All of the Achievements/Trophies can be earned with just the Skylanders that are in the Starter Pack, but you may find that some will be easier with more Skylanders at hand. For guides to the levels and boss fights refer to the walkthrough.

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Obtain all other trophies.Platinum
Earn all of the other trophies to unlock this one.
Welcome To WoodburrowWelcome To WoodburrowComplete Mount Cloudbreak on any difficulty25 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 1, you only need to get to the end, getting all of the collectibles is not required.
Chieftess RescuedChieftess RescuedComplete Cascade Glade on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 2.
Swamp SecuredSwamp SecuredComplete Mudwater Hollow on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 3.
Ruins RompedRuins RompedComplete Rampant Ruins on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 4.
Glumshanks De-EvilizedGlumshanks De-EvilizedComplete Jungle Rumble on any difficulty25 / Bronze
Defeat Glumshanks in Chapter 5.
LawmanLawmanComplete Iron Jaw Gulch on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 6.
New Law in TownNew Law in TownComplete Motleyville on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 7.
Squid SquabbleSquid SquabbleComplete Twisty Tunnels on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 8.
Vexed ViperVexed ViperComplete Serpent's Peak on any difficulty25 / Bronze
Defeat the Fire Viper in Chapter 9.
Cold CaravanCold CaravanComplete Boney Islands on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 10.
Snowball Fight!Snowball Fight!Complete Winter Keep on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 11.
Blizzard BailoutBlizzard BailoutComplete Frostfest Mountains on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 12.
Puppet Master PoundedPuppet Master PoundedComplete Mesmeralda's Show on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Defeat Mesmeralda in Chapter 13.
Woods WettedWoods WettedComplete Fantasm Forest on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 14.
Kastle KrashedKastle KrashedComplete Kaos' Fortress on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Finish Chapter 15.
Kalamity AvertedKalamity AvertedComplete Motherly Mayhem on any difficulty15 / Bronze
Defeat Kaos' Mom in Chapter 16.
Kaos QuashedKaos QuashedComplete Cloudbreak Core on any difficulty25 / Bronze
Defeat Kaos in Chapter 17.
Boom!Boom!Light the fireworks in Woodburrow.10 / Bronze
At the top of the large tree you can find a box of fireworks that a Fire Skylander can light. With the Starter Pack that'd be Blast Zone. You can access the area after completing Chapter 3 Mudwater Hollow, jump up mushrooms sticking out of the left side.
Perch PlungePerch PlungeDive off the Tree in Woodburrow.10 / Bronze
Same place as the fireworks, use the magic circle to jump off into the pool below.
Champion of SkylandsChampion of SkylandsComplete all main chapters in Story Mode on any difficulty100 / Gold
You should get this at the same time as Kaos Quashed.
Times are HardTimes are HardComplete all main chapters in Story Mode on Hard difficulty150 / Gold
To complete a level on a specific difficulty you must change the difficulty before entering the level, although you can use a level's checkpoint to re-enter the level halfway through. Completing the levels on Nightmare will also unlock this.
Knight of NightmaresKnight of NightmaresComplete all main chapters in Story Mode on Nightmare difficulty200 / Gold
Once you've beaten the story mode on any difficulty you will unlock the new difficulty Nightmare, you can switch to it in the current save and then go through each story mode level one by one. You just need to reach the end of the levels to have them marked as being completed in Nightmare, no need to collect anything.
NewsworthyNewsworthyUse the signpost in Woodburrow to see the Message of the Day (online only).15 / Bronze
After defeating Glumshanks in Chapter 5 "Jungle Rumble" there will be a signpost next to where you start in Woodburrow. Interacting with it will activate the daily bonus.
Golem GraveyardGolem GraveyardDefeat 10 Golems10 / Bronze
These are the larger elemental enemies, the first one appears in Chapter 6 "Iron Jaw Gulch". There should be plenty of opportunity throughout the story to reach this total.
Race to the FinishRace to the FinishComplete your first Time Attack level10 / Bronze
After beating the story mode you will unlock Time Attack. Replay through any chapter you like and reach the end, the time achieved does not matter for this one.
