• 08:50 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Scrumshanks Hat Rasta Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 16: Bringing Order to Kaos!

Arc of Faith

Down the slope hit the button on the right to spawn a Roboto-ball. Knock it down the curve and quickly bounce up and cut it off at the barrier. Knock it into the barrier. Go left down a hole at the bottom of the track.

The Bomb Hole

Kill the Chompies and then head south to the last Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire of the game next to the exit. If you've followed the walkthrough you should now have the full 40% discount. Go back out.

Head up the slope and spawn another Roboto-ball. Cut it off again and push it through the gap where the barrier used to be, roll it to the far side where there's another barrier to smash with it.

Arkeyan Foyer

Kill the enemies there including a load of Chompies, a few Arkeyan Snipers and an Arkeyan Shield Juggernaut, if you didn't quite smash the barrier then that Roboto-ball can be quite handy. Go through into the cave it opened up.

Secret Alcove

A few Chompies and a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Go up the slope to the right through the Monster Gate.

The Machinery

Step onto the conveyor belt and ride it up to a spot with two dots in the floor, these will flame out at you so be careful when crossing them. Step on the button just off the side to lower the first barrier. Continue on past another fire trap then left and into a spot in the middle with a button and some food. Press the button.

This lowers the other two barriers on that junction, go straight over past anothe fire trap and onto a conveyor going in the wrong direction. Keep walking to another button near the end of it. Go up the slope at the end, then left past a closed barrier and get inbetween two fire traps. From there use the bounce pad to jump to a button. This will open up that closed barrier so drop down and get around to it again.

Bounce over and follow the conveyors down to another button that'll open a block barrier to the left. Follow the coins along and over some tilting platforms. Throw the Arkeyan Bomber's bomb back at it and the Arkeyan Jousters. Kill another group of Jousters to reveal a bounce pad. Ignore the middle one and use the right one to get down to the right.

Observation Platform

Here you'll find Soul Gem Flashwing's Soul Gem "Crystal Lighthouse". Go into the cave.

Arkeyan Well

There's another of those Freebots in here, he'll play Skystones too (no trophy/achievement though). 3 "Life Spell Punk", 2 "Arkeyan Crackler". Prize for winning is the Arkeyan Crackler Skystone.

Bounce back up and use the proper bounce pad in the middle. If you now smash through the objects to the left you can drop down next to an Earth zone.

Golem's Retreat

Kill the Crystal Golem and then using a Giant smash down the wall. If you don't have a Giant then you can use the Roboto-ball that you're about to get and roll it down here to smash the wall. The Present has a Scrumshanks Hat Scrumshanks Hat.

Press the button to open the barrier and bounce back up. Press the switch to spawn a Roboto-ball, push it left if you need to smash the wall in the Earth zone otherwise push it right along the moving platforms, ideally towards the wall so you can push it better at the other end.

After smashing the barrier turn around and get another Roboto-ball, roll it across to a second barrier on the opposite side of the steps.

Arkeyan Vault

Behind there is the final Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Dragon Masthead".

Hall of the Ancients

Go up the steps and defeat the next set of enemies, first some Jousters and a Juggernaut and then some Duelists too. Over in the left corner you'll find a path behind some objects to a cave.

Crumbling Vista

Kill the Jouster and the Bomber before opening the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Outside use the bounce pad that appeared to get up to the right. To the right up here is a Magic zone.

Magician's Lighthouse

Teleport and bounce up. Go right up the slope and then left up the next slope to a lever, pull it fives times to align the light beam off centre. Go down through that barrier behind you and drop down to a large area with a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest at the end.

Bounce back up and pull that lever another seven times to line it up straight. The other barrier should now be open so go down and through it. Continue around the corner to an area with some blasters firing at you from the ground, push the blocks along as cover and then destroy the blaster. Quickly get around and smash the next blaster too. Carry on down the path pushing and destroying to open up the gate at the end.

Use the bounce pads to land on the other bounce pads, if you hit a teleporter you end up at the bottom of the steps again. Go right past a load of spikes to reach the end where you can drop down and open the Present to find the Rasta Hat Rasta Hat.

Drop off and make your way back to the entrance to teleport out.

Step onto the rotating platform when it gets into position and press the button in the middle to change its direction. Step off to the left.

Use the Arkeyan Bombers' bombs to blow up this Arkeyan Shield Juggernaut, then cross the revolving platforms behind it to bounce up to the Bombers. Killing them will create a bounce pad on the central rotating platform. Don't use it just yet though, isntead go down to the right and kill another Juggernaut, behind him is a door.

