Samurai Islands

Samurai Springs

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Find information on the Skeleton Key
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 215
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Water / Magic
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Spin
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 5
  1. Nefertiti Hat
  2. Firefighter Helmet
  3. Stovepipe Hat
  4. Elephant Hat
Nefertiti Hat Firefighter Helmet Stovepipe Hat Elephant Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:15

Directly ahead of you are some small grey dogs, these are essentially Chompies so shouldn't pose too much of a problem besides being difficult to see sometimes. Go around the rock and follow the path down to a pair of Drow Spearmen, these will jump up into the air and slam down spinning their spear, avoid that and they'll then start just jabbing you. After killing them there's a Drow Witch on a small rock in the middle of the path, she fires long ranged attacks out at you and doesn't move. At close range her attack is really accurate so make sure to jump over her when she pulls her arms back. On the left is the Water Gate.

Water Challenge

Jump along the platforms in the water, try to avoid the jumping Chompies but keep moving as the platforms sink. Once over the first bit there's a button to stand on, it'll raise up some lilypads that you need to quickly jump along before the water spouts drop back down again (if they do there's a bounce pad below to take you back to the button). Again over some square platforms to the end Nefertiti Hat [Hat 1/4 - Nefertiti Hat].

Taking the right path you'll discover that the bridge is a bit broken up, jump over the gaps and down the other side. There's a few more dogs and another Witch up ahead. Beyond them is a button like in the Water Gate, stand on it to bring the lilypads up, jump up them like a staircase to reach the grey roof following directly on from them. Go to the left up the tree branch and carry on along it past the wooden pier bit, jump to the left onto the green bush part of the tree where you'll find [Chest 1/5]. To get back up jump onto the higher green part of the tree and then back onto the branch by the pier.

Use the button on the pier to raise up some more lilypads, quickly make your way up them and along a wooden platform past a couple of spearmen (if you want to kill them you'll have to double back and hit the button again) and quickly off the far end up some more lilypads. On dry land ahead is a line of dogs to attack, if you go along the left side of the water ahead and up the rocks you'll find [Chest 2/5] (the water here is not deep, you can walk through it). A little past that you'll find a pair of Witches and a larger robot enemy that punches the ground when you get near to it. More enemies will appear to replace the dead ones until they're all gone (check to the right) and the Monster Gate around the bounce pad drops.

After bouncing out of there go along the red ledge you land on to the left, at the end is [Chest 3/5], go back to where you landed and cross the water using the floating lilypads, after the first three you need to hit a switch, another switch after another couple and then three more to the end. Jump up the orange trees going to the left and then along some green trees, once you get to another orange tree jump off the side down to an orange one below you that you should be able to see a bounce pad on, it also has [Chest 4/5] just below it. Bounce back up and take out the witch, keep on going along the trees avoiding the incoming projectiles as you do.

The projectiles still keep coming even when back on solid ground, kill the two spearmen and get to the far end of this first platform. Go up to the right onto a rock and then an orange tree with the Spin Swap Zone on it.

Spin SWAP Zone

Jump the first gap and then use your Spin Power to spin through the fire tornado to pick up Firefighter Helmet [Hat 2/4 - Firefighter Helmet]. Keep going to the next rock and then jump up a small set of platforms with a witch at the top. Spin over some more lava going directly through the fire tornadoes to pick up the keys inside them, the platform in the middle has an icon that refills your power bar so you can get all the way across in one go. At the end kill a pair of witches and unlock the gate with your two keys. The next bit of lava is one long section with the icons in the tornadoes, go through the three of them to reach the end where there's a big robot to kill before you can get the prize of Stovepipe Hat [Hat 3/4 - Stovepipe Hat].

Jump back to the grassy platform and take the left rock over to a path running along a cliff side. Go to the right, after the first jump watch out for the steam vents coming out of the lava crack in the wall, there's another one a couple of jumps later and then one final one before rounding the corner at the top.