Mad DashMad DashEarn a 3-star rating in any Time Attack level10 / Bronze
The quickest way of getting this is to switch to Easy difficulty and complete a boss chapter as they are fairly short - doing them on higher difficulties just ups the amount of time taken. If you do a proper level try to restrict going into elemental gates as although they give a time pause token they generally take longer to complete than the time you earn back.
Speed DemonSpeed DemonEarn a 3-star rating in 3 Time Attack levels15 / Bronze
Again Easy difficulty is going to be very helpful in getting through the enemies quickly. Skip any enemies that take more than a hit or two unless they are needed to open a Monster Gate.
Fastest One AroundFastest One AroundEarn a 3-star rating in 17 Time Attack levels20 / Silver
Easy difficulty all around, you'll really need it for the boss levels to defeat them in time.
Reach for the SkyReach for the SkyComplete your first Score Mode level10 / Bronze
After beating the story mode you will unlock Score Mode. Replay through any chapter you like and reach the end, the score achieved does not matter for this one.
Racking Up the PointsRacking Up the PointsEarn a 3-star rating in any Score Mode level10 / Bronze
The harder the difficulty the more points you earn from defeating an enemy and the more multiplier energy you get from hitting them, but also you will have to take longer to defeat them which gives them more time to hit you and lower your multiplier bonus. You want to try to get to the x30 max as quickly as possible so go into all the elemental gates, swap zones and secret areas to pick up the multiplier tokens - at least until you've hit x30, after that the tokens aren't worth very much and may not be worth your time. Do not let your Skylander die otherwise the multiplier will go back to x1, instead swap them out if you're having trouble.
High RollerHigh RollerEarn a 3-star rating in 3 Score Mode levels15 /Bronze
Remember to have the difficulty as high as you can comfortably play to maximise your points.
Winning StreakWinning StreakEarn a 3-star rating in 17 Score Mode levels20 / Silver
Keep the difficulty high to get more points from enemies.
New ChallengerNew ChallengerComplete your first Bonus Mission level10 / Bronze
The first opportunity to play a Bonus Mission is after completing Chapter 3 "Mudwater Hollow", there is a map provided for you to play even if you haven't found any in the levels yet "Chompy Challenge".
Up and ComingUp and ComingEarn a 3-star rating in any Bonus Mission level10 / Bronze
Like the Score Mode you will get more points on higher difficulty settings, try to build up your multiplier to its max as quickly as possible and keep it there.
Rising StarRising StarEarn a 3-star rating in 3 Bonus Mission levels15 / Silver
Two extra Bonus Missions that you can find with the Starter Pack are "Fruit Fight" in Chapter 1's Climb Swap Zone, and "Fishy Fishing" in the Climb Swap Zone of Chapter 4 "Rampant Ruins".
Heroic ChampionHeroic ChampionEarn a 3-star rating in 5 Bonus Mission levels20 / Gold
Another two Bonus Missions to find are "Royal Gems" in the Climb Swap Zone in Chapter 10 "Boney Islands" and "Chompy Sauce" in the Rocket Swap Zone in Chapter 14 "Fantasm Forest".
Slings and ArrowsSlings and ArrowsComplete your first Team Survival Arena level10 / Bronze
Requires a second player, the arenas unlock after defeating Glumshanks in Chapter 5 "Jungle Rumble". Any score will do, if you are only one person using two controllers then you can just let one of the Skylanders die, they don't both need to survive.
Enduring the OnslaughtEnduring the OnslaughtEarn a 3-star rating in any Team Survival Arena level10 / Silver
As with Score Mode and Bonus Missions you get more points if you're on a higher difficulty, balance that between the time taken to defeat the enemies and the number of times you are hit. If you're doing this solo then try to get rid of the other Skylander as quickly as possible to not damage your multiplier bonus.
Coming out AheadComing out AheadEarn a 3-star rating in 3 Team Survival Arena levels15 / Gold
Try to limit the number of times you're hit and play on the highest difficulty setting you are comfortable with.

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I've got the full 1000g on the last two games and I'm currently working on this game. I just need three more achievements; Fastest One Around, Winning Streak and Knight of Nightmares.
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