• 13:30 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Sailor Hat Nefertiti Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll
  • Winged Sapphire
  • Luck-O-Tron Wheel

Chapter 10: Aerial Attack!


A pirate airship will arrive and drop off a few enemies, including an Armored Archer. The armor is pretty useless though and only takes one hit to knock off. Once you've taken care of this first lot of ghostly enemies go down into the hatch on the left and jump into the turret.

Gun Deck

First task in the turret is to shoot four mines, easy enough. Then 20 Pirate Strafers, the little enemy attack ships. These will appear from the sides, turn and come at you firing. Kill them early enough and they'll do no damage. You can use the mines floating by to help take them out. Once you've shot down 20 of them you'll be tasked to take down 3 of the larger variety, these take a few more hits than the small ones but not many more. Don't ignore the miniships while you're taking on the large ones, they can pack a pretty hefty punch if you let them.

Get back up on deck and kill the Armored Archers that have appeared. One more small pirate ship will drop off another set of enemies, this time with a Jawbreaker. Once they're dead a larger one will dock with you.

The Ghost Ship

On the deck of this ship you'll meet an Armored Goliath, just like the regular Goliaths but with armor of course. They have quite a bit of armor so will take a few hits before you can start damaging them properly. The game will suggest you go down to the Gun Deck again but it's time to explore the Ghost Ship.

At the front of the ship, the left, there's a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. If you have a Giant go to the back and use the Giant Jump to smash down beneath deck.

Ghost Ship Bilge

In the middle of the room is a water zone.

Fishy River Rapids

Push the bomb down the river through a couple of trolls. At the bottom you'll see a fish statue spewing out water, smash it to let the bomb past. Do the same for the next two statues and push the bomb into the cover at the end. On the right there behind the boulders you can grab a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest if you haven't somehow lost your Giant.

Drop off the waterfall that you just blew up. Go to the right and walk into the cave.

Fishy River Cavern

Just a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest in here. Turn around and teleport back up.

Push the bomb down to the left, smashing another couple of fish statues at the bottom. Blow up the grate to drop down again.

You'll find yourself fighting a set of Archers and some Armored Goliaths, to make it easier for yourself try pushing the Megabomb into the Goliaths. They go down just as easily as all of those other enemies you've been rolling through. Push the bomb to the right, the little alcove is of little importance so ignore it. Smash another fish statue and go into the building at the end.

Fishy River Grotto

And here you'll find the Story Scroll Story Scroll.

Back outside again, push the bomb around the bend towards the Monster Gate, smash the fish statues in your way and then use the Megabomb to smush the enemies that try to attack. Once through destroy the grate blocking the Present and your precious new Sailor Hat "Sailor Hat".

Use the bounce pads on the waterfall to get up to a teleporter out of here.

Back in the ship you'll need to leave via the door straight ahead, there are a few enemies in the way that you haven't been formally introduced to yet. These are "" and get smaller the more you attack, they also get faster. If you don't attack them for a bit they also start to heal and regain their size. What fun. Just avoid their attack and you should eventually kill them.

Go back to Flynn's Ship and man the turret again.

This time your goal is to shoot five of the large ships. And once again there are still smaller ships to annoy you, and every once in a while there's an asteroid with a large gun placed on it for you to destroy.

The Spectral Dreadnought

If you go to the right around the back you'll find the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire. Go left after that and you'll step onto the lift.

Tiger's Citadel

Take out the Mace Majors that attack and then another bunch will arrive with a Jawbreaker and a Bag O' Boom. Don't kill the Bag O' Boom, instead use his bombs to blow up the cannon. If you do accidentally kill him early then he'll just respawn. Once that's down and the enemies are dead you can go left.

Propeller Array

On the opposite side of the first rotating blade is a button, press it. This will lower one half of a gate. Continue around the blades to the opposite side of the ship where there's a second cannon to destroy.

