Pirate Bay

Daring Rescue Princess Hat Toy Soldier Hat Trucker Hat Umbrella Hat Bottle Cap Hat Fire Magic

Tiki Island

Head Hunting Carrot Hat Birthday Hat Anvil Hat Beret Bone Head Water Magic
Lost and Found Wabbit Ears Chef Hat Tropical Turban Rocker Hair Fire Life
Through the Ruins Royal Crown Lil Devil Biter Hat Fez Eye Hat Air Tech
Tiki Tumble Earth

Sand Dune Seas

Sand Trap Winged Hat Moose Hat Jester Hat Elf Hat Crown of Light Earth Air
The Tar Pits Santa Hat Plunger Head Pan Hat Rocket Hat Undead Fire
The Windy Dunes Wizard Hat Tiki Hat Fishing Hat Trojan Helmet Unicorn Hat Water Life

Tech Theme Park

A Walk in the Park Pirate Doo Rag Cossack Hat Future Hat Cowboy Hat Pumpkin Hat Magic Tech
Westernland Fireman's Helmet Bowling Pin Hat Vintage Baseball Cap Atom Hat Earth Air
Tunnel of Love Officer Hat Nefertiti Hat Lampshade Hat Graduation Hat Fire Water

Rust Marsh

Murky Waters Mariachi Hat Sombrero Pilgrim Hat Paper Fast Food Hat Water Earth
Stuck in the Mud Archer Hat Rasta Hat Police Siren Hat Purple Fedora Tech Undead
Overgrowth Sailor Hat Safari Hat Kufi Hat Pants Hat Knight Helm Magic Life
Marsh Madness Undead

Pirate Fortress

Cannon Fodder Caesar Hat Showtime Hat Flower Fairy Hat Funnel Hat Tech Undead
Ships Ahoy Fancy Hat Viking Helmet Scrumshanks Hat Spiked Hat Top Hat Life Earth

The Maelstrom

Phantom Tide Rising Battle Helmet Dancer Hat Dangling Carrot Hat Turban Traffic Cone Hat Undead Air
Saving Skylands Fire

Adventure Packs

Pirate Seas
Windjammer Bay General's Hat Pirate Hat Earth Tech
Pontoon Point Earth
Empire of Ice
Winterwatch Keep Coonskin Cap Propeller Cap Water Air
Coldburn Water
Darklight Crypt
Wighthaunt Spy Gear Miner Hat Undead Magic
The Spectery Undead
Dragon's Peak
The Wingwarrens Combat Hat Napoleon Hat Fire Tech
The Pit Fire

#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 20:09:20 18/07/2013
Ah yes, that second one was the Dangling Carrot Hat.
#4 hotfizzygiant 19:23:57 18/07/2013
now this is just dum the carot hat appears two times
#3 Captain Biggs 15:45:08 12/06/2013
Is there no "soul" gems in this version?
#2 Captain Biggs 15:42:10 12/06/2013
I just may have to buy a 3DS just to play this one!
#1 ncis yo 03:48:15 08/06/2013
The trucker hats new where did they come up with that one.

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