Chapter 3: Mudwater Hollow


Floaty Life PreserverFloaty Life PreserverFloaty Life PreserverFloaty Life PreserverFloaty Life PreserverFloaty Life Preserver
Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure Chest
Zoo Lou Soul GemFree Ranger Soul GemBumble Blast Soul Gem
Legendary TreasureLegendary Treasure
Boater HatStone Hat
Bonus Mission Map
Winged Sapphire
Story Scroll

Go past Tessa up the tree branch bridge to a new enemy, a Grumblebum Thrasher. These are essentially just slightly larger versions of Evilized Greebles, they run up to you and swing their mace. Simple. On the left side of the path is a glowing Floaty Life Preserver [Floaty Life Preserver 1/6]. Carry on straight forwards and you'll spot a Story Scroll [Story Scroll] at the corner where the path goes right, kill the Chompies and the two Thrashers that attack to get to it.

Froghollow Fishin' Pond (Air)

Follow the curve of the path down to the right. where a gillman named Snagglescale is waiting on a wooden jetty. He wants you to do some fishing to get rid of some piranhas, go over to the fishing pole over to the right and grab hold of it. The fishing mini-game requires you to move the fishing bobber towards one of the fish, once it's close enough the fish will bite and you have to rapidly tap the Attack 1 button to reel it in, it is worth noting that you can steer while pulling a fish in and slow the pull by tapping less rapidly. The whirlpools will slow you down so try to avoid going directly over them, try to position the bobber so that the fish swim into it rather than trying to constantly chase them around.

Before you cross the bridge that Snagglescale forms head to the right of where the fishing pole is and jump over to a Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 1/6]. ANd to the left of where Snagglescale was is a path to a Rocket Swap Zone.

Tree Scraping (Rocket)

This one is filled with electrified orbs, the electricity between each pair of them is damaging so look for safe paths around them. The bonus gem layout is a little different in that there are two in the final section.

The reward for getting to the end is Boater Hat [Hat 1/2 - Boater Hat].

You can cross over the water now, time to meet the first Spell Punk of the game the Life Spell Punk. Just like in the previous games a Life Spell Punk will heal other nearby enemies, that means if you want an easier time you'll try to get rid of the Spell Punk first. It doesn't seem to do any damage to you itself so the only thing to watch out for is the other enemies.

Once you've killed it and the three Thrashers that appear to help to go to the right into a building instead of the through the monster gate that just opened.

Snagglescale's Bungalow (Air)

In here there's a Spark Lock to solve, "My Biggest Fan". This one has slippery surfaces and fans to turn on and off. First take Shock down onto the ice so that it bounces over to the orange button. That lowers the orange platform so Bolt can press the green button behind it. The green fan in the middle of the slippery section turns on, switch back to Shock and slide down so that it pushes you towards the green lightning bolt, go left and press the purple button to set Bolt free. Still as Shock head onto the red platform to slide over to the top right section, wait on the normal platforms just between the two entrances to the slippery surface. Switch to Bolt and use the red platform to reach where Shock is. Now use the slippery surface to get past Shock without touching him, use the red platform on the left to reach the green lightning bolt and then turn around and return to the upper section. Take Shock down on the right red platform to get his blue lightning bolt before returning to meet up with Bolt.

After that the Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 2/6] unlocks to give you your coins.

Head back out and go through the monster gate you opened before.

Billy's Bend (Air)

Walk along the bend towards a trio of Thrashers before reaching a locked gate and a block puzzle. Head into the house on the right first.

Billy's Bend Storehouse

Not really any reason to go in here but it's part of the objective to find all the areas. There is a Giant Chest at the back though.

Now for the block puzzle outside. First push the middle block to the right once and then the block on the edge off the edge. Return the first block to its original position and then push it over the top of the block you pushed off. The last block needs to be pushed forwards and then to the right before pushing it over the other two and into a small dip on the other side, use it to jump up to the Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 3/6]. Grab the key and unlock the gate.

Snagglescale Swamp (Air)

Another new enemy awaits on the other side, Grumblebum Rockshooter. These are a stationary enemy that fires rockets at you. Pretty much Blunderbusses except that when defeated they fire one final blast straight up into the air where they're sitting, so if you're melee attacking them make sure to move away once you defeat one. There's two of them along with a Thrasher and a Chompy Pod, then another pair of Thrashers up to the left of the second Rockshooter. If you follow that wooden bridge along to the left you'll reach a Life gate, don't go on Snagglescale's boat until you've been in there (if you want to go in there that is).

