Undead Fiesta

The Party Town

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Find a way to Count Moneybone's Villa
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Fire / Magic
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Rocket
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 7
  1. Scrumshanks Hat
  2. Sombrero
  3. Gaucho Hat
  4. Paper Fast Food Hat
Scrumshanks Hat Sombrero Gaucho Hat Paper Fast Food Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 4:30

Jump along the small platforms leading off ahead, on the last one is a Chompy and there's a few more on the solid ground after that. Before going into the Fire Gate go to the right along the edge of the cliff where you'll find Scrumshanks Hat [Hat 1/4 - Scrumshanks Hat]. Now go into the Fire Gate.

Fire Challenge

Wait for the plumes in the lava to die down before jumping over the first gap, move on up the slope, at the left end is [Chest 1/7] before you go to the right. There's a few enemies to kill but not much more until you get to the end with Sombrero [Hat 2/4 - Sombrero].

Bounce up the drum and then make your way up the small platforms to a few enemies and almost immediately the Rocket Swap Zone.

Rocket SWAP Zone

After the first rocket part there's a couple of those sword swinging enemies and then some platforms to jump up before reaching the second part. Time your start here to try to avoid the first set of moving mines but it doesn't really matter too much if you hit them as there are plenty along the way. Take either of the two paths, they both meet up at the same place ahead, another fight but this time with a Monster Gate to open and an Ogre blocking your way. The ogres have an attack that brings down ice onto you and will pound the ground when you get near. Jump up the platforms behind him to reach Gaucho Hat [Hat 3/4 - Gaucho Hat].

Jump along the small platforms and then along the brick platforms past some Chompies and a few more sword robots before you reach land again. Keep on going straight to a broken up circular area, if instead of going to attack the ogre you jump to the first floating broken piece off to the right you'll be able to smash [Chest 2/7], jump back and take down the ogre.

Just to the right of the locked gate is a doorway, go inside to find a trio of sword robots to kill. Defeating them will open the monster gate at the back where the key is hiding. Grab it and go back out to unlock the gate. Bounce up the drums to the rooftops and walk along them taking out the Chompies while avoiding the large holes that appear underneath each of the coins. As you reach the first jump you'll see to your right [Chest 3/7], with that smashed jump back and continue along the buildings, use the bounce pad at the end.

After landing kill the Chompies and sword robots at the base before bouncing on the drum up to a second layer, kill the Chompies here and bounce up on the left drum (the near one doesn't really go anywhere interesting), go inside. Just to the right as you enter the bar is [Chest 4/7], go over and talk to the lizard behind the bar to open the exit.

Leave the bar and jump on the rotating platforms, avoid the spiky sides if you can. There's an archer standing on a platform to the right as you go down them and another one on the left as you get to a solid platform with skeleton arms. To the right side of that up on the skeleton hand is [Chest 5/7]. Keep on going along the flipping platforms all the way down to some brick platforms. Attack the Chompies as you go along these and then watch out for the two ghouls on the next large one. These multicoloured enemies will run towards you and take a swipe, easy to avoid just don't sit there attacking them dead on.

Past the first two there's a third and then you reach a larger open area with a fountain in the middle, to the left is [Chest 6/7] and on the far edge is the Magic Gate.

Magic Challenge

Jump up the platforms until you reach a gap with some electricity in it, a purple bridge will fade in and out that you need to jump on to get over the gap. Jump over the electricity as you do but make sure to adjust for the purple bridge pushing forwards as you do so. Straight on past a few more of those is a skeleton archer and Paper Fast Food Hat [Hat 4/4 - Paper Fast Food Hat] behind him.

Grab a bomb from the fountain and throw it at the bombable wall ahead, there's a couple of ghouls you might want to take out first and an ogre behind it. Jump to the brick platform and then onto the moving skeleton hands, if you can try to get from one hand to the other of the same skeleton in one jump rather than waiting for the opposite skeleton to raise its hands. There's a flipping platform in the middle before you get off the other end.

To the left side of the ghouls ahead is the last [Chest 7/7] to bash. Go past a few Chompies and over another gap to a couple more ghouls at the base of some buildings. Bounce up the drum and take out the archer up there, go up another drum and then go to the right, jump down to the right to attack the second archer. If you need it there's a spare [Chest 8/7] just below where you are now. Bounce back up to the top and go talk to the blue ghost off to the left of the line of ghosts, go into the line of ghosts after that to finish the level.

Back in Boom Town you can pick up a present from the Reaper's section of town, it's Fishbone Hat [Hat - Fishbone Hat]. And if you go west you'll find a new area where the Green Dragon has set up, on a rock in the water is Crown of Frost [Hat - Crown of Frost]. The game suggests using the crypt door in the middle of Boom Town but you can also just go talk to Flynn as usual if you want.

