• 10:40 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Battle Helmet Trucker Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 12: Molekin Mountain

Allegory Pathway

Go to the right down the slope. Just a few Enfuego Chompies before you get to the Story Scroll Story Scroll.

Sunrock Quarry

Now go back up and continue past the Molekin towards the blocks ahead. Kill the Chompies that attack before pushing the near block to the right twice. Then push the right block forwards once, then push the first block down to move it out of the way. Of the three blocks near the edge push the bottom one to the right twice, push it up two spots so that it is on the little crane's deck. This will raise up another crane platform nearby with a Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Experience on it.

Now just push the remaining two blocks to form a bridge in the gap next to them. Bounce over the fence to fight an Arkeyan Crackler. After killing it and the Armored Mohawks that drop in a bounce pad will appear, ignore it for a moment and instead push the large block on the right with a Giant. Watch out for the Grenade Generals above.

Titan Crossing

There's a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest on this island.

Now use that bounce pad on the left and make your way through a path of bounce pods, if you brush against one it'll send you flying a little. There are also exploding pods, these do hurt if you get too close. Wait for them to explode by themselves or hit them from range.

At the end of the path you'll get to kill those pesky Grenade Generals, but you'll also be joined by a Blaze Brewer and then some more Grenade Generals. If you are using a Giant you can pick up a boulder and throw it at the house they're coming out of, this will stop them from spawning and just leave you to deal with the ones already out.

On the right is a Giant Jump spot.

The Dirt Room

A load of gems and a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest can be found in here. Bounce up and make your way back to the Monster Gate.

Go left through the Monster Gate.

Sunrock Village

Keep going until the end but instead of using the bounce pad drop off the bottom edge. Go into the cave down here.

Cogwheel Housing

Turn the wheel to rotate a bridge above. No Giant necessary. Go back out and bounce up to the path. Use the bounce pad up there this time.

Kill the Armored Mohawks and the Grenade Generals before crossing that bridge you just rotated below.

Sunrock Peak

Smash open the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest then turn around and go through the Monster Gate on the right.

Block pushing task now, push the stack of two blocks down onto the glowing button next to them. This will lower a block and allow you to push the left block into the gap in the bridge. Cross over it to get to an Undead zone.

The Cleft of Bone

Push the block out from the path and then back in again once you're on the other side of it. Cross over it to the Present with the Battle Helmet Battle Helmet inside. Teleport back out of the zone.

Go back to that last block puzzle outside the zone, push the two remaining blocks to form a bridge going right.

Sunrock Overlook

After getting through the pods go inside the building.

Trappe Hut

Auric is set up inside here.

Luck-O-Tron Bulb #45000
Troll Factory3000
Dangling Carrot Hat1300
Rocket Hat1100
Chompy Bot 9000 41200
Blaze Brewer1200
Damage Power Up350
Skystone Cheat500
Fairy Dust50

That's the last of the extra Luck-O-Tron Bulbs, you'll be able to fit four wheels to it once you get back to the ship.

You can't get the Legendary Treasure behind Auric just yet, go outside and step into the teleporter.

The introduction of the Slobbering Mutticus. These large dog-like creatures spit out a blob of green slobber, if you get caught in it you'll be slowed down and the Mutticus can more easily attack you. Its actual attack is to rear up on its hind legs and slam down on the puddle. After a bit of damage its rider will be dislodged and the Mutticus will become more wild, it will no longer spit and will instead dart around clawing at the air, to avoid it circle around rather than trying to walk out of range as it has a larger reach than it looks.

Kill all the other enemies that also spawn and the Monster Gate will open. You could also have thrown the boulders at the buildings at either end of the area.

Crystalsong Mines

Go forwards and talk to the Mohawk Cyclops, Quick Draw, he actually just wants to play a game of Skystones with you. A Giant can skip this and just smash through the wall to your left though. Blaster Troll, 3 Jawbreaker, D. Riveter 4. You win the D. Riveter 4.

Take the key and unlock the gate next to the entrance to the area, there's a bomb behind there that you can throw at the wall next to Quick Draw. Past the Enfuego Chompies there's a tiny Tech zone.

Razor Box

Cross the saws and you'll get the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire.

Carry on left and you'll get to a fight with a load of Armored Mohawks. Once you've killed all of them a pair of Slobbering Mutticuses will arrive.

