A special set of tasks that each Skylander can do to earn bonus health. The Quests are similar to those found in Skylanders: Giants but you'll find that they're completely seperate and progress in one game does not apply to the other. Each rank takes three completed quests and gives you +25 health, so with three ranks that's a total of +75 health you can earn.

If you have completed enough quests in Giants to get a rank you will still see the icon for it but you cannot check the progress on those quests in Swap Force.


The first set of quests are common to every Skylander.

Badguy BasherDefeat 1000 enemies.
Arenas have plenty of enemies to kill, try the ones with plenty of Chompies like Angry Angry Plants.
Fruit FrontiersmanEat 15 fruits in Story Levels or Arenas.
Despite the description of the quest food picked up in the Bonus Missions does count, and there's plenty of fruit in there. That said the fruit in the Bonus Mission Fruit Fight does not count, for obvious reasons.
Flawless ChallengerComplete a non-Story Mode level with full health.
That means that at the very end of the level you must have full health and not that you cannot take any damage.
True GladiatorWin 10 PVP matches.
The quickest win is by your opponent jumping off the edge in Ring Out.
Totally Maxed OutReach level 20 and purchase all Upgrades for this Skylander.
The higher the difficulty the more XP you earn.
ElementalistCause 7500 elemental bonus damage.
To maximise the damage you're doing have your Skylander wear an Elemental Power hat and activate any Legendary Treasures you have for it too. These are the quickest levels for each element to reach a zone of their type:
Air: Mudwater Hollow
Earth: Frostfest Mountains
Fire: Mount Cloudbreak
Life: Kaos' Fortress
Magic: Iron Jaw Gulch
Tech: Twisty Tunnels
Undead: Motleyville
Water: Boney Islands

The Wii version has its elemental zones mixed around a bit.


Each Skylander has two quests specific to their element.

AirGeronimo!Travel over 250 feet in one fall.
One possible way is to jump off the top of the tree in Woodburrow and make your way out of the sidescrolling section (can't do this on Wii). Another is the drop near the start of Twisty Tunnels.
AirSkylooterCollect a total of 500 gold in midair.
There's plenty of gold around Woodburrow and jumping into the gold counts as being in the air so it shouldn't take too long.
EarthSavior of the LandFree the Terrasquid in the Twisty Tunnels without switching Skylanders.
Play through Chapter 8 using just the Skylander.
EarthUneartherUse shovels to dig a total of 25 holes.
Twisty Tunnels has several holes to dig up near the start.
FireMega MelterDefeat a total of 25 Ice Golems
You can first find these in Winter Keep, there's a couple just after the Checkpoint so reload the level after killing them.
FireBombardierDefeat a total of 30 enemies with bombs.
Motleyville, defeat Whiskers and then go to the first dynamite shack without killing any of the chompies or the Heaver outside. Keep going back in to get another stick to throw at the enemies, also go through the gate that you're supposed to blow up and get the enemies there. Shouldn't take more than two or three reloads.
LifeDefender of LifeDefeat a total of 25 Undead Spellpunks.
The Royal Gems Bonus Mission has a couple of Undead Spell Punks.
LifeFully StockedDefeat a total of 250 enemies while at full health.
Any arena should give you plenty of opportunity to do this.
MagicPuzzle PowerPush a Laser Puzzle Beam to defeat an enemy.
Make sure to have attacked the enemy yourself a little bit. Bonus Mission Frozen Delight has a good spot on the third ice cream to lure in some enemies.
MagicMage RivalryDefeat a total of 25 Ranged Cyclops.
ie Gazermages or Sleetthrowers. The Bonus Mission Ghost Traps has seven that you can quickly get.
TechOut-TechedDefeat Glumshanks in Jungle Rumble without switching Skylanders.
As it says don't switch Skylanders at all.
TechProblem SolverComplete a total of 25 lockpicking puzzles with this Skylander.
Time consuming. There's a Spark Lock in Woodburrow you can keep reloading to do.
UndeadWithererDefeat a total of 25 Life Spellpunks.
Ten can be found in the Golem Invasion Bonus Mission.
UndeadBack from the BrinkDefeat a boss while at critically low health.
You need to be at health where it's red and flashing. Probably the most straight-forward boss is Evil Glumshanks.
WaterExtinguisherDefeat a total of 25 Fire Golems.
There are four in Golem Invasion Bonus Mission but two at the start of Boney Islands that you can keep reloading to defeat.
WaterA-Fish-IonadoCatch 25 fish with the fishing rod.
Sit in the Under Hollow fishing.


