Adventure Pack: Tower of Time


Tool BoxTool BoxTool Box
Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure Chest
Legendary TreasureLegendary TreasureLegendary Treasure
Leprechaun HatBeanie
Bonus Mission Map
Winged SapphireWinged Sapphire
Story Scroll

To access the Tower of Time Adventure Pack you must first place your Tower of Time Adventure Piece on the Portal of Power during play. This will bring the tower to Woodburrow, you can find it on the eastern edge behind the training dummies. Either approach the tower itself or select the level from the level select menu to start playing.

Approach the Timekeeper standing next to the Time Freeze Switch, hit the switch at any time, once the Timekeeper has stopped interrupting you hit it again when the boards are lined up so you can cross. That'll pause time and give you just enough to get across before it unpauses.

Times Circle

There are three clockwork Cadet Crushers hanging out by another Time Switch in the middle of the area, if you hit the switch that'll pause the enemies too so you can freely attack them without worry about being hit by their hammers. It will unpause after a little so just keep on pausing it again to take out all three easily, just be careful when they're coming out of the freeze not to let them hit you.

Go through the gate that the Timekeeper opens up for you on the other side of the area. The Time Switch here needs a little more precision and timing to get the boards aligned but if you're a little off you can probably still just jump over the gaps. Approach the next Timekeeper over by a valve that you can turn to toggle two platforms, jump onto the lowered one on the right after hitting the valve to be raised up to the platform above where there's a key. Jump back down and open the locked door.

Steam Works

Go to the right side of the area to find a Tech Gate.

Rickard's Gear (Tech)

Use the Time Switch when the boards at the back are up and then hit the valve behind them, quickly jump to the left onto the lowered piston and wait for time to start up again and be lifted up. The next set of boards requires you to jump onto them in normal time to hit the Time Switch on them, jump off the far end to the valve.

Hit the valve to raise up the platform to your right (you can ride it up to get a few coins but it's not essential), pull the valve again and quickly go back over to the left to stand on the now lowered piston (the Time Switch in the middle can help). Up top you'll find a present with Leprechaun Hat [Hat 1/2 - Leprechaun Hat] inside. Stand on the large piston at the back and throw yourself back towards the start of the zone.

Not quite done in here though, hit the Time Switch so that the boards at the back are up and you can hit the valve in the middle of them, then go to the right onto the lowered piston and ride that up to Tool Box [Tool Box 1/3]. Now you can leave.

Use the valve out here to get up to the key, no need to use the Time Switch for that one. Jump down and hit the valve again but instead of racing straight to the piston on the left first go to the Time Switch so that you have enough time to reach the left piston and ride it up.

Through the locked gate now you'll encounter some more enemies including a clockwork Boom Boss standing up on the platforms at the back. Remember to use the Time Switch to get the advantage over them. A few more enemies will spawn in before you're done fighting here. Go through the monster gate once it's open.

Hit the valve and then the Time Switch and rush over to the piston over on the right to get up to a building you can go inside. It's not an actual named place but it does have Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 1/3 - Waterfall Decanter] inside in a present.

To the right of the building is a Dig Swap Zone.

Tick Tock Tunneling (Dig)

This dig zone has giant rolling boulders to avoid, just be patient and you'll have plenty of time to get past each one. I'd recommend going to the right crystal first before heading to the left and up to the back. The reward for getting all three is a Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire 1/2].

Jump back down and go turn the valve before rushing to hit the Time Switch and then jumping onto the piston on the left. The next Time Switch needs you to match up the two sets of folding platforms so that they're all up at the same time, go across them and then up around the tree to the nest where you'll find the first gear. Jump into Flynn's balloon to ride it back to the town square.

Walk up the steps to the door and the gear will automatically go into place, unfortunately you'll be attacked by some enemies including a new Time Spell Punk. These can unfreeze time so you'll have to take them out before using a Time Switch (it does pause for a short time though so it might still be helpful), they've also got a nasty projectile attack that they'll fire at you to avoid. Once you've got rid of it and the Crushers a Timekeeper will open another door for you.

Wind Works (Air)

Jump over the floating platforms to reach a block puzzle, there's a giant fan blowing that'll push the block back where you pushed it from so quickly hit the nearby Time Switch before it does that and use the steps on the right to get up and over the block to the left.

Here you'll find another set of enemies with a Time Spell Punk helping them, take it out and another will replace it but no more will replace that second one so get time pausing after that to clear up the remaining enemies. Before going through the monster gate go to the left side over a bridge to the Story Scroll [Story Scroll], now you can go through the gate. On the left is a Spin Swap Zone.

