Coral Head Cove

Above the Sea

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Gain entry to the Robot Factory
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Water / Magic
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Teleport
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 7
  1. Vintage Baseball Cap
  2. Shark Hat
  3. The Outsider
  4. Fishing Hat
  5. Umbrella Hat
Vintage Baseball Cap Shark Hat The Outsider Fishing Hat Umbrella Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Jump along the turning purple shell platforms ahead of you and then over a short wooden bridge where there's a couple of Chompies and a ranged robot to defeat. Jump onto the back of one of the large purple sea creatures and wait for it to swim around to the opposite side, go up the slope avoiding the rolling coconuts to get to a village area. There's a troll, loads of Chompies and another robot to defeat to open the Monster Gate, don't go through it just yet though, instead go to the beach ball by the fountain and jump on it, it'll bounce you up onto the roof of the building where [Chest 1/7] is.

Carry on over the bridge towards a giant sandcastle, as you go around it to the right avoid the spikes and pass by the beach ball to continue all the way around the bottom and grab Vintage Baseball Cap [Hat 1/5 - Vintage Baseball Cap]. With that use the beach ball to bounce up to the next layer of the castle and go around the opposite side again, there's [Chest 2/7] on this layer to get before you use the beach ball to get to the next one. This penultimate layer is just some spikes and one last beach ball to take you to the bounce pad on the very top. Once you land go right into the Water Gate.

Water Challenge

Bounce pad over to the platforming area ahead, you'll be circling up to the right over gaps. Very basic stuff but watch out for the platforms covered in water as they're slippery, also watch out for the falling coconuts. At the top is a bounce pad that'll take you up to the present Shark Hat [Hat 2/5 - Shark Hat] and the exit.

Take the left path now over the bridge towards a set of enemies, at the back on the left just down the ledge is [Chest 3/7]. The next pair of circling sea creatures needs a bit more attention as there's a pair of oars turning around too that'll hit you, jump over that every time it comes by until you can jump onto the platform on the other side. To the right is the Teleport Swap Zone.

Teleport SWAP Zone

The first part of the Teleport Zone is not that much of a maze, just follow the only path you can to a pair of trolls and a Monster Gate. The next bit is much the same except that there are drops down to spikes so move in a general upwards direction after going through the gate. There's a few more enemies on the next bit of solid ground with another Monster Gate, after them it's only a short distance to the next enemy, just go up to the left and you'll reach the large flamethrowing pirate. With him dead drop down to the left and pause at the teleport sphere, if you go to the right over the spikes you can get [Chest 4/7], then come back and drop off to the left right back to the start where there's now The Outsider [Hat 3/5 - The Outsider] and the teleporter out of here.

More of those purple fish up next, and with even more oars to jump over. Go up the slope avoiding some more coconuts to another village with a fountain. On the left side you can jump up onto the flower thing next to a building and get [Chest 5/7]. Go into any of the three buildings and defeat the enemies inside. That'll rescue the gillman in here and cause [Chest 6/7] to appear. Now into another of the houses, there's just a few Chompies in here. And finally into the last remaining house, kill the robots around the outside and then smash through the crates to get the key underneath. Go out and open the locked gate in the village. The order that you enter the houses is what determines what is inside them.

Take the left path on the other side of the locked gate to go into the Magic Gate.

Magic Challenge

Fairly simple here, just go straight on avoiding the axes (look at the floor where they hit it to get an idea of exactly where they will damage you) and defeat the enemies along the way. Fishing Hat [Hat 4/5 - Fishing Hat] is up the steps at the end after the flamethrower.

Now take the right path over the bouncy beach umbrellas and then along the rotating shell platforms to a load of enemies. Defeat the flamethrower, the trolls and the robot to open up the Monster Gate by the door at the back (obviously follow the sign and don't go swimming in that black stuff). Don't bother pulling the lever just yet, instead carry on to the right and up the beach balls to the top, drop off the left just by the gate to get Umbrella Hat [Hat 5/5 - Umbrella Hat]. Drop down to the start and pull the lever and make your way up the balls and through the gate outside at the top.

The lever out here lowers a wall in the oil and opens up a laser gate to allow you to jump back down. Approach the edge of the oil and wait for the platforms to start moving, jump along them and up the steps at the end. Go right and back towards the camera, jump over a few rotating blades to get to [Chest 7/7]. Go back to where you exited the oil and carry straight on over the umbrellas. Work your way up the ramp with the robots on (on the right side just before the top you'll find a spare [Chest 8/7]), defeat the flamethrower guy at the top to lower a drawbridge that you can cross to finish the level.

Robot Factory

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Reach the Control Room
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 270
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Tech / Air
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Speed
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 5
  1. Turban
  2. Boater Hat
  3. Police Siren Hat
  4. Bottle Cap Hat
  5. Bacon Bandana
Turban Boater Hat Police Siren Hat Bottle Cap Hat Bacon Bandana
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 8:20

Forwards over the bridge towards a few Corn Hornets and a ranged troll by a Monster Gate. Don't go through the Monster Gate though, instead go up the left path to the first [Chest 1/5], next go up the right path to the Tech Gate.

Tech Challenge

Jump down to the path below and round the corner to a series of large rotating gears, jump along the ones sticking out of the walls and then up the ones rising and lowering until you get to solid ground with a troll and [Chest 2/5] on it. Jump onto the moving platforms and get to the highest one of the four, jump from it onto the second set of four and wait to be taken around near the exit where there's a couple more trolls and Turban [Hat 1/5 - Turban].

