Chapter 6: Iron Jaw Gulch


Marshal Wheellock PlushyMarshal Wheellock PlushyMarshal Wheellock PlushyMarshal Wheellock PlushyMarshal Wheellock Plushy
Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure Chest
Wind-Up Soul GemGrim Creeper Soul GemGrilla Drilla Soul Gem
Legendary TreasureLegendary Treasure
Gaucho HatZombeanie
Bonus Mission Map
Winged Sapphire
Story Scroll

Turn around and smash the little water tower on the left to get the first Marshal Wheellock Plushy [Marshal Wheellock Plushy 1/5], once you've got it head over to Marshal Wheellock himself by the Iron Jaw Gulch sign to have a brief chat. Go through under the sign to meet a Pirate Powderkeg, and yep they are just Blunderbusses all dressed up. Hit the switch on the left to bring out a bridge to cross over.

Iron Jaw Gulch (Magic)

Kill the piratey Chompies and the Powderkeg that's shooting at you from the side before jumping onto the bounce pad to the right of the end of the bridge, in the air above it is Marshal Wheellock Plushy [Marshal Wheellock Plushy 2/5]. If you then jump off the far edge of the platform you can get down to some lower platforms leading towards another Powderkeg and Wind-Up Soul Gem [Soul Gem 1/3 - Wind-Up]. Jump back up the platforms to hit the switch back at the top.

A Fire Geargolem will appear in the middle of the next platform, these are large enemies that set a line of fire down in front of themselves. Just circle around it and it'll pause to blast some fire whereupon you can start attacking perfectly safe. It doesn't even have a shield so unless you're just standing there in one spot it shouldn't be too dangerous or difficult to destroy. A few Chompies will appear once you've defeated it, head straight on into the background onto a circular platform that is actually an elevator.

Cactus Pass (Magic)

As you get off the elevator you'll spot a Giant chest to open as well as a Rocket Swap Zone.

Storm of Sands (Rocket)

The thing in here starts after the first food zone, the mines will begin to make circling movements making it difficult to know exactly how far away you are from them, try to make good use of pausing before boosting through a pair that are moving together and apart as there should be a fair bit of extra time left over if you're boosting the rest of the way.

Reward for completing it is Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 1/2 - Jolly Greeble].

To the left of the Rocket Zone is a path with a couple of mines floating about on it, you can't actually destroy the mines (except by getting damaged by them) so you'll just have to be careful when walking past them. At the end there is a kangarat called Terrel who wants you to go inside to find a handle.

The Canteen (Magic)

To unlock the gate you need to jump on all four "Ho-Down Squares" without touching the ground between them. You can hit the same one multiple times just don't hit the floor. Use your shadow to help guide you where you're landing. Once you've done it successfully the door at the back will swing open and reveal the handle that Terrel was after. Pick it up and go outside.

Put it in place by approaching the switch and then pull it to bring out the bridge.

Impenetrable Fort (Magic)

Pirate Slamspins are your new enemy, these are similar to the Arkeyan Rip-rotors in that they spin around in an invulnerable state for a while before getting tired and stopping to let you attack them. Once you've killed one of them a pair of Powderkegs will appear and start helping attack you, once all of the enemies are dead you'll start being bombarded by the attack ships - stay out of the red circles! Another Powderkeg, Slamspin and a Geargolem will appear during this, take out the two smaller enemies while you work on defeating the Geargolem in the middle.

Get into the cannon and fire yourself at the airship. Once you land you'll see a Dual Air and Tech Gate (on the Wii version you'll also find the level's Dig Swap Zone here as well as a Power Pod).

Sky Gear Gulch (Air)

Go up onto the gear platform and pull the lever, that'll bring down some more gears to jump up. Go along the middle path up to a larger rotating platform with another lever in the middle. Pull it and then use the bounce pad to the right to get up onto the tall stack of gears with a third lever to pull. Jump down to the next platform and attack the four Powderkegs that are circling the locked lever, once they're defeated the lever will be able to be pulled. This brings down a gear with the present Gaucho Hat [Hat 1/2 - Gaucho Hat] on as well as a lever to get back to the entrance.

