• 07:05 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Sombrero Pants Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 8: Troll Home Security

Crumbling Edge

Approach Flynn over the bridge then go inside the building to his left. A Giant could use the Kaos Statue on the left to throw at the wall but you'll want to go into the house anyway.

Circle Run House

Kill the trolls to open up the Monster Gate, grab the bomb and walk down the ramp going to the right, you'll find a wall to throw it at, there's a Present behind it with a Sombrero Sombrero inside.

Grab the bomb again and head outside, throw it at the wall next to Flynn. Kill the two Mace Majors on the other side as well as the Enfuego Chompies that appear out of the furnace. Drop down onto the grass and some more trolls will jump down to attack, kill them all. Use the bounce pad that appears to reach a platform with another bounce pad on, use that one to jump into the chimney on the left.

Coal Stack

Kill the Enfuego Chompies inside here and then pick up the Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Power.

Leave and bounce back up, going forwards on the second bounce pad instead. Drop off the far edge to find a Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire. Bounce up and go left to where Cali is waiting. Blow up the dynamite.

Shell Shock Bastion

Clear the area of trolls, including the new D. Riveter. These fire a burst of three bullets then immediately another three bullets before taking a break to reload. If you get close they will often set down a mine a run off, this will then explode after a few seconds. If they don't manage to get far enough away it can actually damage them too.

Watch out for the bombs embedded in the ground, they'll explode if you hit them too much (or just brush against them as a Giant). You can use it to your advantage though as the explosion does affect enemies. Once the first lot of trolls are wiped out another bunch will come in from the north, take them out and a Chompy Bot 9000 will make its debut on the left.

These large machine will fire Chompies at you, some of which will survive and start attacking so watch out for them. If you're quite close then the Chompy Bot will fire over your head and you can safely melee attack, don't hang around after it's done shooting though as it'll jump up and perform a stomp attack. It's quite a high health enemy so just keep on attacking. Watch out for the Chompies that emerge afterwards.

Time to solve a Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 10.

Left, Right x 2, Left x 7

Press the button to open the gate.

Failing Fields

Kill all the Enfuego Chompies and then push the left of the stone blocks. This will let you get behind and up to where the trolls are attacking from to attack them back. Kill off the remaining trolls and Chompies up here before going back to those stone blocks.

Push the righthand one forward once, then the pile of two to the left once. Push the right on back into place and go up around the rocket and push the top block off to form a bridge. Use that to get over to a chain for a Giant to pull.

Anchored Island

All there is on the island is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Go back over the block bridge and go to the left of the Monster Gate that opened when you killed all the enemies just now. You'll see a stone block just off the edge, drop down next to it and push it left and then left again. You now have access to two caves.

Puzzling Cavern

In here is just a Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 15.

Right x 2, Left, Right, Left x 2, Right x 3, Left x 4, Right x 2

A Treasure Chest Treasure Chest is behind it.

Cheese Cavern

Kill the Enfuego Chompies to entice a couple of trolls down so you can open up the Monster Gate. Bounce up to the left and grab the Story Scroll Story Scroll.

Go back out and up to meet up with Flynn and Cali next to a Lock Puzzle. If you have a Giant you can skip the puzzle and instead grab one of the rockets from the ammo dispenser on the right, throw that at the cannon. The Lock Puzzle is Perfect in 9.

Right x 2, Left x 6, Right

Grab the bomb and take it to the right, throw it at the large cannon to destroy it. You'll be introduced to the Inhuman Shield. These guys spin their shield around and slam it down into the ground when you approach, if you're too close you'll get damaged. They keep their shield in the ground for a few seconds giving you time to get around their back and attack them, they're quite weak enemies so should go down quickly.

To the south of the cannon, in a small stone U shape, is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. After that use the bounce pad to the right of the cannon to get into a water zone.

Frightful Filtration Pools

Push the crystal to the right to activate the blades. Follow the first one around, ignore the bounce pad and drop off to the right. You'll be at another small light puzzle. Push the top crystal left, the middle block left and then the bottom block up three times. Go around and continue to push the same block to the right four times - this will allow you to access a cave. Bounce up using the left bounce pad and then up using the pad you ignored before. Drop down off this stationary section onto the block you pushed and enter the cave in the waterfall.