Now you can go through the Monster Gate, approach the grey square at the back of it and activate the elevator. You'll now have to defeat a load of Corn Hornets, robots and one large drill enemy before the game will let you move on. Once you're done go forwards up the ramp past a few more enemies and over to a set of conveyor belts. The ends that the belts are moving towards have a furnace that blasts out every so often so try to avoid getting to close to those parts when you're making your way up them.

At the top you'll see the last conveyor belt going off to the right, don't follow it instead go backwards to the left along it to a section with Boater Hat [Hat 2/5 - Boater Hat]. Now you can go along that last conveyor belt, you'll need to watch out for the closing and opening blocks along the way, jump off the end down to a set of rotating laser things.

Jump the lasers as they pass by going forwards along another conveyor belt and then down off the end. Go a little further down and then to the right where there's [Chest 3/5] in the corner, with that go forwards past the goop on the floor to some Corn Hornets by a Monster Gate, once the gate is down pull the lever behind it. That'll raise one piston and activate the left bounce pad. Use it. If you go straight down instead of going to the left you'll get [Chest 4/5], go back up and then take the left path down to a couple of trolls by another Monster Gate. There's another lever behind to pull and a bounce pad to jump on.

That will take you over to the right bounce pad. Go around to the right edge of the lava pit and turn the wheel to activate all the platforms. Jump on the nearest one and make your way closer to the middle each jump, however do not go through the door just yet. Instead wait to go around the back of the structure, on one part there's [Chest 5/5] and on the other there's Police Siren Hat [Hat 3/5 - Police Siren Hat], once you have both of them ride a platform around to the front and go through the door. Take a bomb and throw it at the blockage on the right up the ramp, there's just a few Corn Hornets before you reach the switch to raise the last piston.

Cross over the pistons and go through the door to the outside. To the left up a ramp is a spare [Chest 6/5] as well as a few enemies, keep on down the other side of the ramp to kill some more enemies by the Monster Gate. Again don't go through that gate but instead go further right to the Air Gate.

Air Challenge

Up the ramp and into the teleporter to land on a flying carpet. Start jumping up the platforms, you can stand on the shorter sides but they're a little too high to jump to from the circular platforms, you may just need to use them as you're going up. At the top is a bounce pad that'll take you over to Bottle Cap Hat [Hat 4/5 - Bottle Cap Hat] and the exit.

Now through the archway and inside again. Avoid the giant rollers moving back and forth as you run forwards, at the far end you'll see the Speed Swap Zone.

Speed SWAP Zone

As you speed along with the Speed Power make sure to counteract the conveyor belts that are trying to push you off to the sides. At the end of the first section is a wheel to turn, you need to hold the Y button until it's fully open instead of just pressing it. Then once the path is fully open use your speed to get through it before it slams shut again. There's a few enemies and then another bit of speeding, first over some gaps and then through some rollers. Out the other end is a set of enemies by a Monster Gate, the gate will lower to reveal a bomb. Grab the bomb and race along the left side to get to the blockage in time to throw the bomb. Behind it is Bacon Bandana [Hat 5/5 - Bacon Bandana].

And forwards through some more rollers to reach a second elevator. Activate it and start fighting. The last set of enemies will be with the second drill guy. Once you reach the bottom get off the elevator and down to a splitting path. You'll need to go both left and right to get two keys that are needed to go down the middle.

First we go left. Jump along the pipes watching out for the steam coming out of them, pause on the last one to wait for the nearest furnace to switch off, then jump down and run along the conveyor belt. Jump over the gap with the moving laser beam and step onto the bounce pad. Move forwards to activate the enemies, there'll be a few waves before the Monster Gate drops and you can get the key and teleport back out to the middle.

Now to the right. It's another set of rollers and pistons to run through. At the end you'll find a Lock Puzzle to solve. This one you at least have the opportunity to mess up. The solution is Rx2, Lx4, Rx3. Grab the key, teleport back and go forwards to the locked gate to finish the level.

Robot Assembly Center

Story MissionChallenges
  • Check Mark Defeat Count Moneybone
  • Check Mark Take no damage from rolling charge
  • Check Mark Elemental Match - Water
  • Check Mark SWAP Force Match - Speed
  • Check Mark Don't Eat Food
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Straight into the boss fight. First kill the small enemies that come in on the conveyor belts off to the left and right sides, eventually you'll start Boss Wave 1. Watch out for his initial ranged sawblade attack, it'll be quite a wide attack but if you stand still you should be okay, after that just try to stay a short distance away from him and move out of the way each time he raises his hands to do either a punch attack or use his flamethrower. If you're too far away he'll do the ranged attack that can be more difficult to avoid if you're moving. After you've inflicted a load of damage he'll collapse into a ball and begin rolling around the arena, the safest thing to do is just to stand still near the edge, move out of the way if it looks like he's rolling towards you but otherwise you should be fine. After he stops rolling attack him so that he's knocked into the compactor at the back of the arena, then pull the lever on the right.

Another wave of enemies will start pouring in, there's some ranged robots in this set but nothing too dramatic. The same thing as before will happen with Moneybone, keep attacking until he rolls up. After that knock him into the crusher again. The third wave of enemies has a large robot that smacks the ground, once they're all dead Moneybone will attack again. Same procedure as before to finish off the fight.

Back in Boom Town before you head off to the next level you might want to go by the surfer guy's place, he's to the left of the Prospector's shop on a new pier. There's a present on the platform with Life Preserver [Hat - Life Preserver] inside. Now you can go talk to Flynn.


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