• 13:10 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Officer Hat Archer Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 6: Secret Vault of Secrets

Sunrise Canyon

The level starts out walking along a preset path as an Arkeyan Robot, the actual controls are just like the turrets you've seen earlier. Move the cursor and shoot. First off are some Autogyros, one will briefly appear on the right up ahead but won't attack (if you're going for the trophy/achievement you do need to destroy it, if you miss then restart the chapter as you pretty much can't die in this bit). Another will pass you by and circle around, it'll then let out some small copters that'll also attack you, shoot them and it to try to avoid damage.

Punch through the bridge, no need to shoot the Arkeyan Ultron on it, it'll die with the bridge. Three more copters will popup, shoot them and then get to punching the stuff along the right side. There's a pylon in the middle of it, this gives you a shockwave attack that you can use to blast the surrounding area. Best used when there's a load of copters approaching and you don't have time to shoot. Immediately after that right section there's another of those easy to miss Autogyros in the distance, you won't have much chance to attack it so be quick and accurate.

Next on to smashing the left, since the shockwaves will just get reset in a bit you might as well use one of them here. Punch the pylon and then the bridge in your way. One more Autogyro comes around to fire some copters at you, destroy them all and you've finished the first walking section.

East Dam Approach

An Arkeyan Bomber is up ahead, these guys sit around throwing a green and purple bomb at you, unlike the Bag O' Booms' bombs this doesn't damage you immediately, instead it allows you to pick it up and throw it at enemies, hold it too long though and it'll explode and hurt you. They don't sit around on the floor for too long before exploding by themselves either and they're quite powerful. Overall the Arkeyan Bombers can be a great help against the larger enemies but you need to pay attention to when you've picked one up.

Go kill the Bomber and the Chompies in front of it, then hit the two switches on each side to open up the door. Head over to the pylon and mash it down. To cross over the dam you'll need to watch the pattern of the electricity, start walking as it zaps away from you, and as it starts to come back wait next to a dark spot as that won't get electrified.

An Arkeyan Jouster waits next to a Monster Gate in the middle of the dam, kill him to continue on through another set of electricity.

East Dam Controls

On your left you'll see a couple of Jousters and up to the left an Arkeyan Bomber. You can use the bombs it throws to help with the Jousters but they shouldn't be too much trouble. Pick up the key where the Bomber was sitting, then use the Bounce Pad that appeared when you killed all of the enemies. Go up to the right, you can ignore the witches for the moment, and use the Giant Jump spot right before the last switch.

Forgotten Caverns

Behind you is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest and on your right is a Weapon Master hologram that wants to play Skystones with you. He has 2 "Spiderlings 2", 2 "Chompy 3", and an "Arkeyan Jouster 3". You'll win the Arkeyan Jouster from him on your first win. Head out the door to end up on the slope down below the previous area.

Go up to the left and hit the switch on the ground level before working your way up to the right hitting the switches as you go. Grab the key from behind the door that you open. Open the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest while you're up here. Jump down and open up the locked gate.

An incredibly simple Lock Puzzle blocks your progress now, perfect in 5.

Left x 5

Flood Gulch

Another Arkeyan War Machine walkathon now. An Autogyro will fly past straight away, it'll hang around to deploy some copters and shoot at you. Smash up the left side of the canyon, there's immediately another Autogyro taking off in the distance. If you miss and you're after the trophy/achievement then just let your self be killed by the robot up ahead. Otherwise smash up the right side and then destroy the bridge.

Time for a robot fight, this is very straightforward, when the game prompts you to punch, punch. Otherwise do nothing. Should just take three hits and you win. If you mess a punch up then just wait it out, don't try to punch again until the prompt appears again, you'll just end up stunned and then quickly defeated.

Just before you reach the bridge a set of four copters will appear, shoot them down then smash the bridge. After that there'll be some more copters and an Autogyro will fly in to attack you. Smash the right side and then the left. After the bridge you'll be attacked by one more Autogyro before reaching your destination.

West Dam Approach

Follow the path to the right into an area with a Bark Demon and several Arkeyan Jousters. Try to use the Arkeyan Bomber's bombs to destroy the Bark Demon. Once you've cleared the area out hit the three switches to open the gate.

On the right of the gate is a path leading off to the right, as you walk down there you'll spot a Feat of Strength for a Giant to perform.

Logger's Corner

Throw the logs out of the way and open up the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Turn the pylon to switch on the dam's electricity. The first section of the dam is pretty much the same pattern as before, follow the electricity to the middle where it gets a little different. You'll need to wait on one side in the middle for the electricity to pass behind you as otherwise you'll get caught in it. The remaining section of the dam is the same as the first.

