Sand Dune Seas

Sand Trap

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Meet Cali
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 250
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Earth / Air
  • Check Mark Giant Area
  • Check Mark Bash Chests - 5
  1. Winged Hat
  2. Moose Hat
  3. Jester Hat
  4. Elf Hat
  5. Crown of Light
Winged Hat Moose Hat Jester Hat Elf Hat Crown of Light
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 6:00

Watch out for the cactus as you go up the slope to the left, follow the path up and around over a smaller platform to a place where there are several little purple Nauteloid bugs, these are a lot like Chompies but attack a little faster. Jump forwards on the left side over another couple of smaller platforms and then head right as you hit land, kill the Trog Wanderers and then enter the Air Gate.

Air Challenge

The small platforms in here are special, when you land on one it'll blow you upwards a short distance, you will need to hold down the glide button to successfully go from the top of the vortex to the next platform. On the large circular platform there are three archers to kill before you carry on over some pink rectangular platforms to a rock platform, on there you'll find a load of Nauteloids, a couple of Trog Wanderers and a Lava King. Once they're dead the Monster Gate will open up to allow you get [Hat 1/5 - Winged Hat] Winged Hat.

To exit you need to jump onto the cracked platform nearby, instead of falling down it rises up. Follow the platforms down to a large circular platform where there's a small air platform right in the middle, stand on it until it hits the bottom then run up the slope of pink platforms to the teleporter. If you're not fast enough turn around and do it again. [Elemental Gates 1/2]

Going left now you'll find the first chest all the way around the other side of the central rock [Chests 1/5]. Go left and down onto a small platform to get to a larger one with an archer on it. Go forwards past him up past some Nauteloids and then up the ledges past some more enemies to the top where you meet another crowd of Nauteloids. If you go left you'll find [Chests 2/5], once you've got that go right up the slope, at the end of the left headed part there's a third chest [Chests 3/5] before you reach the archer and the Monster Gate behind him.

As you move right the camera will swing round so you're facing the opposite direction, on the left now is a [Giant Area 1/1] with a [Chests 4/5] and [Hat 2/5 - Moose Hat] Moose Hat.

Forwards from outside the giant area are some platforms that tilt and fall over when you step on them, go down them to a platform with some Nauteloids and a Lava King on it. After you pass them go over the platform and then up the ledges and all the way over to another Monster Gate section, kill the enemies of course. Before you jump down the hole over on the right is your last chest [Chests 5/5].

Go up the steps to the right and as you get to the shifting sands jump forwards onto the tiny platform to reach the Earth Gate.

Earth Challenge

This challenge involves a few spinning and moving platforms before going up a slope of sand shifting in the opposite direction - either run or jump up it. At the top you'll find the hat [Hat 3/5 - Jester Hat] Jester Hat, jump down onto another shifting sand section and then finally over a few more moving platforms to reach the teleport out. [Elemental Gates 2/2]

Follow the sands backwards up to a set of rotating pink platforms, jump along them to get to another section of pouring sand, this time in the same direction as you want to go. Not quite at the very end of the sand you'll need to jump off onto some more of those pink platforms, work your way down to another ledge platform to go up and then inside the building there.

On the opposite side of the room is a locked gate but no key, so go up the platforms in the middle of the room and out through the door at the top. In here you'll find a bunch of enemies guarding a Monster Gate with the key inside on top of a teleporter, but don't grab it just yet. There's also a sixth chest in here [Chests 6/5] just in case you missed one earlier. In the corner there's a platform rising and falling, jump on to be lifted up to [Hat 4/5 - Elf Hat] Elf Hat. Now you can get the key.

Open up the locked gate and then follow the path down, take the lower path at the split to find [Hat 5/5 - Crown of Light] Crown of Light. Once you've got that turn back around and take the higher path and exit through the doorway. This final section of the level requires you to circle up around the central section, over a few flipping platforms and bits of moving sand all the way to the top where you'll find Cali.

