Pirate Fortress

Cannon Fodder

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Destroy Cannons - 5
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 250
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Tech / Undead
  • Check Mark Giant Areas - 2
  • Check Mark Collect Flags - 5
  1. Caesar Hat
  2. Showtime Hat
  3. Flower Fairy Hat
  4. Funnel Hat
Caesar Hat Showtime Hat Flower Fairy Hat Funnel Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Jump forwards over the water and walk along the island, avoid the first barrel as it'll explode when you get near it. On the next island you'll start to be targeted by a cannon from afar, just avoid the red X that moves about and you'll be fine. Right next to a chest on the next tiny island is a Squiddler, these just slowly fire their guns at you. Watch out for the exploding barrel next to it.

The next island has a trio of Troll Dogs on it, at the far end another Squiddler. There's another load of Troll Dogs and another Squiddler on the next island too. One quick hop over to a sloped island with yet more Troll Dogs and a couple of Squiddlers to kill. Jump down to another island where you'll need to smash through a barricade on a wooden path.

Go right onto the beach and head towards the Tech Gate, ignore it for a moment and instead go towards the little wooden ramp, on the left side of it is a flag pole, press Y to lower the flag [Pirate Flags 1/5]. Now go into the Tech Gate.

Tech Challenge

First up is a bit of simple jumping from platform to platform, they won't sink or anything so don't worry about taking your time. At the end there's a set of those fiery obstacles that rotate, kill the Troll Dogs and smash the chest on the left before going right to the second set of rotating blasts. Jump over them and go right to get the hat in the present [Hat 1/4 - Caesar Hat] Caesar Hat. On the left is another chest and in-between the teleporter out [Elemental Gates 1/2].

Go left back to the main path and then follow it up to a cannon at the top. Attack it [Cannons 1/5]. Then using a Giant jump and smash down into the Giant Area below it [Giant Areas 1/2]. There's a hat [Hat 2/4 - Showtime Hat] Showtime Hat, some coins and the teleporter back out.

To the right of the curve up to the top of the cannon tower is a ramp off to the right, you can now go through the gate that was blocking the path before (there's a chest further off to the right if you want it), smash through the barricades to get to where there's a Zeppelin shooting at you. Ignore it and smash through another barricade, up ahead you'll see a locked gate on your right and a Seadog Pirate at the bottom of a short ramp with a key on it.

Grab the key and pull down the flag behind it [Pirate Flags 2/5], there's also a chest on the left you can jump up to. Go back and open up the locked gate. The wooden platforms in the water will sink so jump off them pretty sharpish. Run along the island over the wooden plank and into a crowd of Troll Dogs and a Seadog Pirate, kill them and jump up the wooden platforms to where there's a Captain K9 - a larger enemy with a short distance flamethrower.

There's a path off to the right that leads to a chest but it's a dead end otherwise, so go left to where there's a couple of Squiddlers, behind them is the next flag [Pirate Flags 3/5] to pull down, then go back to the right up the curved ramp to the top of the tower where the next cannon is [Cannons 2/5] waiting to be destroyed.

Go through the gate it opens and down to the islands before jumping left along the floating wooden platforms. After some Troll Dogs and a Squiddler jump up the wooden platforms and then down a ramp onto a beach. Go right up onto a grassy section and first ignore the platforms going up to the left, instead use a giant to smash into the Giant Area [Giant Areas 2/2], jump up onto the little ledge to get the hat [Hat 3/4 - Flower Fairy Hat] Flower Fairy Hat.

Back outside jump up onto the series of platforms sticking out of the side of the tower on the left now. At the top if you go left a little further you can find a chest, go right up the ramp once you've got that and you'll find the next cannon at the top [Cannons 3/5]. Before going through the gate it opens make sure to lower the flag on the left [Pirates Flags 4/5].

The red waters here are slightly more dangerous than the blue version you've seen in the rest of the level only in that it moves in and out. Kill the Captain K9 at the bottom and then move forwards over the land bridge when the water recedes. Again past some more enemies before crossing another two similar land bridges to get to another K9. This time the place you need to jump to is a small island to the right, it disappears under the red water so time your jump right and quickly.

Make your way up the tower to the next cannon [Cannons 4/5], there's a couple of chests off to the sides as you go, and just like last time before you go through the gate make sure to lower the flag on the left [Pirate Flags 5/5].

Make your way down the floating islands and platforms to the island below, kill the Seadog Pirates and then jump up onto the pier with the Undead Gate on it. Do not step on that bounce pad yet!

Undead Challenge

Go up to the back of the ship where you can jump off onto some wooden platforms, on the left is a couple of grassy islands with a few enemies and a chest on them. After some small rotating wooden platforms you'll reach the hat [Hat 4/4 - Funnel Hat] Funnel Hat and the teleporter [Elemental Gates 2/2].