A regular Skylander will need to take the bomb outside with them, a Giant can ignore it. Chuck the bomb north but do not go into the cave just yet. Instead go south onto the chimney of the building where you met Auric before.

Trappe Hut

Now that you're on the other side of the hut you can pick up the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Eagle Masthead". Use the teleporter at the fireplace to get back out again, you can talk to Auric if you like.

Under Mountain Mechanogear

Cross the saws and bounce up to a Molekin, on the right is another Tech zone.

The Mechinarium

This area has vertical saws and rotating floors, cross over the first set and bounce up to the next lot. After the third rotating plate here you need to go to the right and push a block out of the way. Behind there is the Present that you're looking for, the hat is a Trucker Hat Trucker Hat.

All there is left in this zone is a gem and the teleporter out of it.

Don't drop down the ledge in front of you, instead turn around and go through the spike traps, drop off the end and at the left end down here you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Bounce back up and go through the spikes again.

Drop down the tiny little ledge that's enough to stop you from going back and stand on the little glowing button in the block puzzle area. Push the right block so that it's as far as it'll go. Bounce up onto it and press the button on the side. Press the new button on the floor and then continue pushing the blocks into row so you can reach the last button up on the side.

Don't jump off the side just yet, instead push the middle block of the three off to the left and off the side. Follow it down. Push the stack of two blocks to the right, go up the ramp and push the top block forwards until it falls into a hole. You should then be able to reach Soul Gem Tree Rex's Soul Gem "Woodpecker Pal". Go right and onto the circular lift out of here.


Time for an Arena Battle, a few sets of different Chompies will start you off coming from the left and right. After that you'll get a few Grenade Generals jumping in from over the stands, then a set of Mohawk Cyclopses will attack. That'll end the first round.

In the second round the edge of the arena will get a sawblade, so avoid that - however it does hurt enemies too so if you can knock them into it they'll die instantly. Loads more enemies now, mostly Mohawks and a couple of large Slobbering Muticuses before the third round kicks in.

In round three the central area becomes a razorsaw: avoid. More Grenade Generals, Mohawks, Chompies, and a few Blaze Brewers to kill this time.

Attack Pipsqueak briefly and then set your sights on the Shadow Duke. Its attack is just to slam its sword into the ground in front of it. Easy to avoid but really quite harmful if you do get hit. Keep attacking him until he dies to win the arena and finish the level. You can pretty much ignore any other enemies that appear if you're quick enough.

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

Brock now has the third and final Battle Arena for you to play, you win a nice new charm for beating all seven.

Instead of talking to Flynn you need to talk to Barnsy to move on.

#16 2boogerface 21:25:59 11/09/2017
Am I the only one who coudn't find the Trucker Hat no matter how hard I tried?
#15 Glumshanks 00:24:15 13/12/2013
Another Good Level, Missed Some Items, But Had Fun ..... (*_*)
#14 HudsonDaOne 19:55:53 08/04/2013
To answer SuperSonicBoom's question, Barnsy is a molekien character who only comes on the ship once, to help you "think" your way to the oracle. Once you meet the oracle, Barnsy is gone and you never see him again in the game.
#13 frightrider9531 08:43:21 17/03/2013
got to admit the brock kaos challenge is pretty hard
#12 eyebrawler 23:26:04 25/02/2013
you can get a lot of money and exp
#11 batty77 11:55:17 12/02/2013
#10 SuperSonicBoom 02:31:24 16/01/2013
Is Barnsy Ermit?
#9 hot dog81 22:28:04 07/01/2013
the arena is hard
#8 mario7604 23:26:41 16/11/2012
Whoo! I am super at the Battle Arenas, never lost one match except the Kao's Royal Flush one hit and you're dead where I lost twice.
#7 BOOM 19:36:41 03/11/2012
i love tree rex soul gem
#6 Ezila01 21:50:33 02/11/2012
sunburn fan 1 you are comment number 2.
#5 skylandersman 10:07:49 31/10/2012
havent played but looks awsome
#4 mradamjm01 13:25:10 30/10/2012
Well theres your last luck o tron bulb
#3 Matteomax 04:00:15 30/10/2012
This was a good level, short, but fun.
#2 sunburn fan 1 00:51:31 30/10/2012
why is tree rex's soul gem not shown
yay first comment
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