Tiki Island

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Locate Giant Tiki
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 250
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Water / Magic
  • Check Mark Giant Area
  • Check Mark Defeat Heavy Enemies - 8
  1. Carrot Hat
  2. Birthday Hat
  3. Anvil Hat
  4. Beret
  5. Bone Head
Carrot Hat Birthday Hat Anvil Hat Beret Bone Head
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 3:30

As you cross the first bridge you'll immediately see the first hat of the level [Hat 1/5 - Carrot Hat] Carrot Hat just to the right. Go up the slope on the left up and around to some Chompies at the top, carry on forwards and then right over a bridge when you get to the giant hand sticking out of the ground.

At the end of the bridge you'll find one Drow Spearman who shouldn't be all that hard to kill, they don't have much more health than a Chompy. Go inside the mouth where the arrow is pointing. Jump over the gaps between the platforms to get over to a few Chompies inside here as well as a few more Spearmen to kill too. Heading left continue forwards over the platforms, there's a Drow Witch on one of them - again a pretty weak enemy that shouldn't take more than one or two hits to kill. Head outside at the end.

If you move towards the camera you can find a chest to smash, it's not actually one of the challenges for the level this time so it's entirely optional (although I suppose it might help towards the coin challenge). Continue forwards and you'll reach a crossroads. Straight ahead is a Water Gate, to the right is a Locked Gate, and left is an open path. Take the Water Gate first but kill the enemies standing around here before that, the Trollverine on the right is the first of the "heavies" [Heavies - 1/8].

Water Challenge

[Elemental Gate 1/2] Jump up the blue circular platforms to reach another heavy [Heavies 2/8] for you to kill, in this large area you'll find a few more smaller enemies as well as a couple of chests to smash open. Once you've got them head to the right over the water, kill the Drow Witch in the middle. On the other side of the water you'll find a present [Hat 2/5 - Birthday Hat] Birthday Hat, two heavies [Heavies 3/8], [Heavies 4/8], and another chest as well as the portal back to the start of the gate.

If you go down the left path now you'll find some Chompies to kill as well as a present containing [Hat 3/5 - Anvil Hat] Anvil Hat. Back up go to the right and pick up the key just to the left of the Locked Gate, not exactly the most well hidden of keys. Open up the gate by approaching it.

Go forwards to the right down the red and yellow wooden bridge, jump the gap to reach a few Chompies and a Spearman at the corner, go left and kill a couple of Witches before heading up and over the gaps in the wooden red and yellow bridge again all the way up to a large circular area where you'll begin being targeted by a red X and two Trollverines will attack [Heavies 5/8], [Heavies 6/8].

Ignore the X and go up the wooden bridge on the other side to follow it down to the right, all the way to solid land again. Up ahead you'll see the [Giant Area 1/1] to smash in, and just before it there are two more Heavies outside [Heavies 7/8], [Heavies 8/8]. Inside the Giant Area you'll find a few Chompies, an extra Heavy [Heavies 9/8] and up at the end between a couple of Witches is [Hat 4/5 - Beret] Beret. Exit the same way you came in.

Further along is another pair of Heavies [Heavies 10/8], [Heavies 11/8] that you can use if you skipped any before. Take the right-hand path to find the Magic Gate.

Magic Challenge

[Elemental Gate 2/2] The first large platform in here has a couple of Spearmen and a Drow Witch on it, kill them and then smash the two chests. The second large platform is the last, you'll find another spare [Heavies 12/8] and a present [Hat 5/5 - Bone Head] Bone Head along with a couple of Witches and Chests.

The rest of the level is just straight on along the left path, all there is in-between you and the Tiki are a load of Chompies and Spearmen as well as one final Heavy [Heavies 13/8]. Kill the last of the enemies to open up the Monster Gate and approach the Giant Tiki to talk to it.

