Tech Theme Park

A Walk in the Park

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Locate Information
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 300
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Magic / Tech
  • Check Mark Giant Areas - 2
  • Check Mark Collect Flamingos - 5
  1. Pirate Doo Rag
  2. Cossack Hat
  3. Future Hat
  4. Cowboy Hat
  5. Pumpkin Hat
Pirate Doo Rag Cossack Hat Future Hat Cowboy Hat Pumpkin Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 3:00

Go up the slope and head right along the yellow brick road, there's a key next to the booth on the left of the locked gate but further on there's the Magic Gate.

Magic Challenge

[Elemental Gate 1/2] Jump onto the platforms as they rematerialise, there's three before you get to attack a Mace Major. Beyond him there's a set of four vanishing platforms and then the last island with a couple of Mace Majors and a D. Riveter on it, kill them, take the present [Hat 1/5 - Pirate Doo Rag] Pirate Doo Rag and leave.

Open up the locked gate using the key that's right next to it, go down the steps past some Chompies to a Trollverine at the bottom. Kill him and then walk forwards towards another couple of enemies ahead, they're standing next to a circle on the ground with a Giant icon on it. To smash through all you need to do is switch to a Giant, jump and then use the run button to smash down onto it/near it [Giant Areas 1/2]. Go down the hole and collect [Hat 2/5 - Cossack Hat] Cossack Hat.

Go up the slope on the left now and take the path to the right at the top, over the fence you'll find a few chests but what you're really after here is on the path at the right end, the first of the Flamingos [Flamingos 1/5]. Go back to the left and kill a couple of Trollverines before jumping down towards the screen, you should land on a platform with a few Chompies on, another flamingo [Flamingos 2/5] and a present [Hat 3/5 - Future Hat] Future Hat. Bounce pad back up and continue going left.

At the top you'll find a bunch of enemies and two cave entrances, the right one covered by a Giant blockage, smash through that one and go in [Giant Areas 2/2]. Moving forwards kill the Mace Majors and then grab the present up the slope [Hat 4/5 - Cowboy Hat] Cowboy Hat. Go back out and go into the left entrance.

Kill the small group of enemies at the bottom of the slope and then go through the Monster Gate that opens, after killing the Trollverine ahead go up the curved slope a short distance, on the left you should see a path leading off. Follow it and make your way through the steam vents killing the trolls that attack you. At the end you'll find another flamingo [Flamingos 3/5] and a teleporter back to the circular area. Carry on upwards and go down the next path off, this leads to a Tech Gate.

Tech Challenge

[Elemental Gate 2/2] A little bit of platforming in here, jump across the pipes, kill the Trollverine, jump across some small gear platforms and then onwards to the end where there's a few D. Riveters shooting at you from the teleporter and the present [Hat 5/5 - Pumpkin Hat] Pumpkin Hat.

Going further up the next path off is locked so continue on around to an exit in the middle. Kill the Trollverines and the D. Riveters, on the right side of the slope with the key on is a flamingo [Flamingos 4/5], turn around and go back outside and open up the locked gate. Go on through killing the enemies and jumping over the conveyor belts towards the exit.

To the right you'll see the final flamingo [Flamingos 5/5], make sure to grab that before talking to the robot sitting on the ground as that'll finish the level.


Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Flip the Power Switch
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 4000
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Earth / Air
  • Check Mark Giant Area - 1
  • Check Mark Locate Jackalopes - 5
  1. Firefighter Helmet
  2. Bowling Pin Hat
  3. Vintage Baseball Cap
  4. Atom Hat
Fireman's Helmet Bowling Pin Hat Vintage Baseball Cap Atom Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 4:00

Go forwards into Westernland past a couple of small orange dogs to the centre of a town where there's a couple of stockades, straight ahead is a locked gate under a couple of purple beer mugs. Go left (right is a dead end) and kill a few D. Riveters and Mace Majors, go into the bank at the far end on the right side.

Inside you'll find a few enemies including an ogre dressed up as a sheriff, kill him and advance into the bank vault where the key is found. Go back out and open up the saloon door near the stockades. The first of the Jackalopes [Jackalopes 1/5] is found over by the bar, kill the enemies on the floor and then head up the slope on the left side of the room. There's a few more enemies to kill before the Monster Gate up here opens.

Follow the tracks to the right and you'll find a second Jackalope [Jackalopes 2/5], now go back to the middle and jump over the small platforms dead ahead. Up on the ledge to the left is the Earth Gate.

Earth Challenge

The brown rocky platforms will rise up a short distance before collapsing so don't take too long on them. On the first solid land you'll find a few enemies on a ledge, go past them over a bridge that collapses as you walk on it and then past some dogs onto some more collapsing platforms. There's one more bridge to cross before reaching the last island with a couple of enemies on it, kill them and grab the present [Hat 1/4 - Firefighter Helmet] Fireman's Helmet, [Elemental Gates 1/2].

Continue straight on and then right up a series of small platforms until you get to a chest. Then jump down towards the green section. There's nothing special at either end of the tracks so just go forwards up the ledges past more enemies, as you get to the circular parts on the left there's a chest with a Jackalope floating about next to it [Jackalopes 3/5]. For some reason there are some purple arrows on the next bit pointing you up to a Giant Area [Giant Area 1/1]. Follow the path left over a collapsing bridge to the present [Hat 2/4 - Bowling Pin Hat] Bowling Pin Hat.

