Rust Marsh

Murky Waters

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Search for the clue
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 150
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Water / Earth
  • Check Mark Giant Areas - 4
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 6
  1. Mariachi Hat
  2. Sombrero
  3. Pilgrim Hat
  4. Paper Fast Food Hat
Mariachi Hat Sombrero Pilgrim Hat Paper Fast Food Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 4:00

Walk forwards along the thick branch, kill the few Chompies that you see as well as a Mace Major at the first trunk. On the second one you'll spot a Bag O' Boom throwing dynamite at you, kill it and then follow the next branch over to an island with a whole load of enemies on it. Jump up onto the tree trunk on the left and follow the path past a couple more Mace Majors to a chest [Chests 1/6], smash it and then turn around and go back to that last island. On the right now is another chest [Chests 2/6]. Kill the Bag O' Booms and then start jumping over the logs that are floating in the water - watch out for the jumping Chompies.

After the logs go right along a branch to the Water Gate.

Water Challenge

The first tree trunk ahead has a few enemies on including one new one, a Drill Stomper, controlled by a Troll these move slowly and start drilling with their arms, pretty easy to get to the side or back where you can attack safely. They'll occasionally fire rockets at you so watch out for those.

Jump onto the rolling log and then across a series of cogs that will dip into the water after being stepped on, so don't stop moving. Again with a set of logs and jumping Chompies before you reach the end [Elemental Gates 1/2] and find the hat box [Hat 1/4 - Mariachi Hat] Mariachi Hat.

Go forwards and defeat another one of those Drill Stompers, jump down onto the saw blade and then across to a large stump with a couple of Bag O' Booms on it, at the bottom you'll find a chest [Chests 3/6] behind some debris. Up top is a Giant gate [Giant Areas 1/4]. Walk along the path killing the Bag O' Booms in your way before you reach the bounce pad back that's next to a Drill Stomper and a present [Hat 2/4 - Sombrero] Sombrero.

Now go left past some Chompies and over some floating gears. On the next tree stump first kill the Bag O' Boom and then drop off the bottom left side to find a chest [Chests 4/6]. Jump back up and then down along the next set of floating gears, kill the Mace Majors at the end and then those along the branch leading towards a Giant gate. Go inside. [Giant Areas 2/4]

Up the left edge and over the gaps, where there's some coins in the air watch out for the saw blade that comes slicing through. Jump over it and all the way to the top where there's a present [Hat 3/4 - Pilgrim Hat] Pilgrim Hat. Drop off the side and exit the way you came in. Go left past the Corn Hornets and you'll find another chest [Chests 5/6]. Go left down the branch then down over the gear towards some wonky metal platforms. Directly ahead you'll see another Drill Stomper next to another Giant gate. [Giant Areas 3/4]. This time there's not much to it, just a chest [Chests 6/6] and a few bouncy flowers to grab some coins above. Turn around and go back out, back to the metal platforms and go right.

Halfway down the long thin one you'll see a path leading off to the right where you can find the Earth Gate.

Earth Challenge

Watch out for the swarms of Corn Hornets as you jump over the gaps and the green stuff, keep on going all the way up along the obvious path past a few Bag O' Booms to where there's a present [Hat 4/4 - Paper Fast Food Hat] Paper Fast Food Hat and the teleporter out again.

There's a spare chest ahead if you've missed any, smash it and go forwards along a branch to a tree stump with a couple more Bag O' Booms on it. Kill them and make your way down to where there's a Drill Stomper next to a Monster Gate, you'll have to kill him and the two Mace Majors nearby to proceed.

On the left after the triple branch is the last of the Giant Gates [Giant Areas 4/4], smash through and if you are somehow still missing a chest there is another spare in here behind a load of Bag O' Booms. Head out and go right, past a few chompies is a third extra Chest to smash, kill the enemies and proceed forwards along the branch to a giant metal hand sticking out of the goop. Cross the two floating gears and walk over a giant metal face that lights up, go up the branch above it to a second hand, jump from there onto a nearby tree stump.

Go right over another load of stumps past a few Bag O' Booms and a Drill Stomper before getting down to a bounce pad. That'll take you over to a large craggy island with a load of enemies on it, kill them all to finish the level.

Stuck in the Mud

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Find a grappling hook
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 150
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Tech / Undead
  • Check Mark Giant Areas - 5
  • Check Mark Collect Ducks - 6
  1. Archer Hat
  2. Rasta Hat
  3. Police Siren Hat
  4. Purple Fedora
Archer Hat Rasta Hat Police Siren Hat Purple Fedora
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 4:00

Straight ahead across the gears until you get to a lift that will take you upwards, a couple of Chompies will attack right before you get to the top. Kill the Mace Major on the platform up there and go up the ramp, watch out for the D. Riveter's bullets as you jump over the gaps towards it, kill him and carry on right past a few Chompies to the first Giant area [Giant Areas 1/5].

Be careful of the saw blades on the edges of the conveyor belts as you go along them, the Corn Hornets in your way too. At the end you'll only find a chest to smash.