And each Skylander has their own personal quest. All versions of the same character have the same quest so, for example, a Series 1 Stealth Elf has the same set of quests as a Series 3 Dark Stealth Elf.

For the swappable Skylanders the quests are held in the top half so you can use any bottom half you like when completing them.

BashOn a RollDefeat 10 enemies with one roll attack.
Wait for a load of Chompies to group around you, an arena should be good.
Blast ZoneIf You Can't Stand the HeatDefeat a total of 10 enemies from your flame wall in a single use of your Flame Breath.
Wait for a load of Chompies to group around you, an arena should be good.
Boom JetTactical StrikesDefeat 747 enemies with your Air Strike ability.
It's just going to be time consuming, the easiest enemies to kill with it are obviously Chompies.
BoomerOn a TrollDefeat 100 enemies with kicked Troll Bombs.
You have to actually kick the bomb, just leaving it sitting there won't count.
BouncerStay on Target!Deal 5000 damage with your Fists of Destruction.
Elemental Power can help speed this up, face slightly away from your target so as to do less damage with the bullets before turning to fire the fists at them.
Bumble BlastNot the Bees!Hit honey-coated enemies with bees 125 times.
The hits don't have to kill them so it may be quicker to do on larger enemies.
CamoGarden GorgerEat 10 watermelons.
Switch Camo in every time you see one, but don't take him off again too quickly otherwise he'll forget he ate it. To force a save you can just change his hat. Try the Chompy Challenge, Undercover Greebles or Cursed Statues for watermelons.
ChillIce SoreDefeat 50 enemies with the Call of the Narwhal attack.
Pretty straightforward.
Chop ChopStalwart DefenderDeal 10000 damage using Bone Brambler.
Pretty straightforward.
CountdownOut With a BangDefeat 10 enemies at once with your Self-Destruct explosion ability.
Gather up Chompies to take them out in one blast.
CrusherHigh RollerDefeat 100 enemies with boulders.
By boulders it means the Rockslide ability. Easier with the Soul Gem upgrade to steer yourself.
CynderOn the HauntDefeat 50 enemies with your Ghost Ally.
The ghosts you leave behind when dashing are Ghost Allies, dash through Chompies to get this quickly.
Dino-RangFooderangPick up 20 Fruit Kabobs.
Switch Dino-Rang in every time you see one, but don't take him off again too quickly otherwise he'll forget he ate it. To force a save you can just change his hat.
Doom StoneStop Hitting YourselfDefeat 50 chompies just by blocking.
Sit in an arena or bonus mission with your shield up, turn to face the chompies and they should kill themselves when they try to attack you.
Double TroubleBig Bomb TroubleDefeat 10 enemies with one Magic Bomb Summoning.
Get in an arena and let Chompies swarm up on you to defeat them in one blast. As the radius is quite small you'll have to be right in the middle of them.
Drill SergeantDrill SkillDefeat 10 Spell Punks with the Auto-Blaster.
Bonus Mission Royal Gems has plenty of Spell Punks to defeat. The Series 2 Wow Pow interferes with this as killing a Spell Punk with its new attack does not count, luckily every other shot is a regular auto-blaster shot so you should get the credit as long as that hits last.
DrobotFeel the BurnDefeat 50 enemies with After Burners.
If you're having trouble circling around just use the hover mode to move close so that the enemies are behind you, let go of it to carry on burning.
Dune BugThat's How I RollRoll your Dune Ball a total of 5,000 feet.
Hold down the Dune Ball button and keep circling around the Woodburrow pool.
EruptorPizza BurpEat 10 pizzas.
Switch Eruptor in every time you see one, but don't take him off again too quickly otherwise he'll forget he ate it. To force a save you can just change his hat. The Food Thief should have plenty of Pizza.
Eye-BrawlGold SearchCollect 750 gold with your eyeball detached.
Once you've got the "Headless, Not Helpless" upgrade Eye-Brawl's body will move slightly forwards when punching so stand near some coins and try to lure it into picking them up.
Fire KrakenDon't Rain On My ParadeKnock back enemies 10 times with one use of your parade ability.
That can be ten different enemies, and killing an enemy still knocks it back so Chompies are of course your best bet.
FlameslingerCircular CombustionEat 50 Hamburgers.
There are plenty of hamburgers in the Shellshock's Curse Arena.
FlashwingLet it ShineDefeat 20 enemies with one Crystal Lighthouse.
