Charms are permanent stat improvements that you earn by completing Survival Arena Challenges and Bonus Missions.

The colour of the clover represents what kind of stats it boosts. Green is Armor, Purple is Food and Speed, Blue is Elemental, Red is Critical Hit, and Yellow is Money and XP.

Air Freshener+5 Corrupt Creature ArmorMissionCursed Statues
Big Pants+10 Maximum HealthArenaBeach Breach
Body Armor+4 ArmorMissionTreble Theft
Charmed Actions+3 Elemental Luck BoostMissionThief on the Run
Cyclops Swatter+1 Critical Hit MultiplierArenaSand Castle
Delicious Food+5 Food GainArenaChomp Chomp Chompies
Eight Leaf Clover+4 LuckArenaBeware of the Bird
Electro Magnet+5 Pickup RangeMissionMagic Cells
Element Deflect+5 Golem ArmorMissionGolem Invasion
Elemental Fist+2 Elemental Strength BoostMissionSerpent Attack
Elemental Fortune+2 Elemental LuckMissionUndercover Greebles
Elemental Noms+5 Elemental Food BoostArenaSuper Hungry Gobble Pods
Elemental Outlet+2 Elemental PowerMissionEgg Royale
Elemental Shield+2 Elemental Armor BoostMissionChompy Challenge
Eye Poker+5 Cyclops ArmorMissionSweet Blizzard
Four Leaf Clover+2 LuckMissionPlants vs Cakes
Golden Abacus+5 Gold BoostTuk's (Portal Master Rank 30)
Good Luck Charm+1 Critical Hit %ArenaCyclops Makeover
Gourmet Meal+5 Food GainArenaBoarding Party
Greeble Be Gone+5 Greeble ArmorMissionChompy Sauce
Greeble Grappler+1 Critical Hit MultiplierArenaShellshock's Curse
Health Extender+50 Maximum HealthArenaSnake in the Hole
Impervious+5 Ranged ArmorArenaTroll Beach Attack
Instant Experience+5 XP BoostArenaPerfect Captain
Kaos Kruncher+1 Critical Hit MultiplierArenaExploding Snowmen
Life Elixir+100 Maximum HealthTuk's (Portal Master Rank 19)
Luck of the Mabu+1 Critical Hit %ArenaChompy Tsunami
Mage Masher+1 Critical Hit MultiplierArenaSheep Mage Rage
Major Meal+5 Food GainMissionMaster Chef
Might of the Ancients+3 Elemental Strength BoostMissionGhost Traps
Mountain's Resolve+3 Elemental Armor BoostArenaVortex Banquet
Overcharged+1 Critical Hit MultiplierTuk's (Portal Master Rank 39)
Pointy Spear+1 Critical Hit %ArenaPokey Pokey Spikes
Power Blend+1 Critical Hit %ArenaSand-Pit-Fall
Power Clover+6 LuckArenaChunky Chompies
Rabbit's Foot+1 Critical Hit %MissionFishy Fishing
Rocket Propellant+1 SpeedTuk's (Portal Master Rank 50)
Small Shield+2 ArmorMissionSleepy Turtles
Sword Breaker+5 Melee ArmorArenaAngry Angry Plants
Tasty Food+5 Food GainMissionFruit Fight
Ultimate Defense+6 ArmorArenaIcicle Bombing
Unbridled Energy+10 Elemental PowerMissionFrigid Fright
Vitamin Supplements+15 Elemental Food BoostMissionFrozen Delight
Wizard Repellent+5 Spell Punk ArmorMissionRoyal Gems

Four arenas require the Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Piece and another four require the Sheep Wreck Island Adventure Piece to unlock.

#6 Stephini 12:46:35 07/07/2015
Can someone explain how I can be missing Greeble Be Gone despite having 3 stars on that mission?
#5 HudsonDaOne 17:55:21 02/04/2014
Which is the best charm?
#4 TheShadowDragon 16:35:14 03/01/2014
Thanks to all of these awesome charms, we won't have to complete those time-wasting Heroic Challenges in either Spyro's Adventure or Giants. This is one of my many reasons why I love Swap Force even more.
#3 wreckingballbob 15:32:41 03/01/2014
V The Arkeyan Crossbow and Sheep Wreck Island both unlock survival arenas.
#2 AWal 03:44:40 03/01/2014
So this time around survival arenas unlock with the battle piece? Interesting...
#1 Rickorio 02:15:03 03/01/2014
First post again!

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