After teleporting back out go up the ramp next to the giant entrance and kill the Bag O' Boom at the top, to the right of the steps you'll see the first Duck [Ducks 1/6]. Up the steps to a second Giant area with a chest just behind it [Giant Areas 2/5]. On the right are some saw blades going up and down, jump over them as they go down. Follow the conveyor belt up to a larger open area with a couple of Mace Majors and a D. Riveter in, kill them to open up the Monster Gate over on the opposite side.

Instead of jumping straight across the conveyor belts stay on the first one and ride it to the right to an area with a couple of redish circles with coins around them and another duck [Ducks 2/6]. Go back onto the conveyor belt and jump across them towards the two D. Riveters on the platform. After them take the conveyor belts (both directions go to the same place) and kill all of the enemies where you end up. Go up the ramp to the top where there are some more enemies and a few things to do. Right in the middle behind the large gear from the layer below is a duck [Ducks 3/6] and on the left end is a Tech Gate.

Tech Challenge

Walk forwards through the rotating fan blade and kill the Drill Stomper that's surrounded by loads of Troll Dogs, after that go through another fan to a set of four D. Riveters, behind them another fan and another group of enemies - this time a few D. Riveters and a Drill Stomper. After that it's just one more fan to the present [Hat 1/4 - Archer Hat] Archer Hat and the teleporter out of there [Elemental Gates 1/2].

On the right end there's a Giant area [Giant Areas 3/5], inside there is simply a present [Hat 2/4 - Rasta Hat] Rasta Hat. Jump onto the conveyor belts and make your way to a platform with a few Chompies and Mace Majors on, along with a couple of giant saw blades and a Monster Gate you need to open up. Either side will do for the cable car bit, they both lead to the same place, a platform with a couple of Troll Dogs and a Drill Stomper to destroy.

Go up the ramp to the right of the Drill Stomper and instead of following the path keep on going right over the gap down to a Giant Area [Giant Areas 4/5]. To get the present in here you first have to kill a couple of Drill Stompers, once they're dead the monster gate will drop and let you grab [Hat 3/4 - Police Siren Hat] Police Siren Hat.

Now carry on along the path and follow it around up a ramp to a section of rotating gears, if you go to the left you can find a duck [Ducks 4/6], after that head right along the gears killing the Mace Majors and Bag O' Booms sitting on them. At the end jump off onto a platform with wheels, it'll start moving to the right, you'll need to watch out for the swinging axes as you jump to the next platform and then again off onto some more rotating gears.

Follow straight ahead past the Troll Dogs and the Drill Stomper, go up the ramp to yet another large area with enemies and saw blades moving along the ground, kill the Drill Stomper and his friends to open up the Monster Gate. Before the rising and falling small platforms take the path to the right, there you'll find the Undead Gate.

Undead Challenge

Go right jumping over the gaps, all the way to a lift, then go left jumping over gaps - this time with conveyor belts going in the opposite direction. The next layer has some rising and falling platforms to contend with - it's about this time that you should spot that the ground below is being swallowed up by the green goop, so there is a need to keep moving onwards. The next layer has moving saw blades to jump over, after that it's a bounce pad to take you up to some conveyor belts going in the correct direction. Get up to the end where the hat is [Hat 4/4 - Purple Fedora] Purple Fedora and the teleporter out [Elemental Gates 2/2].

Now to get over those rising and falling platforms. Jump onto the first one and then sit around waiting for the far left platform and the left platform to sync up so that you can jump from the left one onto the far left one, often it'll be too high up to get to and instead you'll fall into the green below. Once on that far left one jump left onto solid ground where there's a duck [Ducks 5/6] and a Giant Area [Giant Areas 5/5]. Just a chest inside there.

Jump back onto the first one and then as it comes up out of the greenness jump right onto the next one, from there down to the right when you can and then as that one reaches the top and starts to go down jump forwards onto the slightly higher platform that should be now dipping below you. Go left and then forwards (or up left if you can reach it) and wait for it to get high enough to jump left and then forwards before reaching a solid open empty platform.

Cross over it and start jumping over the conveyor belts, watch out for those axes. The piece of solid platform in the middle is where you'll find the last duck [Ducks 6/6] which should be the last thing you need for the challenges. Keep on going through the axe/conveyor belt obstacles until you reach another large open platform with a switch at the far end, pull it to finish the level.


Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Find the clue
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Magic / Life
  • Check Mark Giant Areas - 5
  • Check Mark Defeat Chompies - 30
  1. Sailor Hat
  2. Safari Hat
  3. Kufi Hat
  4. Pants Hat
  5. Knight Helm
Sailor Hat Safari Hat Kufi Hat Pants Hat Knight Helm
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Plenty of Chompies in this level so I'll leave it for you to count them. There's a couple right ahead just before you reach a Giant Area [Giant Areas 1/5] next to a Bag O' Boom. All there is in there is a chest though, go up the branch that another set of Chompies are sitting on and off to a platform with a chest on it. Kill the Mace Major and then head up the ramp to get to the Magic Gate.