Sit in the middle of an arena with loads of Chompies and hold down the Crystal Lighthouse attack until the quest pops.
Free RangerRuffled FeathersHit enemies 25 times without stopping your melee attacks.
Keep tapping the attack button even if you're swinging at thin air, 25 should be easy to do in a Chompy infested arena.
Freeze BladeChill Out For a SecondFreeze 100 enemies with your Frosticle attack.
Fright RiderDelving ThrowDefeat 50 enemies by dragging them underground.
That's the Soul Gem ability.
FrynoFrequent FrierDeliver a total of 100 heat-imbued blows against enemies.
Ghost RoasterGrave CircumstancesDefeat 100 enemies with Skull Charge.
As with everything else Chompies in arenas will be easiest.
Gill GruntAnchors Away!Defeat 50 enemies with the Anchor Attack.
Kill more Chompies!
Grilla DrillaMonkey's Mean BusinessDeal a total of 2000 damage to enemies with summoned monkeys.
Elemental Power can help speed this up.
Grim CreeperAggressive OutfitHit 10 enemies in a row with your armor while it travels back to you.
Because you'll want to live go to Easy mode and attack a group of ten Chompies, you don't need to mark all ten just to hit them so one big ground should do the trick.
HexNoggin KnockerKnock away 100 enemies with your Skull Shield.
The only trouble here is that you move really slowly when using the attack, and then that the enemies killed by the skulls after they fly off don't count.
Hoot LoopWand You Like to Play a Game?Defeat 50 enemies with the final explosion of the Flashback attack.
The Soul Gem upgrade does not help with this as only one of the three DejaBOOM projectiles will explode at the end, which means you'll end up killing more Chompies but still only get one that counts.
Hot DogAnimal AggravatorEat 10 Hot Dogs.
Hot Dogs are kinda rare, Bonus Missions Chompy Sauce, Fishy Fishing and Master Chef should have a few.
Hot HeadBuggy BreakthroughTravel 5000 feet in Hot Rod mode.
It'll maybe take fifteen laps around the Woodburrow pool. I'd suggest going clockwise so you can see the folk standing in the way.
IgnitorTinder TrekkerDeal 5000 damage with Mega Slam.
Use Elemental Power to do this quicker.
Jet-VacBird CleanerTravel 5000 feet while Flying.
Fly around the Woodburrow pool about fifteen times, to speed up the recharge use the suction gun.
Lightning RodCurrent EventDefeat 50 Golems.
Golem Invasion is the perfect Bonus Mission for this one.
Magna ChargeNow That's Using Your HeadDeal 5000 damage using your Polarized Pickup.
Shouldn't take long with Elemental Power.
Night ShiftKing of the RingHit 10 enemies at once with your giant uppercut punch.
That's from the Don't Move, Just Stick! upgrade. It might be a bit tricky getting enough enemies in range to do this so just keep on trying.
NinjiniBottle BeatdownDefeat 10 Golems using Bottle Rockets.
The Golem Invasion Bonus Mission should be a good place to do this.
Pop FizzRampageDeal 200 damage in a single run in Beast Form.
That amount is kind of pathetic, if you haven't got it accidentally then you've probably just never used Beast Form.
Pop ThornTake a Deep BreathHit enemies with a single stream of breath 100 times in a row.
Sit in the middle of an arena holding down the breath attack button, turning around killing until it completes.
Prism BreakBifurcation SensationDefeat 100 enemies using Crystal Eruption.
Anywhere with loads of Chompies...
Punk ShockHydrostaticsShock enemies with electrified water zones 100 times.
Rattle ShakeBouncing BiterDamage a total of 100 enemies with your Spring Loaded Snakes.
An arena sounds about right for hitting loads of enemies.
Rip TideWhale of a TimeDamage 8 enemies at once with your Whale On 'Em ability.
Get some Chompies in front of you and attack.
Roller BrawlSharp JammerUse your Deadly Clothesline ability to take out 10 enemies at once.
Rubble RouserOh, What a Drill!Deal a total of 400 damage in one drilling earthquake using the Drill Head attack.
Smack it down in the middle of a load of enemies to get this, keep holding the attack down until it pops.
ScorpTicking Slime BombDefeat 50 enemies from the poison explosion of your main attack.
Main attack being the Emerald Crystal attack.
ScratchPurrfect PounceDefeat 50 enemies by pouncing on them.
ShroomboomLunching LaunchEat a Watermelon while performing a Self-Slingshot.
The tricky part is just to find yourself a watermelon, Bonus Missions Chompy Challenge, Undercover Greebles or Cursed Statues should have one or two.
Slam BamIce to Meet YouDefeat 50 Greebles with your Arctic Explosion.
Plenty of levels, arenas a bonus missions have Greebles in them.
