• 11:50 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Princess Hat Graduation Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 9: Kaos' Kastle

Cliffside Castle Approach

Bounce up to the front of Kaos' Kastle.

The Raven Court

Defeat the gaggle of Chompies that attacks you before moving forwards to take on some trolls. A few Armored Mohawks will jump in from the platform on the left, kill them and a new type of enemy will appear. The Arkeyan Crackler. These robots create duplicates of themselves and then sit there doing nothing. If you melee attack the copies then they'll explode damaging you, it's fairly easy to spot the real one as it'll be the only one swinging its arms about a bit differently. Killing the copies is fairly pointless as the real one will just immediately spawn some more, so focus on the real one to defeat it.

Killing the Crackler will open the Monster Gate on the left. Of note to trophy/achievement hunters, the tiny figures on the right outside the castle's front door are the types of statues of Kaos that count. Anyway, go left into the pool.

The Pool

Step on the button to lower the three bounce pads so that you can reach them. Push the left block to the right as far as it'll go, then use the right bounce pad to bounce up along the higher bounce pads.

Game of Chance

The Wilikin here, Kensington, wants to play Skystones. This is an optional one with no reward other than a random Skystone or some money. He doesn't have much variety, just 5 "Frigid Chompy 3"s.

Drop off and push the two blocks all the way to the left as far as they'll go. Use the left bounce pad to get up them.

Bounce up to the chain and use a Giant to pull in the island.

Shackled Island

As usual all there is is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Drop back into the pool and slide the two blocks into position in the middle of the track. Use the centre bounce pad to rid them up. If you want to get that Spyro Rubber Ring you just go around back and use a bounce pad. It is worth 100 gold.

Smash through the bricks to get inside.

Secret Passage

To your left is a small tech zone.

Mechanized Whirlygig

To cross the saws wait for the outer one to pass by then run into the middle. Wait for the outer to pass by again before making a run for the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire. Same procedure on the way out again.

Wait for each set of saws to go by before crossing their paths, the third one you should wait for it to go to the right end otherwise you'll just get hit as it comes back.

Secret Passage: Pushblock Challenge

Kill the little Cyclops at the top of the ramp throwing barrels at you. The puzzle here is fairly simple, just push the blocks into the gaps at the side. The near one goes to the right, the right one goes upwards several spaces before going to the right. The top one goes directly left, the left one goes directly down, and the remaining middle one goes down and then left.

Once all the blocks are in position use the teleporter and walk around the edge of the area, careful not to get hit by the spike traps. Step on the button to lower the bounce pad below. Drop off the left side of where you bounce up to, follow that up to a Giant Jump.

Forgotten Sepulcher

Down here you'll find a Present with a Princess Hat Princess Hat inside. There's a ramp at the bottom to get out.

Use the bounce pad again to get up and pass by a Wilikin on the way out of the cave. You can't get that Soul Gem just yet so don't worry about that.

Cliffside Terrace

On the side nearest the camera there is a large drop you can go down, there's nothing except coins down here but the Pirate Treasure does sometimes lead here.

Bounce up to the left and then up again to a larger platform with a Wilikin on it. To the left is a Magic zone.

The Ethereal Ballroom

The switch here turns on and off the gravity for the stone blocks, you're going to need to move them into position to cross over the gaps. First jump down forwards from the switch and push the block there to the left and then down into place next to another stone block. Move that other stone block down and then back into place to get past. Use the bounce pad to get back up to the switch, hit it and cross over to get the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Drop back to the ground and push the right of the two blocks back where it was to begin with. Then push the left block forwards and to the right into position north of the first block. Up to the left there's a third block, push that right three times. Go back up to the switch and cross over your new bridge. Kill the trolls to unlock a new bounce pad on the floor.

Push all three of the blocks to the right twice and then bounce up to the second switch using the new bounce pad. Cross over and claim the Present of a Graduation Hat Graduation Hat.

Bounce up using the bounce pad next to the Wilikin.

Castle Green

Drop off the corner platform and head right, at the end you'll see a bounce pad and the Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Experience. Now drop down into the central area and get fighting.

After the Armored Chompies some Armored Mohawks will drop in, a Grenade General and a few Mace Majors will join the fight too. After those are dead a new enemy will approach, you can see it off in the distance. The Troll Stomper M5. This is a turret that has legs but doesn't actually walk anywhere. It'll start spinning up the gattling gun on the front before it starts firing, move behind the boulders or just walk about a bit. Attack but watch out for the jump and stomp it performs afterwards. Watch out for the Grenade Generals that also appear.

After defeating those last enemies a bounce pad will appear on the left. Use it and then drop off the left side. Story Scroll Story Scroll.

Go inside the doorway.

Secret Passage: Balcony

All there is in here is Soul Gem Ninjini's Soul Gem.

Bounce back up and then bounce onto the large button to open the castle's front gates. Drop down and go inside.