Go along the green bridges, kill the dogs that attack and avoid the red crosses that try to lock onto you to fire cannonballs at you (don't bother trying to spin deflect the cannonballs back, it don't work). At the top there's a spearman and a witch as well as the Magic Gate.

Magic Challenge

Just jump along the platforms and into the lit up one, it'll throw you upwards to a large robot to defeat. Jump into another one after that and then along some platforms and then up again to a witch. There's another out on the platforms, jump along them and up to the end Elephant Hat [Hat 4/4 - Elephant Hat].

Continue along the green bridges behind where the witch was and down to a large robot. Defeat it and then follow the tail path up to the left, you'll eventually make your way to a circular arena where another of those large robots will attack. Kill it and all of the witches surrounding it to open up the Monster Gate. Before continuing up the tail to the left go down to the right and down by the water you'll get [Chest 5/5]. Now go all the way up the tail to meet the dragon and finish the level.

Bonsai Bay

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Destroy the lava dens
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Earth / Life
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Bounce
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 5
  1. Kufi Hat
  2. Dancer Hat
  3. Beacon Hat
  4. Tiger Skin Cap
Kufi Hat Dancer Hat Beacon Hat Tiger Skin Cap
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Cross the bridge and talk to the Mabu who'll tell you all about fireworks. Jump down off onto the little ledge to the left where [Chest 1/5] is, continue forwards and up the ramp at the end where there's a couple of red Chompies and a Drow Witch, get rid of them and push the plunger on the fireworks to blow them up. Jump on the stepping stone in the middle of the waterfall you created and then go along the edge of the upper pool rather than carrying on to the right. Jump onto the green platforms in the water up to the left where there's [Chest 2/5] and a bounce pad that takes you up onto a rock to your right.

Go around the empty pool to the right and take out the two witches on the grass before jumping up the rocks in the middle of the pool where there's another witch and depressing the plunger on some more fireworks. Some trees will appear by the rock you landed on earlier, go to the left and jump up them to reach a Mabu standing by a cannon.

You can see the Earth Gate below, you'll want to go in there now as you'll miss the first hat that's in there if you wait until after raising the water.

Earth Challenge

Go left off the wooden planks onto some earth and then up onto a green platform with a spearman on it, just after that there's another green platform this time with a large robot and a rock. Defeat the robot and the witch to your right before smashing through the line of rocks blocking the path ahead, at the end there's a few platforms to jump up with Kufi Hat [Hat 1/4 - Kufi Hat] on the second one. Not far to the end now, just up past one more witch to the teleporter.

Once outside go down the steps and along the dry river bed all the way to the far end where there's a few Chompies and, more importantly, a bomb. Pick up the bomb and quickly run back to the cannon, don't throw it or anything just get back to the cannon while it's still ticking over your head. Now that the water has been restored you should go back into the Earth Gate.

Earth Challenge

The area is now flooded with water, walk along the floating wooden pier and jump along the small rock platforms that fall over after you've stepped on them, [Chest 3/5] is on the wall partway through the platforms, after you've got it keep on going along them to a witch and a spearman. Kill them both and then smash through the large rocks here with your attacks, there's another couple of spearmen along here. At the far end jump up another tilting platform to reach Dancer Hat [Hat 2/4 - Dancer Hat]. Down to the left you'll find the exit.

Jump along the lilypads and green platforms in the water, there's [Chest 4/5] to the right just past a witch, go up the stepped platforms on the left side past another witch and then cross over the waterfall. As you round the water you'll encounter another of those large robot enemies, get rid of him and continue on up to a section of swinging platforms. Jump on the first as it gets close and then off it to the second as it gets to its highest opposite point. Do the same with the second and third swinging building.

Run along the ground by the dry stream past a couple of spearmen to where there's a Bounce Swap Zone, if you look just out into the lava there's a platform where you'll see [Chest 5/5] to smash.