Crystal Pond (Life)

This area is just a fishing mini-game. Gilly Greg wants you to catch a fish that has eaten some treasure, go down the path to the water where the fishing pole is waiting. You need to catch four fish, the problem is that there are electric eels in the way this time, you need to keep the bobber away from them otherwise it'll get shocked and if you've got a fish hooked it'll get away. Good use of brief pauses and directing the bobber while reeling it back in should help you avoid the eels.

The reward is a Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 1/2 - Luminous Lure].

Talk to Snagglescale and then jump on the boat to start the trip down river.

Quiet Time Shallows (Air)

To steer the boat you just move to the side that you want the boat to go, the further in that direction you move the sharper the turn will be. Steer through the gaps in the mines and try not to hit anything.

Lazy Lock Isles (Fire)

Once you're done with the first river section go up the left path past a few Rockshooters to make it up to the building that Snagglescale mentioned.

Lazy Lock Gatehouse (Fire)

Salvage Steve in here directs you towards the fishing pole. Just one fish to catch in here and some eels to avoid as you do so.

Go back down the way you came and kill the little Chompies that have appeared. Before putting the gear in place go down the path to the left side of it, you'll have to smash through a bit of debris to open it up. Jump the gaps and kill the Rockshooters to reach the Floaty Life Preserver [Floaty Life Preserver 2/6]. Put the gear in place and spin the gate down, jump back onto the boat to get going.

Lazy Lock (Fire)

Nothing to this section, just wait for the boat to go up.

Boom Boom Water Way (Fire)

Another river section to go down, dodge even more mines.

Broken Bog Bay (Fire)

Another missing gear (and a Power Pod on the Wii), go up to the right to where there's a Life Spell Punk, a couple of Thrashers and a Rockshooter to take care of. If you go along the path to the right you'll reach a Magic gate (on the Wii you'll just find the Legendary Treasure sitting there, no Magic Gate).

Mysterious Magical Maze (Magic)

Teleport into the sidescrolling section and then start heading to the right. Over the first jump there's a few Thrashers to defeat but beyond that it's fairly straightforward jumping over gaps and then onto some platforms that are rising and falling. After those is a teleport upwards onto a moving platform, wait for it to go to the left where it'll take you to a few more Thrashers and a Life Spell Punk helping them. After them it's just a little further to the end up some moving platforms.

The reward is Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 2/2 - Bubble Chest].

Take the left path now but don't go into the glowing doorway, instead smash through the debris to the right of it and walk along the path behind there. Go up past some Rockshooters and a few Chompies to a building at the top.

Don's Baitshop (Fire)

Collect all of the bouncing fish to get a small pile of gold, then turn around and go back outside again (no bouncing fish in Wii version).

To the left is a block puzzle. Push the left block forwards once and then walk around the back to push the end block in twice so you can reach Zoo Lou Soul Gem [Soul Gem 1/3 - Zoo Lou]. With that collected head back and go through the glowing door in the wall you passed by earlier.

Big Gill Water Mill (Fire)

Go left past the block and into the corner where there's Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 4/6] hiding behind some barrels. Now push the block left once and then forwards into the gap. Jump up over it to the left, push the block at the top forwards into a small dip and jump up and push the block above it left once to let the giant gear turn properly. Go right over the gapped platforms and ride a turning gear up to the next layer.

Go left at the top to a small block puzzle. You can get the blocks stuck in more difficult positions than necessary but even with the blocks up against opposite walls you should be able to make the jump from one of them onto the blocks to the left. The easiest way is to push the near block left twice and then back against the wall at the top, then the other block left once and then against the wall too.

Grab the gear but don't go through the door just yet, instead take a look at the giant turning gear to the left, if you jump onto it and make your way to the top corner by jumping over the teeth you'll find a gap where you can go to reach Floaty Life Preserver [Floaty Life Preserver 3/6]. Now you can leave.

Jump down and put the gear into place before spinning the lock door open, jump onto the boat to get moving again.