Lost and Found

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Locate Tiki Idol
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 250
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Fire / Life
  • Check Mark Giant Area
  • Check Mark Defeat Melee Enemies - 5
  1. Wabbit Ears
  2. Chef Hat
  3. Tropical Turban
  4. Rocker Hair
Wabbit Ears Chef Hat Tropical Turban Rocker Hair
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 3:30

Move forwards past some Chompies and you'll immediately reach the one and only [Giant Area 1/1] for the level. Smash through it and head inside. At the far end of the room, past a load more Chompies and a couple of Spearmen [Melee 1/5] + [Melee 2/5], is a present with [Hat 1/4 - Wabbit Ears] Wabbit Ears inside. Turn around and go back outside again and continue along the path to another bunch of Chompies and another Spearman [Melee 3/5]. At the end here you'll see a split in the path, on the left a short bridge with a bounce pad on it. The bounce pad simply leads to a small island with a chest on it and another bounce pad that will take you straight back.

Carry onwards over the gap in the bridge ahead to a circular section with a single Witch and two chests towards the back. Go right to another similar section this time with two Witches on it. The camera will turn so the path you're going along is now directly ahead. Kill the lone Goliath and then take the path behind him up to another circular area with a Spearman [Melee 4/5] and two chests to smash. Go back down to where you killed the Goliath and take the right path.

Once you reach solid land again you'll find yourself next to the Fire Gate.

Fire Challenge

Up top at the end of the path jump down into the hole. Make your way along the path jumping over the lava, there's one Goliath in the middle and a pair of Spearmen [Melee 5/5] + [Melee 6/5]. as well as two Witches and your present [Hat 2/4 - Chef Hat] Chef Hat.

The water here is not something to avoid, in fact there is a cave at the bottom of the waterfall that you will want to go inside. [Hat 3/4 - Tropical Turban] Tropical Turban. Outside again go up the slope behind the Witch and move on forwards following the path as it curves to the right. Jump up the small ledge and kill the two Spearmen [Melee 7/5] + [Melee 8/5] plus a Witch and a chest.

Cross the gap in the bridge and follow it while the camera moves around to make it so you're heading right. There's another [Melee 9/5] in the way before getting to a circular section with a few Witches, another [Melee 10/5] and a bunch of Chompies. Go up the path behind to reach the Life Gate.

Life Challenge

There's not much to this, just jump over the rotating platforms and you're at the end already. Kill the Goliath and the two Witches to take the [Hat 4/4 - Rocker Hair] Rocker Hair and the two chests before stepping into the teleporter back.

Fromn the circular section go right, there's a bunch of enemies nearby - a couple of Goliaths and a Witch mainly. Kill them and go right again. Drop down and follow the path past another Witch, two more [Melee 11/5] + [Melee 12/5] to a set of large square floating platforms you will need to jump along. Run to the left past the giant stone fire breathing heads when they stop breathing fire. Once you're round there's some more platforms to jump onto before smashing another chest and stepping into a bounce pad to get up on top of those heads.

Kill the two Goliaths nearby and the two on the opposite side of the circular monster gate in the middle. Once that's open pick up the Tiki Idol to finish the level.

Through the Ruins

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Locate Map Piece
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 250
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Air / Tech
  • Check Mark Giant Areas - 2
  • Check Mark Locate Cupcakes - 10
  1. Royal Crown
  2. Lil Devil
  3. Biter Hat
  4. Fez
  5. Eye Hat
Royal Crown Lil Devil Biter Hat Fez Eye Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 3:30

In the dip directly ahead of you is the first of the level's cupcakes that you need to collect [Cupcakes 1/10], walk into it to pick it up. On the left and right are some Chompies you will want to kill and then there's a lone Witch standing over by the Monster Gate. Go down the water slide behind her.

Kill the Spearmen that approach as well as the Chompies in the area, if you go to the right you'll find a Witch and the second cupcake down a ledge next to her [Cupcakes 2/10]. Jump back up and follow the water down to some floating platforms and then to solid land again. Go right past the moving blocks when you can, you can actually jump on top of the second one, to a jump pad (if you ignore it for a moment you can find a chest just past it) that will take you upwards.

Head left along the narrow bit above the moving blocks to reach the Tech Gate.

Tech Challenge

You can jump up the grassy steps next to the entrance to find a chest above but head inside once you've got those coins. All it is is a large square room with a few enemies, take the present from the middle [Hat 1/5 - Royal Crown] Royal Crown and leave.