Slobber ToothHungry Like a HippoSwallow 25 enemies.
That means eating the enemy and then waiting for it to digest inside you instead of throwing it back out. Which does mean that enemies that die in one hit won't be of any help.
SmolderdashEvent HorizonKnock a total of 50 enemies into the air with your Solar Orb.
The Solar Orb only knocks enemies into the air when you detonate it.
Sonic BoomSonic SqueakBabies defeat 50 enemies.
Set them free on some Chompies.
SprocketMined Your StepDefeat 50 enemies using the Landmine Golf attack.
Chompies for this one too.
Spy RiseFinishing TouchSpyder Sting 25 enemies.
An enemy that can be hit with the Spyder Sting attack will have a fist icon appear next to them, get close and you can defeat them in one hit.
SpyroFull ChargeCollect 3 gold, eat 1 food item, and defeat 2 enemies in 1 Spring Charge.
The first thing is to find a good location for this, one that I used is in Ghost Traps, the second set of Gazermages have some crates with coins in and a piece of food nearby too. Destroy the crates first and hit the mages a couple of times with the flame attack so that your charge kills them.
Star StrikeDeflection MasterDeflect the Returning Star 20 times in a row.
You can just sit there bouncing it, no enemies required.
Stealth ElfStealth HealthGain 1000 HP while stealthed.
Stealth into food a few times, you do need to be damaged to have it count though.
Stink BombWhat's That Smell?Nauseate enemies 50 times with your One-Inch Palm.
Shouldn't be too difficult, you can even do it to the same enemy more than once.
Stump SmashThornbark BullseyeDeal 1000 damage with Thornbark.
Since you need to take damage to deal damage with Thornbark you might want to lower the difficulty otherwise you'll be quickly dead. Even though Chompies only have 1 health they will still give you the full damage reported.
SunburnImmolation ItinerantDefeat 100 enemies using Immolation Teleport.
SwarmSwarm FeelingsDefeat 100 enemies in Swarm Form.
More Chompies!
TerrafinLand LubberEat 20 food items while burrowing.
You'll need the Surface Feeder upgrade to get this. The food in Fruit Fight counts for this one.
ThumpbackBeached WhaleDefeat 8 enemies with one Belly Flop.
Get some Chompies to squish.
Trap ShadowOh Snap!Defeat 50 enemies with your traps.
Tree RexTimberrrrr!Defeat 50 enemies with your Woodpecker Pal.
If you want to do this with Chompies then make sure to either stand perfectly still or move away from them, otherwise as a Giant Tree Rex will crush them.
Trigger HappyHolding GoldSave up 50000 Gold.
If you don't want to attack the Training Dummies while using a Sky Diamond you can earn a lot from going through the Bonus Missions.
VoodoodTrickwireDefeat 50 enemies with your tripwire.
Keep putting them down each time they disappear.
WarnadoChompy CatcherCatch 100 Chompies in your tornadoes.
They die in just one hit but it counts just the same.
Wash BucklerSleep With the FishesDefeat 50 enemies with the fish in your bubbles.
The Dangerous Waters upgrades triggers this. Since the fish only do damage once the enemy is in the bubble Chompies will be useless for this quest. All the fish needs is the final blow so you can pre-damage the enemy before putting them into the bubble and waiting for them to die.
Wham-ShellIrate InvertebrateDefeat 6 enemies with one Poseidon Strike.
Gather some Chompies up and hold down the attack, it should be able to hit a few more if you do that.
WhirlwindWhat Does it Mean?Deal 10000 damage with Rainbows.
Elemental Power can speed this up. Try Mudwater Hollow.
Wind-UpAll Wound UpDeal a total of 2500 damage while Overcranked.
That would be when you're fully wound up and wind up again, spin into enemies or detonate to do the damage.
Wrecking BallCompetitive EaterDefeat 100 Chompies with Digestive Detonation.
Any place with loads of Chompies will do. It's not all at once of course.
ZapIn the SlimelightDefeat 50 enemies by electrifying them in Sea Slime.
The automatic electrification upgrade is of course helpful here but it's not necessary.
Zoo LouProfessional Boar RiderHit an enemy with the boar during 20 full-length boar rides.
That does mean waiting all the way until the boar disappears by itself, no jumping off. The number of enemies you kill on each run doesn't affect the number of completions for this quest. So killing 20 Chompies in one run would still only up the count by one.
ZookSpore it OnDeal 5000 points of damage with the MIRV Mortar.
Try Kaos' Fortress for Elemental Power on this.

