Sky Docks

Sky Docks Beanie Fancy Ribbon Aviator's Cap Trucker Hat Fire Spin

Ancient Woods

Spooky Woods Stone Hat Flower Fairy Hat Flower Garland Puma Hat Life Undead Sneak Dig
Toadstool Terrace Elf Hat Tree Branch Carrot Hat Four Winds Hat Awesome Hat Water Air Speed Spin
Fountain Springs Gloop Hat Safari Hat Showtime Hat Eyefro Magic Earth Teleport Climb
The Fuel Machine Life Spin

Crystal Caverns

Shimmer Shard Shire Leprechaun Hat Atom Hat Traffic Cone Hat Asteroid Hat Earth Fire Speed Rocket
Crystal Caverns Battle Helmet Biter Hat Tricorn Hat Bowling Pin Hat Feathered Headdress Undead Air Teleport
Twilight Fortress Dangling Carrot Hat Officer Hat Crystal Hat Boonie Hat Life Tech Dig

Coral Head Cove

Above the Sea Vintage Baseball Cap Shark Hat The Outsider Fishing Hat Umbrella Hat Water Magic Teleport
Robot Factory Turban Boater Hat Police Siren Hat Bottle Cap Hat Bacon Bandana Tech Air Speed
Robot Assembly Center Water Speed

Samurai Islands

Samurai Springs Nefertiti Hat Firefighter Helmet Stovepipe Hat Elephant Hat Water Magic Spin
Bonsai Bay Kufi Hat Dancer Hat Beacon Hat Tiger Skin Cap Earth Life Bounce
Fire Flow Valley Rasta Hat Turkey Hat Archer Hat Caesar Hat Bearskin Cap Fire Tech Climb

Undead Fiesta

The Party Town Scrumshanks Hat Sombrero Gaucho Hat Paper Fast Food Hat Fire Magic Rocket
Down the River Sawblade Hat Mariachi Hat Deely Boppers Pants Hat Water Life Bounce Dig
The Haunted Villa Lampshade Hat Card Shark Hat Purple Fedora Teeth Top Hat Earth Air Climb Bounce

Clockwork Castle

Clockwork Castle Capuchon Princess Hat Roundlet Knight Helm Fire Tech Sneak
Clockwork Arena Tech Rocket

Adventure Packs

The Tower of Time Ski Cap Graduation Hat Greeble Hat Future Hat Pilgrim Hat Water Tech Rocket
Sheep Wreck Island Funnel Hat Zombeanie Glittering Tiara Sailor Hat Toy Soldier Hat Undead Earth Sneak

#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 21:26:09 13/03/2014
And there we go, walkthrough complete.
#2 SkylandersGamer 02:18:34 07/03/2014
^ cool!
#1 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 18:52:58 05/03/2014
I will be adding a new section to the walkthrough every day for the next week.

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