Bounce SWAP Zone

Jump onto the first of the floating platforms and press the L button, the platform will tilt and aim in the direction of another platform, press the B button to jump over to it. Platforms will turn and move so if you're facing an empty space wait a moment for you to either turn to face another platform or for another platform to move into range. The last of this set launches you onto a larger red lantern that'll automatically bounce you up onto a solid platform way above. No real pause though as you're straight onto another section of the lanterns.

If you jump onto the red lantern partway through a move to the right you can get up to a spare [Chest 6/5] on a platform above to the right, the lantern to the right of it will then throw you almost to the end of the section of jumps, just one little jump to get down there. Defeat the witches and the Chompies to open the Monster Gate. Behind it is a series of square platforms you can walk along, the brighter ones will fall down but the dark ones will stick around so are safe to pause on. At the back to the right you'll find another spare [Chest 7/5] but go along to the left past a couple of witches and up the last few squares to get to the end with Beacon Hat [Hat 3/4 - Beacon Hat].

Go into the building to the right, inside you should find two spearmen and a large robot. Just as a warning I've had times when one of them didn't appear which meant the game would then not let me continue as there's a Monster Gate associated with them, the only solution I had was to exit the level and go through it all over again hoping they'd all appear this time. Anyway, once you've killed the three of them a plunger will appear at the back of the room to press.

Back outside again follow the stream back a short distance and then go up the buildings with the enemies on, at the top is a couple of kites that you'll need to jump on to get on top of the waterfall you just made. To your right now there's a couple more witches as you enter a sidescrolling section, at the far end you'll see a large waterwheel rotating, jump up onto it and as you reach the top it'll fall off and start rolling through the lava. Keep moving to to the top of the wheel as it goes along all the way over to the platform at the far end where you'll need to jump off.

Go up the steps past a couple of witches and then up the rooftops of some more buildings, on your way up past some more enemies you'll see another spare [Chest 8/5] before you get to some tree platforms. Jump along them and onto some kites, if you jump up to the left on them instead of going straight you'll find the Life Gate.

Life Challenge

Jump along the pink trees over to a bomb, throw it at the large rock and wait for the water to fill up. Jump along the new set of pink trees (watch out for the Corn Hornets) over to a Monster Gate covering a bomb dispenser, to open it up you've got to take out the Chompies that are surrounding the large bombable rock. Circle around it killing them and then go back up the slope to bomb the rock, you'll have to stand a little closer but not too much, just at the edge should be okay. Another set of pink tree blooms will appear, jump along them to a bounce pad that'll take you up to another area. Landing will cause the area to flood so jump along the rocks going to the left taking out the witches to reach a bomb. Throw it at the obstruction that you can see dead ahead and then double back and go up the blooms over through to the exit where Tiger Skin Cap [Hat 4/4 - Tiger Skin Cap] is to be found.

This time take the kites forwards into the building ahead. This building is set up with a series of Monster Gates you need to pass through, first defeat the Chompies and the witches and then go through to another fight with some spearmen and another witch. The next section has a couple more witches and two large robots before opening the exit door.

Watch out for the Corn Hornets in the air as you jump along the kites to the final fight with a large robot. With him defeated finish talking to the Mabu and press the final plunger.

Fire Flow Valley

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Find the Skeleton Key
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 225
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Fire / Tech
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Climb
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 5
  1. Rasta Hat
  2. Turkey Hat
  3. Archer Hat
  4. Caesar Hat
  5. Bearskin Cap
Rasta Hat Turkey Hat Archer Hat Caesar Hat Bearskin Cap
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 7:30

Jump over the lava stream and then up onto the ledge behind, go up to the left. Just off the side on a platform is Rasta Hat [Hat 1/5 - Rasta Hat], jump back and continue up the platforms in the lava to the right, they sink into the lava so don't stay too long on each of them. Up the ramp past a trio of dogs and at the top you'll find [Chest 1/5] sitting on a rock. Jump over the lava to the left, stay on this part and walk towards the edge towards the camera, in the left corner you'll find [Chest 2/5].

