Tower of Time

The Tower of Time

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Destroy the Corruption Crystals
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 215
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Water / Tech
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Rocket
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 3
  1. Ski Cap
  2. Graduation Hat
  3. Greeble Hat
  4. Future Hat
  5. Pilgrim Hat
Ski Cap Graduation Hat Greeble Hat Future Hat Pilgrim Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 10:15

Walk forwards to talk to the Time Keeper in the middle of the area, then go over the bridge of cogs to some steam vents. Turn the red wheel by the steam on the left to cause the far steam to start going higher, jump onto that steam to get up the cliffside. There's another wheel on this first ledge, turn it to be able to use the steam on the pipe to get up to the top where there's a key. Once you've got it go back to the starting area.

Cross directly over to where there's a bridge of platforms that are quickly flipping up and down, if you pull the lever next to them you'll pause time and stop them from moving, so ideally do it just as the last one raises up and before the first drops back down but you can jump over a single gap. Quickly run across it and grab the key. Turn around and pull the lever on this side to do the same thing as before. The door that these two keys unlock is at the back of the starting area just to the right as you get back there.

Go up the rotating platforms and up past a troll as you go over a cog bridge and then jump up towards a green crystal. With the crystal now blocked off turn around and go back the way you came over a now wooden bridge and past another troll. The platform ahead is a tilting platform so don't stand too close to the edge for too long. On the right as you jump off it is the Water Gate.

Water Challenge

The large platforms in here are covered in ice and the smaller ones fall away as you stand on them. Keep on jumpimg over to the next platform until you reach a larger ice rink area. You're looking for an item in the ice blocks but there are Crystal Golems in the others so be careful. The one you're looking for is at the back on the right, take the wheel over to the right side of the ice blockage to place it on the pipe. Behind the ice is Ski Cap [Hat 1/5 - Ski Cap].

Time for some low-tech steam vent manipulation. Push the small boulder to the right so that it covers the active steam vent and then jump on the new vent to ride it up to the top of the platform where there's a lever. Pull the lever when the four vents ahead of you are all active so you can use them to jump across the gap.

Kill the troll on here and then jump ahead to another large tilting platform that'll lead you over to a platform with another small boulder and steam vent combo, push the boulder onto the vent to raise up a set of platforms. Jump up them to another troll, left onto a tilting platform and then over to a large robot who has a key for the Time Keeper's cage. Once you've defeated him unlock the cage. All you have to do to get to the crystal is jump off the side, smash the crystal and then step into the teleporter.

Pull the lever to stop the platforms all raised up to cross over them to get to some steam vents. Before you turn the wheel jump up onto the steam to the left of it and let it take you up a short distance, jump from the top up to the left onto a rotating platform and keep going up to the left to a large island with Graduation Hat [Hat 2/5 - Graduation Hat] sitting in the middle. Now jump back down and turn the wheel, use the steam by the ledge to get up.

In the middle of the walled area is a Monster Gate, the monsters for it are to the left (if you've got a Giant you can just smash through the wall to the right and ignore the bomb) up some gears. Kill the large robot and the Chompies to open the bomb dispenser. Jump back down the cogs and grab a bomb to throw at the wall to the right. Go through and try to grab the key.

Forwards into the walled area again, this time with a light beam puzzle to solve. Turn the near one three times so that its beam hits the middle one then rotate the middle one once and then the right one so that the beam hits the wall to unlock the laser gate. Go up the floating gears to reach a couple of trolls and a large robot holding a key. Defeat it to get it and then go back down. Now turn the middle crystal so that it sends the beam to the left, that should open the gate and let you jump up some more cog platforms. At the top you'll find the Rocket Swap Zone.

Rocket SWAP Zone

First clear out the debris and then zoom along through the hoop over to a Crystal Golem and a troll up on the ledge. Jump up the platforms and clear some more debris before reaching the top. There's a few more enemies before you get to some more debris to clear before you can Rocket over the gap through a ring. Down below there's a final large robot to defeat to open up a Monster Gate so you can Rocket over to the end with Greeble Hat [Hat 3/5 - Greeble Hat] (try jumping forwards at the start if you're not quite making it).

Back down the cogs to the light beam puzzle with your key, unlock the gate on the right side and go through to the crystal. Smash it.

Go past the Time Keeper and then up some more of those spinning cogs, if you go to the right at the top you'll find [Chest 1/3], once you've bashed that jump onto the large rotating cog to your left over to a robot by a Monster Gate. Go inside when you can.

Pull the lever just after the third platform goes up to get it in time with the fourth one you can't see, go over the platforms and up the steps at the back to another large robot. Instead of carrying on upwards go down to the right at the back to bash [Chest 2/3]. Jump back up and go up the back at the left towards a lever, pulling it will stop the spinning gear to the right so you can use it as a platform to jump over the gap.

Outside go to the right past some enemies and around the corner to some nets you can bounce on. [Chest 3/3] is in the middle of them so make sure to bash that on your way up. Skip the door to get to the Tech Gate.

Tech Challenge

Time to fix that empty clock. Go left up the gears, past a rotating blade and then down to a large robot to defeat. He'll drop the first of the clock hands, pick it up and then start your trip back along the gears to the start. The righthand path is much the same but with a pair of blades at the end, defeat the robot to get the second hand and then make your way back to the middle again. Approach the clock with the two hands and then go inside to get Future Hat [Hat 4/5 - Future Hat].

Now go through the door. Jump over to the wooden platform with all the chompies on and pull the lever, that'll flip the platform on the left so that a net is showing. Bounce up the net to the platforms above. Take out the enemies and jump up to the right where there's a Crystal Golem by a Monster Gate.