Before going into the building use the bounce pad outside to get up onto the roof of it. Up there is Marshal Wheellock Plushy [Marshal Wheellock Plushy 3/5]. Drop down and head inside.

Huckster's Hutch (Fire)

Another Ho-Down Square task, this time they're moving so you'll really need to pay attention to your shadow when you're jumping between them. Solving it opens the door and gives you a way out.

Sun Smoked Strand (Fire)

Another kangarat, Squink, wants you to find another missing handle. Before you go inside the building on the left use the bounce pad next to it to get up on its roof. In the middle you'll see a water tower with a Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 1/3] hiding beneath it, the problem is the mines that are circling, luckily there's a gap in the mines at one point so wait for it to come round before jumping and smashing down the water tower.

Jump back down and go inside.

Cuddy's Cottage (Fire)

The handle is over on the bed at the back on the right, kill the Slamshock and the Chompy Pod first and then go pick it up. If you bounce on the bed several times it'll break and spew out some coins, the bed in the left corner will also spew out Marshal Wheellock Plushy [Marshal Wheellock Plushy 4/5] if you bounce on it enough times to break it.

Outside again get rid of a few Chompies and then pull the lever once you've put it into place. Immediately as you get across you'll spot a Dig Swap Zone (in the Wii version this is found earlier in the level, near the Dual Element gate).

Submerged Sands (Dig)

This one has minecarts zooming back and forth through the darkness, stay out of their way as they'll do a fair bit of damage if they hit you. The bonus gems are all in the wrong direction down the tracks, your best opportunity to get them is after digging up the second crystal. Reward for digging up the third crystal is a Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire].

Go to the left of the Dig Zone and drop down off the edge to a section below where there's a bunch of mines. Walk through the two moving ones to get to a couple of Powderkegs that you'll want to defeat. Use the bounce pad behind the second one to bounce up again to Grim Creeper Soul Gem [Soul Gem 2/3 - Grim Creeper]. You're now right above Marshal Wheellock so drop down but I'd say go into the building on the right first.

Quaint Cottage (Fire)

In here is a Spark Lock "Let's Take This to the Next Level". Move Shock left and then right to hit the blue and green buttons. Switch to Bolt and move him left two spaces onto the green platforms, go back to Shock and press the green button again to lift Bolt up (keep Shock on the button). Switch to Bolt and grab the green lightning bolt. Then head to the bottom end of the green platforms and go down to move to the left and press wait on the red platform. Switch to Shock and stand on the currently lowered blue platform, switch to Bolt and press the blue button. Have Shock go grab his lightning bolt before doubling back down to where the sliding platforms meet, switch to Bolt and bring them together to open up Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 2/3]. All there is in the beds are coins. (In the Wii version this is just a regular Treasure Chest, no puzzle here).

Go into the house on the left to start looking for another missing handle.

Iron Jaw Inn (Fire)

A bit of a fight is going on in here, take out the Powderkegs and the Chompy Pod to settle the score. Again the beds in here just dispense coins. Grab the handle and go back outside to use it.

Over the bridge is a new enemy, the Evilized Kangarat. These are different to previous Evilized things in their attack pattern, they'll jump up into the air and create a target circle where they'll smash down. Once they've hit the ground they'll be stuck for a few seconds so that's your chance to attack them. With the first one defeated a whole load of Chompies will appear before being joined by a second Evilized Kangarat and two Slamshocks. Once they're all gone jump into the cannon and destroy the second airship.

10,000 Gallon Hat (Undead)

Checkpoint! To the right of the Power Pod is a Tech Gate.

Pump Station (Tech)

Pull the lever to be taken up into a side-scrolling section. Go to the right, there's loads of revolving and rotating gears to jump onto and over, up some moving platforms, but all the time headed in the right direction. At the end you'll pick up a Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 2/2 - Tik-Tok Neck Clock] off the floor (somebody forgot to wrap it!) and pull a lever to get back out again.

Go left up past a single mine and then a set of four circling around. On the far side of them is a door to go through.

Kangarat Groove Hut (Undead)

The setup in here is another load of Ho-Down Squares rotating about, remember that you can bounce on squares that you've already bounced on so you can do it in any order you like. Once you've managed it grab the handle from the back of the room and go back outside to place it and pull it.