Magic Challenge

There's a couple of Bag O' Booms after the first two small platforms, then it's a set of bouncy flowers to jump along before landing on a revolving gear and then into a magical blueish light that takes you upwards a short distance. Run off the end of the branch to land on the gear below, then from there up onto the beams of light - take either path they both lead to the end (the left one just has a couple of Mace Majors). And the present is [Hat 1/5 - Sailor Hat] Sailor Hat. That's it, take the teleporter [Elemental Challenge 1/2] outta there.

Back down the slope again jump onto one of the fan blades, let it take you around so that you can reach the land on the opposite side, kill the Drill Stomper and then walk along the branch to your left off the side, follow it up past the Chompies and the chest you can smash open, jump over the gap over the path to reach a Giant Area [Giant Areas 2/5]. In there is a hat [Hat 2/5 - Safari Hat] Safari Hat. Drop back off the side and kill the Chompies below along the main path, after killing the two Mace Majors jump onto the giant fan.

Transfer to the second fan before leaping onto land and killing a few more Chompies as well as a Bag O' Boom and a Mace Major. Go up the ramp behind them past another Bag O' Boom up onto a massive rolling log. Kill the Corn Hornets that are flying about on it and the Monster Gate will open, you can drop off the left side here to get a chest if you like, there's a bounce pad to get back up.

There's another giant saw blade Monster Gate in the way still, kill some more Corn Hornets to open it up. Then finish walking down the log and jump off the far end. Going onto the double fan platforms which collapse as you step on them you can take either path, it doesn't split too much. Kill the Bag O' Booms at the other end and smash open the chest there too.

The long line of collapsing platforms in front of you heads off to the left, follow it to reach the Life Gate.

Life Challenge

Watch out for the leaves as they collapse a short time after stepping on them, keep on moving forwards past them beyond a Bag O' Boom sitting in the way and down to a few Chompies and other assorted enemies. Again a meaningless split in the path, take the Chompie path if you want safety from falling off leaves. Kill another couple of Bag O' Booms before jumping onto a branch leading towards the end [Elemental Gates 2/2]. There's a few more Chompies on it before you reach the present [Hat 3/5 - Kufi Hat] Kufi Hat.

Run right along the floating platforms before jumping off them to a Bag O' Boom sitting on a solid one. Go right from there and if you turn around after the first platform that moves in you can go up a series of them to the upper corner of the building, go past where the purple arrow is pointing and jump over the gap towards the Giant Area [Giant Areas 3/5].

Jump across the bouncy flowers, using the 3D might help line you up with them, and to the other end of the room. There's a Giant Area just before the exit [Giant Areas 4/5], this one has a hat in it [Hat 4/5 - Pants Hat] Pants Hat. Go through the exit and then stand on the bounce pad to get down. This is where you'd end up if you continued a little to the right after that first retracting platform so there's only a few coins you've skipped by.

Wipe out the platform of Bag O' Booms before taking on the Drill Stomper on the next one, keep on going forwards and up onto a giant saw section, kill the Bag O' Booms at the start of it and then jump over the fiery blasts that are rotating in a circle, go left off the saw platform. Here you'll find a trio of Bag O' Booms and another Drill Stomper, you have to kill these ones to open up a Monster Gate up the nearby ramp.

The lever up here is not a level ending lever so don't get too worried as you won't have finished everything yet. It moves the saw platform so that it points a different way, go back down the ramp and onto the saw platform again, over the fiery blasts to where the other end now leads.

A load of Chompies up ahead, they should help finish off that challenge. Jump up off the metal platform section to the Bag O' Booms and go up the ramp next to them, there you'll find another lever to change the saw platform again. Go down the ramp and instead of going back to the saw platform instead carry on to the right (the camera will have moved from where it was originally pointed) where there are some more Chompies and the last Giant Area [Giant Areas 5/5]. There's a few enemies and collapsing platforms as you circle your way up to the present [Hat 5/5 - Knight Helm] Knight Helm at the top.

After teleporting out walk back to the left and onto the saw platform again, now go right at the fiery blasts and make your way down to a jump pad to finish the level off by talking to the pirate at the other end.

But it's on directly to the next level...

Marsh Madness

Story MissionChallenges
  • Check Mark Defeat Rustbeard
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 75
  • Check Mark Elemental Match - Undead
  • Check Mark Don't Eat Food
  • Check Mark Avoid Ooze Puddles
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 4:00

Just like with Squidbeard earlier it's time for a boss battle with Rustbeard. You can take on the optional challenges if you like but the main goal right now is just to kill the enemies. First round is pretty easy, just a few smaller enemies coming at you and the occasional laser beam from Rustbeard. Shouldn't take too long. Round two has a few more types of enemies like D. Riveters and Trollverines. Round three ups the numbers it throws at you at one time.

Once you've finished round three Captain Rustbeard will jump down and start battling proper, watch out for his wrist saw blades that he fires out, after he does a fire breath type attack which leaves him very vulnerable to attack from behind he will start up a powerful blast attack that you'll want to run away from, you really just need to get far enough so that he's off screen. Return and attack again, pull away when he starts moving again as he'll swing for you. Then the sequence will repeat all over again, sometimes with more saw blades shooting out than others. Keep on attacking him until he eventually keels over.


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