• 07:40 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Purple Fedora Fireman's Helmet
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 5: Glacier Gully

Snow Bump

Go to the left of Cali and Flynn to drop down off the side. Pick up the bomb and throw it at the round building to the north, you can't reach it right now but later on you'll be able to pick up that collectible. Bounce back up.

Icy Remains

Some Frigid Chompies up ahead, smash through the small wall to get to them. These are just like regular Chompies except their attack freezes you in place momentarily, breaking out of it is just a matter of waiting as the action required doesn't seem to make it any quicker. Smush them all and talk to the little ghost called Machine Ghost.

Drop off the little ledge and go to the right towards the screen. There's a Magic area.

Magical Happening

Push all the blocks once and then the remaining block left into position. Go up the slope and open the Present to earn yourself a Purple Fedora Purple Fedora.

Go back on path and go left where you'll be shown a giant ice block, there's a light beam right next to it. Simply pull the lever three times and it'll melt the block for you.

Noodles' Cold Plate

Go on through the gap and down the slope to an area blocked off with a Monster Gate. Kill the two Mohawk Cyclopses and an Axecutioner will appear, kill him and then some more Mohawks to open the gate.

If you smash a snowman on the left side you can get to a gap where you can drop down and pick up the Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Experience you liberated back at the start of the level. Bounce back up and continue.

Crystal Shards

Slide the refracting crystal two spaces north then pull the lever on the right once. Smash through another small wall and then another to the left to pick up the Story Scroll Story Scroll. Use a Giant to grab the boulder and then jump down the gap behind it. Push over the statue in a Feat of Strength.

Windy Reach

Tiny island with a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest on it.

Bounce back up to the set of crystals and lights. Push the crystal in here to the right so that it hits the active beam of light to melt the block on the right. Once it's fully melted push the crystal back two spaces and then down twice. Then pull the lever in the space behind the melted block.

Frozen Cactus Shrine

Do not kill the Bag O'Boom as the bombs that he throws are needed, avoid his initial throw and you'll be able to pick up the bomb and throw it at something, namely the building up on the ledge to the left. If you miss then that's fine, just make sure not to hit the Bag O'Boom.

Follow him and, still not killing him, smash the vases on the platform section he's run to, underneath you'll find a teleporter. Grab a bomb if you still need it and teleport over there. Destroy the building and grab the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Floral Reef Paint Job". Drop off the side and go kill Bag O'Boom and the Mohawk Cyclopses to trigger some Armored Mohawks to drop in. Just like all the other armored enemies you'll need to smash the armor off before you can kill them.

Frozen Toe

Go through the Monster Gate and onto a platform with two large chains attached, go up the one to the right to reach a Fire area where you'll meet Smoltergeist.

Fiery Thumb

You don't need a Fire Skylander just to walk on the fire, you can switch back to any you like. Follow the lava around and off the lavafall to meet the Enfuego Chompies. These are another variety of Chompies, instead of biting they run up and initiate a self destruct, you have a few seconds to either kill them or get out of the way.

Smash through the orange crystals and drop down the lavafall to a large semicircular area. Drop off the largest gap nearest the screen and then off the left side of that next pool.

Burnt Depths

Smoltergeist down here has an optional game of Skystones for you. The board has a fire spot in the top left so don't forget your Enfuego Chompy stone. He uses "Mace Major 2", "Chompy 2", 2 "Mace Major", and a new stone "Boom Fiend" for his fire stone. And that Boom Fiend is your reward for beating him. His tactic seems to be to start from the right side as nearly all of his stones are blank on the right.

He's also the first Skystone player you can rematch and randomly win either another stone or some coins. See the Skystones section for more details.

Bounce back up and drop off the right side down a two stream lavafall. Drop off the south side of that all the way down a line of coins above a bounce pad. Go left and you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest behind some orange crystals in the corner. Bounce back up and drop off the north edge to drop down into a pool with two blocks and a light crystal. Push the blocks but don't push them off, push the light crystal off the edge to a puzzle below.

Push the block in the middle to the right and then up once, then the crystal you just pushed off south twice and right once. Push the crystal in the south down once and one right. Push the block north of it right once. Then push the top crystal down twice, the right crystal down once into the beam of light then left once to complete. This will open up the gate and give you access to a teleporter.

Phoenix Rising

And this teleporter takes you to an Ambush! An Evil Sunburn will attack, he's fast and teleports around so watch out for him getting behind you and quickly blasting you with strong shots of fire breath. Long distance attacks will do better but even then you need to be fast to move out of his way when he teleports.