The Tar Pits

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Locate Map Piece
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 250
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Undead / Fire
  • Check Mark Giant Areas - 2
  • Check Mark Locate Jackalopes - 10
  1. Santa Hat
  2. Plunger Head
  3. Pan Hat
  4. Rocket Hat
Santa Hat Plunger Head Pan Hat Rocket Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 3:00

Before you do anything else turn around and jump down the ledge to the right, there you'll find [Hat 1/4 - Santa Hat] Santa Hat. Now go back up and jump down the slope, partway down you'll see an area off to the right side of it, jump off the slope to stop there. There are a few Nauteloids running about as well as the first of the Jackalopes, these are the rabbit heads with antlers that are mounted like a trophy [Jacaklopes 1/10]. Now get back on the slope and continue all the way to the bottom where you'll need to jump over a gap.

On the left side of this area you'll find another Jackalope [Jackalopes 2/10] and the Undead Gate.

Undead Challenge

The first set of platforms sink into the water if you stay on them too long, so quickly cross these bones and down the spine towards a platform with a chest on it. After that go up the rectangular platforms that collapse moments after you set foot on them. At the top is [Hat 2/4 - Plunger Head] Plunger Head and the teleporter back to the entrance.

Go forwards up the spine, at the end is the third Jackalope [Jackalopes 3/10], go right over the small platforms and then jump up where the chest is to a larger platform above to the right. Up here you'll find a few enemies and [Jackalopes 4/10]. Drop back down to the left and jump over to another large platform. Kill the enemies and over on the left next to the two white rocks you'll find [Jackalopes 5/10].

Onwards to another platform with a set of archers on it, kill them then smash down the Giant barrier [Giant Areas 1/2] to find a chest. Up the stepped platforms on the left side you'll find the sixth Jackalope [Jackalopes 6/10]. Kill the archers above before going up to the very top and finding [Jackalopes 7/10] on the right. Ahead of you now is a large slope just like at the beginning of the level. Jump down it. At the bottom where the sand changes direction you'll find the Fire Gate.

Fire Challenge

Slide down the lava avoiding the spitting rocks all the way to the bottom where you'll encounter an Oil King, these are just like the Lava Kings except spewing oil instead of lava. Anyway, kill it and the archer to open up the Monster Gate so you can carry on down the next bit of the lava slide. At the bottom of this next section are some flipping platforms, jump from one to the next at the point where they flip - the 3D view might help here. And your reward is waiting [Hat 3/4 - Pan Hat] Pan Hat.

On the right side of the pink circle is another Jackalope [Jackalopes 8/10] to collect, after you've got it jump over the sinking platforms to where there's another Oil King, a couple of Nauteloids and an archer, on the right of them is yet another Jackalope hiding behind the tree [Jackalopes 9/10]. Jump up to a long string of small platforms leading down to another small group of Nauteloids.

Go up the slope behind them, kill the enemies and then continue upwards and to the right towards the second Giant Area [Giant Areas 2/2]. Behind this one is a hat [Hat 4/4 - Rocket Hat] Rocket Hat. Carry on going right and just over the lip you'll find the final Jackalope on the right [Jackalopes 10/10]. Once you've got that head inside the nearby cave.

Inside you'll find one final grouping of enemies that open the final Monster Gate, collect the map piece to finish the level.

The Windy Dunes

Story MissionChallengesHats
  • Check Mark Obtain Ship Piece
  • Check Mark Collect Coins - 300
  • Check Mark Elemental Gates - Water / Life
  • Check Mark Giant Areas - 2
  • Check Mark Knock Piggies Free - 10
  1. Wizard Hat
  2. Tiki Hat
  3. Fishing Hat
  4. Trojan Helmet
  5. Unicorn Hat
Wizard Hat Tiki Hat Fishing Hat Trojan Helmet Unicorn Hat
Bonus Mission
  • Check Mark Time Challenge - 4:00

Go forwards up the slope following the path of coins, a Jawbreaker is your first enemy of the level. Avoid his punches and attack while he's dizzy. The mini tornado ahead of you has a pig flying around it, either get close enough to collect it but try not to get damaged or attack it from range [Piggies Freed 1/10]. To the left there's a chest but you'll want to go past the tornado following some more coins, kill some Nauteloids on a large platform before jumping down to another small set of enemies standing next to a Monster Gate. Ignore the bounce pad and instead go left and up over the gap.

