Crystal Caverns

Shimmer Shard Shire

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Find the crystal source
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Earth / Fire
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Speed / Rocket
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 6
  1. Leprechaun Hat
  2. Atom Hat
  3. Traffic Cone Hat
  4. Asteroid Hat
Leprechaun Hat Atom Hat Traffic Cone Hat Asteroid Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Go past a couple of Chompies to a rocky type of enemy, a Crystal Golem, they're not much of a threat though. After killing it jump through the gap in the wall on the left side to get to [Chest 1/6], jump back and move on up through another village area. Kill another couple of Chompies and a ranged robot before jumping over a gap in a wooden bridge to reach a couple more Chompies.

Carry on past the windmill and over the long wooden bridge and you'll see a house collapsing. Move on past some more Chompies, over a broken up long wooden bridge until you reach the Rocket Swap Zone.

Rocket SWAP Zone

Rocket Swap Zones require you to activate your Rocket Power and then to move through the floating rings to get to the other end, going through a ring will refill your bar so don't hang around. On occasion you can skip a ring but the rocket power does run out quite quickly so you'll want to fly through most of them. Note that the rings don't disappear when you fly through them so you can actually double back and go through the same one again, which means doubling back after missing one you can go backwards through it to make sure you don't fall and then forwards through it again to make sure you reach the next ring.

The first break point is to attack a Trog Pincher, this large enemy has a close range attack which you can avoid by jumping over his head when he pulls his arms back. Keep on going through another set of rings and you'll reach Leprechaun Hat [Hat 1/4 - Leprechaun Hat] at the end.

Go down the slopes to the right and you'll find a bomb at the bottom, take that up the first bit of the slope and throw it at the cave. Inside you'll find a Trog Pincher guarding a key, defeat it to get the key and then leave. Go all the way up the slopes past the Swap Zone to a Fire Gate.

Fire Challenge

Jump into the volcano and then simply jump forwards along the platforms, watching out for the purple projectiles going across. At the midpoint stand on the left button and wait for some platforms to appear on your left, jump along them quickly to reach a button on a platform to the left. Now repeat for the right button. The rest is just a few jumps over the remaining platforms to reach Atom Hat [Hat 2/4 - Atom Hat] and the exit.

Go right up the stepped platforms to the locked gate that you can open with the key you found in the cave. Follow the rocky platforms past a few Chompies until you get to a Monster Gate, kill the two Crystal Golems and the Trog Pincher, before you carry on jump to the right off the side to find [Chest 2/6], the bounce pad will take you back up again. Watch out for falling debris as you continue along the path past a few robots and some more Chompies. Just to the left when you get to the Crystal Golem is [Chest 3/6] next to the crystals.

Keep jumping along the stone platforms until you reach the Earth Gate on the next main platform.

Earth Challenge

Jump along the platforms and then attack the Chompies, go up the slopes past a couple of robots, at the top on the large, grey, round rock stuck in the ground you can find [Chest 4/6] hiding just over the top of it. Go left and the exit is a few jumps away with Traffic Cone Hat [Hat 3/4 - Traffic Cone Hat] next to it.

Carry on up the slope to the left to the top where you can see [Chest 5/6] and the Speed Swap Zone. Kill the Crystal Golem enemies around here and then go in.

Speed SWAP Zone

This Speed Zone features a bit of side-scrolling. You'll need to quickly run under the moving blocks to avoid getting squished, and to speed past laser beams to avoid getting blown up. Go right until you get to the corner. Once round it jump over the blocks and then start going under some more moving ones, you'll have to pause under each block rather than just rush through. There's a few more blocks to jump over and then some enemies to kill, speed through the lasers, jump some more blocks and then do a similar sequence with the next set of blocks - it's moving a little faster this time though. After that you'll want to kill another Crystal Golem and then speed through laser beams a few times to reach Asteroid Hat [Hat 4/4 - Asteroid Hat] at the end.

Go up the ramp on the left side and go along the platforms making your way down to a pair of Golems. Carry on by across more platforms and you'll reach some running water, jump along that to get to a spot in the middle of the water by the waterfall. If you go directly into the waterfall you'll get [Chest 6/6]. With that head down the stream and jump off the end. Go up the stepped path past several more enemies until you see the worm and reach a final Monster Gate.

Defeat the enemies that appear including the Crystal Golems and the final Trog Pincher. If you happen to still need one there's a spare [Chest 7/6] on the right side once you're done, it appears where a large crystal once was. Go into the tunnel to finish the level.