Broken Bog Bay Lock (Fire)

Another lock to wait for.

Rumblin' Rapids (Fire)

And some more mines to dodge around.

Muddy Marsh Village (Tech)

And a checkpoint too. On your left is a Power Pod to upgrade if you want, if you go behind it to the left you can get behind the buildings and find Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 5/6]. Now head to the right side of the docks, go over a few gaps to where Floaty Life Preserver [Floaty Life Preserver [4/6] is. Go back to the village and fight the enemies attacking it, there's a few Thrashers and a couple of Rockshooters by the locked magic circle.

Do not take the magic circle just yet, there's still more to do in the village. Go into the inn to the right of the circle first.

Jug Jamboree Inn (Tech)

If you go up the ramp at the back of the inn and smash the barrels, crates and tyres piled up you can find a secret exit.

Muddy Marsh Secret (Tech)

Back here is Free Ranger Soul Gem [Soul Gem 2/3 - Free Ranger]. And that's it, go back through the inn to the village again.

Saltytooth's Scrap Shop (Tech)

North-west of the magic circle is another building you can enter, this one has a Spark Lock chest to solve, "Free Me". First take Shock up along the slippery surface to press the red button. Switch to Bolt and move past the first dropped blockage to where the platforms have raised up. Switch back to Shock and slide back and then back again to press the button a second time. Move Bolt past it and then have Shock press the button once again. Now take Shock and move him into the gap between the left and middle red platforms, avoiding Bolt. Switch to Bolt and go and press the red button while picking up the green lightning bolt. Switch back and forth pressing the button to get Shock over to the blue lightning bolt and back again so that you can bump into each other and open Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 6/6].

Leave the building and take a look at the green boghog lying on the ground to the north, if you bounce on it five times it'll dig into the ground and give you Floaty Life Preserver [Floaty Life Preserver 5/6]. Now to the north is a Water and Undead Dual Gate.

Precious Ponds (Water)

This area is a fighting arena, kill off the Thrashers that appear and then approach one of the buttons, watch the fish in the bubble behind and if he nods his head pull that lever to open up the gate, if he shakes it no then go to a different lever. Behind the gate you'll find a Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire] in a present.

And that's it for around here, go and use the magic circle in the middle of the village to get to the next part.

Chompy Chew Shortcut (Magic)

Go down the path to the right and you'll soon come across a Spin Swap Zone.

Marbled Gardens (Spin)

Spin Zones make use of pinball bumpers around the edge to make your spinning a bit more difficult with lots of bouncing around all over the place. The red and white bumpers will knock you back, you cannot destroy these. The black squares take just one hit to destroy, the barrels take several or just one super spin. Your aim is to get to the middle of the circle, on the third area that'll be a large Kaos statue but for the first two it's just a teleport to the next area. In each area there is a bonus gem to pick up but remember that is not really necessary in the story mode versions of these zones.

Try to guide your spinning Skylander around as best you can to hit the black squares and barrels that are blocking your way to the middle but watch out for gaps in the outer edge as if you fall off you have to start over (so be careful with the super spins!). The prize is Stone Hat [Hat 2/2 - Stone Hat].

Carry on down the path past a line of Chompies to a circular area with a new enemy to introduce, the Evilized Boghog. Quickly get out of its way as it'll charge straight at you, the time to attack is when it's stunned after hitting a wall after charging. Keep on doing that until the evil is gone. Head out of the tree stump and onto a wooden platform. Go to the right side of it (Wii players just go straight ahead to the Soul Gem) and jump off the edge onto a floating tyre. Jump along the tyres to another wooden platform with some Thrashers and a couple of Rockshooters. Defeat them and head up to the left to a Chompy Pod and then Bumble Blast Soul Gem [Soul Gem 3/3 - Bumble Blast].

Jump down off the platform to the layer below and head towards the screen, you'll find yourself just in front of where you jumped onto the tyres. Take the left path.

Muddy Marsh River (Tech)

Keep on going left past a trio of Rockshooters and a Chompy Pod along some more tyres to a magic circle.

Ancient Tree Terrace (Water)

As soon as you arrive you'll be attacked by two Evilized Boghogs, they should be pretty much in tune with each other and charge at the same time so you will have plenty of time between charges to attack one or the other. Go up the steps and you'll spot a Teleport Swap Zone.

