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Welcome to my complete Walkthrough to the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders: Giants.

The walkthrough itself tries not assume you have any specific Skylanders and will mention when you need a certain element or ability to complete a task. To play the game you will need at least two Skylanders to load in with the infra-red portal otherwise it will not let you continue beyond the very start.


MoveCircle Pad/Dpad
Primary AttackY
Secondary AttackX
Use Magic ItemR
Switch/Revive SkylanderTouch Screen


When you kill an enemy you gain a small amount of experience in the form of small glowing dots. You also get bonus experience at the end of a level based on how many coins you've collected, whether you're matching the daily elemental bonus (+25% for one element or +50% for both), and how much time you had left on the clock.


Upgrades are automatically given to your Skylander when it levels up. At the end of a level the game will notify you that you've gained access to a new power.


In each platforming level you can find a few hats, it should be noted that in the 3DS game these are purely cosmetic items. You'll find them inside the presents that are hidden throughout the levels.

Elemental Gates

In each exploration level you will find a pair of elemental gates, these are entirely optional and by skipping them you do not hinder progress through the story. To open an elemental gate simply stand near to it with a Skylander of the corresponding element.

Giant Areas

Most levels have special Giant Areas which require you to use a Giant Skylander to open, that usually requires you to hit the marked gate with an attack or jump and smash down onto one if it's on the floor. What's inside the Giant Areas varies from level to level, sometimes it's simply a small alcove with a chest in it and other times there's a whole platforming section with a hat at the end.


Each level has five goals, four of which are possible to do on your first time through. When you have completed the level once you can go through again to complete the time challenge.

The tasks vary from level to level and include collecting coins, collecting several of a special item, killing a certain number of enemies, smashing chests, completing Giant or Elemental areas. You get a different set of tasks in the smaller boss fight levels such as not being hit by a hazard and not eating any food.

There are three stars to earn, the first you will gain from the story mission when you first complete the level. The second is for the time trial run through on your subsequent trips through the level (you can choose not to do the time trial) and the third is for completing all four of the other challenges.

Adventure Packs and Magic Items

With the release of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure there were Adventure Packs these came with a Skylander, a Location Piece and two Magic Items. The Location Pieces unlock the same level in Giants as they did in Spyro's Adventure so can be used again.

The Location Piece when placed on the Portal of Power will unlock a brand new pair of levels. An exploration level and an arena level. Unlike the consoles this item has no further use in the 3DS game.

The Magic Items do not unlock anything but instead temporarily provide your Skylanders with something special. You can only have one Magic Item active at any point and they cost thirty coins to use.

The main thing is to remember to actually use them. To load them into the game simply put them on the Portal of Power and talk to Hugo as if you were swapping out your Skylander. The Skylander that was active when you summoned the item will be the one that can use it, if you want the other to be able to use the same item then switch to that Skylander and summon the item again and both characters will be able to use it - although if you switch between them while it's active then it still deactivates like normal.

Pirate Seas

The Pirate Ship unlocks Windjammer Bay and Pontoon Point. It has no further use in the 3DS game.

The Hidden Treasure when activated will temporarily cause coins to be attracted towards you. It costs thirty coins to use and only lasts about fifteen seconds so not a very useful item.

The Ghost Swords make your Skylander's attacks do 50% more damage for twenty seconds.

Empire of Ice

The Empire of Ice unlocks Winterwatch Keep and Coldburn. It has no further use in the 3DS game.

The Sky-Iron Shield will protect your Skylanders from damage for ten seconds.

The Anvil Rain will surround your Skylander with three anvils that knock back enemies if touched that lasts fifteen seconds.

Darklight Crypt

The Darklight Crypt itself unlocks Wighthaunt and The Spectery. It has no further use in the 3DS game.

The Healing Elixir will continue to heal your Skylander for twenty seconds.

The Time Twister will surround your Skylander with three hourglasses, if these hit an enemy that enemy will freeze in place for a few seconds. The hourglasses last about twenty seconds and don't have any effect on large enemies.

Dragon's Peak

The Dragon's Peak unlocks the levels The Wingwarrens and The Pit. It has no further use in the 3DS game.

The Winged Boots allows your Skylander to run without having to stop every few seconds for twenty seconds - perfect for Time Challenges.

Sparx the Dragonfly will hover around your Skylander occasionally shooting nearby enemies for twenty seconds.

Dragonfire Cannon

The Dragonfire Cannon (both regular and Golden) fires a burst attack in the direction your Skylander is facing for a few seconds.

Scorpion Striker

The Scorpion Striker Catapult rains down attacks from the sky on all enemies nearby for about twenty seconds.

#4 Kory_ 17:40:54 04/03/2017
this game seemed to be somewhat repetitive to me, but fun nonetheless. I really enjoy speedrunning this, but it isn't the best of the four 3ds games to get. In my opinion, SSF would be the best game on 3ds, but that could just be my bias. This game would have benefitted much from a difficulty slider, as it is near impossible to complete this game with certain characters. The bosses are very tough to beat with weak skylanders, even at maxed level.
#3 MugoUrth 16:03:29 12/11/2016
I disagree, I think it's okay for what it is. Still, I wish the story had more Thumpback in it. I get they didn't want to play favorites, but come on! Thumpback actually has ties to the villains. You'd think they would do SOMETHING with his name.
#2 SkylandFollower 02:00:09 21/06/2013
Ugh... This game... Sucked.
#1 BlazeHeatnix28 12:03:41 07/06/2013
How good is this version?

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