Now go to the right from where you jumped up, jump over the gap and then go right up the vine. Then as you go forwards id follow the next vine down to the left instead of going straight on along the stone path you'll find a chest, get back on track once you've got it. Instead of jumping off the edge at the end go left and follow yet another vine (not the one going down, the one going up), this will lead you to some platforms on your left that you can jump to.

Smash the chest that the Spearman and the Chompy are guarding before continuing onwards to the left onto another small round platform, keep on going until you reach the Cupcake [Cupcakes 3/10]. Then turn around and head back to where you could jump down onto a large square area.

Kill the Chompies, the Goliath and the Witch to open the Monster gate on the far corner but in the corner to your right you'll find a cake [Cupcakes 4/10]. Take the bounce pad behind the Monster Gate once you've got that.

In the middle of the place where you land is a cracked circle with a Giant icon on it, to smash it simply jump and then press the run button (A or L) to smash down into it [Giant Areas 1/2]. Down here there isn't much but a few Chompies, a couple of Spearmen and [Hat 2/5 - Lil Devil] Lil Devil. Step in the teleporter to get back up again.

Take the left bounce pad to reach an island with a Spearman and a cake [Cupcakes 5/10] as well as a chest and a bounce pad back again. The right pad leads to an island with a present on it [Hat 3/5 - Biter Hat] Biter Hat a few enemies and a chest. Bounce back and go through the waterfall.

Kill the large number of enemies you find at the bottom before going to the left side where you'll see the Air Gate.

Air Challenge

Jump over the flipping platforms and through the large rotating wheels to reach the end, you might have some trouble with a few of the flipping platforms if you don't time it just right. Your reward is a couple of chests and [Hat 4/5 - Fez] Fez.

Go right now and jump onto the first of the moving platforms, wait for the second of the second row to appear before jumping on - if you jump on the first one you'll be knocked off before the third row appears. And then onto the third row and off onto a stationary platform. Jump onto the first of the next set then onto the first of the second row and onto the third to wait until you reach where you can jump off.

Run through the maze area watching out for the spikes as they rise and fall. At the end start going left and jump over the water with spikes in it, keep on the low path down along to a cupcake [Cupcakes 6/10] and a bounce pad that'll take you up to the higher path. Go left off the side down onto a collapsing wooden platform that you'll need to jump off to the right from to where you can smash a chest and pick up another cupcake [Cupcakes 7/10]. Drop down that wooden platform now and step onto the bounce pad.

Jump down to the right and take the higher path over the first wooden platform, go back to the left to find another chest and cupcake next to each other [Cupcakes 8/10]. Now going back to the right make sure to take the higher path, this will lead you to a Giant area [Giant Areas 2/2] inside of which you'll find [Hat 5/5 - Eye Hat] Eye Hat, and carrying on to the right you'll spot another cupcake [Cupcakes 9/10]. Drop down towards the camera and jump over the gap where you can see a teleport pad (be careful not to stand in it!), you should now be standing next to the final cupcake [Cupcakes 10/10]. Once you've got that you can use the teleporter down below.

Talk to the squid person outside to finish the level.

Tiki Tumble

Story MissionChallenges
  • Check Mark Defeat Squidbeard
  • Check Mark Collect Coins
  • Check Mark Elemental Match - Earth
  • Check Mark Don't Eat Food
  • Check Mark Avoid the Fire
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 5:00

Instead of going back to Flynn's Ship you are instead thrown straight into the battle with Squidbeard. This is a slightly differently set up level, one you should recognise if you played the previous 3DS game. All you're doing here is fighting, kill the enemies that appear until the game decides it's the next round. Then kill some more! Try to avoid the fires of the rotating fire blaster in the middle, it should start getting active during Round 2. During Round 3 Squidbeard himself will appear, he's not all that tough so just keep attacking him, his attacks aren't really going to do all that much damage.

The extra challenge Don't Eat Food simply asks you to complete the fight without eating any food, straight forward enough but easy to accidentally do so watch out for the items dotted around the place. Avoid the Fire is equally straight forward, just be really careful of the bursts of flame as you fight. The Elemental Match is even easier, simply enter the level with one of your two Skylanders being that element, you don't even have to use them in battle if you don't want to.


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