Adventure Pack: Sheep Wreck Island


Golden SheepGolden SheepGolden Sheep
Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure Chest
Legendary TreasureLegendary TreasureLegendary Treasure
Tree BranchAviator's CapCreepy Helm
Bonus Mission Map
Winged SapphireWinged Sapphire
Story Scroll

This is an Adventure Pack level that requires the Location Piece from the Sheep Wreck Island Adventure Pack that also came with Wind-Up and two Magic Items: the Groove Machine and the Platinum Sheep.

Sheepy Shores

Go along the middle path up the stepped slope and a sheep will demonstrate one of the level's unique features. Anywhere you see a glowing vortex you can step into it and be teleported a short distance away, like over a gap in this instance. Jump into it to be taken over there.

Keep on going left and a couple of cyclops enemies will jump out of the ground, these two are just the regular enemies that run up to you and start jabbing the air rapidly, move out of the way of that and they're fairly harmless. After taking them out jump down to the left and start pushing the block so that it fills the gap next to the vortex. Before you go back up go further to the left and open up Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 1/3].

Using the vortex to get up to the platform above the chest you'll fight another pair of enemies, one the same as before and a ranged enemy that throws jellyfish into the air at you. After killing them go up the wooden ramp behind them.

Blind Beard's Ship (Undead)

Push the block on the left once and then step into the vortex to land on top of it, go around to the back end of the ship where you'll see Story Scroll [Story Scroll]. Now you can go off the side down the wooden ramp towards the little buildings.

Ancient Ruins (Undead)

The dangerous bit here is the spiky mines that you can get blown into so try to run in the opposite direction to whatever the Sheep Mage is doing. Grab the three keys when they're out and available to grab, hide behind the buildings when he's blowing or sucking if you like. Once you've got all three unlock the door on the right side of the area.

Vortex over the gap and jump up to kill a trio of the sword guys as well as a jellyfish dude at the back. To the left is a Rocket Swap Zone.

Sheep Strafing (Rocket)

There are a lot of moving mines in this rocket zone so be careful when zooming along to watch where they're about to move to. The more varied pattern ones have a trail of smoke that you can see so you can tell their general pattern but still watch out for others intersecting with them. The reward for reaching the end is a Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire 1/2].

Go up to the right past where the ranged enemy was standing and jump off the edge into a vortex. Go forwards and then up onto the side of the path where there's a block next to a vortex, push the block into the vortex and then follow it in to land on top of it. Continue along the path and jump onto the first of the rising columns, stay on it and ride it down below where you were just walking and jump back to the right to get Golden Sheep [Golden Sheep 1/3]. Jump back on the column when it comes down again and this time continue along the columns to the left.

Cyclops Ship (Undead)

Walk forwards onto the wooden area and you'll meet another variation on an enemy. This larger enemy has a shield and you can only damage it when it's slammed its rams head hammer into the ground. After killing it a few more enemies will drop in, kill those too to open up the bounce pad at the back.

Before going inside go to the left of the door to an Undead Gate.

Skull Fields (Undead)

Follow the path along jumping over the flaming skulls as they swing past you. Once you get to some enemies you'll want to first kill them and then watch the rotating skulls ahead before you jump into the vortex as the target is directly above the skulls, you'll either hit the ground and immediately have to jump or you'll hit the skulls and immediately have to jump. There's one more group of enemies before you reach the present at the end with Tree Branch [Hat 1/3 - Tree Branch] inside.

Go inside the building and you'll find a set of drums to bounce on, you need to jump on all three without hitting the ground. The vortexes are key to reaching the far two, the vortex on the right goes to the one on the left and the one on the left goes to the right. Once you've got that sorted head through the exit that opens up.

Temple Islands

Jump up the platforms to the left and you'll see a vortex being guarded by a moving mine, easy to get past this one. The next vortex has two mines around it that might be a little trickier but still just jump into the vortex.

A brand new Vortex Geargolem is introduced now, this one has some unique moves. First it will occasionally create extra regular enemies to fight against, it'll also occasionally fire a vortex out ahead of it that, if you get hit by it, causes you to be teleported directly to the Geargolem and get damaged. It also has a regular smash attack that it'll quickly perform if you stay too close to it so make sure to get out of the way whenever it raises its arms up into the air.