Going Whoosh (Teleport)

Another new type to introduce, the Teleport Swap Zone is a simple concept. Point your Skylander in a direction and press the teleport button to teleport to a platform there. What comes between you and the pyramid shaped Magic Runes are things like furnaces, blocking platforms and falling platforms. If you see a white light filling up a circle around a platform that means that the platform will drop once it fills, so try not to teleport onto a platform that's just about to disappear. Don't worry if the Magic Rune is on a disappearing platform, it'll quickly reappear somewhere else. The furnaces will appear in the second part, they're black circles that turn to fire, they're safe to quickly cross over when it's a black circle but you will take damage if it's on fire. There's no need to wait on a platform for very long, you can instantly press the teleport button again to move in whatever direction you're pointed at so if you do have to go through a furnace make sure to do it as quickly as possible.

Each of the three sections has three Magic Runes to grab, once you've got them all you'll go into a bonus mode where you need to grab each bit of treasure, what this also serves to do is increase the size of the area you're teleporting around as the size it becomes is what the next section will be like. There's also one bonus gem flying around during each section, make sure to grab it before picking up the third Magic Rune. Once you've got the ninth one you'll exit and get the Bonus Mission Map [Bonus Mission Map - Master Chef] reward.

Time to take out the crystals, go up the slope towards the Flashfin and head to the right to the first of the pink glowing crystals, to destroy you just have to attack it. The first one's simple, no enemies to hinder you. (Wii players can find the Floaty Life Preserver down a tree branch just before the first crystal, make sure to get it before using the magic circle.) Use the magic circle a bit further along to get to the next bit.

Right as you arrive go to the right to pick up the last of Floaty Life Preserver [Floaty Life Preserver 6/6] then head left to attack a few Thrashers and Chompies coming out of the Chompy Pod. Once you've got rid of them destroy the crystal they're hanging out next to. The third crystal is nearby, take out the Thrashers, Rockshooters, a Life Spell Punk and a Chompy Pod that are defending it first though.

And the last one is along to the left, yet more enemies will appear to defend it. That's a Rockshooter over in the left corner and then another to the right, kill all the Thrashers and the Chompy Pod and finally destroy the fourth crystal to finish the level.


Another section of Woodburrow has now opened up, go talk to the Chieftess by the floating rune symbols near the docks. Perform the action as she requests, go up the steps and talk to Eon. This opens up the Portal Master rank system and also lets you play the Bonus Mission Maps that you've been collecting. What can you do with your Portal Master rank? Well for now the only thing is that it unlocks items in Tuk's Emporium but a bit later it'll help with using Legendary Treasures too.

You can also now climb the Mushroom Stairway, it's the reddish brown things sticking out of the tree to the right of the airdocks, partway up there's Hoot Loop Soul Gem [Soul Gem - Hoot Loop] to pick up, and if you climb to the top you can reach a Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire] (in the Wii version this Winged Sapphire is found down alongside Flynn's ship) and some fireworks as well as a magic circle jump down into the pool. As well as a load of coins there's a present in this side-scrolling section that contains Turkey Hat [Hat - Turkey Hat] (in the Wii version this is just sitting at the top of the tree and you unfortunately cannot jump down into the pool). To leave jump on the final bounce pad and into the light above it.

Once you're done go talk to Tessa to get on to Rampant Ruins.

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Suggested Skylanders (for co-op play): Boom Jet, Swarm, Anchors Away Gill Grunt, Big Bang/Springtime Trigger Happy, Heavy Duty Sprocket, LightCore Wham-Shell, Thorn Horn Camo, Doom Stone, Night Shift/Legendary Night Shift, Star Strike/LightCore Star Strike/Enchanted Star Strike, Twin Blade Chop Chop, Fryno, Smolderdash, and Dune Bug.

Scratching Chop Chop for Phantom Cynder.
#5 Glumshanks 01:24:07 25/12/2013
Great level, Great walkthrough, If only I could catch fish as easy in real life (*_*)
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Can I Complete all 3 stars on this as of now?
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Ever mind it's for Woodburrow smilie
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A Dark52 you put smilie's soul gem for smilie
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Keep up the good work whoever is creating walkthroughs for us. Thanks for letting me post the first comment for once in my life.

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