Chapter 2: Cascade Glade


Seed PacketsSeed PacketsSeed PacketsSeed PacketsSeed Packets
Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure Chest
Countdown Soul GemSlobber Tooth Soul GemRattle Shake Soul Gem
Legendary Treasure
The OutsiderRain HatGlittering Tiara
Bonus Mission Map
Winged Sapphire
Story Scroll

Luau Lagoon (Air)

Walk forwards and jump up the small rise in the path where you'll be introduced to Gobblepods. These are friendly plants who will help by attacking enemies for you if they get too close.

To the right of the Gobblepod is a pair of binoculars (these are not in the Wii version), if you go up to it and press the Interact button you can look through the Seeker Scope to find a bit of extra treasure. Move the view left and right looking for the glowing dot, you'll also hear the beeping sound get more intense as you align with it, zoom in by pushing forwards to pop the treasure out of the Gobblepod that you can see. You will be able to pick up that extra bit of treasure once you get to the point in the level that you're looking at.

At the end of the path ahead is a pair of blocks that you can push. First push the right one to the left side then jump up onto it from the wooden section and then up to the left. If you keep going left you'll find Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 1/4]. Return to the blocks and if you can't manage to jump to the raised platform to the north try pushing the two blocks more central. Once you've got up there you'll find a locked gate with a puzzle to solve.

This is a Spark Lock. All you need to do is move each of the two cubes so that they are on the same square, you can also pick up some optional lightning bolts to get bonus coins when you solve it. The slightly raised round circles control the spring platforms of the same colour, so standing on the purple button at the bottom will lower the three purple octagons next to it. This allows you to move over them and get to things beyond them. Take "Shock", the blue cube, to the right over the purple platforms and then upwards through the blue lightning bolt, then left onto the green button to lower the green platform to the left. With that Shock is stuck and cannot get any further so switch to the other cube, the green "Bolt", and take him left over the blue button, further left over the blue platforms then down through the green lightning bolt and to the right towards the orange button. This will clear the way so that you can move either of the two cubes to bump into the other one and finish the puzzle. If you find yourself stepping on a button and a platform raises that you want lowered just step off and then back on to the button to press it again.

A new type of enemy is beyond the gate, the Evilized Greeble. This is a lot like the Greeble you've seen before but instead of slamming a mace down they swing a sword in front of them. Just make sure not to stand in front of them when they're pulling the sword back to start the swing and you should be fine. On the left side of the area is a Fire Gate.

Scorched Earth (Fire)

This is very much a platforming section, you have to jump between round platforms that move to get to the other end. First walk forwards and jump onto the initial round platform, then left over a periodic flame burst - jump when it's not flaming - to a second round platform. Go forwards onto another and then you're looking at two rows of round platforms moving left. Jump onto one of the nearest row and then straight onto the second row before jumping to the stationary platform on the left ahead. Two more platforms will take you to a set of three twos of moving platforms, do the same and jump your way to the end of the zone. Your reward is inside the present, it's Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 1/1] "Cascade Bust".

To leave the zone jump up the stepped platforms on the left to reach the spot with an arrow pointing at it. It'll take you back near the start of the zone, walk towards the screen to get the rest of the way out.

Follow the path forwards and up to a Gillman, Snagglescale, who's with Flynn and Tessa. Before you smash through the bamboo fence further on, go to the left side and jump up the ledge in the gap. Keep going left over the wooden bridge and jump over the gaps to make your way up to Countdown Soul Gem [Soul Gem 1/3 - Countdown]. Once you've got it turn around and go back the way you came, then smash through the bamboo fence near Flynn and Tessa, dropping down the ledge is a one way thing as it's too high to jump back up, so make sure you're ready.

Down there you'll meet your first Greeble Blunderbuss. A little different to the Screwballs that you met in the last level, instead of firing into the air they will fire straight along the ground at you, this means you will have to watch out for the bullets when you're moving around, you can jump over them fairly easily. After defeating the first two another pair will appear just up the small ledge as well as a few Chompies. With all of them dead too the monster gate behind them will open up.

Totem Trail (Air)

Here's where the treasure you saw through the Seeker Scope is, take the righthand path to get to it and if you keep going along that path you will reach a blue glowing cave in the rocks.

Dusty Cavern (Air)

There is nothing to this cave, just a few jumps up the steps to reach Seed Packets [Seed Packets 1/5]. Head back out once you've got it.