Down the River

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Cross the River of Souls
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Water / Life
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Dig / Bounce
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 4
  1. Sawblade Hat
  2. Mariachi Hat
  3. Deely Boppers
  4. Pants Hat
Sawblade Hat Mariachi Hat Deely Boppers Pants Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 7:30

Go right onto the boat and get ready for a fight sequence, you'll be attacked by Chompies and ghouls until the boat stops at its first destination. Get off the boat and you'll find a Bounce Swap Zone.

Bounce SWAP Zone

Before you can get started there's a couple of ghouls to kill, once they're gone jump up onto the first of the drums and start up your Bounce Power. For the top drum you need to hold forwards so that you land on top of the cliff. Go past the Chompies and along the boney bridge, at the end of that there's a larger platform with a few more Chompies and ghouls on it, at the far side of that platform is a drum to get on.

It'll rotate around so you can jump onto a moving drum, jump off it onto a solid platform. Run and jump up to the left where there's a drum and use it to bounce to the [Chest 1/4] behind it. Once you've done that jump back to the solid platform and go forwards onto the closest drum, wait for the moving drum to get into its lower position before jumping. Another set of bone platforms to cross next, watch out for the two ghouls. After that it's a corridor of rolling things that you need to run past to avoid. Behind the ogre ahead is Sawblade Hat [Hat 1/4 - Sawblade Hat].

Go right up the steps past a few Chompies and an archer, jump the gap and attack a ghoul before running to the end to fight an archer. Jump along the small platforms to reach a path that goes up to the left. Kill the Chompies as you go up it all the way to a Monster Gate with some more Chompies, ghouls and an ogre. Cross the bone platforms to reach a lever, pull it and then start down the bone platforms to the right. Partway down on the left side you can go off to the Water Gate.

Water Challenge

Go up the slope on the right to get to a button, stand on it and then race along the raised lilypads straight over the first solid platform to a second one with a ghoul on it and a second button. Stand on that button and again race along the lilypads, take them to the right where there's a platform with [Chest 2/4], hopefully you'll have enough time to quickly get back onto the lilypads and make it up to the final platform. If not then just jump in the water and start the lilypads again. Kill the ghouls by the exit and grab Mariachi Hat [Hat 2/4 - Mariachi Hat] before leaving.

Get back to the bone platforms and continue down them to the right, you'll reach the boat again and have another fight sequence to complete. As you get off the boat be careful not to fall into the circular hole just yet, instead jump onto the giant skull behind the Reaper to get [Chest 3/4]. Now you can jump down the hole.

The purple water down here is harmless but it does push you back so keep jumping as you move along to make progress. Get past the swinging axe and take down the Corn Hornet and then past another and a second axe to a bomb. Pick it up and run past a third hornet, run with the bomb past the next axe and to the island in the stream to throw it at the blockade ahead. Just through there there's a few Chompies and a lever to pull. The path ahead is a slope this time going down so you'll be quickly running past axes and Corn Hornets. At the bottom is a green bounce pad that'll take you a short distance up onto a bone platform.

Wind your way up the bone platforms using the bounce pad to get higher, don't go through the exit instead carry on around to [Chest 4/4], then double back and go through the door. The boat's down to your right for another fight sequence. At the stop you'll see the Dig Swap Zone.

Dig SWAP Zone

Dig under the ground and go left under the blades, partway along you'll see a small island off to the left with [Chest 5/4] on if you're still looking for one of those. Go back under the blades and over to the ribcage platforms, there's some Chompies on them. On the first solid platform after the bones you'll enter a monster fight, kill the two ghouls and the ogre to open the gate at the back. Behind it is a row of spiked balls, dig underneath them and stay underground until you've passed the second set. Defeat a few more chompies and then make your way along the platforms up a slope trying to avoid some colourful spiked balls rolling down it. At the top you'll find three more Chompies and Deely Boppers [Hat 3/4 - Deely Boppers].

Go up the steps to the right and down the slope on the other side. At the bottom you'll find [Chest 6/4] to really make sure you've got all you need. Jump over the green goo across the sinking platforms to an archer. Kill it and carry on along some more sinking platforms to some bone platforms. Take the right path to get to the Life Gate.

Life Challenge

Jump along the platforms ahead of you, defeat the ghoul sitting on one, and then take the right path (left is a dead end to a 5 coin). At the next split in the path go straight ahead (although right does lead to [Chest 7/4]) making your way up to a ghoul and Corn Hornet guarded Pants Hat [Hat 4/4 - Pants Hat].

Get back to the first bone platform and then start walking along the rocky path along the edge of the cliff. Pause to avoid the rolling spiked balls, jump over them if you can. At the top of the winding path you'll find a Monster Gate, kill the Chompies, ghouls and the ogre to open it up. Go through and up the steps past a few more ghouls and an archer to reach a large wooden door to finish the level.

