Chapter 7: Motleyville


Toy TrainToy TrainToy TrainToy TrainToy Train
Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure Chest
Boom Jet Soul GemNight Shift Soul GemScorp Soul Gem
Legendary TreasureLegendary Treasure
Bonus Mission Map
Winged Sapphire
Story Scroll

Immediately into a fight, watch for the circle where Whiskers is about to slam down and get away from it. As the burst of energy expands jump over it to avoid getting damaged. Now quickly attack Whiskers while he's got his head stuck. After about a quarter of his health is gone he'll start hitting the ground three times before getting stuck but it's just the same as before with jumping over the blasts. A little before half health he'll run off and leave you to do some wandering through the level.

Arena Overlook (Undead)

Follow Flynn, Tessa and Sharpfin through the gate and pull the switch over on the left, that'll create a bridge to go over. The new Chompy Powerhouse enemies are once again just Chompies dressed up a little differently. To your left below the ramp you can find Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 1/5] hidden behind some junk.

Go up the slope and head left to where you meet a Greeble Heaver. These are a lot like the Greeble Screwballs you met earlier in the game but fire several shots up into the air instead of just one. Go up the right side to get to it and then head into the glowing doorway with a stick of dynamite pictured above it.

Arena Bomb Car (Undead)

Aside from the boxes to destroy for coins all there is in here is a stick of dynamite. This is exactly like the bombs from the previous games, pick it up and quickly head outside as it's on a timer.

Throw the dynamite at the large wall with a purple picture of some dynamite on it, you can do this by facing the wall and pressing the interact button that will pop up. Over the bridge you'll find a Knuckleduster along with some Chompies and a Heaver. Before you move on jump onto the red platform behind the place it's telling you to go and then jump up to the left to where Boom Jet Soul Gem [Soul Gem 1/3 - Boom Jet] can be found. Jump back down and get onto the striped starting point on the tracks.

Abandoned MineTrack (Undead)

To switch the rail that you're grinding along all you have to do is move left or right, try to avoid the mines that are in the way. After a bit you'll start needing to jump over obstacles lying across the track. At the end is some food to eat.

Soggy Fields (Undead)

Walk up to the right but watch out for the green goop as it'll damage you if you fall in. Go along it to the left to meet the Gookeeper before jumping along some floating tyres to cross over it. Towards the screen at the end is Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 2/5] hidden back there. Push the minecart along the tracks so you can jump up onto it and the platform above.

Watch out for the Heaver and the two Rip-rotors that attack you up here, on the left is a Fire Gate.

Lava Fields (Fire)

Go right when you get to where Lone Shark was standing and cross over the large slowly rotating round platform, watch out for the lava blasts. Keep on going round until you reach the present, the only real obstacle is that the blasts get a bit more frequent the further along you go. Inside the present is Roundlet [Hat 1/2 - Roundlet]. A new set of platforms will appear that you can jump down to reach the entrance.

Push the cart off to the right so that you can use it to get across to the section there. Avoid the swinging hook and kill the Chompies that dig out of the ground. On the right is a small gap in the fence which you can go through to pick up Toy Train [Toy Train 1/5]. Go through a pair of swinging hooks before jumping down to the right to another minecart.

Push it up against the wall to jump up to the Heavers and a couple of Rip-rotors above. After clearing them and a few more out the monster lock will open and let you get Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 3/5]. Go right over the wooden bridge and down off the little ledge towards a small wooden section sticking out, jump from it to a large rock that's balancing precariously, jump over to the platform after it to find Night Shift Soul Gem [Soul Gem 2/3 - Night Shift]. Jump back over and then across the metal bridge further up.

Defeat the Slamshock and accompanying Heavers and then go up the upturned train cars on the right to get to Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 4/5] above the glowing doorway. Jump down and go into the building.

Bomb Bay (Undead)

Pick up the dynamite and head outside again.

Quickly go left over the metal bridge and throw the dynamite at the wall to the north. If you talk with Clunker behind there you'll be shown the way forward, down some steps at the back. We'll be back for the cannon walls later.

Lester's Lane (Magic)

Follow Clunker down to a switch that you need to pull in order to bring a bridge out. Go left over the bridge where you can see a Speed Swap Zone.

Drag Stripped (Speed)

The new obstacle in here is moving mines, you'll have to quickly work out which lane will be safe when you reach the mine as it may be headed right towards that large open gap you're looking at. Remember to keep boosting in order to make it to the end in time. The reward for finishing is a Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire].

There's another dynamite wall ahead so you'll first need to find some dynamite, go right over the goo and into the dynamite room.

Shady Shoppe (Magic)

There's a couple of Knuckledusters in here, once you kill them a few Chompies will appear and then the monster gate will open to reveal a Slamshock. If you like you can now use the dynamite behind it to blow it up. Grab the dynamite once it's clear and run outside.

Go back to the left and blow up the wall near the Speed Zone. That'll lead through some swinging crane hooks to Toy Train [Toy Train 2/5]. Jump down and grab another stick of dynamite to throw at the wall on the right.