Dragon's Tower

This one's guarded by an Armored Goliath, a single bomb from a Bag O' Boom will smash all of his armor off but that won't arrive until the next ship drops in some more enemies. If you kill the Mace Majors that'll trigger it. He's not along though as he brings along another Armored Goliath, throw a bomb at that one too. If you leave the cannon till last then the Bag O' Boom will keep respawning.

On the opposite side of the blades here is a second button to hit. Go to the central blades and go left towards the now opened gates. You'll find Ermit and Auric.

Chompy Chomp-Down5000
General's Hat1000
Spiked Hat1000
Chompy Bot 9000 2180
Regeneration Power Up300
Fairy Dust50

And on the left is an Air zone.

Freewind Flats

Step into the clouds to be whisked to the next island. If you drop off the right side here you'll make your way down to the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure "Skull Roof". Bounce back up and then on the large island bounce to a switch between the two gates. This will open the left gate.

Just one Bag O' Boom on this island, move on to the next through the teleporter. Nothing on this one, take the wind down to a larger island with some things on it.

Kill the enemies and a bounce pad will appear on the left. Bounce up twice to a button. This opens the second gate and creates a teleporter to take you back there.

Going right, kill the enemies and then bounce up to Soul Gem Fright Rider's Soul Gem "A Real Drag". Back near where you landed you can also find the Luck-O-Tron Wheel Luck-O-Tron Wheel of Health. Use the teleporter on the ground to get to another large open area with a few enemies in it. Use the bombs to destroy the Armored Goliaths easier. Once they're dead you can bounce up to a teleporter back to an island where there's a Present with the Nefertiti Hat Nefertiti Hat inside. Step in the teleporter to the left to exit.

Go straight forwards through the propellers through an opened Monster Gate to a bunch of enemies. Go down the ramp to get started with the fight properly. On the left between the ramps is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Keep killing the waves of enemies until the Monster Gate on the right opens up at last. There's two Chompy Bots before then.


Go through the smashing blocks and out the other side.

Phoenix's Maw

One final cannon to destroy now. Keep killing the Mace Majors until a Bag O' Boom turns up, then throw their bombs at the cannon a few times to destroy it and finish the level.

Cap'n Flynn's Ship

The only thing new is a new part of the turret mini-game has been unlocked.

#17 Glumshanks 06:32:09 12/12/2013
Good Level, Lots Of Variety ........... (*_*)
#16 Embers 03:19:57 09/08/2013
Has anyone else had the problem with The Ghost Ship segment and the treasure chest at the front of the ship dissapears? I can't get 3 starts because of it. :/
#15 spyrogirl10 19:20:56 28/04/2013
the ghost ship is scary because the enemies are all ghost enemies.
#14 eyebrawler 23:20:58 25/02/2013
this level is so hard on nightmare mode all the guys have armor the Goliath Drow are the worst
#13 xionthewolf 19:25:44 19/02/2013
still cool
#12 xionthewolf 19:24:52 19/02/2013
When you get to the legendary tresure you do not go on any cloud you step on the teleporter at the beginning and its the firs island you go to that you need to go to the left side and go down on.
#11 thumpback rocks 20:16:04 17/02/2013
Nearly all the items in this level are in the air gate
#10 paigeyuen9 23:31:54 11/01/2013
I can't beat this level.......
#9 SuperSonicBoom 21:41:45 03/01/2013
Did anyone else had trouble with this level
#8 popfizzfan4life 03:49:40 30/12/2012
Finally now i can 100% beat this level
#7 LegendaryFlames 11:09:12 29/12/2012
This level is too glitchy on the WII
#6 mega spyro 04:57:52 18/11/2012
Is it like the unlimited money cheat in SSA becauase in it after the moles move out the cheat is gone. Does this one stay forever?
#5 mario7604 11:07:29 12/11/2012
So you open all gates and you collect treasure inside? Cool. What happens if you restart your Wii/Xbox etc. Will it still have the unlimited money?
#4 Matteomax 23:31:50 27/10/2012
Open all elemental gates, collect the treasure inside, walk out and then go back in again.
Keep repeating as much as you want.
#3 SkylanderSchool 17:23:30 27/10/2012
How do you do to the cheat on the Wii version.
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