• 08:40 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Pilgrim Hat Carrot Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 3: Rumbletown

Sky Drifter's Jetty

Walk down the wooden path towards the land filled with little green Chompies. You'll meet an Armored Lance Master, these are similar to the Drow Lance Masters but they have armor on them. You must first smash the armor off them before you can start actually damaging them. There's a few coins off the edge but nothing else of interest, but near that edge is a stack of three blocks forming a totem, push it to the right once.

Go to the right up the slope, kill the Root Runner and the Lance Master to open the Monster Gate, go to the right where there's an Undead area.

Stink Breeeze Point

Drop off the edge down to a bombable wall. While there is no bomb nearby that you can get right now, you can find one a bit later in the level that can be used here, opening the undead blockade now is helpful for that. Or you can just use a Giant to smash the wall in. Mash open the Present for the Pilgrim Hat Pilgrim Hat.

There's also a ghost called Spoooky that wants to play Skystones, you don't yet know how to so put that in your diary for later.

Leave via the south exit and pick up the key.

If you don't have an Undead then you can simply jump down the ledge next to it and grab the key. Drop down to the left and make your way up and around through the monster gate again to the left and to the top of the totem you pushed earlier, you'll need to drop off the path next to the locked gate to get to it. Push the top block off it to the left and you can now reach the cave in the wall.

Moldy Retreat

Kill the three Root Runners and the Life Spell Punk that's healing them, ideally go for the Spell Punk first. Once they've been defeated the Monster Gate will open and you'll be able to pick up the Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel, this one gives you bonus damage.

Go back out and all the way up to the locked gate again, this time go through. Kill the Life Spell Punk and the two Armored Lance Masters it's helping. After that go talk to Quigley to learn of a nearby Life zone, not nearby enough though as you'll still need to travel a fair distance to get to it. Head right up the slope to the end where you'll be attacked from a distance by a few Archers up on the ledge. If you can't hit them ignore them and go left up to a set of blocks.

Push the south block to the left twice, then get around it and push it down off the side so that you can get to the cave in the wall below.

Cavern of Echoing Nibbles

Kill the two Root Runners that are sending out loads of Chompies at you, behind the one on the floor is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Leave the cave and get back up to the blocks, to the left is that nature area Quigley was talking about. But before you do go in push the bottom of the three remaining blocks to the left once, the right one up once and then the top left block left as far as it'll go.

Quigley's Grotto

Once you've opened the Life area continue pushing that block to the left until it stops, then push it up so that it fills the gap so you can reach the Story Scroll Story Scroll. Kill the Root Runner and then talk to Quigley who's somehow made it here before you.

Drop down off the left side and a life bridge will appear over the gap filled with coins, follow it through past an open gate and into a wide open area. AMBUSH!

Shadow Grove

Three evil versions of Stealth Elf will suddenly appear and it's your task to kill them. Their attack pattern is simple, they'll spot you, run in a straight line with their daggers up and perform a strike attack. After that they'll vanish in a puff of smoke, reappear in a different place and start their run again. The idea here is to move out of the way and attack them as they go past, either while they're still moving or the brief moment they pause after the attack.

The problem is of course that there's three of them at the same time, be very careful about when you attack as the others usually take that as a chance to hit you. When you kill one the game will slow down and show you it exploding into a burst of experience and a piece of food. Kill all three and the Monster Gates will open. Use neither gate for the moment.

Instead approach the line of coins going across an empty space, another life bridge will appear. Go up past a couple of blocks and kill a Root Runner, then drop down behind the blocks and push the right one down once. Push the left one left and then get around the other side of the right one and push it into place next to the left block to form a bridge.

Cross over the blocks and a life bridge will appear, cross that to reach a bomb, take it back along the life bridge and over the blocks to throw it up to the left at a wall blocking off the Present, you obviously can't reach the Present just yet. Go back to the bomb and throw it at the floating reddish brown sphere directly north of you. This will open the gate to your left, go through it and a life bridge will appear.