Once outside again go to the right and take down the large robot before rounding the corner, pulling the lever and jumping up the stopped gear. In the little alcove up here you'll see Pilgrim Hat [Hat 5/5 - Pilgrim Hat] and a few chompies. Keep on going up to the right to defeat a few more enemies by a Monster Gate before you reach the very top of the tower.

Kill the few waves of enemies that appear and then smash the last crystal to complete the level.

Sheep Wreck Island

Sheep Wreck Island

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Defeat the Vortex Monster
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Undead / Earth
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Sneak
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 3
  1. Funnel Hat
  2. Zombeanie
  3. Glittering Tiara
  4. Sailor Hat
  5. Toy Soldier Hat
Funnel Hat Zombeanie Glittering Tiara Sailor Hat Toy Soldier Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

There's an example vortex for you just ahead, jump in one and appear out of the other. Simple. Carry on past it to the Mabu sitting by another one, jump into the vortex just off the edge to be whisked away to a platform to the left. Jump over the gaps and keep following the path along to half a pirate ship. Attack the ranged pirate and then jump up onto the front of the ship to reach the vortex and be thrown to the back of the ship.

If you walk the plank on the right side of the back half of the ship you can go out onto a couple of stone islands with [Chest 1/3] on the left one. Get back onto the ship and cross over it to get to some platforms leading off into the distance. If you go down to the right once you hit land you'll find [Chest 2/3] next to a couple of mines. Jump back up to the path and carry on past another ranged pirate up to the top with a flamethrower pirate and the Earth Gate.

Earth Challenge

Jump across the platforms that appear and then across some crumbly ones over to a larger platform with several enemies. Don't stand on the cracked portions of the floor for too long as they'll turn into a hole pretty quickly. Once you're done with the enemies cross to the opposite side and continue along some more platforms all the way to Funnel Hat [Hat 1/5 - Funnel Hat].

Jump along the platforms to the right, watch out for the mines bouncing up and down through the red and orange vortexes. There're a few signs ahead, one Sneak icon and two red explosion icons that indicate a minefield. Slowly walk through the gap and you'll see the mines appear, don't get too close as you move to the left a bit before going towards the [Chest 3/3]. Jump up the ledge and make your way to the left up to a flamethrower pirate and across a platform to the Sneak Swap Zone. Before you go in though if you drop into the vortex just behind the ranged pirate you get taken over to Zombeanie [Hat 2/5 - Zombeanie]. Jump back into the vortex to get back and then go into the Swap Zone.

Sneak SWAP Zone

The sneaking in here will be primarily to get past the green laser beams, this one's not so much about sneaking through darkness. You can't jump over them safely so, you know, don't. Go to the right past a flamethrower and through three laser beams, just off to the side at the top through another laser beam is [Chest 4/3]. Smash it and then go back to the start to go along the left path.

Go through some more laser beams and kill a couple more flamethrowers before going to the right and then up (the path down don't go anywhere), keep following the curve around to the right through another beam and another flamethrower. After that the next thing to go through is a set of three beams right next to each other, follow this around past another trio and then one final beam to get into the middle and grab Glittering Tiara [Hat 3/5 - Glittering Tiara].

Jump back to the right and make your way off the far edge into a vortex that doubles for the broken bridge. Kill the flamethrower ahead of you and his two ranged allies, two more flamethrowers will appear and once you've got rid of them the Monster Gate at the back will lower. Jump into the vortex.

Jump into the purple vortex ahead of you and then drop into the orange one on the right. Wait on the island, do not go into the vortex. Keep waiting until a small moving platform appears from the right, jump onto it and ride it over to an island with Sailor Hat [Hat 4/5 - Sailor Hat] on it. Get back to that vortex platform and jump into the righthand orange one, that'll take you to another set of vortexes, drop into the green one and then jump from the platform into the other green vortex to be thrown over to a big island. Over on the opposite side is the Undead Gate.

Undead Challenge

Jump over the bone platforms and approach the flipping platforms. Jump onto the first as it flips over to the flat side and then jump to the second just as they start to flip again. Do again and you'll reach a platform with some enemies on. Watch out for the lightning as you get rid of them and then go over to the far side where there's another line of flipping platforms to get across. And again after some Chompies you've got the flip platforms to navigate. Kill the flamethrower at the end and pick up you final hat Toy Soldier Hat [Hat 5/5 - Toy Soldier Hat].

There's a cannon on your left pointed at a vortex that's changing colours, if you fire the cannon it'll come out of the matching colour vortex, you need to do it once for each colour but it doesn't matter if you send it through one you've already done so just keep firing until all three statue heads have been smashed. Jump along their broken platforms to get to a purple vortex.

Ahead of you is a flamethrower pirate and up to your left is a couple of pirates along with [Chest 5/3]. Go along to the right down the passageway to the large purple vortex, it'll throw you out on the upper level. Go forwards and take out the Monster Gate to jump into a green vortex.

Jump up the stepped ledges to the left and you'll find a cannon next to a gate, fire the cannon to hit the Vortex Monster and the gate will open. Go along the small platforms while running away from the suction that the monster is causing. Keep going left over some wooden plank platforms and you'll reach a second cannon to fire. Go through the gate into a blue vortex and then jump off to the right into the orange one.

Jump down to the left to grab the first of the two keys and then jump into the yellow vortex, this will drop you back by the purple and orange vortexes, take the orange one again and this time go straight ahead to the green vortex and jump into that. Pick up the key and jump down to the half a boat below and use the purple vortex to get back to the platform with the locked gate. Jump into the purple portal behind it and then fire the cannon to complete the level.

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