Clockwork Castle

Clockwork Castle

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Reach Count Moneybone's lair
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Fire / Tech
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Sneak
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 6
  1. Capuchon
  2. Princess Hat
  3. Roundlet
  4. Knight Helm
Capuchon Princess Hat Roundlet Knight Helm
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 14:00

And we're back to the robot enemies, ahead of you is one of those sword wielding ones and two ranged robots. Kill them and go through the door behind them, inside you'll find a Monster Gate with several more of the same robots. Destroy them all and pull the lever at the back of the room before going back outside again.

Go up either ramp that's turned around and go through the door in the middle at the top. As you approach the far edge several gears will pop up to become platforms, jump along these killing the enemies that reside on them. Once you get to the red squares at the end another set of gears will pop up leading off to the right. Jump up to the top where you'll see the Fire Gate.

Fire Challenge

Take the elevator down into the challenge and then move straight ahead past a couple of robots and down onto a square platform. Run along the rotating cylinder to a platform with a ramp going down, now wait and watch the lava below as it rises and falls to cover the pipes ahead, as soon as you see it dropping down start moving and run along the pipes (on the left you'll find [Chest 1/6]) and up the other end. If you fall in you'll probably need to wait for the next go round before trying again.

Over another cylinder you'll find another ramp down into the lava, again wait for it to drop before running along the pipes and then up the platforms at the end. Immediately there's another ramp down, if you this time make your way over to the right side you can get [Chest 2/6] but probably won't make it all the way as well in that run. On the other side you'll find Capuchon [Hat 1/4 - Capuchon] and the elevator back out of here.

Go through the doorway and then straight up the ramp through another door. Walk forwards and some steps will appear, jump up them to some rotating propellers you need to jump onto. Watch out for the enemies on there if you don't have long ranged attacks to take them out as you'll bump into them and get pushed off. Once you get across the next propeller and onto a stationary platform jump to the left side and pull the lever there three times, that will bring one hand of the clock towards you and leave the other facing the right (quarter past six or half past three), go onto the clock hands and over to the right where you'll find Princess Hat [Hat 2/4 - Princess Hat]. Go back to the switches and pull the right lever twice to make the top hand face to the left now. Go over the hands again to grab [Chest 3/6] and then return to the right lever to pull it three times and make the hands go straight.

Cross straight over the clock hands and down the platforms on the other side to another lever, that'll move some ramps you walked up previously, step into the teleporter on the right to be taken back there. Go down to the left and then up the middle ramp before heading up to the left through a door. Outside go left to get [Chest 4/6].

Heading right jump onto the moving platform as it dips below the ledge then jump to the next as the one you're on reaches its highest point. Keep doing that across the platforms until you reach the last one, there you'll see some platforms moving in and out of the wall. Jump on the first one and wait for it to nearly completely go in before double jumping to the right to land on another one just coming out of the wall. From there you should be able to double jump to solid land where there's an enemy.

Next up is a rolling cylinder with cannons being fired across it, jump up and down on it to prevent falling off as you wait to go past each cannon just after they fire. On the other side is a couple of sword robots and then some more platforms moving out of the wall, these ones are a little more straightforward in pattern, you should be able to walk along them most of the way as they pop out in sequence. After that there's another rolling cylinder with cannons followed by a couple of ranged robots. Go up the ramp and ignore the door for a moment, instead jump up to the right to a platform with [Chest 5/6] and then go through the door.

Watch the carts on the track and look at the bombs on them, jump onto one with a bomb that isn't flashing and take it across the next platform to throw at the wall that pops up. Repeat for the next bit but with a larger robot attacking you, and then again with four of the flying robots. Go down the ramp and on the left is the Sneak Swap Zone.

Sneak SWAP Zone

In this Sneak Zone you'll be mostly sneaking through laser beams. Go straight forwards and stealth through the first set of beams, unstealth and kill a few enemies before continuing forwards and then left through another set of beams, around the corner you'll find [Chest 6/6] and a dead end. Double back and take the path to the right after the first set of beams. Around the next corner is another laser beam to walk through as well as a large chompy, to the right after that is a spare [Chest 7/6]. Go up to the left through another beam and then continue on going left. At the next junction sneak down through the laser beam and at the end of that corridor you'll find yet another [Chest 8/6].

Go back through the beam and take the left path up through two beams and go right. Through another and ignore the passage to the north as you continue going right, at the end you'll find another beam to go through and one last [Chest 9/6] in here. Return to the passage leading north to find the Roundlet [Hat 3/4 - Roundlet] and the teleporter out of here.