As you cross the bridge you should notice a second part of the bridge appear on the left, double back and go up the steps that it forms to grab Story Scroll [Story Scroll], careful of the mines. Jump down and continue along the lower bridge to a circular area where some enemies attack. As you're taking out the two Evilized Kangarats watch out for the Powderkegs shooting at you from above, be careful not to jump into the cannonballs when you're getting out of the way. When one Kangarat is defeated a Fire Geargolem will appear, once the second is gone the Powderkegs will jump down to join. There's a Life Gate along the back wall.

Grooving Gardens (Life)

Jump up onto the large mushroom and interact to be taken away to some more platforms. Head forwards and you'll notice that the platforms ahead are actually Ho-Down Squares, some that are flipping over and some that are just rotating, your task is to jump on each one of them without falling off. To do that use the rotating ones to bounce on while you wait for the flipping ones to turn the right way round, your shadow should be very useful here. The reward is in a present at the end, it's Bonus Mission Map [Bonus Mission Map 1/1 - Egg Royale].

Time to go right through the monster gate you just opened.

Okey-Dokey Corral (Undead)

Go past a mine and then use the bounce pad next to a trio of mines to reach the last of Marshal Wheellock Plushy [Marshal Wheellock Plushy 5/5]. Over to the right of the mines is a Teleport Swap Zone.

Hourglass Blink (Teleport)

This one introduces laser beams to avoid, you can see the crystals over on the left side and hear them powering up to burst a light beam horizontally across the platforms. Don't run into it, it hurts. The platform layout is also a little odder, it's more of a plus sign than a square this time. Reward is Zombeanie [Hat 2/2 - Zombeanie].

Go forwards past another mine to some enemies. Kill the Slamshocks and Chompies and then smash the water tower on the left to find Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 3/3] underneath it. A little further on kill the Chompy Pod to reveal a bounce pad that'll let you get up to Grilla Drilla Soul Gem [Soul Gem 3/3 - Grilla Drilla] beneath another little water tower. Go down and then up to the elevator at the end.

Last Train West (Undead)

Time for the last fight of the level. Defeat the two Powederkegs in the middle of the mines and a couple of Evilized Kangarats will start to attack, they're just as easy to defeat as ever but watch out for the mines when you're moving out of their way. With those down a Fire Geargolem and three Slamshocks will turn up, take out the Slamshocks as you circle the Geargolem and finish him off to complete the fight. Jump into the cannon to take out the final airship.


We may be in a rush to get where we're going but there's apparently enough time to return to Woodburrow and have a chat with somebody unrelated to the plot. A Kangarat called Tibbet is now over in the Trophy Room, which is up the stairs to the right of the Power Pod. He'll give you Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure - Navigator Compass] and unlock the ability to finally use your Legendary Treasures. Approach the pedestal next to him and press the interact button, select one of your Legendary Treasures that you like the bonus for and activate it. If you wish to deactivate a Legendary Treasure you have to return to the pedestal you put it on and choose a different Legendary Treasure to use, you can't actually make it blank again.

And that is it. There are a few more Pedestals across Woodburrow but a lot of them are restricted to needing a higher level Portal Master Rank. One that you'll probably be able to use is at the entrance to the Great Hollow as it's only level 5 required. Go talk to Tessa to get going to Motleyville.

#6 Glumshanks 10:19:56 27/12/2013
Some areas were a little frustrating but I managed to get 3 stars (*_*)
#5 SkylandersGamer 14:50:17 22/12/2013
This game is cow @$$ making u need to be a level to buy hats and bonus missions and legendary treasures and get new Skylanders to unlock zones that aren't fun
#4 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 13:35:07 21/12/2013
I believe that's a difference unique to the Wii version.
#3 rkturty 23:32:33 05/12/2013
the Dig Swap Zone comes way before you say it does
#2 mega spyro 17:03:31 05/11/2013
Like in level one where if you want to 100% it you have to run out and buy an air skylander even if you bought the dark starter pack
#1 mario7604 05:47:06 04/11/2013
Aw, now I can't get the Winged Sapphire in this level cuz I don't have a Dig Skylander. smilie Hate how now they're making you buy more to get more ingame stuff.

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