Crystal Caverns

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Follow that worm
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 215
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Undead / Air
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Teleport
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 3
  1. Battle Helmet
  2. Biter Hat
  3. Tricorn Hat
  4. Bowling Pin Hat
  5. Feathered Headdress
Battle Helmet Biter Hat Tricorn Hat Bowling Pin Hat Feathered Headdress
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 7:30/li>

Go down into the cave and you'll reach some water, jump over the platforms watching out for the two ranged trolls standing in the middle. Keep on going until you see the worm again. On the left side now is the Undead Gate.

Undead Challenge

The spiked platforms at the start flip over so quickly jump on the near one when it turns to the safe side and then jump to the second pretty much immediately, if you wait any longer the platform you're on will knock you off. While you will get hurt a little if you land on the spiked side it'll only kill you if you keep on doing it. Do the same sort of thing for the next three platforms after the troll before jumping up to the next part.

Go up the slope after the Chompy and follow it around to the left past another troll. Jump up again to a fight with a Trog Pincher and Battle Helmet [Hat 1/5 - Battle Helmet]. Teleport out.

Continue down the cave over some water and through into the next section of the level. Go down the slope past where the worm just popped out and jump onto the swinging platform as it gets close, jump off it to the next swinging platform when it's at the highest point and again transfer to a third at the other end of the second one's swing. Careful though as the last platform moves a fair bit faster.

Jump from the revolving platform over to some Chompies, [Chest 1/3] and a troll. Over on the left side next to a lever is a boarded off mine entrance, if you smash it you'll be able to reach Biter Hat [Hat 2/5 - Biter Hat] behind it. Now pull the lever to start some platforms moving. Jump on one and sit there waiting for it to take you to a platform in the distance. Once there jump off and attack the two Chompies and one Crystal Golem. Watch the worm go by again as you jump to a swinging platform in the distance, jump from there onto a small rocky platform that tilts over when you land on it, and from there to a second and then onto a bouncy net.

From the net jump onto a swinging platform and then onto dry land. Follow it along and up to another Crystal Golem and a couple of trolls by a Monster Gate. With it open jump onto a swinging platform beyond it and over to another troll on a rotating platform. The next platform has [Chest 2/3] on it and after another swing you're at the Teleport Swap Zone.

Teleport SWAP Zone

The game this time tells you how to go upwards when teleporting, hold B. Look at the panel in front of you with three element icons on. Press the Y button to activate it and watch closely as it lights those same three symbols up on the platforms ahead. The order is Life, Fire, Air, and what you have to do is land on them in that order without landing on anything else inbetween, which is where your teleporting ability comes in (although you are actually able to just jump it), land on them in that order to get across, if you land on a wrong one you just fall through and have to start over. Done successfully (left middle, right bottom, back middle) you'll open the purple barrier and be allowed past.

Jump past a troll to another panel with elements. The order this time is Tech, Undead, Earth. The tricky thing this time is that the platforms are moving so the thing to do is to remember the spacing between them rather than their exact position, while you're in Teleport mode you can see the icons as well so if you've lost track already pop into it to get another quick look at where they currently are positioned. When you've landed on the third one they all become solid so don't worry about stepping on any wrong ones after that. The end is just ahead, it's got Tricorn Hat [Hat 3/5 - Tricorn Hat] sitting on it.

Jump down to the next platform and jump over the gap in the wooden bridge up to a couple of enemies. There's another lever on the next platform, pull it to extend the bridge over to a bomb. Grab the bomb and quickly jump over the rotating platforms so you can get into range of the blockage at the end, throw the bomb at it to open it up.

Around the corner from the blockage you'll see the worm go up through the ground, pass by the left side of the hole it made and onto a net, bounce your way up to another net and then another. Next to that net is Bowling Pin Hat [Hat 4/5 - Bowling Pin Hat] on the edge of the wall, make sure to stop bouncing there and get it before carrying on up to the top. On the left side at the top is [Chest 3/3], get it and defeat the Chompies, trolls and Crystal Golem that appear before stepping onto the catapult behind the Monster Gate.

After landing jump up to the right to where the Air Gate is.

Air Challenge

The Air Challenge is quite straightforward this time, just jump along the platforms and into the whirlwinds that'll bounce you along. Kill the enemies inbetween and you'll quickly reach Feathered Headdress [Hat 5/5 - Feathered Headdress] at the end.

Follow the arrow through to the next section. A sort of boss encounter. First run up the right side to where the worm is and pick up a bomb, throw it at the worm. Now go run up the left side and do the same thing again. With that done jump along the platforms you knocked down and finish the level.

Twilight Fortress

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Shut down the worm
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Life / Tech
  • Check Mark Swap Zones - Dig
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 5
  1. Dangling Carrot Hat
  2. Officer Hat
  3. Crystal Hat
  4. Boonie Hat
Dangling Carrot Hat Officer Hat Crystal Hat Boonie Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 6:30

The level begins with a straight path past some Chompies, over a small gap and then up a ramp to the Life Gate.

