The Maelstrom

Phantom Tide Rising

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Locate Frightbeard
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Undead / Air
  • Check Mark Giant Area - 1
  • Check Mark Defeat 25 Swarmers
  1. Battle Helmet
  2. Dancer Hat
  3. Dangling Carrot Hat
  4. Turban
  5. Traffic Cone Hat
Battle Helmet Dancer Hat Dangling Carrot Hat Turban Traffic Cone Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 6:00

Jump forwards onto the small rotating circle and then across a pair of slowly turning over square platforms, over another circle and then a rolling barrel before reaching a longer rectangular platform that's rotating. Jump off that at the far end onto a barrel, a circle and then two final squares before you reach solid land again.

Kill the Chompies, the level calls them Swarmers for some reason so those are your targets for the Defeat 25 Swarmers challenge. I'll let you count those again, there are plenty of spares - just remember they don't count if they fall over the side by themselves. On the right side of the area you'll spot the Undead Gate.

Undead Challenge

Pretty straightforward again, a few Chompies, a couple of Seadog Skippers and then a Shadow Knight. A little jump past some Chompies to the present [Hat 1/5 - Battle Helmet] Battle Helmet and the teleporter [Elemental Gates 1/2]. There's a Trollverine by the teleporter for some reason too.

Head left and jump over to the large square platform, this thing tilts based on where you stand but it won't tip you off. Jump onto the mast and then to another slightly smaller square, to another mast and then a square and then a circle platform. These fall over after stepping on them so let it take you a short distance ahead before jumping off. On the next lot of falling platforms jump ahead to a slanted log off the second falling platform, you'll slide down it to the platform below. Up on the grass there's a chest and a teleporter to step on.

That will teleport you to a ship, jump off from the middle of it onto some rocky platforms. These collapse after a short while so don't hang around before jumping on down to the next one. Even the ones that rise up will collapse so quickly make it down to the next ship. On here there's a chest to the left and some Chompies at the back. Again jump off in the middle, this time onto a wooden path that vanishes the moment you stand on it, so run along it as fast as you can before jumping off to a second one and then down onto some more of those collapsing platforms. Down you go to another ship.

This ship has a few more "Swarmers" on it but that's about it, jump off onto the square platforms, watch how they change direction when you jump. Use this to make it so that you don't knock yourself off into the abyss below. The same applies for the rotating circles but obviously it's as dangerous.

After crossing a long platform (again jumping switches its direction) you'll get to a long line of small squares that seem stationary but immediately flip over when you jump. Shouldn't actually cause a problem until the third one which has spikes on one side. To avoid jumping onto those spikes simply jump in place on the platform before it so that the spikes are face up, then jump towards the spiked platform to land safely on the flat side. Keep on going along to the next ship.

There's a few Chompies on the left and a few more on the ship that's adjoining you. At the front of that second ship you'll find a present [Hat 2/5 - Dancer Hat] Dancer Hat. Step onto the bounce pad at the back.

Head down the steps and jump onto one of the first set of moving platforms, quickly jump to the second row and wait for it to take you left, jump back to the first row and grab the present [Hat 3/5 - Dangling Carrot Hat] Dangling Carrot Hat. Now carry on forwards across the moving platforms over to a large locked gate. Go left down to a Giant Area [Giant Areas 1/1] that you need to jump and smash through. Down below you'll find a rotating blade with a present over on the other side [Hat 4/5 - Turban] Turban, there are also a few Chompies in here in case you haven't yet completed that challenge. Go back up to the locked gate and go right.

Kill the lone Shadow Knight to open up the Monster Gate so you can go inside. Go right along the moving platforms, jumping off as the one you're on reaches its highest point. Keep on going right until you reach a point where there's a string of coins going up, then start going left and up. Once at the top of the mast pick up the key but ignore the teleporter, instead carry on going left along the platforms, they'll lead you to the Air Gate.

Air Challenge

As you go along through this section watch out for the debris flying past as it can damage you. A bit of simple platforming at first, then you've got to traverse some rolling bits of ship hull. You'll eventually reach the end where the present is waiting [Hat 5/5 - Traffic Cone Hat] Traffic Cone Hat. Exit through the teleporter [Elemental Gates 2/2].

Step straight into the teleporter that you appear next to, it'll take you to the locked gate where you can use the key to get through. Ahead of you is a section with some crushing blocks that slide in and out, run between them when they're out and try to avoid running into the second set - the floor is moving so watch out for that. Jump over the saw blades to get to a Monster Gate with a Trollverine in front of it. Some more blocks and saws are beyond it, a few more than before. That all leads to another Trollverine and some Chompies before opening the Monster Gate to leave the area.

Walk to the right to find Frightbeard.

Saving Skylands

Story MissionChallenges
  • Check Mark Defeat Frightbeard
  • Check Mark Collect Coins
  • Check Mark Elemental Match - Fire
  • Check Mark Don't Eat Food
  • Check Mark Avoid Elemental Sword Attacks
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 6:00

First part is a few Mace Majors and Troll Dogs, nice and simple. After that Captain Frightbeard will jump down to start attacking you, first off he'll charge right at you so dodge out of the way of that. He'll next try to walk towards you and stab you with his sword, keep away from the pointy end. He'll keep trying to charge at you so stay away from his front. Keep attacking him when you can and he'll eventually jump back up out of the way.

More enemies will start appearing again, this time with some D. Riveters and Trollverines in the mix, Frightbeard will throw his sword down which will start an elemental attack.

Fire sits with a pool of lava around it, just avoid going into the lava. Magic (purple) tries to pull you in towards it, so keep away. Tech will send out a streak of lightning towards two corners, make sure you're not in-between as it'll shock all that's between them too. Earth will crash a boulder down out of the sky towards you.

After you've defeated enough enemies Frightbeard will jump down and start the whole charging business again. Keep attacking him while you can and he'll jump away again. Repeat with more enemies spawning and then Frightbeard jumping down again once you've killed all of them. This time he'll stick around until you finally finish him off and finish the game.

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