• 14:50 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Future Hat Bottle Cap Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 14: Autogyro Adventure

The Caverns

Climb into the copter and you'll start flying down the corridor. Avoid the obstacles and you'll reach a blue door with yellow circles on where you'll go into Hover Mode. During this mode you can fire, hit the yellow circles until they smash and the door opens.

In the next short section there are some purple glowing things, these are speed boosts. If you hold down the firing button you'll speed up, go through several in a row whilst speeding and you get a bonus to your coin count. Once you get into Hover Mode again you'll need to shoot the Arkeyan Ultron when it jumps out from behind the shield, the damage that it does to you isn't all that significant at the moment but try to avoid it if you're already badly damaged.

Once it's destroyed you'll land on the platform. Out of the autogyro will spew whatever coin reward you've collected during the journey, pick it up. Then pick up the large floating circular thing and take it over to the recepticle on the other side. Once it's in the door will open. Get back into the copter.

Just on the other side of the door is a platform with a blue arrow on it, this is an optional landing place, land by flying over it if you have an Undead Skylander.

Forgotten Hollows

Kill all of the little green Trog Pincher enemies and bounce up at the far end. At the top is a block puzzle. Push the bottom block left once, the middle block up once and the left block left twice. Drop down onto that block and go into the cave under there.

Hidden Crypt

Just a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest in here.

Drop off and get back up to the blocks again. Enter the large circular area to be ambushed by a pair of evil Chop Chops. These attack by jabbing and then performing a spin attack, they'll break for a moment after that so there's your chance to do a bit of damage. Ranged attacks will do best here.

Once the ambush is over a bounce pad will appear. Use it to get up to a set of rotating blades, bounce through them and you'll reach the Present with the Future Hat Future Hat inside.

Get back into the copter.

Opposite a giant robot is the next optional landing spot.

Cold Storage Area Z

A trio of Arkeyan Duelists are waiting for you in here, these swing their swords up close and charge from afar, and they do a lot of damage so watch out. If they smash their sword into the ground and start glowing then you have a brief moment to attack them, they are becoming invulnerable and if they turn yellow then they won't be damaged by the next attack, but after that attack they turn back to normal and you can damage them again. The three of them will be joined by a Blaze Brewer and an Arkeyan Bomber, kill them all to open up the Monster Gate.

Another Blaze Brewer is up to the right, kill him then collect the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Propeller Masthead". Turn around and head back to the copter again.

Just to the left you'll spot the very next landing spot, it's a Water zone.

Neverending Falls

Just a Present in here. Open it up for the Bottle Cap Hat Bottle Cap Hat.

Not far to the next shooting segment. Destroy the little thing that pops out of the ground and it'll drop a rocket icon, collect that and fire it at the shield, you can now damage the Arkeyan Ultron so you can land.

Maze of Myth

The game will introduce you to the Arkeyan Duelist this time, kill the first one and another two will turn up. Remember not to run directly away from them if you're close by.

Go right and pull the lever next to the light puzzle. Pull the second lever five times and wait for the platform to get pulled in. Pick up the item and head back to where you fought the Duelists. Go left up the ramp and kill a few little Trog Pinchers, on the left is a hologram of the Weapon Master who you can play a game of Skystones with.

This board has several elemental icons on it, you can't really do very well without choosing things to match otherwise you'll just get broken stones. He has "Arkeyan Bomber", "Armored Chompy", "Boulder Bowler", 2 "Boom Fiend". You a "Dragonet" Skystone despite the fact he didn't actually use one.

Go right and put the item in the recepticle. Afterwards a Blaze Brewer and two Arkeyan Bombers will appear to the left, kill them to open up the Monster Gate and make your way back to the copter.

The Source

No landing points for a bit, continue onwards until you get to a Hover Mode section. Shoot the small copters that pop out of the ground to get rockets, unless you already still have two, and fire them at the forcefields on the door. Destroy the yellow circles as before to open up the gate.

After the giant robot there's a landing platform on the right.

Auric's Hidden Vault

There's a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest up front, and surprisingly enough Auric is up to the left.

Robot Repellant Charm8000
Anvil Hat1200
Chompy Bot 9000 61350
Regeneration Power Up400
Fairy Dust50

This charm boosts your damage against robotic enemies, quite useful in this level and further. The Skystone is really good, one of the best in the game.

There's no more landing spots up until you get to another forced one. Destroy the forcefields and the Ultron behind them.

Hall of Silence

Approach the Arkeyan Bomber and it will be joined by an Arkeyan Shield Juggernaut and another Bomber. Throw the bombs at the Juggernaut. With that dead go right, up the slope and into a fight with a couple of Duelists. Here's where their yellow protection helps them as the bomb from the Arkeyan Bomber won't damage them if they're yellow. Once they're dead go left and pull the lever four times.

Go right and up to a fight with two Duelists and a Juggernaut, no Bombers unfortunately. Try leading the Duelists down the steps towards the left so that the Juggernaut's laser fires over your head and you no longer need to worry about it. Once they're dead go tackle the Juggernaut.