Life Challenge

Step into the teleporter and go up either of the side mushrooms once you're inside. On the left you'll find a few trolls before you reach the bomb, throw it at the rocks in the distance and then step onto the bounce pad. The right has a Crystal Golem but it's the same really. Throw the bomb at the wall again and back onto the bounce pad. Cross over the vines to reach the large talking tree who'll give you Dangling Carrot Hat [Hat 1/4 - Dangling Carrot Hat].

Head towards the screen along the left side up the rest of the slope, there's a Crystal Golem at the top and [Chest 1/5] on the left at the end. Go to the right over the gap to where there's a troll and then jump to the right over a gap to get to Officer Hat [Hat 2/4 - Officer Hat]. Jump back and follow the path into the cave.

Go down the path, at the first corner just towards the screen a little is [Chest 2/5], follow the path forwards through some Chompies and a troll to get to a segment of the worm sticking out of the ground, attack it to get it to move out of the way. Cross over the coverstone that it drops back in place and attack the Trog Pincher, once he's dead use the bounce pad to your right to get up to a ledge above. At the back of the cave is a lock puzzle, you'll first have to wipe out all the Chompies to get to it. Even more basic than the first one the solution is L, Rx3, Lx2.

Take the key back outside and jump down to the gate. Do not take the path to the right, instead go straight on and you'll reach the Dig Swap Zone.

Dig SWAP Zone

Time to dig under a load of whirring blades. Go directly down the middle so you can pick up the shovel and extend your time underground. Once through attack the enemies to open the Monster Gate. Jump up the platforms behind it (they collapse so don't stay too long on them), don't get too close to the crystals blocking the way as you'll take damage, go under them straight down the middle again, there's a shovel to grab.

After that there's a few more enemies blocking a Monster Gate and then some more platforms to jump along. The next digging part has the blades moving position, shouldn't be a problem if you immediately move and don't stop until you get past. One last fight with some Trog Pinchers before you can grab Crystal Hat [Hat 3/4 - Crystal Hat].

Walk back towards the screen and now take the path to the right of the unlocked gate. Move as fast as you can towards the screen jumping over the obstacles as the worm chases behind you, you'll eventually fall off the end to safety. To the left of where you land is a bounce pad that takes you up to [Chest 3/5].

Jump back down and go right to a bomb, throw it at the wall and wait a moment to pick up another bomb. Once you've got it jump onto the purple bouncy mushroom and up to a second wall to blow up. Go through it and down to another bomb and another mushroom, throw it while you're in the air and then go through that third wall and down the other side to a third bomb. This time throw it at a bit of the worm to your right.

Forwards towards [Chest 4/5] up on a ledge ahead of you, you'll need to go just past it and double back after the Chompies. Keep on going along the path over a swinging platform and past some enemies, you should see [Chest 5/5] down to the left as you reach the slopes going up to the Tech Gate.

Tech Challenge

Jump over the laser beams on the conveyor belt and attack the Trog Pincher to open up the laser Monster Gate. After a few more laser jumps there's a large open section with crystals on both sides, go to the left side and approach the crystal, rotate it so that the large end is pointed towards the side of the laser gate. Go left along the conveyor belt over some more lasers and take out the troll, rotate the crystal in the bottom right corner three times so that it faces to the left which opens up where there's a spare [Chest 6/5] if you missed one. Once you've got it turn the crystal twice more so that it points the light beam to the right, that should now be going into the receptacle next to the laser gate.

Still the other side to do though, return to the middle and turn the right crystal once so that it faces the other receptacle and then go along the right conveyor belt. Turn the bottom left crystal three times to face left, the top left crystal once to face down and the top right crystal once to face left, that should all line up to open the laser gate. Go through it and over the lasers on the conveyor belt to fight one more Trog Pincher before reaching Boonie Hat [Hat 4/4 - Boonie Hat].

Go left and then jump along the large single platforms until you reach another part of the worm blocking your way, attack it to get by. Go forwards until you fall down a hole and end up inside the worm.

Move to the right down onto a conveyor belt, quickly run under the piston as it rises up but then immediately stop and wait for the steam to stop (if it's going), repeat with another piston and some more steam just past it once the way is clear. Jump up and hit the crystal in the path to start the self destruct, keep going to the right along another conveyor belt, this time it's going against you so you'll have to run a bit faster to get under the pistons, keep on going until the end of the level.

Back in Boom Town you can now go get another hat, if you go along the path that the workers built to the left you can go into a new shop where the Prospector and the Giant Tiki from the previous game have set up. In there you'll find the Space Helmet [Hat - Space Helmet]. Talk to Flynn to go to the next level as usual.


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