Once it's defeated a large coin will appear in the middle of the area, go over to it to pick it up and take it over to the door where Blind Beard is standing. The coin will open the door when you approach, go inside.

Temple of Wool

Towards the left end of the lower level is a block that you can push into a vortex, do so. Jump in after it and go up the slope to the left, at the top there's another block, push that left and then down into the vortex again, now go back down the slope and push the new block to the right a few times until it falls down and you can use it to reach Winged Sapphire [Winged Sapphire 2/2].

Back up the slope and pull the lever to raise up a platform from the water, go right up it and over to a moving vortex, drop into it (it doesn't matter if the mine explodes when you're in the vortex, it won't hurt) and over the other side. Go up the rising column at the end and go left to a block puzzle.

Step into the vortex at the right end of it then push the first block down into another vortex, follow it through and push the next block to the right before pushing the block below twice so that it falls off the edge. Follow it down off the edge to the water below and jump through the waterfall to grab Bonus Mission Map [Bonus Mission Map - Thief on the Run] hiding there. Go back up the column and vortex back into the puzzle, push the block that's in your way down once and then finally push the last block to the left and continue up the steps.

The vortex floating about to the left here will just take you up to a Giant chest that you can open as well as another of those shield enemies if you want to kill one. Jump back down and head out through the door.


Follow the path down to the right past a couple of mines and then up some platforms at the end to get to another vortex swirling around with some mines, jump in and then on the next island jump off into the vortex that's circling the whole thing. There's a few enemies on the next larger island but not much more, jump into the vortex at the far end to move on.

This next island though you should ignore the first vortex on the left and instead jump up the step and go towards the back where there's a second vortex behind the shipwreck, go in there to be take over to Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 2/3]. The vortex here will take you right back. Go into the first vortex now and you'll arrive at the Checkpoint. Buy some abilities if you like in the Power Pod before moving onwards.

Itchy Caves

After defeating the regular enemies and the Vortex Geargolem the monster gate will open, go through and kill another two enemies before passing by the first mine. Take out a few more enemies but then to the right now you can see a moving vortex, jump off the edge into it to be whisked off to a Sneak Swap Zone.

Wool Over Their Eyes (Sneak)

This Sneak Zone is top down, step forwards onto the platform in front of you and start spinning it down, on your way to the right watch out for the two lasers and then spin down on another platform. If you want the bonus gems go left at the spotlight and through a pair of alternating lasers. Once you've got it go back along the path of the spotlight and up to the right where the next platform to lower. The next bonus gem is following the next spotlight path downwards instead of upwards, it's through a few lasers to the left. With it go up all the way to the and and another platform to lower.

The final bonus gem is directly up from the next spotlight track, keep in the middle to avoid the two lasers that go alongside it. One final spotlight to the right awaits, go through it and the lasers to get to a platform that this time raises up to the end button. The reward is Aviator's Cap [Hat 2/3 - Aviator's Cap].

The vortex outside the zone will take you right back up again.

Ram Gallery

A block puzzle awaits. Push the first block so that it's in line with the raised platforms at the back and then the block next to it into the hole on the right. Jump up onto it and then over left onto the other block and push a block off the top and into a vortex. Jump down and go to the far end of the section where there's one last block, push it up twice so that it's directly underneath the black and purple vortex destination and then go and step into the vortex that you just pushed a block into, you can now jump to the other vortex on the platform nearby and teleport on top of that final block.

Don't go inside just yet, you'll again want to go along the side of the building to find Golden Sheep [Golden Sheep 2/3]. Now you can go inside.

The puzzle in here is a tiny bit trickier than the last one but all you need to do that's different is to directly jump between the near two before jumping into the vortexes to get the far two. Exit once you've done it.

Now as you get outside go towards the south edge of the platform and you'll find a vortex just off the edge to jump into, it'll take you up on top of the building you were in, avoid the mine and open up Treasure Chest [Treasure Chest 3/3] before jumping back down. Jump up along the platforms to the left.