Now take the left path up towards another Gopplepod, you can just let it eat the Evilized Greeble for you. Go to the right along the branch to a block puzzle. Push the right block forwards once and then the left one to the right four times. Push that first block right once and then forwards three times to get it into position. Jump up onto the second block to get up to where there's a Blunderbuss standing on a small tree stump. Kill it and then jump left over the block you pushed to reach Story Scroll [Story Scroll].

To the right is a magic circle which you can use like in Woodburrow, stand on it and Interact before rapidly tapping the button it asks you to to get thrown to the next part of the level (no going back).

Gobblepod Sanctuary (Life)

Walk past Pollywog and keep to the left side, if you jump up the ledge there you can turn around and head back to the left and reach Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 2/4]. Get back down to the path and head into some Evilized Greebles that are caging Gobblepods, if you smash the cages the Gobblepods will help by eating some Greebles. Once you've killed the Blunderbusses as well the monster gate will open.

Go through the gate and you'll encounter another brand new feature, a Checkpoint. This is a point in the level at which your progress is saved, if you leave the level now you can re-enter the level at this exact point if you choose to. Checkpoints are usually accompanied by the mid-level Power Pods where you can buy upgrades, there's one just ahead of you (in the Wii version it is a bit further on, up by the next Spark Lock).

To your right though is a Bounce Swap Zone.

Sunny Heights (Bounce)

Bounce Swap Zones are made up of jumping between platforms, your task is to get to the far end of the platforms and land on the large Kaos balloon to pop it. Use your shadow to guide where you're coming down and the double jump that you can use in here to go higher or further. Each of the three sections has a bonus gem to collect as usual, the first one is up on a platform a little higher just before the Kaos balloon. The second one is to the left up high towards the start of the second section, and the third is in a similar position on the third.

Once you make to the third balloon without falling off you unlock the zone in the menu and earn yourself The Outsider [Hat 1/3 - The Outsider].

To the left is a cave behind some crates.

Tourist Trap (Life)

First walk forwards and go up the left side, jump onto the moving platform as it swings towards you and grab Seed Packets [Seed Packets 2/5] before jumping back onto it again and going back towards the entrance, don't leave though. Instead go to the right of the first step and down onto a platform rising and falling. Jump along the series of small platforms down here and out the cave exit at the other end. Jump the gap in the bridge to reach Slobber Tooth Soul Gem [Soul Gem 2/3 - Slobber Tooth]. Go back into the cave and reverse your path along the platforms to get back out the entrance again.

With all that done head forwards up the slope past the Power Pod to meet your first large enemy, the Greeble Ironclad. These are melee enemies that have an invulnerability shield around them when you can see the purple shield icons. That means nothing can hurt it until it takes it down, to get it to do that you need to get close so that he raises his fist, quickly move out of the way as he'll then start punching forwards and move a little. This is the point at which the shield drops and you only have a few seconds before he puts it back up so get attacking, attacks that stun can delay the shield being put back up a bit.

After the first Ironclad is down a few Evilized Greebles will run up to attack you as well as a second Ironclad. Try to take down the two Greebles first as you can generally ignore the Ironclad so long as you don't stand still too long. Along the wooden path to the right there's a dual element Tech and Earth gate. Remember that if you don't have swappers of an element you can always use co-op mode and use two Skylanders.

Boulder Gully (Earth)

Not a massive puzzle, push one of the blocks to the lower left corner and the other to the lower right corner. You can jump up onto each of them from the raised section at the start of the area to grab the floating gears on each side. Once you've got them go to the very back of the cave and towards the two arrows, as you approach them the gears you're carrying should automatically snap into place. Pull the lever to open the gate and find the present with a Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire] inside.

A little further down the path past where you fought the Ironclads is a Sneak Swap Zone (in the Wii version the Sneak Zone is found further on in the level).

Area Fifty Tree (Sneak)

Welcome to the first Sneak Swap Zone. In here you'll be trying to get to the other end of the fortress without getting detected by the red camera lights (and without dying to the laser beams). Movement in here is restricted to slowly walking around and when you go into stealth you can't move so you'll have to sit in stealth while a camera passes by before you can move along. If you are spotted by a camera you have a chance to quickly go into stealth, if you stay visible too long you'll get thrown out and have to start the zone again. In co-op the second player can, every now and then, cause all of the cameras to switch off for a few seconds which can be helpful in speeding up your progress.

Go down the slope to your right over the two white circles, these will fire laser beams out of them so try not to cross them when they're doing so. Keep on going down towards the red dashed path with a red circle of light moving from side to side, this is a camera, if you are visible when it passes over you it will detect you so when the light gets near go into stealth mode and wait for it to pass by. If you want the bonus gem then go to the left down past some more lasers to get it, otherwise go to the right and open the door.