Hall of Archives

Defeat Freebot 002 in a game of Skystones to unlock the door and find the Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Health. He has 2 "Grenade General", "Arkeyan Ultron", "D. Riveter 5", "Axecutioner". You win his Grenade General for winning.

Now use that bounce pad and get to the top of the rotating platforms. Step off to the right and you'll change the direction as well as lower a block. Step back on and get past that block.

Stone Cutter's Vault

Get by the fire traps and through the blade to drop down next to a Crystal Golem and some Chompies. Use the Bombs to blow up the crystals surrounding the Golem and also to kill the Bombers themselves. Bounce up and tilt the platform so that you can reach the Story Scroll Story Scroll on the right.

Now tilt it to get past a blade, then bounce up through some more blades to reach Auric.

Caesar Hat1800
Unicorn Hat2500
Wizard Hat2000
Regeneration Power Up650
Fairy Dust50

That's the best Skystone in the entire game, four spikes on each edge will let you take any other Skystone (other than ones with four too).

To the right you'll find the final Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. And to the left is the path to the final boss fight.

The Arkeyan Throne Room

Run towards the camera non-stop, ignore any enemies you find and just keep going until you reach the button. Move towards the teleporter...

Kaos will leave his fist vulnerable to attack, so attack it. Dodge out of the way once he lifts it up and a red marker appears on the ground. Get back to hitting it, a group of Jousters and a Juggernaut will be brought in to help Kaos. Destroy them and Kaos's fist once more.

Kaos will next summon an object that casts those red and blue spells you saw in the Wilikin Village chapter. Avoid the red and attack the conduit in an attempt to destroy it. When it sends out a circle of red and an inner circle of blue make sure to get through the red and gather up the blue ones before it can use them to heal itself. Keep attacking it and dodging its spells as Kaos and the other robot fight on.

Once it has been destroyed Kaos will once again start putting his fist too close to you, attack it again. yet more Arkeyan enemies will turn up, another load of Jousters and a couple of Juggernauts. If that wasn't enough Kaos will now start to use his eye lasers too, keep out of the red. Destroy them and keep hitting the fist.

Kaos will once again recoil and then give you a chance to attack his head, he'll also bring in some more reinforcement Jousters and Juggernauts. Destroy them and attack his head until he brings in another magical conduit. Attack this one the same as the last, all the way to the point where it brings in loads of blue spells to try to heal. Intercept them as best you can before finishing it off. Now just focus on the fist to defeat Kaos once again and finish the game.

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

The mini-game on the Gun Deck is now unlocked properly and will continue to cycle through the different levels each time you reenter the area.

The Crane Deck now has a whole load of coins for you as a reward for defeating Kaos, make sure to use them wisely and definitely use all four Wheels of Wealth if you can.

#30 spyrogirl10 18:04:39 28/04/2013
I beat smilie with only :stelthelf:
#29 spyrogirl10 17:17:21 28/04/2013
I meant to say smilie
#28 spyrogirl10 17:09:25 28/04/2013
One time me and my friend were smilie and :igntor: and we got hit
by smilie fist.
#27 spyrogirl10 16:30:04 28/04/2013
I beat it about a week ago.
#26 HotDogAndZap 22:22:41 28/03/2013
this was like a million times easier that SSA. kinda dissapointing, when you think about it. finished the whole thing with just LC smilie.
#25 cynder2274 06:40:49 21/03/2013
#24 spyro1691 20:07:52 12/03/2013
lets remember its a kids game and they probably made it easier FOR kids
#23 eyebrawler 02:21:17 26/02/2013
sorry i hope hes stronger in swap force
#22 eyebrawler 02:19:51 26/02/2013
Kaos is to easy in skylanders swap force i hope stronger but not as hard as spyros adventure
#21 warnado745 00:03:56 25/02/2013
V He is pretty good
#20 batty77 00:41:23 12/02/2013
is hothead good?
#19 blood puzzler 02:53:09 28/01/2013
Iv'e soloed the boss with eruptor, ignitor, hothead, flameslinger and sunburn (as in played the level at least 5 times and defeated kaos with one each time). it was way to easy.
#18 camo123 21:57:00 17/01/2013
It sounds easy but I didn't make it that far because of one of my brothers and one of my sisters my other brother and I make a great team but maybe thats only because over the summer I'd wake up before 6 and would beat Kaos from skylanders spyros adventure only using Whirlwind(level 8 3 times the 9 4 times and then the rest 10) ps I did not have Camo at the time (Camo was my best skylander until I got skylanders giants now it is Hot Head).
#17 superstriker105 16:18:19 16/01/2013

#16 Ash Starkindle 20:29:39 13/01/2013
i beat smilie with smilie ! Just smilie ! WAY easier that the last game!
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