacks do 50% more damage for twenty seconds.

Empire of Ice brings down piercing icicles to attack nearby enemies for twenty seconds.

The Sky-Iron Shield will protect your Skylanders from damage for ten seconds.

The Anvil Rain will surround your Skylander with three anvils that knock back enemies if touched that lasts fifteen seconds.

Darklight Crypt brings down screeching skulls to attack nearby enemies for twenty seconds.

The Healing Elixir will continue to heal your Skylander for twenty seconds.

The Time Twister will surround your Skylander with three hourglasses, if these hit an enemy that enemy will freeze in place for a few seconds. The hourglasses last about twenty seconds and don't have any effect on large enemies.

Dragon's Peak brings down blasts of fire to attack nearby enemies for twenty seconds.

The Winged Boots allows your Skylander to run without having to stop every few seconds for twenty seconds - perfect for Time Challenges.

Sparx the Dragonfly will hover around your Skylander occasionally shooting nearby enemies for twenty seconds.

Dragonfire Cannon

The Dragonfire Cannon (both regular and Golden) fires a burst attack in the direction your Skylander is facing for a few seconds.

Scorpion Striker

The Scorpion Striker Catapult rains down attacks from the sky on all enemies nearby for about twenty seconds.

Fiery Forge

The Fiery Forge causes molten rocks to fall on nearby enemies for about twenty seconds.

Arkeyan Crossbow

The Arkeyan Crossbow launches several massive bolts from the sky that attack nearby enemies for about twenty seconds.

Importing and Exporting

You will be asked to load in two Skylanders once you start playing and the game will not let you continue until you have done so. To load in more than that you need to go to the main hub world after beating the first level and go to the replica portal on the south side of the town.

Once you are in the summoning screen switch on your Portal of Power (your old Portals do not work with this game but the new Portal does work with the old games) by pressing down on the surface of it (it'll start glowing blue), place a Skylander on there and point your 3DS/2DS at the Infra Red port marked by the small white arrow. The Skylander will then be loaded into the game.

To update a toy you simply repeat the process and load the same character into the game with the Portal. If you have gained experience since the last time you used that toy on the Portal it will be added to the toy. This means that if you've also gained experience on the toy through another version of the game then you don't need to worry as it will only add the gained amount onto the experience that is on there, it doesn't replace it with the 3DS's current total.

This means to reset a Skylander's level on the 3DS game you must first load the Skylander into the 3DS game to clear the counter for added experience, reset the Skylander on a console version of the game and then load the freshly reset Skylander into the 3DS game. Your Skylander will once again be level 1 with 0 experience.

#3 Kory_ 02:01:19 12/11/2016
I feel like I'm the only person who speedruns 3ds

This game was the best of the four released on 3ds. It had a nice plot, and many interesting elements that keep me coming back to it. I found some of the elemental challenges really fun, and overall enjoy it. It is a very fun game to speedrun, and there are many small skips to discover still.
#2 spyromaster45 04:25:01 30/06/2014
getting smilie

This game is very fun and addicting!
#1 gnarlytreesnex 02:23:55 28/03/2014
The 3ds version is awesome

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