Talk to Gibbs and then head inside his shop, watch out for the large crates out here as they contain some enemies.

Lester's Storage Shed (Magic)

The large boxes contain enemies in here too, get to the back of the shed to find Toy Train [Toy Train 3/5] before going back outside again.

Go up the steps towards Gibb and fire the cannon at the cannon wall. Push it and then follow after it along the tracks, kill the Chompies that appear as you get there and then fire the cannon at another wall, then it's time for another push along the tracks. Yep, more Chompies once you reach it, fire it again and give it another shove. On the right of the track at the end is a lever that'll lift the cannon up to the higher track.

Go up the walkway that it also creates and fire the cannon again. Push the cannon backwards towards the lift and then fire it another time to hit the far wall. Watch out for the enemies coming across the bridge but head through the second broken wall instead.

That'll take you along the side of a train car down to a goo pit, jump up the platforms in the middle of it to reach Story Scroll [Story Scroll]. Now go back up and cross over the bridge to get to a fight.

Ghost Town (Magic)

A new type of Geargolem, an Earth Geargolem will appear. These aren't any tougher than the Fire ones they just do the circular pulse along the ground attack instead of the small line of fire. It does mean that you need to actually jump over their attack but they're just as useless at doing anything else. They are more difficult with other enemies though as you'll need to keep an eye on what the Geargolem is doing while also attacking everyone else, which is what you're about to do as defeating the first Geargolem will bring in some Knuckledusters, a Heaver and another Geargolem all at once.

Go through the exit once it opens up and hop onto the tracks as you did before, there's nothing else to collect before you do so.

View Point Run (Magic)

Yet more obstacles to avoid along the way, you might want to try jumping over the mines as they have a tendancy to move into your path. Checkpoint!

Stack O' Trains (Life)

Go to the left keeping away from the circles on the ground being made by Whiskers, after jumping up the first ledge jump up onto the box in the back right corner and then up onto a wooden platform leading backwards to get Scorp Soul Gem [Soul Gem 3/3 - Scorp]. Drop back down and jump over the gap to get close to where Whiskers is standing. Follow the path to the right and push the minecart onto the lift to open the door next to it.

The Secret Way (Life)

Pull the switch in the middle of the next bit of track and then push the cart there onto another elevator. Before you go through that gate there's a Giant chest up to the left and if you go down to the right there's a cave underneath to go into for completion, or you could just fall into the whirlpool in the middle of the goo to get taken down there.

Beneath The Sand (Magic)

There's not much in here so unless you want to pick up a few coins just turn around and go back up again. There are a few enemies that appear once you get to the back of the tunnel.

Once you go through the gate jump onto one of the floating tyres and ride it to the opposite side, go down the slope and attack the enemies that pop out of the ground. Hit the switch to bring up a bridge. Make your way past the swinging hooks up a slope with a Dual Air and Water Gate on the side.

Kestral Bath (Water)

Walk into the bounce pad to get up to a set of enemies to defeat, they're mostly Knuckledusters. The water jet rotating in the middle might push you a little off course so watch out for then when dodging attacks. Bounce up to another platform with some enemies on, this time it's Heavers you're after. Another bounce up will take you to two more Heavers and no Chompies to finish off the section. Through the gate behind them is Bonus Mission Map [Bonus Mission Map 1/1 - Sleepy Turtles].

Carry on up the slope and go left following the tracks. At a junction you'll get to fight some more Heavers and Knuckledusters. Once they're all gone push the minecart down the path you just came up, don't use the switch! Jump onto the minecart at the bottom and use it to get up onto the platform at the end where Toy Train [Toy Train 4/5] is. Get down and push the cart back up, now you can hit the switch and push it to the right again (if you can manage to jump up onto the cart while it's moving you'll be able to reach a little bit of bonus treasure before it goes onto the elevator).

Stack O' Trains (Life)

Yeah same place as before except... not... it doesn't count towards the Areas Discovered a second time anyway. On the left is a Climb Swap Zone.

Junkside Climb (Climb)

Now you've got sawblades moving back and forth in your way. And from the second part you'll have falling minecarts taking out your cover (as well as damaging you if you get hit by them). The reward for managing to get to the top is Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 1/2 - The Bling Grille].

Walk up the slope to Birdwatcher and then down into the arena with Whiskers.

It's a very similar fight to the one you were doing at the start of the level. First watch out for the three bursts as he crashes down and then gets his head stuck. After coming up from that he'll now fire off a series of attacks at you like he did on the trains not too long ago, just move ahead of them to avoid getting damaged. And then he'll get back to smashing down into the ground a few times. After about half health when he gets up from being stunned he'll fire off a powerful laser beam in front of himself which you should obviously try to avoid. Other than that it's the same the rest of the way through.

Last Train Stop (Earth)

Once you've de-evilized Whiskers leave through the gate and go into the building on the left.

Red Crab Fireworks (Life)

Very useful, nothing but coins in here. Leave and jump onto the tracks.