West Dam Cliffside

A Lock Puzzle in front of you. Perfect in 11.

Left x 2, Right x 6, Left x 3

Behind there is Soul Gem Bouncer's Soul Gem "Fists of Destruction".

Go right up to a fork in the path, to the left are some enemies but go to the right first. You'll find the Story Scroll Story Scroll at the end there. Turn around and go take on those enemies, the two Bark Demons are best fought with the bombs from the Arkeyan Bomber, it shouldn't take more than a couple of direct hits to down them.

An Arkeyan Shield Juggernaut will join the fight, these are large enemies that fire a powerful laser beam. When they prepare that attack by bringing their shield to their front, get out of the way. Best bet is to try to get behind them but don't go running straight at them, instead try to circle around them to avoid the beam best you can. Don't stay too close for too long though as they have a strong melee attack too. The Arkeyan Bomber's bombs are a good help on this guy too.

Once you've killed it and the Bomber the Monster Gate will open. Follow the path to the left, hitting each of the five switches as you go. Through the gate and you'll see an Arkeyan Jouster, he'll run off so follow. Defeat him and the other two that join him, go to the right of the Monster Gate and drop down to the Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Health.

Bounce back up and go along the path upwards to the Lock Puzzle. Perfect in 7.

Right, Left x 2, Right x 2, Left x 2

Gorge of the Ancients

There's an immediate Autogyro up ahead, destroy it quickly before you turn to smash the left side. After that a Autogyro will pass you by to come around for an attack, destroy it and then a second one a short moment later. A third Autogyro will fly in just before you reach the platform with the Ultron on it. After smashing the Ultron it's time for a fight with a robot again. Same procedure as before, three hits to win. There's a second robot fight straight afterwards.

An Autogyro will pass you by as you approach the platform with a pylon on it. Shoot it down and punch the pylon. Destroy the bridge with a shockwave to get the copters that pop out. Two more Autogyros and you're done with the walking. If you've shot them all you should get the trophy/achievement at this point, no need to finish the level for it to register.

Vault Approach

At the fork go down to the left to go talk to Auric.

Spy Gear500
Tropical Turban550
Arkeyan Ultron1000
Regeneration Power Up200
Lock Puzzle Key500
Fairy Dust50

The Skystone is decent but not overly powerful, buy it if you're lacking in Skystones.

Follow the other path now and on the right you'll see a selection of vases, smash through them to find a teleporter. That'll take you over to the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Stripes Ahoy Paint Job" that you may have noticed a moment ago.

Spin down the pylon to get moving across the dam. Like before follow the zaps, you'll need to move carefully towards the end as it gets a bit close together.

Vault Control Platform

There's a gap in the fence here, drop off onto a bounce platform and then head into the cave if you have a Tech Skylander.

Vault Inner Workings

Talk to the Clam-Tron 4000 if you like, walk on by towards a large yellow clockwork key in the ground. Don't use it just yet, instead walk past and on the left over the circular platform you'll be able to grab an actual key. Go back and turn that clockwork key. Go to the right onto the second circular platform, at the right of it is a second key to turn.

Go and unlock the locked gate with the key you have, turn the clockwork key in the floor on the other side, this will spin the previous platform and let you get access to the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire on the left. Use the bounce pad next to the key.

Cross over the next circular platform and onto some rocks where there's a trio of Arkeyan Bombers waiting. Defeat them and follow the path around onto another yellow circular platform. Go left onto one right next to it and then up onto the platform next to the locked gate. Turn the key and open the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

To get down simply drop off the side of the circular platform onto the circular pathway to the right. Go down to the right and turn the key, after that go left and pick up a real key next to another clockwork one. Turn that key and you'll be able to reach the locked gate and the Present beyond, that new Officer Hat is all yours.

Bounce back up to the path again. Go left up to the next Lock Puzzle and defeat the enemies standing about next to it. Perfect in 7.

Right x 3, Left x 3, Right

Vault Access Area

Cross over the dam through one last set of electric beams, if you carry on towards the screen at the curve in the path you'll find a drop where you can get a Present with an Archer Hat "Archer Hat" inside.

Bounce up and defeat the Arkeyan Shield Juggernaut, with the help of the two Arkeyan Bombers of course. Kill off the remaining enemies and solve the last Lock Puzzle to finish the level. Perfect in 11.

Right x 3, Left x 4, Right, Left x 2, Right

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

The only thing new is that the Elemental Door has added Tech.

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