Go down past the tornado and onto the beach where you'll find another empty tornado and a Giant Area wall to smash in [Giant Areas 1/2], inside is a present [Hat 1/5 - Wizard Hat] Wizard Hat. Step into the teleporter to get back to the bounce pad. Use it now and move straight on up the steps, at the end watch out as one small feature of a lot of the level is the wind trying to push you off the side, it's not very strong but if you just stand still you will fall off. Jump onto the rotating platform and across to free the pig [Piggies Freed 2/10]. Go right onto the next platform and then over another rotating platform to another pig infested tornado [Piggies Freed 3/10], go up the steps past a chest and onto a bounce pad.

The tornado here is empty so keep on jumping forwards towards another bounce pad that'll take you up to your next pig [Piggies Freed 4/10]. There's an empty tornado between you and a set of enemies near a Monster Gate, kill them to open it up and step onto the bounce pad. Grab piggie number five [Piggies Freed 5/10] on your way towards the bottom of the tower to start your journey up it. At the top is another bounce pad.

Straight away you'll free the sixth pig [Piggies Freed 6/10], jump over the rotating platforms to get to a large island with a Jawbreaker, a tornado with another pig [Piggies Freed 7/10] and the Water Gate over on the right side.

Water Challenge

When you get over the first gap you'll find a few small enemies and then a larger cactus type enemy, this guy is just like the Lava Kings you've seen before, avoid his breath attack and you'll be fine. After that there's a whole load of spinning, falling and rotating platforms to get across, when you get to the point where there's a circle of rotating platforms go to the right side of it and keep waiting for a moving platform to come into range from the right. Once it appears, jump onto it and then jump off at the hat [Hat 2/5 - Tiki Hat] Tiki Hat, get back on again and make your way over to the next large platform with a Cactus King on it as well as a few Jawbreakers. Kill them all and then take the second present in here [Hat 3/5 - Fishing Hat] Fishing Hat before teleporting out of here [Elemental Gates 1/2].

Go over the shallow river past the tornadoes to where there's a Cactus King waiting to attack, kill him and his little friends. Keep on going to the next bounce pad. Run forwards along the curved path towards piggy seven [Piggies Freed 7/10] and then up the platforms on the left side to a small area with an empty tornado and a chest. Go right off to kill a couple of Jawbreakers and a pair of archers up on the ledge behind them. Up the top of the steps at the end you should see the Life Gate, go inside the cave.

Life Challenge

First part is just following a path of coins, then it's on to some platforming. 3D might be useful here, keep on going along the leaves and flipping spiked platforms until you eventually reach the end and can pick up the hat [Hat 4/5 - Trojan Helmet] Trojan Helmet and teleport out [Elemental Gates 2/2].

To the left of the Life Gate is a pool of water with a couple of Cactus Kings in it, kill them to open up the Monster Gate to access the bounce pad behind it. Kill the Jawbreaker and then advance past the tornado to kill a couple of archers, behind them to the right is the penultimate piggy [Piggies 9/10]. Going along the path to the left you'll find the final pig [Piggies 10/10] and the second of the Giant Areas [Giant Areas 2/2]. Cross the bridge that it makes and grab the present [Hat 5/5 - Unicorn Hat] Unicorn Hat before stepping onto the rather useless teleporter.

Go on left past the tornado and continue along one final stretch of spinning platforms to reach the propeller.


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