Go down to the light beams and push the crystal to the left twice. Go pick up the item and take it back to the recepticle to the right of the lever. As you head towards the exit a couple of Duelists should suicide against the light beam crossing the path, all that's left is another Juggernaut. You can just ignore it and leave if you really want.

Almost immediately to the left is a landing spot.

Cold Storage Area A

Apart from some jars you'll find the Story Scroll Story Scroll and a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest in here.

And on the left again is another landing spot.

Cold Storage Area B

Bounce up to Soul Gem Jet-Vac's Soul Gem "Eagle-Air Battle Gear".

Nothing else until the required shooting spot.

Gear Box

Watch out for the Trog Pinchers at the start of this place as they swarm towards you even during the cutscene bit. Go over to the lever and pull it seven times. This will bring the Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Power to you. Pull the lever two more times to point it at a platform in the distance.

Go right and pull the lever up by the large rotating gear. That'll turn it off and allow the platform with the item on it to be pulled in. Kill a new load of Trog Pinchers and grab the item, take it up to the right to the recepticle. A Crystal Golem will appear on the way out, you can just skip him if you're in a hurry.

The Long Hall

A nice long flight with no landing zones. For a trophy/achievement you're going to want to grab all of the boosts here. You should have them all by the time you switch to Hover Mode. Shoot the little robots that pop out of the ground to get rockets to destroy the forcefields on the door so you can destroy the yellow circles.

Follow the coins through the next room, if you go left instead of right you can find an extra x2 multiplier. Destroy the shield to vanquish the last Arkeyan Ultron.

The Machine

Go up the slope on the left and follow the Arkeyan Bomber into a fight with three Duelists. A few Blaze Brewers will join in after them, try to keep the Bombers alive until then to use their bombs. Activate the recepticle on the right.

Up the next ramp go right through the objects to a teleporter. This will take you to the last Treasure Chest Treasure Chest of the level. Teleport back and drop down to the block puzzle.

Go to the bottom right side of the blocks and step into the teleporter. Push the block north of you up once, the block to the left of that one up once, the block to the left of the bounce pad left once, the block south of the bounce pad right once, the block south of that down once, and the block to the south of the teleporter on the left left once. Don't use the teleporter just yet, instead go around the left side of the blocks and push the top block back in diagonal to the bounce pad.

Now use the inner teleporter, this will take you up onto the blocks. Cross them diagonally around to the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire on the south edge. Go to the bounce pad and jump up to a fight with a Crystal Golem. This will open up the gate on the right where there's another recepticle to activate.

Now down a slope to a pair of Juggernauts. Kill them to open up a gate to the final fight. Kill off the Blaze Brewer as quickly as possible and a Juggernaut will jump in, take him and one final Blaze Brewer out to end this. Activate the final recepticle and then teleport back to the copter.

Final Tour of Duty

Do you need to use the speed boosts? Well, yes. As soon as you see the door to Arkus you're going to need to be boosting to get through it before it closes.

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

Out on the Crane Deck you can now find the fourth and final Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire on the Dread-Yacht.

#17 nooch37 02:07:54 29/01/2014
Copter controls are screwy default, use up arrow to make them opposite, steering is much easier. smilie
#16 Glumshanks 05:54:05 13/12/2013
This Level Drives Me Crazy, I Can't Fly For Peanuts, Need An Accolade For Hitting The Most Objects .............(*_*)
#15 PokeMasterStar 06:54:09 12/10/2013
This chapter is the devil. Try completing it on Nightmare Mode within the time limitation. Then doing it again to get all the items. Then doing it AGAIN for no lives lost.... I have gone insane. xD
#14 Chairman 08:43:26 10/08/2013
i have got 2 strs on this level it iakes a while though
#13 Ruler of all 20:26:00 08/08/2013
#12 thumpback rocks 15:34:33 21/02/2013
The boost things you get look like the magic symbol
#11 lukecrusher1 15:30:52 03/02/2013
WHEN I find Auric, I'll have the three best skystones!!! (CONQUERTRON,Axecutioner,Chompy Bot 9000 6)
#10 SuperSonicBoom 21:58:04 17/01/2013
Found it 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
#9 hardcoreignitor 02:46:14 13/01/2013
Whenever I here the words Autogyro Adventure I think of a made up song: Autogyro Adventure NA NA NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YEAH!
#8 SuperSonicBoom 22:15:34 31/12/2012
I can't find cold area z
#7 Dragon-Master 09:41:42 16/12/2012
I like it how Flynn goes on about 'yet another smoooooth landing'.
#6 Landerfan2012 03:14:12 08/12/2012
i think this was one of their best levels
#5 mega spyro 05:03:30 18/11/2012
so what if people get the first comment what does it matter?
#4 LegendaryFlames 18:49:36 06/11/2012
@mradamjm01: Congrats smilie
#3 LegoLander 15:38:23 06/11/2012
I know!smilie So fun! Transforming Helicopter!
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