Wooly Caves (Earth)

Defeat the enemies and then ignore the vortex that's spinning around with some mines ahead and instead go to the left where there's another vortex floating above near the edge just below a couple of those ranged cyclopses. It'll take you up onto their ridge where you can attack them. It's also where the Fire and Undead Dual Element Gate is found.

Volcano Ride (Fire)

Fairly simple concept to this one, get onto the large platform and it'll start moving, jump over or move out of the way of the pink glowing skulls as you pass by them. Same thing again after jumping up some ledges and then again after jumping through some vortexes. After one more trip through some vortexes at the end you'll find Creepy Helm [Hat 3/3 - Creepy Helm].

Go up to the right and drop off the short wooden platform. Go over the stone bridge to see the Sheep Mage again. No fight with him this time, just another set of enemies to kill. Once the Vortex Geargolem is down go to the right side and pull the lever. Go up the columns that lower and then off into a vortex at the top. That'll take you over to the last Golden Sheep [Golden Sheep 3/3]. The vortex here will bring you back again.

The left lever just takes you to a bit of gold and some food, ignore it, go through the monster gate in the middle and into the cave.

Jump up to the right and then go along the far columns (the near ones lead to a bit of treasure if you want it) and up out of the cave again.

Old Sheep Cliff (Life)

Kill the shielded enemies that pop out of the ground and then go to the right. Jump up the moving columns (ignore the vortex, it just leads to a few coins) all the way to the top where Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 1/3 - Deputee Badge] is sitting in a present. Get back down to the coin door where you fought those two enemies and go left this time.

Another interaction with the giant sheep, try to avoid walking when he's blowing you around to avoid hitting the mines in the area, keep on going to the left where you'll spot a Teleport Swap Zone.

Beached Blinkout (Teleport)

Other than to watch out for the lasers there's not much to say about this zone. Just try not to get stuck behind the blockades towards the end. The reward is Legendary Treasure[Legendary Treasure 2/3 - Urban Art].

A little further left is a cave entrance. Jump into the vortex and pick up the giant coin before briefly chatting with Blind Beard and exiting the cave, you can now either step into the vortex or just jump straight down to the coin door below.

Temple of Baaaaa

Pull the lever on the left and then step into the lowered vortex, that'll take you over to the right where you can find the Air Gate.

Lamballoon (Air)

First use the two balloons to get across and then use the flat canvas sections as trampolines to bounce along, you'll want to bounce on them a couple of times if you don't land far enough across them. The vortex after that needs to be timed so that you land on the balloon floating about beneath the destination. Kill the Vortex Geargolem that you meet and then wait for a vortex to come near you under the mines to teleport through them. Jump onto a moving balloon and then along some more trampolines, over mines and some more balloons and even more trampolines to get up to the present at the end with Legendary Treasure [Legendary Treasure 3/3 - Amber Treasure].

Go to the left and push the block all the way to the left corner where the lowered vortex is, now step into the right vortex and start pushing the blocks off the ledges, the second one you'll have to jump down and push once more to then jump up onto it to go up the steps.

Only jump past the mines when the giant sheep isn't blowing, otherwise you'll probably end up hitting the mines. Use the vortex at the end to get up to the top layer of the area where you'll be fighting some enemies. With the Geargolem dead the monster gate will open and you can leave to go face the Sheep Mage.

Altar of Worsheep

After defeating a couple of waves of enemies Blind Beard will drop a bomb in on the left side, pick it up and throw it at the giant sheep, you'll have to throw it directly down the middle or you'll just hit the columns. Once the Sheep Mage is knocked into the arena make your way through the mines (there's no rush) and attack him until he gets back up again.

The next couple of waves of enemies are a little bit stronger, just a few more of those shield enemies though really. Again throw the bomb at the giant sheep and make your way through a maze of mines to get to the Sheep Mage to hit him.

The last two waves have Geargolems in so might be a bit more tricky, just try to keep in a position so that you can actually see your Skylander. With the Sheep Mage down again go through the gaps in the circling mines and finish him off to complete the adventure.

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