Once you've defeated him the gate will open and allow you access to a teleporter. Oh and a Present for the Fireman's Helmet Fireman's Helmet. Teleport back to the start of the area and walk back up the chain.

Slide down the left chain. Squish the Frigid Chompies that attack you and then the waves of enemies that attack. Use the bombs to blow up the Bag O'Boom that's up high. Don't push the moveable block, leave it where it is. Just use the Bounce Pads and bounce up into an ice bowl.

Chilled Bowl

Use your momentum to slide off the bottom side of the bowl just left of where you entered. If you left the block where it was you can gather Soul Gem Thumpback's Soul Gem "Blowhard". If not then push it back, don't push it off the side yet. Now jump down to the right and push the block left, go back up to the ice bowl and slide back off the same section. Push that block off the side and mash open the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Bounce up and enter the cave on the left.

Icy Drain

This is where you'll find Auric.

Propeller Cap400
Top Hat450
Frigid Chompy 2100
Arkeyan Jouster 4800
Regeneration Power Up175
Skystone Cheat500
Lock Puzzle Key500
Fairy Dust50

Bounce back up into the ice bowl and slide to the top left, smash through the brick wall and pick up the key. Slip back into the bowl and go to the top right through a brick wall. Through another brick wall to the north is a second key. Slide out of the tiny bowl to the right into a second large bowl. Go off the south-east exit to find the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire. Jump off the left and make your way back into the second ice bowl again.

Go to the north-east exit through a brick wall.

Snow Drift Gate

Here's the locked gate but you're still missing one key. If you've got a Giant then perform a Feat of Strength with the chain on the right side of the area.

Island of Ice

Just to get a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Drop off the bottom edge of the area with the gate to find the third key and get into a fight with several waves of enemies and Axecutioners. Once they're all dead a bounce pad will appear. Take it up and go through the locked gate.

Time to thaw out the giant robot. Push the near block to the right and then the crystal next to it down. Pull the lever on the light seven times to melt a block in the distance. After that's melted turn it again five times to melt the nearest ice block. Go and push the block behind that ice block out of the way. With the last block melted you now need to use the bounce pad to the left and pull that lever up top twice.

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

Auric now has a new item in his shop.

Brawny Barbell Charm900

Buying this Charm means that your Giants can more quickly pick up boulders, useful in the heat of battle when you want to throw stuff at enemies.

The Magic Element has been added to the Elemental Doors. Oh and there's now a Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire up on the Crow's Nest.

Talk to Flynn to get to the next level.

#23 Sonic-Boom 06:02:17 10/10/2018
This was maybe the easiest chapter in the game.
#22 KyoryuCrimson 19:15:59 17/08/2017
I beat this level with smilie. It wasn't very hard.
#21 Zahzuvex 01:30:02 12/05/2014
Every time I look at Machine Ghost or see his name I blush like a freakin tomato staring at a salad dressing (I had to). I love him.

Okay that was the biggest understatement EVER. Words cannot describe how much I am in love with him without sounding perverted.

That was awkward...
It's ironic the Machine Ghost doesn't follow you in Fiery Thumb, as he was freezing his cute bum off for 1-3 years. WEIRD.
#20 nooch37 02:51:26 28/12/2013
The Chilled Bowls were a blast!
#19 Glumshanks 07:19:08 15/12/2013
Cool level, very cool ......(*_*)
#18 eyebrawler 19:29:07 26/02/2013
this levels music always makes me feel tired
#17 cynder2274 22:13:46 23/02/2013
i dont slip on ice if i fly yay, but sometimes i like sliping on the
#16 cynder2274 22:11:22 23/02/2013
my favourite level is this one not the oracle :]
#15 Ash Starkindle 18:08:22 17/02/2013
This level's fun, but there's a bad glitch in my game on this level. No matter what I do, I go to where the Luck-O-Tron wheel should be, yet it doesn't show up. I didn't collect it before either. help please???
#14 Jakemouse 19:21:07 23/01/2013
Not killing that bomb guy is so annoying lol.
#13 dagon22 06:47:54 19/01/2013
Why not fly? I never have any problem with ice if I fly, and never get why no one else does it.
#12 SuperSonicBoom 18:04:00 05/01/2013
This reminds me of empire of Ice
#11 Spygiltrig4356 05:30:32 10/11/2012
It messed me up and I was using smilie's B attack!
#10 Spygiltrig4356 05:29:35 10/11/2012
#9 Skylander Man 00:31:40 04/11/2012
Guys when you go here at the beginning when you see those ice blocks can you burn them down with a Skylander from a fire element?
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