Go through the door out to some moving platforms. Jump on the closest one as it gets near and ride it to the right until you can jump onto the second one. Before jumping to the third watch as it passes over the dip in its track and folds down, try not to jump on it as it's about to go over that dip but also try not to stay on it long enough to be taken back to it, quickly jump to the fourth and ride it to the left to jump up to a solid platform with [Chest 9/6]. Now jump onto the furthest forward of the moving platforms and patiently ride it to the right, as soon as it gets close to the dip in the track double jump to the right to try to land on it when it unfolds. Once there jump to the next platform and ride it to the right before jumping onto the platform it goes underneath before it pushes you off.

Go left and wait for a platform to either appear from underneath you or the next platform to get close (if you fall off in this section make sure that you are facing the correct direction when you respawn). More jumping and avoiding the dips to get over to the door at the far end of the room. Go to the right around the giant orrery and as an electric barrier appears jump up onto one of the platforms that rise out of the ground as the floor is about to be electrocuted. Once it stops run along to the right as far as you can before it starts again, jump up onto a platform and wait. Keep doing this until you're all the way around and can exit the room.

Jump up the rotating gears, if you go to the left at the back you can get into the Tech Gate.

Tech Challenge

There's a couple of robots to defeat before starting the platforming. Jump on the nearest platform while the left one is electrified and then jump to the right as the start to switch. Keep doing this alternating jumping along the series of platforms to solid ground and a couple more robots on the other side. Then it's back to some more electric jumping but this time with a circle of the platforms with only one of them active at a time, much quicker to cross unless you're following the bolt. Kill a large robot before traversing one last set of those platforms to reach Knight Helm [Hat 4/4 - Knight Helm].

Now up the gears to your right to some pistons moving in and out. Jump across them and up onto some more gears along with [Chest 10/6] and jump down to the left through a door. To the right is a button, stand on it to lower some platforms out from the wall. Jump up them quickly and press another button to lower a few more. At the end of those there's a platform to land on that throws you upwards, continue quickly jumping to the left onto another throwing platform and then to the right before they go back in. There's a few more of these before you reach a large cog wheel, stand on one of the teeth and wait for it to take you up to the top (if you're still missing one [Chest 11/6] is just over the top, you'll need to jump back up the teeth to get back to the door).

Inside walk forwards and pick up the floating gear, wait for the elevator to stop and then place it in the top left of the flashing spots by walking over to it. Defeat the enemies that appear and place the second gear that appears after defeating them in the top right spot. A few more enemies including some ranged enemies on the sides will arrive, kill them to get the third gear to place in the bottom left. The last bunch includes a large robot, put the gear in the bottom right to open the door, go through to finish the level.

Clockwork Arena

Story MissionChallenges
  • Check Mark Defeat Count Moneybone
  • Check Mark Take no damage from falling books
  • Check Mark Elemental Match - Tech
  • Check Mark SWAP Force Match - Rocket
  • Check Mark Don't Eat Food
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

The fight begins as usual with a wave of enemies, there's a load of sword robots and a few of those little dogs but nothing major. Count Moneybone will then start his first attack, run out of the way of his purple laser gun and then keep moving away from him as he runs towards you, he'll then jump into the air and slam back down causing a shockwave, jump over the shockwave to avoid taking a large amount of damage. He has a few other attacks like firing out a load of robot Chompies and firing a large slow flying missile that you need to keep outrunning so that it explodes away from you safely. Keep attacking when you can until he jumps away.

Now you need to go chase after him, jump up the cogs leading away to the right and try to avoid the projectiles falling onto them (use the shadows) to get up to the second section. This second wave of enemies has a few more in it and some of the ranged robots in there too. Moneybone's second attack pattern is pretty much the same as his first, just keep pausing to attack him every so often. Again he'll jump away and you'll have to platform along to the left to follow him. Be careful of the gears that get destroyed when you get close, if you see several possibilities to jump to then it's likely a few will be destroyed.

Go through the door to the final battle. The third wave of enemies will again be pretty much the same but with larger numbers at once and Moneybone has a new attack which brings in one of those flying ranged robots. Once you've worn him down another wave of enemies will appear, these are a bit different though and it's made up of ghouls, Chompies and an ogre. When Moneybone begins his breakdancing attack stand in one corner and jump over the blasts to avoid getting hit. Finish him off to complete the game.

If you've played through all the levels in Normal mode or above you'll get Creepy Helm [Hat - Creepy Helm] and if you've done them all in Hard mode you'll also get Volcano Hat [Hat - Volcano Hat]. And once you're back in Boom Town you'll find Great Helm [Hat - Great Helm] in the middle next to Hugo no matter what difficulty you completed.


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