The Haunted Villa

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Find Count Moneybone
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Earth / Air
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Climb / Bounce
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 3
  1. Lampshade Hat
  2. Card Shark Hat
  3. Purple Fedora
  4. Teeth Top Hat
Lampshade Hat Card Shark Hat Purple Fedora Teeth Top Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 7:50

Kill the trio of Chompies and ghouls that appear to open up the Monster Gate and lower the bridge, cross the bridge and kill a few more enemies along the spike lined path. At the top follow the curve around to the right towards a locked gate. Go left and before you go inside keep going around the outside as [Chest 1/3] is behind the building. Inside you'll find a lock puzzle. Lx3, R, Lx3, R, L, R. Go back out and unlock the door. At the end of the path just past the platforms leading off is the Air Gate.

Air Challenge

For this one you're supposed to avoid the tornadoes. On the second set you'll find [Chest 2/3] and then a few jumps later you'll be the proud owner of a new Lampshade Hat [Hat 1/4 - Lampshade Hat].

Jump down the platforms and head right at the bottom to the Climb Swap Zone.

Climb SWAP Zone

When crossing over the windows try to stick to the edge, the spiked skulls should give you just enough space to get by but if you see the window start shaking then use your sprint move to get off it again quickly. Go to the right at the top, going up to the very top just leads to a 5 coin. If you go to the very bottom at the far right end of the mines you'll find [Chest 3/3]. Once you've got that head back up and then across to some more window+falling chompies and continue up to the top where Card Shark Hat [Hat 2/4 - Card Shark Hat] is by the exit.

Start winding up around the building and then to the right across a bridge to a stone section of ground where you go to the left against the wall. Take out a few Chompies and ghouls before a single ogre. Go through the Monster Gate and over some falling platforms to the Earth Gate.

Earth Challenge

Go up the slope past a few Corn Hornets and then left across some crumbling platforms. After a few more Hornets there's some more platforms that crumble, if you go to the left on them you'll get a spare [Chest 4/3], wait for the platforms to return before going right up to the exit Purple Fedora [Hat 3/4 - Purple Fedora].

To the left of the Earth Gate is a wooden platform with some gears in the wall behind it, this is an elevator. Stand on it, to the right at the top is another spare [Chest 5/3] and to the left is a doorway to go through. Go up the slope past a few Chompies and a ghoul before jumping up over a folding platform to a lever, pull it to open the gate outside.

Go past the gate, some Chompies and over some gaps and you'll reach a large skull door with a locked door on the left and an open one on the right. Go into the open one. Jump onto the moving platform on the left side and then again to another on the right, one more transfer to the left before you reach the top where there's a key. Jump down and go out to open the left door.

In the locked room you this time need to jump from the first moving platform to a folding platform and then quickly to the second moving platform, don't hesitate otherwise you'll fall to the floor. At the top of this one is a lever to pull, go outside again and through the skull's mouth.

Take care of the four ghouls that appear so you can move on up the carpeted steps behind the Monster Gate. At the top you'll find three wheels you can turn, the idea here is to make it so that the platforms ahead of you are safe to jump along. The left wheel flips the 1st the 2nd and the 5th platforms, the middle wheel flips the 3rd, 4th and 5th platforms and the right wheel flips the 2nd and 4th platforms. Fiddle with the two wheels on the left until you've got the 2nd and the 4th platforms only as spiked sides and then turn the right wheel.

The second set of wheels are as follows: the left one controls the 1st, 2nd and 5th platforms, the middle wheel the 3rd, 4th and 5th platforms and the right wheel the 2nd and 4th. Same procedure as before pulling the left and middle wheels until it's only the 2nd and 4th platforms that are upside down. Cross the flat platforms and head up the steps, go past some ghouls up to some swinging chandeliers. Jump onto and run and jump along them dropping off to the side partway through to reach the Bounce Swap Zone.

Bounce SWAP Zone

Very similar to previous Bounce Zones but instead of drums you've got ghosts to jump on. Regular jump over to the first one and then initiate your Bounce Power and start jumping between ghosts, you'll quickly end up on a solid platform with an enemy to defeat, after that jump onto the nearest ghost and start bouncing along again. Try not to jump while in the air otherwise you'll probably end up immediately bouncing off the next ghost, instead just keep holding in the general direction you want to go. Once you've landed on the last of the ghosts (a moving platform that doesn't bounce) jump onto the solid ground and head up the steps to some circular platforms to jump across where there's a Monster Gate.

Defeat the few enemies that attack, a couple of ghouls and an ogre and smash the [Chest 6/3], go across some more platforms and up some more steps to reach the second bounce area. Bounce along them right up to the end (the last one may need a bit of timing to land on the moving ghost platform) where Teeth Top Hat [Hat 4/4 - Teeth Top Hat] is waiting.

Jump back up onto the nearest chandelier then over to another on the left before reaching some steps to go up. At the top you'll see a band playing and then have some ghouls appear (over to the right is yet another [Chest 7/3]), defeat them as they keep pouring out of the doorways, the last enemies are a pair of ogres. Once they're down the central door will open up and allow you through to finish the level.

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