#7 wreckingballbob 11:24:16 19/04/2014
If you guys are having trouble with the fruit quest I suggest going on the Chompie Challenge bonus mission there's tons of fruit.
#6 kpung 16:48:02 13/01/2014
I'm having a heck of a time completing Blast Zone's Defeat a total of 10 enemies from your flame wall in a single use of your Flame Breath quest it doesn't seem to work on chompies. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.
#5 superwill123 17:53:22 21/12/2013
#4 wreckingballbob 19:49:58 15/12/2013
Doom Stone|Stop Hitting Yourself|Defeat 50 Chompies just by blocking.

Dune Bug|That's How I Roll|Roll Your Dune Ball a total of 5,000 feet.

Freeze Blade|Chill Out For A Second|Freeze 100 enemies with your Frostcicle attack.

Fryno|Frequent Frier|Deliver a total of 100 Heat-Imbued blows against enemies.

Punk Shock|Hydrostatics|Shock enemies with Electrified Water Zones 100 times.

Rubble Rouser|Oh, What A Drill!|Deal a total of 400 damage in one Drilling Earthquake using using the Drill Head attack.

Scratch|Purrfect Pounce|Defeat 50 enemies by Pouncing on them.

Spy Rise|Finishing Touch|Spider Sting 25 enemies.

Stink Bomb|What's That Smell?|Nauseate enemies 50 times with your One-Inch Palm.

Trap Shadow|Oh Snap!|Defeated 50 enemies with your Traps.

Wind-Up|All Wound Up|Deal a total of 2500 damage while Overcranked.

Here are the rest!
#3 SkylandersGamer 01:58:56 13/12/2013
Das a lot of quest
#2 Dragon-Master 21:43:44 12/12/2013
Also I tried Fire Kraken's quest and it doesn't work on chompies.
#1 Dragon-Master 21:39:29 12/12/2013
Several of the missing quests are listed in the strategy guide

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