Now you can use that bounce pad, jump down to the left to it and then make your way up to the last cannon tower. Destroy it to finish the level.

Ships Ahoy

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Locate Clue
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 200
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Life / Earth
  • Check Mark Giant Area - 1
  • Check Mark Locate Pirate Booty - 7
  1. Fancy Hat
  2. Viking Helmet
  3. Scrumshanks Hat
  4. Spiked Hat
  5. Top Hat
Fancy Hat Viking Helmet Scrumshanks Hat Spiked Hat Top Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 6:00

Go along the path and jump over the small gap, there's a few Troll Dogs on the other side. After them it's a short distance to a bouncy net, on the left up on the side of the cliff you'll find the first of the Pirate Booty [Pirate Booty 1/7]. There's also a few chests around near here, one higher up to the left, one down to the right and one on the lower level of the next part.

Go up along the top side of that to kill a Seadog Pirate and find the level's Giant Area [Giant Areas 1/1]. Inside past the rotating flames is a present [Hat 1/5 - Fancy Hat] Fancy Hat and a single Seadog Pirate you need to kill to open the Monster Gate that'll let you out.

Carry on forwards past the square thing on the right that's dispensing the barrels, jump over the net behind it and go into the little nook on the left to find some booty [Pirate Booty 2/7], go down the slope to the left under the net and you'll find a hat [Hat 2/5 - Viking Helmet] Viking Helmet, use the net here to bounce back up. Use the net you jumped over to get up onto some thin beams above the path backwards, carefully jump along them to get the hat [Hat 3/5 - Scrumshanks Hat] Scrumshanks Hat on the small platform.

Go over to the wooden section up here to advance onwards, keep to the lower section and jump along the retracting platforms, there's a bit of booty on the solid one sticking out [Pirate Booty 3/7]. Use the net a little further on to jump back up to the main path, while you have skipped a few enemies there're no collectables you've missed. Keep on going right up the waterwheel to a platform with a lever you need to pull to flip it over and turn it into a net.

At the top ignore the purple arrow for the moment and instead go a little further right to the Life Gate.

Life Challenge

This is all just a bunch of moving green platforms, try to make sure you jump when they're moving closer together rather than when they've moving away from each other. At the other end is the present [Hat 4/5 - Spiked Hat] Spiked Hat and the way out [Elemental Gates 1/2].

Now go through that door you passed by a second ago, you'll need to smash it open. Go down the slope and pull the lever directly ahead of you, after that go right around the curve and onto a separate wooden section with a circle in the middle and two wooden parts at right angles, when you step on the central circle the whole platform rotates, make it rotate one quarter so that the part you came in on is facing a lever ahead, go pull that lever and then go back to the circle. Turn it another quarter and run towards the screen along the other wooden part, jump off the end to a platform with some booty on it [Pirate Booty 4/7]. Now go back onto the moveable platform and run right off it.

Here you'll find another lever to pull and a Monster Gate with a puzzle icon on it, if you've pulled the three levers that gate will lower. Go through and take the first left, there you'll find yet another lever to pull. Return to the curved path and carry on all the way to the next Monster Gate where you'll need to veer off to the left and pull one last lever. Now use the bounce pad behind the opened Monster Gate to get up onto some platforms high in the air above. Walk down the ramp and start bouncing along the nets that you've set up with the levers.

Before you reach the exit of the room there's a piece of booty in the path [Pirate Booty 5/7]. Now instead of jumping straight across the moving boats wait for one to take you to the left where you can jump off onto some land and find the Earth Gate.

Earth Challenge

Nothing especially tricky in here, a few jumps and some enemies to kill. The hat is at the end as usual [Hat 5/5 - Top Hat] Top Hat right next to the teleporter [Elemental Gates 2/2].

Wait for one to arrive and then jump onto a moving boat, now carry on along the main path to the right, kill the Seadog Pirate that attacks right away. Just before another set of moving boats there's a split in the path off to the left, if you follow that you'll find a chest and some booty [Pirate Booty 6/7] on a Zeppelin. Jump back off it and make your way up the staircase of moving boats, the righthand path at the top just leads to a chest on another Zeppelin, ignore it if you like. Go forwards and jump down onto a series of nets below for you to bounce along.

On the next section follow the wooden path along, there is a little bit of a shortcut over a Zeppelin with a chest on it and you only miss a few enemies if you take it. Down over another set of nets to one last section of platform. Follow it along past some Seadogs, Troll Dogs and Squiddlers. Just past them take the right path (left leads to yet another Zeppelin with a chest on) and the small gap to one last enemy outside and then go inside the pirate ship.

In here you'll want to kill the Captain K9 and the Troll Dogs - avoid the floating scroll! Grab the final piece of Pirate Booty from the bed [Pirate Booty 7/7] and then pick up the scroll to finish the level.


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