The Great Hall

Time for a big fight, Mohawks, trolls, Cracklers, eventually two Troll Stompers will appear - kill off the enemies on the floor to get them to jump down into battle properly. Once they're dead all you need to do is finish off any remaining trolls and you're done. The gate opens. Go up and take the left path.

At the end of the red carpet there are some blocks to the south. Push them down and cross over to get to Auric.

Auric's Overhang

He's sitting in his shop as usual.

Mushroom Grove2000
Dancer Hat900
Shadow Duke500
Regeneration Power Up275
Skystone Cheat500
Fairy Dust50

The PvP Battle Arena is another of those from Spyro's Adventure that you might remember. The Skystone is one that can take anything as it has four spikes on the bottom, but the rest of the sides being blank means it is vulnerable to being taken.

Jump back down and go up the left path again.


Smash through the barrels, not the metal ones - you can't smash those, and then bounce up to a ramp with three barrels rolling down it. You'll need to smash the smashable ones as you can't otherwise avoid them. Kill the three cyclopses at the top throwing them.

On the left is a Feat of Strength.

The Aviary

Just a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Bounce up onto another ramp with three barrels, you'll need to avoid the spiked metal ones as usual. Kill the Cyclopses and talk to the Wilikin.

The Windswept Tower

Butterworth has a game of Skystones to play. He has 3 "Drow Lance Master", 2 "Trog Wanderer" an undead Skystone that'll fil the Undead spot on the board nicely. And appropriately you win the Trog Wanderer off him too, it's a rotated Boom Fiend in essence.

Press the button on the other side of the gate and then step into the teleporter, it'll take you back to the door inside the castle. Go up the right path this time.

The Sewing Room

Wait for the saw to go to the right before running past to the safe spot. There wait for the next saw to start going right, follow it and quickly move into the gap at the end. Let the right saw go to the right before running past and into the gap between the two saws, follow the second saw as it goes left to get by.

Up the steps to a block puzzle. Press the button and then push the block into the hole. Step on the button again and push the other block into the hole next to it too. Cross over it.

The Man Cave

In the bottom corner of the room you'll find the last Treasure Chest Treasure Chest of the level. Go through the door on the left, the Wilikin next to it has an optional game of Skystones for you if you want. Conlan's deck consists of 2 Inhuman Shield 2, Drow Archer 2, Drow Lance Master 2, and a Goliath Drow, a powerful Skystone with four along its top edge. You win the Goliath Drow.

East Gallery

Just the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Dragon Engine" in here. This treasure is particularly noteworthy as using it unlocks an extra area on the Dread-Yacht.

Turn around and go back to the block puzzle. Step on that switch once more and make your way through the blocks to the left this time.

Needlepoint Nook

This time the gaps have spike traps in them, so long as you don't hang around for a second pass of the saws you should be fine.

Adept's Alcove

Step on the button and push the block into the hole. Step on the button again and then push the crystal two spaces up. There's a button behind the gate you just opened, stand on it and then take the teleporter back to the door in the Great Hall.


Walk forwards over the bridge, if you want to be extra careful then wait for each set to fall before crossing it when it comes back up. Certainly don't step onto one if it's glowing yellow, quickly reverse course if the one you just stepped onto starts glowing yellow or just carry on if you're over halfway.

At the end you enter the arena.

Knock the armor off the Life Spell Punk and kill it. Then take out the Chompies pouring in from the right. Some Mace Majors will jump in from the left. Once they're dead another assortment of enemies will appear - some Mohawks and Grenade Generals on the left and a couple more Generals on the right. Crossing the middle can be a bit dangerous at this point, you'll probably need to wait in the centre before you can fully cross. The next set of enemies are some more Grenade Generals on the right and some Mace Majors on the left along with an Armored Life Spell Punk. After that Brute will speak and it'll be time for round two.

You get some food thrown at you by the crowd so eat that if you've taken damage. A trio of Grenade Generals will take up residence along the top edge, there's only a single bit of floor to reach them that quickly disappears again. A Troll Stomper will also appear in the middle of the arena at the same time, destroy them all to bring on the next set. More and more enemies will start to pour in, kill them and Brute starts off the final round by jumping in himself.

He's a Jawbreaker. These guys put their fists up and create a forcefield in front of them, they'll then back up and run a punch at you. If he misses, which he should do if you step out of the way, he'll fall flat on his face letting you attack. You'll probably want to kill off all the Life Spell Punks that appear but if you're in a rush you can easily power down his health and ignore them.

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

Finally the second of the Arena Battles has unlocked, you can go talk to Brock to fight in Kaos' Royal Flush, complete all seven to win the charm.

In the Game Room you can now find a Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire, it's to the right, near Dreadbeard.

Inhuman Shield 41500

And the turret has opened again for a fight with some barrels or something.

If you equip the Dragon Engine then you can drop down off the side of the ship and enter a room below deck.

Straw Hat120
Pan Hat120
Flower Hat120
Jester Hat120
Coonskin Cap220
Miner Hat550
Bone Head550
Vintage Baseball Cap1500
Lil Devil1800
Showtime Hat2500

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Great Level, A lot Of Fun (*_*)
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