The next bonus gem is to the right of the next track, you'll need to move quickly over the four laser beams to get it. Go along to the left through another camera and then off the left side you'll find another cog to rotate to open up the door, go back along the path and cross the beams to get through the door.

The last bonus gem is over in the far left corner, watch out for the second camera that passes over it. Directly ahead is the target for the zone, a red button on a pedestal, go over the laser beams and press it. the reward is Rain Hat [Hat 2/3 - Rain Hat].

Head into the cave.

Honeybadger Hollow (Life)

Take the left side of the path going up the edge before heading right at the top. If you jump onto the rising platforms here you'll be able to reach Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 3/4]. Get back down off those rising platforms to the gapped set of platforms heading to the right out of the cave.

Before solving the puzzle in the gate you should jump down through the gap towards the screen where you'll pick up Seed Packets [Seed Packets 3/5]. You should be able to jump back up but if you're having trouble just jump down further and head back through the cave again.

The Spark Lock "Going Up!" requires you to send Shock to the right onto a square pink platform on a pole, this will move to the right close to a blue button to stand on. Stand on it and then ride the pink square back to the left. Switch to Bolt to jump on the blue platform that just arrived next to him and press an orange button at the other end. Move onto the orange hexagons and switch to Shock. You can now either just finish the lock or continue on to get the bolts, if you want the bolts move Shock down onto the orange button and then jump on the blue platform to ride over to the blue lightning. Switch to Bolt, grab the green lightning and then jump down to the orange button, switch back to Shock one last time to ride the platform to meet Bolt.

Overlook Heights (Life)

Wander up the path under a Blunderbuss towards a Greeble. Kill it and then go up the slope on the left to reach the Blunderbuss to attack it. If you continue towards the screen along this path you'll find Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 4/4] hidden a little by the shrubbery. On the right side of the path if you walk towards the screen you'll find Seed Packets [Seed Packets 4/5]. And there's a Speed Swap Zone too.

Woodlands Speedstacle (Speed)

Speed zones are all about speeding along past obstacles trying to get to the other end in time. Here you'll want to tap the boost button as often as you can, although obviously you'll want to do it without an obstacle directly in your way. Move left and right to avoid the spikes and other objects, there are sometimes ramps to go over the blocks on the floor. Again this is separated into three sections with no real difference between them, there's a bonus gem in each section though.

The reward for this is Bonus Mission Map [Bonus Mission Map 1/1 - Plants vs Cakes].

For the next block pushing puzzle just past Barbfin all you need to do is push it down twice and right twice, then jump onto the block and walk along the upper section. Push the far block up here off to the left and then the remaining block up once and then left on top of the one you just pushed off. That should give you enough to jump across to the magic circle.

Bamboo Bridge (Magic)

There's an Evilized Greeble and a couple of Ironclads down here, defeat them and head into the cave at the end.

Spelunk Shallow (Magic)

Jump onto the raising platforms ahead and over to where some Chompies will attack you. Kill them and the Blunderbuss up behind them before going to the left onto a moving platform, wait for it to reach as far left as it goes before jumping onto a second moving platform, from there onto solid ground with a couple of Blunderbusses and some Evilized Greebles. Again head to the left once you've killed them and onto a platform that's going up and down, ride it up and jump to a second one behind it.

At the top go to the right over another moving platform and then down to the right along the platforms, kill another couple of Greebles before finally reaching Seed Packets [Seed Packets 5/5]. If you jump off to the right of here you're back near where the first enemies of the cave were. Go up the platforms on your right to the exit.

Time for an Undead zone.

Spooky Sidetrack (Undead)

Skully in here wants you to retrieve his hat from an Evilized Greeble. Go up the ramp and jump up the steps to get to a large open fighting area. First up is a wave of four Evilized Greebles, kill them and three more will appear along with two Blunderbusses. After all of them are gone the behatted Greeble on the platform will jump down to fight you, he's not really any different to the other Evilized Greebles so if you've taken care of those easily he won't be a problem. Pick up the Hat he leaves behind. If you want to there's a Seeker Scope up on the left that you can look through, the bonus treasure is with the Gobblepod to the left of the gate.

Head back through the zone with the hat to Skully to get your reward. Not quite the same one as you rescued but a Glittering Tiara [Hat 3/3 - Glittering Tiara] nonetheless.