Spinning Cogs (Spin)

The zone is fairly typical of spin zones except that the target is a bit off centre, the edges are also a little heavily made up of the destructible elements than usual so be careful, especially when trying to get the bonus gems. The reward for smashing the Kaos Statue is another Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire 2/2].

To the right is a large windmill with platforms attached to a rope, jump on one of the platforms and ride it up to solid ground on the right. There are a few enemies up here although oddly no Time Switch. So destroy them and shake open the Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 1/3] that's by the building. The next set of windmill platforms up to the right is your destination now, either ride one all the way down to the bottom or just jump straight from the top to land on a platform at the bottom with Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 2/3 - Volcano Party Pass]. Get back onto the moving platforms and ride up to the top right.

Up top you'll find another block fan puzzle but first go left into the building, kill the two Crushers and the Boom Boss to get the Giant chest and then go up the steps and out through the back door at the top left. Out here you'll find Tool Box [Tool Box 2/3] (in the Wii version the Tool Box is just above the moveable block in the puzzle, push it and then jump onto it from a platform and wait to be pushed to the starting position). Back out to the block puzzle again.

Push the block left and get next to the Time Switch to wait for it to be blown to the back right corner and then pull it and rush up the steps on the right to get on top of the block and grab the key from the ledge. Push the block again but this time stop time when it's in the back left corner, go up the left steps to get onto the block and over to the locked gate.

Just a simple time pause you'll find behind it, pause it when the rotating blades are out of the way and quickly move over the bridge to the checkpoint!

On the right is the Power Pod but on your left is an Air Gate.

Windianapolis (Air)

More block puzzles ahoy! Push the block towards the fan and jump left to hit the Time Switch quickly before it gets pushed back, then quickly over to the left side of the block and push it to the right. Still in the time pause run up the ramp next to where the block now is and jump onto the block to ride it across the gap and at the last moment jump off onto a bounce pad (if you miss this another block will appear shortly to try again).

Push the next block forwards and then to the left, hit the Time Switch as it moves to the back left corner and quickly jump up the steps on the left side to get up onto the block. It'll get pushed to the right where you can quickly jump off and shake open the Bonus Mission Map [Bonus Mission Map 1/1 - Serpent Attack].

Go straight on over the floating platform to encounter a Clock Geargolem. This large enemy is constantly spinning and cannot take damage until you pause time, then it stops spinning and can take damage. So get past it and jump up the platforms at the back to hit the Time Switch behind the Boom Boss. There's no spell punk here so it shouldn't be too much trouble.

As soon as you hit the Time Switch in the next section a Time Spell Punk will appear up on the platform at the back, you're going to want to push the block left and then stand on the slightly raised platform in the middle waiting for the block to almost align with the Spell Punk's platform and then hit the Time Switch, very quickly jump on it and over to the Spell Punk before it gets the chance to unfreeze time. Destroy the Spell Punk and the puzzle becomes solvable. Push the block to the back right corner, freeze time and jump up the steps on the right to get over the block.

Now just head up the tree to get the second gear. In the fight with Cluck you can use the Time Switch to increase the amount of time he's on the ground but you can still just do it all in regular time if you like but it's a lot quicker to pause time, just make sure to jump over the energy blasts each time he lands. After a while he'll start smashing down three times before stopping. And then he'll disappear entirely and bring in a few regular enemies for you to attack - watch out for Cluck's attacks from above though as they will keep coming even during time freezes. With those gone Cluck'll start smashing down again. Before his health runs out he'll retreat and end the fight.

Water Works (Water)

Jump over the lilypads to get to the Water Works. Up a bounce pad to the left is a Dual Life and Water Gate.

Clock Springs (Life)

Follow the bounce pads up, keep moving in the air to land on the smaller platforms until you get to some enemies. At the back on the right is Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 2/3], use the bounce pad to get up to the monster gate once you've cleared out the enemies on the lower level and then up some more bounce pads. At the end you'll find Beanie [Hat 2/2 - Beanie] and another large bounce pad to get out of here.

Bounce over to a water block puzzle. Here you turn the blue wheel to cause the water jets to toggle and push the floating block to the opposite side, what you want to do is hit the Time Switch and jump onto the block to ride it to the right side when time unpauses and jump up to get the key at the top. Jump down and turn the wheel again but this time pause it so that you can jump straight up to the locked gate.

Over another bounce pad you'll get to a fight. This one has a clockwork version of the Loose Cannon type of enemy. The Time Switch in the middle should be helpful but note that you cannot use the bounce pad at the back during a time pause so you'll have to attack the Boom Boss up there in normal time. Once they're all gone some lilypads will appear to let you move on.