Partway along the second portion of the tracks you'll start having mines come towards you, try to get out of their way as early as possible as you'll hit them very quickly if you don't.

At the end you'll need to fight some enemies, an Earth Geargolem, two Knuckledusters and then two Rip-rotors afterwards.

Fixin' Station (Earth)

On the right now is a Tech Gate. In the Wii version this is actually just an ordinary path, there's no Tech Gate, you'll find the Legendary Treasure just sitting there.

Hammerhead Hardware (Tech)

Teleporting without a teleporting Swap Force character even needed. Pick up the glowing white ball and throw it towards the larger glowing white ball ahead of you by facing towards it and pressing the interact button. If it lands on the platform correctly you'll be teleported over there, then use the white ball to teleport to the rest of the course.

There's no time limit on holding one of these teleport balls but if you miss you'll have to pick up another one. Pick up the teleport ball from up on the right to teleport over the next gap, a couple of Knuckledusters will attack you once you land. The next one is from on top of a giant revolving gear, get on the left side of it and wait until you get to the top before throwing the teleport ball to the next platform. If you miss you'll have to go back around and try again.

There's a moving platform that'll take you over to a second large gear that you need to use a teleport ball on top of. Do not use the large teleporter ball here as it'll just exit the area, instead grab the small one from the right and throw it to a platform in the distance ahead of you when the gear in-between is in its lower position. The next teleport jump has another large gear blocking the way, wait for it to roll out of the way before throwing the ball to get over to another pair of Knuckledusters. Now this large teleport ball is the one you want to use, it'll take you back to the beginning and give you the present with Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 2/2 - Crooked Currency].

On the left is a Spin Swap Zone.

Twisted Towers (Spin)

Now we've got mines to mess you up, try to avoid them as best you can but there's food dotted around that can help you recover a little. I have hit them without getting damaged but I'm not entirely sure why not (maybe it's just your armour stat?). This is one of the places where being on an easier mode really can make it that much easier, on the harder difficulties you'll take more damage from the mines so on the easy ones you don't have to be anywhere near as careful. The reward for destroying the Kaos Statue at the end is Capuchon [Hat 2/2 - Capuchon].

Another whirlpool ahead, you can either go down the slope to the left and go into the room and work your way through it backwards or you can jump onto one of the tyres and then straight into the middle of the whirlpool to be taken to the back of it immediately.

Under The Whirl (Earth)

On the right at the back of the cave is Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 5/5], shake it open and then go forwards to the exit. There's a few enemies to get out of the way and you'll want to jump over the green goo.

Before you jump back onto the floating tyres jump onto the upturned minecart on the left then up onto the buildings above it. Get rid of the Heavers and jump down to the glowing Toy Train [Toy Train 5/5] at the end on the right. Jump all the way down to what is the other side of the whirlpool section.

Kill the Greeble Heavers down here and then start pushing the carts, the right one first without pulling the lever. That'll take it to the right below a Heaver that's shooting at you from above. Jump up onto the cart to get to it and then go into the dynamite room behind him.

Big Bang Bouncers (Earth)

Take the dynamite outside and throw it at the wall to the left.

Drop down and hit the switch before pushing the left cart, it'll go onto a lift and open up the door behind the dynamite wall fully.

Shark Town (Earth)

Through the gate jump onto the wooden platform in the goop on the left, jump again to reach some enemies. Once you've taken out the Heaver, the two Rip-rotors and the Geargolem the door at the back on the left will open to let you through.

Motleyville Mall (Earth)

The final area of the level, time to fight Baron Von Shellshock. He'll start throwing bombs at you, as well as a few Chompies, the last of those bombs will turn into a stick of dynamite that you will need to pick up and throw back at him. That'll damage him and lower his shield briefly, if you can get in close and attack him until he gets back up again. As you do about 25% damage you'll be joined by a few Rip-rotors too but Shellshock won't really do much different aside from throwing more bombs out before getting to the dynamite. At 50% it's a Heaver that appears and then at 75% down you'll get three Knuckledusters attack. You can use the dynamite to help defeat those enemies as well as Shellshock.


The game wants you to go talk to Sharpfin but there's a few things you can do in Woodburrow first. If you go down to the fishing hold that Wheellock just unlocked, through the door in the area below the Power Pod, you can find a Story Scroll [Story Scroll] to the right as well as an elemental door. There are three doors, for each one you need to match the element that it shows in order to to open it up, switch between each of your matching Skylanders and once you've opened the third you can collect Smolderdash Soul Gem [Soul Gem - Smolderdash] and a few coins. You can keep coming back here to open the doors to get more coins later on.

The fishing mini-game down here is just for fun, well there's a small coin reward but nothing amazing. Head back up and go talk to Sharpfin to get moving to Twisty Tunnels.

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The new area in Woodburrow, the Hollow -

The vault is randomized. My first time through was Earth, Fire, Earth, to get the Soul Gem.
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Great level, lots of variety, great walkthrough, missed two toy trains, I will get them next time ..... (*_*)
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Nice job with the walkthroughs!

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