Carry on along the path past a couple of Evilized Greebles to a large block puzzle area. Push the first block forwards and then the block next to it to the right once. Push the next block on the left up twice and then block on the right up once and then right three times. You can go past it to get to some bonus treasure from a Seeker Scope if you want (Wii players will find the Sneak Swap Zone here). Otherwise push the left block back down once and then the block to its left to the left twice so you can get behind to a Giant chest. There's also Rattle Shake Soul Gem [Soul Gem 3/3 - Rattle Shake] off to the left side.

Jump back up and solve the Spark Lock puzzle on the gate, "Shocking Jailbreak!". First switch to the green cube Bolt, take him over to the red sliding platforms and press the orange button. Switch to Shock and stand on the lowered orange platform, switch back to Bolt and step off and then back onto the orange button. As Shock go right onto the purple button and switch back to Bolt again. Press the orange button once again and then make your way over the red sliding platforms to the lowered orange platform. Switch to Shock and jump off the edge of the raised section to get down to the orange button and the blue lightning bolt. Back to Bolt again to grab the green bolt and then jump down off the raised section. Switch to Shock one last time and make your way over to Bolt to finish the puzzle.

Overflow Grotto (Magic)

The last area of the level. There's a couple of Blunderbusses and a Ironclad to defeat here, if you smash the cages off the Gopplepods you can try to lure the Ironclad onto one (up to the left of the gate you can find the Seeker Scope treasure). After those are gone a few Chompies will appear followed by some Evilized Greebles, Ironclads and Blunderbusses. Keep luring the larger enemies into the Gopplepods as you attack the Blunderbusses. And that is that, go through the gate to rescue the Chieftess.


Back in Woodburrow once again, go talk to Tuk who is now hanging around by his shop up the ramp to the left side of the pool. He wants you to help open Tuk's Emporium, to do that you'll have to go pick up bits of debris from around the area. First up is a pile of wood over to the left, once you've picked it up go back to Tuk and then tap it into place. The second set is down by the top end of the pool and the last is on the left side of the pool. For rebuilding his shop you get a Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire]. Cool. The availability of items in the shop is down to your Portal Master rank, but as the game hasn't told you what that is just yet there's not much you can buy at the moment.

After that it's time to pay the Chieftess a visit in the Great Hollow up the stairs behind the pool. As you go in you'll see the two others that you rescued, the Gillman Councillor on the right has a Spark Lock that you can play to get some treasure (not in the Wii version), the puzzles are just repeats of the ones you get in the levels. And on the left is the Yeti Councillor who has an elemental chest that requires a specific element to unlock, once it's unlocked you can switch to any Skylander to actually open it.

Carry on over the bridge to the Chieftess to talk to her. Once you're done with that go over to Tessa and Flynn by the docks to get the option to go to Mudwater Hollow, the next level.

#8 PortalMasterone 18:40:35 20/12/2015
Suggested Skylanders (for co-op play): Free Ranger, Fire Kraken/Jade Fire Kraken, LightCore Warnado, Fire Bone Hot Dog, Stink Bomb, Rattle Shake/Quickdraw Rattle Shake, Mega Ram Spyro/Series 3 Dark Spyro, Magna Charge/Nitro Magna Charge, Knockout Terrafin, Countdown/LightCore Countdown/Kickoff Countdown, and Grim Creeper.

As well as Hoot Loop/Enchanted Hoot Loop.

Scratching Hoot Loop, Ninjini/Scarlet Ninjini.

Scratching Hot Dog.
#7 Glumshanks 22:35:42 21/12/2013
Another great level, lots to do, Thanks for the walkthrough, I found all the seekerscope treasures, good rewards for upgrades ..... (*_*)
#6 gabiprem 22:35:35 06/12/2013
there are no seekerscopes in the wii version and the sneak zone is somewhere else in the wii version
#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:58:47 26/11/2013
Yes, the Dual Element Gate counts as an area for that.
#4 Joemckinsey456 00:50:15 26/11/2013
with the stage im missing an area, hats, winged sapphire. is this becasue there is no stleath swappers yet and earth swapper.
#3 Wash Zone 16:27:55 08/11/2013
Is there a catch with the seeker scope? Special type or power of Skylander or object from later levels? My family completed level 1 with 3 starts so we got everything there, but no scope at the end of the dock in level 2. There are only 4 or so boxes that we have destroyed to no avail. Thanks WZ
#2 HudsonDaOne 23:01:25 01/11/2013
lol @azz01! I am glad these are up! These are the number 1 best guides in all of skylands
#1 azz01 00:51:51 01/11/2013
First comment!

Also I still need to get the game but thanks Dark.

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