Secret Cave

Gurglefin is in here, defeat him at Skystones to gain access to the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Fire Sale Paint Job" behind him. He's not exactly a push over and has 2 "Drow Lance Master 3", 2 "Mace Major 2", "D. Riveter 3", you'll probably do okay though as long as you have several stones with three spikes on the edges. You win the D. Riveter 3 as well.

Back to the crystals outside. Push the bottom crystal to the left once and the top crystal to the right once. That'll get the rest of the blades spinning. Bounce up and then up again to the right, and up one more time to the highest point. Drop off it to the right down a trail of coins.

Ambush! A trio of evil Gill Grunts will attack. They jetpack around firing a triple shot of harpoons, you can avoid the harpoons by walking to the side as they fire them, you should get inbetween two of them. Getting close just means you lose the chance to avoid the attack. After you kill one they start double firing and once it's down to one he'll fire three times in a row each time.

With the ambush over you can collect the Present which is a Pants Hat Pants Hat.

Bounce all the way up to the highest point again and this time drop left off it. Kill the trio of trolls and a Monster Gate will open to let you get to a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Leave the area and approch the trolls at the base of the tower if you missed them before.

Kill the Grenade Generals at the base of the tower and a bounce pad will appear. Before going up you can go around the other side of the tower to play a game of Skystones with Fangs if you want, it's optional and there's no reward except the Skystone. There's a Water square so watch out for that. 2 "Enfuego Chompy 2", 2 "D. Riveter", "Armored Chompy". The Armored Chompy is yours for victory.

Tilting Tower

Bounce up and go right onto the first of the tilting platforms, if you stand on one end it'll tilt down and up the other. So if you've got a slow mover wait for a few seconds at the near end before walking along it as otherwise the platform will dip down and you'll be unable to cross.

Use the switch in the corner and then bounce up onto the next tilting platform. Kill a Grenade General before hitting another switch and bouncing onto a smaller tilting platform. The next one requires dropping down onto a bounce pad and bouncing up onto the last of the tilting platforms. Kill the last two trolls before bouncing up to meet Cali and Flynn.

The Battlements

Follow them over the bridge. If you have a Giant pick up the Kaos Statue on the left and throw it at the large cannon. If you miss don't worry, there's a load of rockets that you can pick up too. Underneath that statue however is a teleporter. This takes you a short distance to the left where you can pick up Soul Gem Crusher's Soul Gem "Rockslidin' Out". Teleport back.

Solve the Lock Puzzle, Perfect in 8.

Left, Right x 5, Left x 2

Just past that gate is a bomb that you can use to destroy the cannon ahead. You can also use it to destroy the cannon to the left near the Enfuego Chompies if you didn't have a Giant to do so. It's not entirely safe to follow Cali and Flynn as just before the safe zone there's a spot where three cannon blasts pass by. If you only have regular Skylanders then pick up the bomb again and follow them. If you have a Giant then just follow them and pick up the rocket there. Throw it at the next cannon to continue.

They'll ask you to detonate some more explosives, do so and then kill the Chompies, Inhuman Shields and Grenade General behind it. Make your way along the path to the left, each cannon has three blasts so wait for the third to pass before venturing onwards. The scorch marks on the ground should help you to see where each cannon fires.

At the left end a trio of Grenade Generals will drop in, kill them to open the Monster Gate. Keep going to the right, each cannon now only blasts once. Just after the final cannon is a couple of embedded bombs blocking your path, attack them to set them off and stand back. Advance once you can.

Past the bombable wall you'll find Auric.

Sudsy Soap Charm5000
This Bomb's For You10000
Moose Hat850
Trojan Helmet750
Chompy Bot 9000150
Damage Power Up250
Fairy Dust50

The charm is quite interesting as it boosts damage against troll enemies. The heroic challenge is Ghost Roaster's old one. The Skystone is pretty pathetic, only buy it if you're trying to collect all of them or something.

If you have a Giant just smash through the wall. Otherwise push the blocks down to the right of the wall down, use the ramp behind them to grab the bomb above. Chuck that at the wall.

Kill the trolls here before a set of Inhuman Shields and a Chompy Bot 9000 arrive. Once they do take out the shields and then focus on destroying the Bot to finish the level.

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

Aside from the Elemental Door restocking you also have a new turret level, this one's shooting down artillery shells. This is the trophy/achievement version of the mini-game so just quit and reenter if you get hit. If you won but got hit don't worry, at the end of the game you can just keep playing the turret levels again and again so it'll come up again.

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