Pirate Bay

Daring Rescue

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Rescue Flynn
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Fire / Magic
  • Check Mark Giant Areas - 2
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 8
  1. Princess Hat
  2. Toy Solider Hat
  3. Trucker Hat
  4. Umbrella Hat
  5. Bottle Cap Hat
Princess Hat Toy Soldier Hat Trucker Hat Umbrella Hat Bottle Cap Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 3:20

The game begins by Hugo asking you to summon two Skylanders (if you want to finish all of the optional challenges first time through the level you'll need a Fire and a Magic Skylander, one of them as a Giant), you will be unable to progress until you load them both in. Once they're loaded you'll be shown how to switch, just tap the bottom screen anywhere. After that you'll be taken straight to the first level.

Move forwards across the bridge and pick up the coins on it, if you played the 3DS version of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure then these coins are exactly the same as the radiance that you'll have seen there. They aren't used like in the console versions to buy upgrades but instead serve as part of a challenge to gather enough and bonus experience once you reach the end of the level. Keep on moving forwards and jump over the gaps using the B button as the game indicates. If you fall down onto the sand you can either double jump back up or walk back up the nearby slope.

The next small area has a couple of Chompies in it, these little blue guys are the most basic of enemies in the game and only take one hit before they die. Your most basic of attacks is with the Y button.

There's a Mabu over the next bridge, he's standing next to a raised bridge with a Giant symbol on it, that means that only a Giant can access it [Giant Area 1/2]. If you have a Giant loaded then attack the icon. You'll usually you'll find something interesting behind one of these blockages such as a present or a chest with coins in it and this one has a chest [Chest 1/8], smash it to reveal several coins - the large central one is worth five. Getting 10 coins in quick succession will trigger the game to temporarily double the value of the coins you collect..

Going down the path to your right will take you to a sandy area with a couple of barrels and a single Bag O' Boom enemy throwing bombs at you. The game suggests you attack him using your second attack, the X button, but you can do whatever you like. To the right of him is a few small round islands, on the right one is a red and yellow chest [Chest 2/8].

Jump back to the land and go up the red tiled bridge up to the place where the Giant bridge also led to. Carry on forwards up a small slope to a lever, pull it to form a bridge. On the left side at the end of the bridge is a Fire Gate, if you have a Fire Skylander then approach it.

Fire Challenge

Avoid the rotating fire blasts and jump along the platforms to the end, there's not all that much to do in here [Elemental Gate 1/2]. At the end is a present [Hat 1/5 - Princess Hat] Princess Hat.

Completing that will bring you right back to the same place so now go right up the slope to a small group of enemies consisting of a couple of Chompies and a tiny Seadog Pirate. Kill them before jumping onto a wooden mast platform, this leans from side to side depending on where you stand on it. If you lean it to the left you'll be able to reach a chest [Chest 3/8] on an island by itself.

Jump onto the next bit of land ahead and the game will suggest you run along the tiled path, it's not essential but you might as well. At the end is a Chompy and a Bag O' Boom. Jump over to the building ahead of you, go up the slope to talk to a Mabu by the entrance. Follow the purple arrow inside and you'll be transported to the top of the Lighthouse. Circle around it to find a present on the other side [Hat 2/5 - Toy Soldier Hat] Toy Soldier Hat. To get back down simply go through the door up here.

If you go right but don't go down the slope you'll find a Bag O' Boom standing in front of the next chest [Chest 4/8]. Kill the three Chompies below and then jump along the small green islands to the right. Stick to the sand instead of going up the slope, kill another Seadog Pirate and a couple of Chompies before smashing through some boxes to reach another chest [Chest 5/8]. Smash through the blockade and go up the slope to a couple of Bag O' Booms. Kill them and carry on forwards down to a large pirate carrying a flamethrower. He'll take more damage than the others you've fought so far but as long as you watch out for his attack you should be fine.

That will open up a Monster Gate behind him, go on through and follow the coins along the path. On the right side you'll eventually reach the Magic Gate.

Magic Challenge

After the first few islands you'll spot some Zeppelins in the air, these will fire at you - use the green barriers as a shield to prevent yourself from getting hurt. [Elemental Gate 2/2]. At the end is a present [Hat 3/5 - Trucker Hat] Trucker Hat.

Back out again go left across a bridge and then up a slope to a group of Chompies and a Seadog Pirate. After killing them smash through the wooden fence that's blocking your way. There's another flamethrower wielding pirate being helped by a Bag O' Boom that's standing up on a platform, jump up to kill that one to open up the gate.

Smash through another fence on the other side to find a Bag O' Boom up a small staircase next to a chest [Chest 6/8]. The area beyond that has a chest [Chest 7/8] in the centre as well as a Giant are [Giant Area 2/2] on the left. Up the ramp is another present [Hat 4/5 - Umbrella Hat] Umbrella Hat.

Smash through the blockade at the top end of the area and then again through the others and the Chompies in-between. You've finally caught up with Flynn, to free him all you need to do is kill the enemies in the area. That's a single flamethrower and a load of Chompies. Talk to Flynn and he'll open up the locked gate for you.

Going onwards you'll be able to see the Crimson Tide off in the distance but while you can't reach it you can go along towards it and find another chest waiting for you at the end of the pier [Chest 8/8]. Jump down onto the square wooden platforms, these shudder when you jump on them but they won't actually sink. Keep on going up towards a boat that you can get on. Kill the two Bag O' Bombs and cross over to the end of the level but just before you go up to Flynn there's a present on the floor [Hat 5/5 - Bottle Cap Hat] Bottle Cap Hat.

Flynn's Ship

You are now free to roam around what will serve as the central hub for the game. On the left is Flynn who you'll need to talk to to select which level you want to go to. Up on the right is Hugo who will let you switch out the Skylanders you have summoned. If you go across the plank onto the Lifeboat you can see your full collection of Skylanders and all of the Hats that you've collected as well as where to find the ones you haven't.

The door directly beneath Hugo leads to the Captain's Cabin where you can see a board with a visual representation of your progress in the quest to defeat Frightbeard. The door on the other side of the steps leads to the Sheep Room, here you can practice your attacks on the sheep although they give you no numbers. The door up next to Hugo leads to where you will find the entrances to the Adventure Pack levels once you've loaded them in with Hugo (instead of putting a Skylander on the portal just put the Location Piece instead).

#1 GamerZack7 05:23:38 18/08/2013
Due to the Elemental Gates in this level, I have a sneaking suspicion that Hot Head was originally supposed to be the Giant included with the 3DS version instead of Tree Rex; with Punch Pop Fizz and Hot Head you can clear all Elemental/Giant Gates in a single playthrough of the stage. That would have made sense as it not only allows the aforementioned gameplay but it also offers an incentive to get both the console and 3DS versions of Giants due to having different Skylanders.

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