On the left on the other side of that bridge is a Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 18.

Right x 2, Left, Right x 3, Left x 8, Right x 4

Pick up the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire as a reward. Turn around and drop down following the path of coins, use the bounce pad to get up to the area with the walled off Present and, if you blew it up (or have a Giant to do so now) your prized Carrot Hat Carrot Hat awaits. If you didn't blow it up you can just drop off to the right and try and use the bomb again.

Use the teleporter to get back to the start of the area. Make your way all the way up to the very start of the life zone again.

Continue north past the blocks that you pushed out of the way, kill the Archer and, if you clear some debris, there's a Bounce Pad that'll take you up to a small collection of coins. The bomb on the ground here is for the undead area before, if you didn't have a Giant then take the bomb and quickly drop straight down the ledges and you should easily make it there to blow up the wall and get the hat.

Go left along the path and into a small circular area with a few enemies inside it.

The Practice Pit

After killing the Armored Lance Masters and the Drow Archer you'll meet Brock, he'll send in a few waves of enemies for you to defeat.

Noggin-knock Village

Go right through the opened gate and down to the right onto a wooden section. Go into the first building.

Toebiter's House

Kill the Armored Lance Master and the Life Spell Punk to open up the Monster Gate and grab the key.

There's another house nearby, go to the left to get to it, there's a Life area inside it.

Weed Whisper Home

After killing the Chompies and their Root Runner you should have a go on the Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 5.

Right x 2, Left x 3

Open the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest and then leave the building.

The land outside has been filled with a few enemies again, kill them and grab the key up top next to the Life Spell Punk. If you drop off to the left to a ridge above the Practice Pit you can enter a another building.

Guarded Tower

This first one has Quigley guarded by a couple of Drow Archers, kill them and talk to Quigley. He wants to play Skystones so come back later when you've learnt how to, but not too soon as he's got some quite advanced stones.

Go back out and into the practice pit, go north to the locked gate and into the building to the left of it.

Flap Jack Inn

Nothing of real interest in here but you need it for All Areas Found.

Go through the locked gate.

Watching Tower

You can hit the switch here but you'll need to do something else before actually going through the gate so there's no point. Go down to the gate and push the blocks to form a bridge across, do that by first pushing the near one to the right, then pushing the far one down. Push the near one back to the left and then forwards over the far one.

What is your reward? The Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Eagle Pilot Roof House" of course. Go back up to the switch and quickly run down through the gate it opens. Kill the Archers and the Spell Punk to open the Monster Gate and gain access to the bridge.

Bridge Belly Dumps

Ignore the house next to the locked gate for the moment, you will need to go in there before opening the locked gate when you have the key.

Go right and push the two blocks off the side to form a bridge, push the block on the other side once, go around and push the block behind it off the side, go back around and push that previous block again and then over the block you just pushed off. You'll reach a key. Take the key and drop off the side on the near of the blocks you just walked over. Push the left one up until it stops then left as far as it'll go. Now, with the key, go into the house next to the locked gate to your left. Do not open that locked gate!

Sour Sink Lodge

Use the key on the locked gate inside this building, behind there you'll find Soul Gem Hot Dog's Soul Gem "Ding Dong Ditch" and another key. This key you should use on the locked gate outside.

Push the set of three blocks down to form a bridge and the third all the way across the platform and off the other side to form a bridge with the block you pushed into position earlier.

Kill all of the Root Runners and Archers here to open up the Monster Gate. Cross the bridge to the right.

Toebiter's Keep

Instead of opening the gate go south to a large circular area. You'll find Auric's Store here.

Elemental Elixir Charm400
Elf Hat250
Fancy Hat250
Birthay Hat250
Regeneration Power Up100
Lock Puzzle Key500
Fairy Dust50

The Elemental Elixir Charm is a one time purchase that boosts the healing you get in elemental areas. Normally it's just five health but after you purchase this charm it is 20. The Regeneration Power Up is essentially like the Healing Elixir Magic Item that you get with the Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack. From the moment you buy it your Skylanders start regaining health. This lasts a total of 90 seconds and heals 10 health every five seconds. The Fairy Dust gives you a single access to Persephone's upgrades, you can then spend some more gold to buy one upgrade. If you wish to upgrade another thing you have to buy another Fairy Dust. They're unlimited stock so the only limit is your gold. Also it only appears if you have upgrades left to buy, a fully upgraded Skylander will not see this item.