Mount Clockmore

Attack the two Crushers and then go left to a Climb Swap Zone.

Windy Tower (Climb)

This climbing zone features fans that'll push you to the side, if there's a rotating saw blade there you'll want to rush past the fan at the other end to reduce the chance of getting pushed into it. Get to the top and you get Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 3/3 - Epic Soap of Froth].

Bounce up from where you fought those two Crushers to a building you can go inside. In there is Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 3/3]. Go back out and then bounce over to another water block puzzle.

No need to hit anything yet, just jump onto the first block as it goes past and then grab the key from the top platform. Jump back to the wheel to turn it, wait for the block to fully go to the bottom end and then turn it again trying to match the movement of the moving block, press the Time Switch to pause it so you can jump onto the second block and then wait for time to unfreeze so you can get Tool Box [Tool Box 3/3] from the platform next to where you just got the key. It'll bounce you back to the middle, return to the wheel and this time pause it so that you can reach the gate on the right.

Time for a fight with a Clock Geargolem but also a Time Spell Punk. Get around the Geargolem and use the bounce pad at the back to get up to the Spell Punk. A Loose Cannon will also appear once you get up there but just focus on the Spell Punk so that you can begin pausing time again. With the Geargolem dead you'll be able to bounce out of here.

Another water block puzzle awaits. Turn the wheel once and then hit the Time Switch to cause a Time Spell Punk to appear, you'll be able to jump straight over to it to destroy it. Get back and turn the wheel again, pause time just as it passes the end to jump onto it and ride it over to the key when it unpauses. Bounce pad back and turn the wheel twice and pause it at the same point to get over to the locked gate.

Time for another fight. No Spell Punks here right now so destroy the Loose Cannon and the Crushers before bouncing up to the right to kill the Boom Boss. That'll bring in some more enemies, stay up there to defeat the next Boom Boss before crossing over to the opposite side and killing the Spell Punk. Now you should be okay to destroy the Clock Geargolem that's appeared.

Bounce over to the tree and ascend it to get the third gear.

Tower of Time (Magic)

Go into the tower, up the stairs and onto the large circular elevator, go to the middle of it and wait to reach the first stop of the tower. Take out the two Time Spell Punks and then go off the side of the elevator to hit the Time Switch and defeat the large Clock Geargolem. Once all the enemies are dead the lift will keep on going up.

Leave the lift and go up the steps to get to the fight with Cluck. Same sort of thing as the last fight with him except that now you have to be in frozen time to hit him, he's invulnerable during regular time. After about a quarter of his health is gone he'll move on to the triple slam part but he'll also bring in a Time Spell Punk so you'll want to defeat that before setting about pausing time to attack Cluck himself. At about half health another Time Spell Punk will join in so take that down too.

With about a third of his health left a pair of Time Spell Punks will be added and Cluck will start a new attack after each recovery, he'll fire out a straight line beam of energy from his face onto the ground. Avoid it if you can. At about a quarter health yet another pair of Spell Punks will appear and Cluck will begin firing out projectiles after recovering but he'll still alternate between that and the more deadly energy beam. Watch out for any stray blasts as you finish him off to complete the Adventure Pack.

#9 Glumshanks 02:13:19 06/02/2014
Wow, what a level, Thanks for the walkthrough, I needed it for the timed puzzles ....... CLUCK (*_*)
#8 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 23:10:36 25/12/2013
Whenever you defeat an enemy with the Sky Diamond on the portal it drops a bonus gem.
#7 LegendaryFlames 21:29:48 25/12/2013
What is the diamond meant to do? I put it on the portal but saw no effect.
#6 mark879 07:20:57 23/12/2013
You never know how much more hardcore Sheep Wreck Island could be. I saw a snapshot of it and it seemed to me like a water kind of adventure pack, though I was expecting it to be Tech.
#5 mark879 06:24:56 16/12/2013
I will buy it soon...after Christmas. I found it in a supermarket.
#4 breakfastpugbam 18:56:07 07/12/2013
this lvl tuk me 3 1/2 hours to complete its soooooooooo long

YAY! smilie
#3 Trap Shift 08:18:21 20/11/2013
I have Tower of Time!
#2 SkylandersGamer 16:48:44 16/11/2013
Awesome the tower of time walkthrough
#1 TheShadowDragon 03:10:00 16/11/2013
The Tower of Time is a merciless adventure pack level, but perhaps Sheep Wreck Island is much more hardcore than this.

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