Some more lava to the left to jump over, go up the short bit of steps to get to a witch. There's another witch atop the next set of stairs as well as the Climb Swap Zone.

Climb SWAP Zone

The climb zone is a fairly straightforward "maze", just watch out for the steam vents and the hot walls. Once you get to the part with the lava falling keep on going down and go to the right at the bottom. Other than the Turkey Hat [Hat 2/5 - Turkey Hat] at the end there's nothing else in there.

There's a Monster Gate to the right, all you need to do is take out three spearmen one by one to get through. Jump along the platforms floating in the lava and then go up the steps to the Fire Gate.

Fire Challenge

Step on the button to bring up a set of platforms in the lava, start making your way across them (there's not a time limit), on the longer platform make sure to jump along it rather than run along it as otherwise it'll collapse into the lava and take you with it. There's a large robot to defeat on the other side, after that go up the steps behind the Monster Gate and move towards the camera to get [Chest 3/5], then go forwards and left over a small bridge and then up to a second button. Jump along the platforms that appear in the lava making sure to keep jumping when you need to wait for platforms to move into position. At the end is Archer Hat [Hat 3/5 - Archer Hat].

Head to the right and use the platforms to cross the lava, at the top of the steps go to the right and back towards the camera where [Chest 4/5] is sat. Go left over the lava stream and you'll find [Chest 5/5] in the far corner. Defeat the witch and go up the slope at the back, up the steps at the top and attack another of the large robots.

If you go to the right at the top of the stepped platforms floating in the lava you can find a spare [Chest 6/5]. Next cross the lava ahead along the two long platforms jumping your way safely to the other end. Up the steps behind the spearman and through the doorway.

Jump over the lava to the left as you go in to get up over a conveyor belt and reach the Tech Gate.

Tech Challenge

A simple light beam puzzle to kick the challenge off, turn each of them once to line up the light to open the laser door. Jump up the gears, at the top is a robot and another puzzle. This one needs the left crystal turning twice and the right crystal three times. Carefully cross the next set of gears making sure to jump over the laser beams as you go to fight another robot by a Monster Gate. Behind that is Caesar Hat [Hat 4/5 - Caesar Hat] and the exit.

Jump back over the lava and continue on forwards over a thin strip of land over lava with a witch on it. Jump up over the conveyor belt to reach a series of square moving platforms, make sure to time your jumps to land in the carts without the lava in them. Jump up onto the pipes and grab a bomb, take it down to the right and throw it at the large rock blocking the way ahead. As you stand on the fallen rock you should be able to see Bearskin Cap [Hat 5/5 - Bearskin Cap] on the rocks to your right. Grab another bomb and throw it at the next obstruction a short distance on.

Jump up the pipes after that obstruction to get to another bomb dispenser, jump along the pipes to the right and throw it at one final blockage. Cross over it and go up the ramp at the back after killing all of the enemies that appear. Back outside again kill a few dogs and then cross the rickety looking wooden bridge as quickly as you can. Take a running jump to get as far across it as you can without touching it and then run and jump the rest of the way to reach a foggy area.

Through the fog a few enemies will run towards you, ending with a large robot. Once the Monster Gate is open go through it, up the ramp and into the cave at the top. For some reason we're still going, kill a few dogs and jump down the lava carts over to some platforms above the lava. You'll see three conveyor belts with crates on falling into furnaces, look closely and you should see a key inside one of the boxes, destroy all of the boxes on that conveyor belt until it comes round again and you can grab it. Use it to unlock the gate at the back and enter the final room of the level.

Watch the lava rise and fall, it covers the little platforms that connect the larger ones so get ready to quickly cross the first set when the lava begins to drop. Kill the spearman on that first platform and make your way across another set of stepping stones towards a witch and then again to a robot. Leading off to the right from the robot's platform is the path to the middle where the Skeleton Key is sitting, grab it to finish the level.

Back in Boom Town talk to Hugo to be taken to the next level.


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