Legendary Treasures

Legendary Treasures are items that can give you stat improvements, you generally find them in Story Mode levels at the end of Elemental Gates or Swap Zones.

To use a Legendary Treasure you must first complete Chapter 6 of the Story Mode, you can then use some of the pedestals that are dotted around Woodburrow to place a single Treasure on and have that item's boost activated. You can switch the treasure to another one without cost but you must go to the pedestal that a particular Treasure is on to switch it.

To help with identifying the stats that each Treasure boosts I have colour coded the rows of the table. Green is Armor, Purple is Food and Speed, Blue is Elemental, Red is Critical Hit, and Yellow is Money and XP.

Amber TreasureAmber Treasure+12 Ranged ArmorSheep Wreck Islands (Air)
Bog ChowderBog Chowder+10 Melee ArmorTuk's Rank 58 (600)
Bonnie BonsaiBonnie Bonsai+15 LuckTuk's Rank 37 (900)
Boomboom BoxBoomboom Box+10 Elemental Armor BoostTuk's Rank 17 (600)
Bottled WarshipBottled Warship+3 Critical Hit %Tuk's Rank 23 (600)
Bubble ChestBubble Chest+5 Gold BoostMudwater Hollow (Magic)
Buttering BladeButtering Blade+15 ArmorTuk's Rank 68 (900)
Cascade BustCascade Bust+5 Elemental Strength BoostCascade Glade (Fire)
Chieftess FigureChieftess Figure+10 Elemental PowerTuk's Rank 13 (600)
Crooked CurrencyCrooked Currency+10 Gold BoostMotleyville (Tech)
Crustaceous ClothesCrustaceous Clothes+20 Maximum HealthTuk's (600)
Crystal Fire HeartCrystal Fire Heart+5 Elemental Luck BoostTwisty Tunnels (Undead/Earth)
Deputee BadgeDeputee Badge+10 Elemental Strength BoostSheep Wreck Islands
Elven ArrowElven Arrow+3 Critical Hit MultiplierWinter Keep (Teleport)
Endless Cocoa CupEndless Cocoa Cup+12 ArmorFrostfest Mountains (Tech/Fire)
Epic Soap of FrothEpic Soap of Froth+4 Critical Hit %Tower of Time (Climb)
Expensive SouvenirExpensive Souvenir+5 Critical Hit MultiplierWinter Keep (Fire)
Frozenish FlagFrozenish Flag+15 Ranged ArmorTuk's Rank 78 (900)
Geode GliderGeode Glider+12 Melee ArmorBoney Islands (Magic/Life)
Glowy MushroomGlowy Mushroom+15 Pickup RangeFantasm Forest (Sneak)
Golden CrunchyGolden Crunchy+10 ArmorTuk's (600)
Jolly GreebleJolly Greeble+10 Maximum HealthIron Jaw Gulch (Rocket)
Lichen LanternLichen Lantern+5 Melee ArmorTuk's Rank 9 (300)
Luminous LureLuminous Lure+10 Ranged ArmorMudwater Hollow (Life)
Mabu CarvingMabu Carving+5 SpeedTuk's Rank 33 (600)
Major Award MonkeyMajor Award Monkey+10 LuckRampant Ruins (Speed)
Masterful DisguiseMasterful Disguise+15 Elemental Armor BoostKaos' Fortress (Speed)
Moltenskin ScaleMoltenskin Scale+10 Elemental Food BoostTwisty Tunnels (Sneak)
Mostly Magic MirrorMostly Magic Mirror+5 ArmorMount Cloudbreak (Water/Fire)
Navigator CompassNavigator Compass+5 Ranged ArmorWoodburrow (Chapter 6)
Refurbished EngineRefurbished Engine+10 Elemental Luck BoostTuk's Rank 27 (600)
Shiniest StoneShiniest Stone+10 Ranged ArmorTuk's (600)
Singing PuppetSinging Puppet+15 Ranged ArmorTuk's Rank 55 (900)
Skylander ScopeSkylander Scope+2 Critical Hit MultiplierKaos' Fortress (Magic/Earth)
Snowboulder +1Snowboulder +1+15 Melee ArmorTuk's Rank 45 (900)
Spyro Duo BalloonSpyro Duo Balloon+15 Melee ArmorTuk's Rank 43 (900)
Sweet SarsparillaSweet Sarsparilla+10 Food GainTuk's (600)
The Bling GrilleThe Bling Grille+5 Elemental Food BoostMotleyville (Climb)
The Brass TapThe Brass Tap+5 Gold BoostFantasm Forest (Undead/Life)
The Monkey's PawThe Monkey's Paw+5 Food GainRampant Ruins (Magic/Fire)
Tik-Tok Neck ClockTik-Tok Neck Clock+10 XP BoostIron Jaw Gulch (Tech)
Topiary of DoomTopiary of Doom+15 Elemental PowerFantasm Forest (Teleport)
Triassic ToothTriassic Tooth+2 SpeedBoney Islands (Dig)
Urban ArtUrban Art+15 XP BoostSheep Wreck Islands (Teleport)
Volcano Party PassVolcano Party Pass+10 Melee ArmorTower of Time
Waterfall DecanterWaterfall Decanter+5 ArmorTower of Time
Whizzing WhatsitWhizzing Whatsit+30 Pickup Range36 Nightmare Swap Zones
Yeti TeddyYeti Teddy+5 XP BoostFrostfest Mountains (Sneak)

You can use more of the pedestals by levelling up your Portal Master Rank.

In the Trophy Room1
By the steps up to the Great Hollow5
Down by the under hollow entrance10
By the Airdocks15
By the steps up to the Great Hollow21
Up above the Trophy Room31
In the Under Hollow41

#9 Rickorio 18:27:03 21/08/2014
I think the Whizzing Whatsit is actually quite bad. Especially when you're in the arena mode and you're trying to save the food from the thief for later.
#8 HudsonDaOne 17:52:53 02/04/2014
Whats the best treasure to go after? I am thinking I will try doing 36 Nightmare Swap Zones and getting the Whizzing Whatsit. I just got smilie so now I can do every swap zone!
#7 TheShadowDragon 03:42:17 31/03/2014
It sucks that after finishing Swap Zones, they don't even tell you what difficulty you played on, especially Nightmare.
#6 supertux29 13:49:01 02/02/2014
it will be a long time before i get all this becuse i have portal rank 28

and only climb roket and bounce
#5 84skylanderdude 14:19:05 28/01/2014
I'm only missing the whisking whatsit. Who here has already gotten it?
#4 spyrothe111 02:54:01 12/01/2014
Same here! smilie
#3 dwattzdrummer 21:29:47 08/01/2014
I HAVE to get Sheep Wreck Island! I mean come on! +15 XP Boost is amazingggg!!!
#2 Grimslinger91 21:03:39 03/01/2014
second post! Anyways these legendary treasures are better then the ones in ssa and giants
#1 Rickorio 02:09:42 03/01/2014
First post!

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