Still not quite ready to go through that gate, head further south and you'll come to a Giant Jump spot. Jump off and smash through the ground.

Lost Well

In here, aside from a few coins, is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Exiting the cave will take you to another Giant spot, this time a Feat of Strength to clear some fallen logs.

Loglifter's secret place

All there is is the final Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. That should finish off the Collections portion of the Objectives.

Bounce up and make your way to the gate with the two switches near Auric. Perhaps buy a Regeneration Power Up if you're currently low on health.

Time for an Arena Battle! Falling off the edge is possible and it does a small amount of damage to your. The first round is made up of Chompies and Drow Lance Masters. Defeat four waves of them to get the the second round.

During Round Two the central area heats up and will damage you if you step on it. It also damages enemies who step on it so you can use it to your advantage. They also add in a few more enemy types like Drow Archers and Life Spell Punks.

Round Three is Brock himself, a Goliath Drow. He'll create a forcefield in front of him and start charging at you. Move out of the way and attack once he passes you. He also gets help from other enemies, first a set of three Life Spell Punks that will heal him so make sure to take them down. After you've beaten those first three more will appear along with some Archers. Once you've killed them it's much simpler to take down Brock and finish the fight (you can kill him before the others if you're in a rush).

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

What's new on the ship? Well you can now go talk to Brock and fight in the Arena Battles. Complete each set to earn a Charm.

The Crane Deck is also now open, each time you come back here you'll find a large gem.

And the elemental doors in the Game Room have closed again and added a new element; Fire.

#22 GillGrunt4Ever 14:47:43 02/04/2015
Location 4
Next is:
#21 beth18 14:33:11 03/04/2014
I just used a cheet on quigly I dont have enough treaure to get the skystown ove on the last leavel near to the entance to he throne room to trash kaos to beat quigly yet boy hes tough put of em all
#20 Glumshanks 00:21:31 15/12/2013
Good Level, Thump Back Was Awesome Against Brock (*_*)
#19 Chairman 22:33:27 10/08/2013
this level i got 2 stars way too easy but versing that kid in skystones he was hard at first and i used smilie
#18 NINJAsk11 13:44:18 04/07/2013


the evil ninja minions are annyoing/////
#17 spyrogirl10 15:45:12 29/04/2013
I did this in nightmare mode it me 5 skylanders just to beat Brock
#16 spyrogirl10 18:22:17 28/04/2013
by the way the kid has all axeacushiners you need a cheat to beat him. :smile:
#15 spyrogirl10 18:19:10 28/04/2013
meant to say smilie
#14 spyrogirl10 18:18:16 28/04/2013
I killed Brock in 10 sec as :steathelf:
#13 spyrogirl10 18:11:46 28/04/2013
Trykilling the barkdemons then let the rootrunners live for awile
#12 TriggerHappy880 18:10:31 10/02/2013
But I can't seem to get the Enemy Goal.
#11 TriggerHappy880 17:45:58 10/02/2013
I somehow managed to beat Quigley without a single 3 sided stone. I had a Goliath Drow, a lvl. 4 Mohawk Cyclops, a Life Spell Punk, an Enfuego Chompie, and a D-Riveter. Oh, and by using my fully upgraded Trigger Happy's Yamato Blast attack, I beat Brock in one hit.
#10 popfizzfan4life 06:04:11 01/01/2013
#9 popfizzfan4life 00:56:28 30/12/2012
i know how 2 beat Quigley u just need n Arkeyan Conquertron skystne
#8 mradamjm01 12:56:17 10/11/2012
V u can only get 1 axecutioner through the game
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