Follow the tracks to the right over some small platforms, then when you get to a set of grassy ledges go up them, follow the platforms to an area with a few enemies, a chest and the fourth Jackalope [Jackalopes 4/5]. Turn around and follow the track a short distance further, jump up the collapsing platforms and go right to the Air Gate when you reach the small grass platform.

Air Challenge

Jump over to the jump pad and then jump along the platforms until you reach a Monster Gate, kill all of the enemies nearby and then jump onto a bouncy net platform, it'll bounce you up into the air so you'll need to try to land on the small platform between it and the next net. The present [Hat 3/4 - Vintage Baseball Cap] Vintage Baseball Cap is up next, kill the enemies to open the Monster Gate and then jump along some more platforms to reach the end [Elemental Gates 2/2] where there's a Sheriff Ogre waiting for you next to the teleporter.

Jump onto the collapsing platforms to make your way down to where the tracks go over a bridge, watch out for the carts that are coming towards you - jump over them - and follow the track all the way to the end where you can jump off to the left. Kill a few more enemies, behind the Sheriff Ogre here you'll find the last hat [Hat 4/4 - Atom Hat] Atom Hat. Go up the slope to your left and then follow it round to the right over where the present was. The platforms will tilt over after a short time so keep moving.

The bounce pad will take you up onto a ledge above, go left under a series of moving blocks, it's not a difficult pattern, just go when you can. Same thing as the path curves back to the right, then as you go left jump over the rising pistons and just beneath the entrance at the top is the final Jackalope [Jackalopes 5/5].

Inside all you need to do is walk forwards and pull the lever.

Tunnel of Love

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Locate Clue
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 350
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Fire / Water
  • Check Mark Giant Area - 1
  • Check Mark Locate Duckies - 7
  1. Officer Cap
  2. Nefertiti Hat
  3. Lampshade Hat
  4. Graduation Hat
Officer Hat Nefertiti Hat Lampshade Hat Graduation Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Kill the Mace Major and then jump onto the moving boats to your right, wait on one of them until you fall down onto a water slide. Jump over the first gap and then pass by a D. Riveter up on a green platform to the side, there's nothing of interest on that platform so keep on going down the slide over another gap and then off the end.

Jump the gaps in the wooden platforms and kill the Mace Major on the metal grating, beyond him are some more wooden sections and then the water slide again (to the right is a green platform with a chest on it but again nothing else). Go down the slide and just before the wooden blockage that you can smash through is the Fire Gate on the right.

Fire Challenge

There's not much but simple platforming in here, just try to avoid the middle of the circular platforms as they spew out fire. At the end you'll find a Miner Ogre, a chest and a present [Hat 1/4 - Officer Cap] Officer Hat. Leave through the teleporter [Elemental Gates 1/2].

Beyond the wooden blockage on the first green platform to the right you'll find the first of the Duckies [Duckies 1/7], be careful not to go too fast. At the end of the slide you'll end up on a large metal grating area, kill the Troll Dogs there and go up the ramp to the right, at the top of the green before going off onto some more metal grating go towards the camera and pick up another duck [Duckies 2/7]. Now to the right past a couple of Mace Majors and then round a corner and forwards past another load of enemies to get to a present [Hat 2/4 - Nefertiti Hat] Nefertiti Hat in the main path. Kill the Miner Ogre, smash the chest and pull the lever on the right.

That'll take you back out to that odd large grate area, now the large door at the end is open to allow you through. Carry on down the slide. Avoid the spikes until partway down you see a platform on the left side opposite one of those cupid statues, on there you'll see a couple of Troll Dogs and a duck [Duckies 3/7]. Further on down the slide you'll start to go through an electrical section, jump the bolts to avoid getting hit. At the end of the slide jump off down onto a wooden bit.

Follow the red sign under the archway and through onto a platform with water rushing off it, this is slippery so be careful. Jump off onto another platform and then up a series of rotating gear platforms. There's a bit of a split in the path at the next larger platform, take the right one to kill a couple of enemies and pick up a duckie [Duckies 4/7], then double back and take the left path up the gears. On the left you'll see the Water Gate.

Water Challenge

The rocky platforms all tilt over when you stand on them so move quickly, get to the end for a fight with another Miner Ogre [Elemental Gates 2/2] and the present [Hat 3/4 - Lampshade Hat] Lampshade Hat.

Carry on up the gears and platforms to the slide again. Now there's a split in the path, take either one it doesn't really matter. Quite far down where they get close together again there's a platform between them with a duckie on it [Duckies 5/7], keep on going down the slide and where it splits up again jump off onto a platform between them again and grab another duckie [Duckies 6/7] as well as smash open a [Giant Area 1/1] with a present inside [Hat 4/4 - Graduation Hat] Graduation Hat. You'll teleport back to where that duckie was.

Follow either side of the slide further on again and you'll eventually land down in a large water filled area, jump down to a grassy bit with a Miner Ogre in it and the final duckie over on the right [Duckies 7/7] just before picking up the map piece.

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